Chrissy Teigen Doesn't Know Jack About John Legend

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yahdatha. Jay
yahdatha. Jay - 11 hours ago
0:38 me on every test 💀💀
Mighty Max
Mighty Max - 4 days ago
Trinh Huynh
Trinh Huynh - 21 day ago
Chrissy just simply doesn't care that's funny :))))
gennesis sanchez
gennesis sanchez - Month ago
B Demor
B Demor - Month ago
Thats actually a good marriage yoo...
They have lives ...separate lives...i love it🔥💖👌
Mademoiselle A
Mademoiselle A - Month ago
“What is John’s phone number?”
“Oh he just changed it”
If she knew, she would have said it on TV without thinking 😂
Gabbi Wild
Gabbi Wild - Month ago
Chrissy😎I'm only eight
Octopus Lol
Octopus Lol - Month ago
She def cheated before
HappyGeekChic - Month ago
I know this one. “The..!” 🤣🤣🤣 Her non-answers are so funny. She is so cute.
A K - Month ago
Love her
Lene Domi
Lene Domi - Month ago
They keep their business life out of their love lives I love it 🥰 she knows what she needs to know
Brenna K
Brenna K - Month ago
She is adorable.. love these 2 as a couple..
Niandra Lim
Niandra Lim - Month ago
Sad though... as his wife she should be his #1 fan.... :( come on girl step it up...
Cari Tavarez
Cari Tavarez - Month ago
So, we found the secret of happiness😀
Pauline Mugodo
Pauline Mugodo - Month ago
Bianca Van Brooks
Bianca Van Brooks - Month ago
Jenna Ryan
Jenna Ryan - Month ago
Sarah Choi
Sarah Choi - Month ago
She’s so funny!!
Gabriela Moncayo Zerga
ramen17noodles - Month ago
Chrissy saying "There's no choices?!" XD
J - 2 months ago
Mark Ant
Mark Ant - 2 months ago
She knows he does his own ironing, she met him in his dressing room while he was ironing some clothes and asked him: You do your own ironing? in shochk he said sure and that was that, she took him home and got on with whatever and things went on from there.
Jess12181 - 2 months ago
She has me dyin 😂
Charde Williams
Charde Williams - 3 months ago
really, no choices??🤣
Charde Williams
Charde Williams - 3 months ago
no choices?!
Loki - 3 months ago
Well She's the Wife & Mother to their kids.. not some Creepy Stalker.. 😂
Tom Sc
Tom Sc - 4 months ago
You have beautiful feet.
Kat 2C
Kat 2C - 4 months ago
Chrissy is so cute and funny
cassandra romualdo
cassandra romualdo - 4 months ago
Alphabe songs
cassandra romualdo
cassandra romualdo - 4 months ago
Abigail Crow
Abigail Crow - 4 months ago
"there's really no choices?" literally me
Deontaj Matthews
Deontaj Matthews - 4 months ago
Mickeal jackson
lucky h
lucky h - 5 months ago
These celebrities 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Lusade Devron
Lusade Devron - 5 months ago
I would choose a humorous honest woman over a fake plastic self-centered woman.
MaxineElyse - 5 months ago
I actually love the fact that she doesn’t know much because it shows that she really loves and sees him as a real person instead of seeing him solely for the things that relate to his fame.
Mark Ant
Mark Ant - 2 months ago
She stated she fell in love with him because he does his own ironing.
sope nation
sope nation - 5 months ago
i love her
Eisha Hanan
Eisha Hanan - 6 months ago
Is she pregnant in this?
lovchi1d - 6 months ago
Hahahahaha I love her, she is so real!! This is how it really be for mums and wives 😂😂😂
☼Summer Breelin☼
☼Summer Breelin☼ - 6 months ago
My dad made the clubs for the movie Selma!!
Point Break805
Point Break805 - 6 months ago
☼Summer Breelin☼ sick
TheCujo71 - 6 months ago
When you start the game with "oh crap", you know this is going to be epic and tragic at the same time. LOL.
erick bonnet
erick bonnet - 6 months ago
caitlynn fair
caitlynn fair - 6 months ago
She’s so beautiful
Mark Ant
Mark Ant - 2 months ago
She`s had a lot of work done on her face.
robin volpi
robin volpi - 6 months ago
TheTreyvon0323 - 6 months ago
She dont know him lmao
thehoneyeffect - 7 months ago
She knows how to spend that money though
Jeanette Henry
Jeanette Henry - 7 months ago
This is proof that she really loves this man.
Jeanette Henry
Jeanette Henry - 6 months ago
+Josie Baezbecause she doesn't know anything about John Legend but she does know about John Roger Stephens!
Josie Baez
Josie Baez - 6 months ago
Evory Shiarah
Evory Shiarah - 7 months ago
She’s sooo anoyingg. He deserves soo much better!’
Oliver the crazy cat & his sidekick Jr
Omg. This is funny!
Krimson Edit
Krimson Edit - 7 months ago
Lord I hate this vile woman
Ashutosh Mishra
Ashutosh Mishra - 7 months ago
These celebrities, they just put their names on things. 🤣🤣🤣
Priti Shikotra
Priti Shikotra - 7 months ago
😂 love it
Quantum Mystery
Quantum Mystery - 7 months ago
She is so fcking hideous
Candi Kisses
Candi Kisses - 8 months ago
Cant stand Chrissy ugh
Teo Teo
Teo Teo - 8 months ago
A pig
Margaret Khondowe
Margaret Khondowe - 8 months ago
Would be me 😂😂😂😂
Niyab90_ - 8 months ago
I love Chrissy T. 😂💞
Lalita Schneider
Lalita Schneider - 8 months ago
Girl omg .. I feel the same way abt my husband .. he never talk abt important things to me only wen it's like we need to go somewhere an it's important .. lol 😑
Kellz B
Kellz B - 8 months ago
Your movie? What r u talking about " dead 😂😂 she had no clue about fifty shades and was real honest gotta love that
vera ochoa
vera ochoa - 8 months ago
Hahaha i love her
Elton Martini
Elton Martini - 8 months ago
I really love this girl .
O Simmons
O Simmons - 8 months ago
Chrissy is adorable!
William A
William A - 8 months ago
un be a mother
William A
William A - 8 months ago
why so stupid
kleeblatt - 9 months ago
Since when is it cool to not be interested in what your partner is doing? Ridiculous :)
Aletta Jacobslaan
Aletta Jacobslaan - 9 months ago
Such an unpleasant woman
S Charles
S Charles - 9 months ago
Natasha S
Natasha S - 9 months ago
Chrissy Teigen’s laugh is contagious 😂 1:27
John Smith
John Smith - 9 months ago
Oh now i remember, John made her.
Mackenzie B
Mackenzie B - 9 months ago
she's kinda dumb
Danny Rodriguez
Danny Rodriguez - 9 months ago
This low key has so much shade. They really see her as just the wife of John. Chrissy has a lot to prove to become mainstream and be received well. But she loves her man. I’m glad she is doing well. It’s like they want her to be obsessed with him. Let them breathe.
Dore Dadon
Dore Dadon - 9 months ago
MrsMistahM - 9 months ago
She also don't know jack about makeup 👏 #ClockItTheHouse #HateHerSoMacchh
therese fassie
therese fassie - 8 months ago
MrsMistahM and about class
Bethany Tamtomo
Bethany Tamtomo - 9 months ago
She did great. She knows a lot of the personal things
Monk Abrahms
Monk Abrahms - 9 months ago
Both weird looking people creepy
Jimmy STUDZZ - 9 months ago
Teigen has had so much work done she's literally starting to look like john legend 😝she's so gross
Chykim Sanders
Chykim Sanders - 10 months ago
I adore Chrissy... LOL!!
curbside01 - 10 months ago
LOL she doesn’t know jack shit about her husband and all these. Fans of this relationship are rushing to defend saying what’s wrong with that????
curbside01 - 10 months ago
No wonder shes a liberal
The sad demxn
The sad demxn - 10 months ago
She is so beautiful😍🤩
lali sun
lali sun - 10 months ago
I love her.
Hannah - 10 months ago
I love how she doesn’t know what he’s producing or what’s going on in his career it’s kind of special lmao
Aimee Jackson
Aimee Jackson - 10 months ago
Gawd I love this woman's realness.
evieventer - 10 months ago
Why does everyone find this endearing...? The fact that she knows nothing about her husband’s career is just tragic. Like you really haven’t seen his movies? Do y’all just not talk about anything? How do you not know?? I hope she was joking. she seems incredibly self absorbed.
Tea Marshae
Tea Marshae - 10 months ago
Hes done a body of work from early 2000s to present day acting and singing how the hell would she know everything hes done
fzzypurpleturtle - 11 months ago
I don't know Jack about my husband's work,but he's in IT. I imagine it works the same in their marriage
FatNinja Flip
FatNinja Flip - 11 months ago
Its a fake relationship strange elitist....smh bet she is a elite hooker no way she would peraded around on mainstream media like this lol
Kanin Maneepairoj
Kanin Maneepairoj - 11 months ago
Funny happy women hahahaha
Michelle Cox Photography
Michelle Cox Photography - 11 months ago
Lol wife fail 😂
Tiffany Brown
Tiffany Brown - 11 months ago
Lmao, I never get tired of her being like "there's no choices?!?" LOL!!
Inna - 11 months ago
Shows she is not after him for grammys
Misha J
Misha J - 11 months ago
I didn't know who she was til now but she's so lovely and adorable.
D Lesiuk
D Lesiuk - 11 months ago
Am I only one who’s not supporting this idea that it’s completely normal that she doesn’t know shit about him as her man. Like wtf
Sorry y’all but ain’t gonna cover for her ass because it’s not good.
Kaysey - 11 months ago
She’s so funny 😂
babycake2020 - 11 months ago
She's all about her and her Kim circle. She's a money digger
MT 365 Day #Potato Challenge
Love her
Celeste Paredes-Miller
Celeste Paredes-Miller - 11 months ago
She nice, but she’s ugly no offence...
kira keepsitreal
kira keepsitreal - 11 months ago
Love her...definitely with John for him
sophia ativie
sophia ativie - 11 months ago
Is she still pregnant?
Blair Crush
Blair Crush - 11 months ago
They have that kind of relationship, but I know everything about personal and professional life of my husband. He is my best friend. We talk a lot and that's what's ok for us.
Matt - 11 months ago
She love him as person !
justmeechyy - 11 months ago
Looool no Chrissy this is bad! This is why I love her though, she's so real
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