Why Doesn't "Pierre Delecto" Follow Stephen Colbert On Twitter?

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Mark Funkybunch
Mark Funkybunch - 19 days ago
PierrE DelectO
emwes29 - 20 days ago
Pierre Delecto... "re-elect Dopier"
NADARA GLOWRIOUS - 22 days ago
My number one man of all times talk show host STEVEN COLBERT and when at times JAMES CORBIN they r my happy time wow.
Mary Rose Kent
Mary Rose Kent - 5 days ago
NADARA GLOWRIOUS Feeling so strongly about it, you should know that it’s STEPHEN
S. Boisjoli
S. Boisjoli - 23 days ago
As a French Canadian, the only thing that sounded remotely like a French Canadian accent was the “Ouain” at the end lol 🤣 love you Stephen!
Joanne nichols
Joanne nichols - 23 days ago
His religion does not allow for alcoholic consumption. I completely understand why. You are intelligent and entertaining. Quite a dangerous combination to the unaware. It's the "give us your children".
disastrophe143 - 23 days ago
Is Stephen's... music person... mentally impaired?
Mary Rose Kent
Mary Rose Kent - 5 days ago
disastrophe143 Jon Batiste. He’s annoying but he’s an amazing musician.
Daybid Bander Becht
Daybid Bander Becht - 24 days ago
Kinda impressed Stephen nailed the Quebecois pronunciation of "oui".
Devin Parker
Devin Parker - 25 days ago
So the Quebecois sound like Waluigi? Yeah I see it..
Charles Boulet
Charles Boulet - 25 days ago
viddork - 25 days ago
Total clickbait! Never answered the question in the title.
Kye Talks
Kye Talks - 25 days ago
At least you didn't do a France French accent, too many Americans act like French people sound the same everywhere.
Like your accent was.... Not good, but at least you nailed the "oui?" Part at the end 😂
ragusajr100 - 26 days ago
Colbert and Kimmel, but don't even think of Fallon, he is just too nice.
ragusajr100 - 26 days ago
Now that is the first shot of a late night War for real!
LifeIsFair ItKillsEveryone
Republicans have no courage when in office. Only when they are useless do they finally admit their party is disgusting
Ole Reidar Johansen
Ole Reidar Johansen - 26 days ago
So that’s why the glaciers are melting...
PashyLove - 26 days ago
The mid-70s erotic novella of our nightmares.
Peter Piper
Peter Piper - 26 days ago
That wasn't anywhere close to a French-Canadian accent.
Bobby Pilon
Bobby Pilon - 26 days ago
Appology accepted
Daniel P
Daniel P - 27 days ago
Blasphemy! Jon Batiste is the true treasure
Mary Rose Kent
Mary Rose Kent - 5 days ago
Daniel P But annoying
Kana Beats
Kana Beats - 27 days ago
he's not gonna follow colbert cuz colbert not afraid to go after anyone lol
Nik110512 - 27 days ago
The way he said "Oui?!" ....😂
Slutuppnu - 27 days ago
I had to google "scrumptious". For the first time ever, Google made me laugh out loud.
Discover Montréal
Discover Montréal - 27 days ago
Wow, Stephen really nailed the way we say “Oui” lol ouainnn
Chris & Suzette Sharpe
Chris & Suzette Sharpe - 27 days ago
Shut up drunk cocktail smoker.you going to he'll in a cell in the jail
MountainKush777 HellCat
MountainKush777 HellCat - 27 days ago
adedoune - 27 days ago
ouin, pas fameux, l'accent québécois.
Ce Fi
Ce Fi - 27 days ago
Mitt Romney is a loser and a coward like the rest of the GOP. Pathetic he has to hide behind a damn twitter account to voice how he feels about this vile president. Spineless man.
Steph Ss
Steph Ss - 27 days ago
Oui from a duck...perfect
Sarsour - 27 days ago
The best ginger ever
Brie Stoll
Brie Stoll - 27 days ago
I move we start calling Conan o'Brien Ginger O'Palebody
I AM Zero223
I AM Zero223 - 27 days ago
Quick Colbert give me the lottery numbers!!!!
bob burroughs
bob burroughs - 27 days ago
Well at least he doesn't like Meyers - the Stephen rip-off.
Mary Rose Kent
Mary Rose Kent - 5 days ago
bob burroughs They’re completely different in timbre.
MARTIEN BÉLANGER - 27 days ago
Apologies accepted.
— A straight North neighbour who watches your everyday show.
(do it again!)
Suave - 27 days ago
Is it possible that he has done coke before the show?
Ian Riddell
Ian Riddell - 27 days ago
'Swirling a snifter of 2009 vintage rice pudding... 'aaah aaah' had me roaring!
Asura Heterodyne
Asura Heterodyne - 27 days ago
Y'know, I've never particularly liked any of those comedians. Especially Conan. Conan is sexist, mean, and all around unpleasant. If given the choice between being stuck in a room with Trump or with Conan... I would want to be able to kick the shit out of them if they got within 6 feet of me.
Both Jimmy's were so aggressively "non-political" that I couldn't stand them.
The personal is political. Being "non-political" _is_ a political position. It is consent to the status quo. And when the status quo is this horrible... I just can't muster any patience for "non-political" people right now.
Observer 101514120505
Observer 101514120505 - 27 days ago
Wow! He hit all of the other late-night variety show hosts.
Noel Ryan
Noel Ryan - 27 days ago
Stephen, consider yourself and your show spared embarrassment. You would not want to get caught 'in flagrante delecto'!!!! There's too much 'delecto' going on in the WH and Trump Administration. Your reputation could get mired in that swamp.
Christian Desbiens
Christian Desbiens - 27 days ago
Well... I guess Mr COLBAIRE could be the director of a funny latin infused soft core scene between Delecto and Scrumptious. Delightful to watch for some and funny for others.
Zachary - 28 days ago
One of the better accents I've heard, honestly. ♥
Lolly Barnard
Lolly Barnard - 28 days ago
Romney criticized Trump before and then when Trump dangled the Secretary of State job before him like a carrot he groveled. He is a phony
Francisco DaGausser
Francisco DaGausser - 28 days ago
*Slow Deaths and Resources*
What are they going to do with all these people who literally threw their lives away from drugs? They are in the street panhandling, killing people, causing danger, and generally being a nuisance getting in people's way. People took this job. Why aren't they doing something? On another note, I dressed up in my Hogwart's House colors of blue and bronze. I feel like Socrates or an ancient king! Yes, I'm aware of Pliny the Elder and Democritus and the general rejection of astrology historically. This is about learning and fitting in with society. (Approx. 63% Ravenclaw, 32% Hufflepuff, 5% Gryffindor, 0% Slytherin. Take the online test!). There is no way you can combine serious learning with illegal habits. It is against the very principles of learning. Are you those weird people against wine and beer with dinner and cigarettes? What is this planet on? (It's extreme overcompensation for previous habits and issues). Look, I do not need this Medieval nostalgia of order and official posts and your dying papacy, and there are few handshakes or apprenticeships to success and stability. Please, do not look for them. People who don't learn history are, yes, trying to repeat it. These elements are not coming back. They are beyond the control of society. Hello, there is now wealth and land beyond the militia. Teenage rebellion should not last beyond college. In today's world, it can destroy a person. Take this seriously. It's the same with art. The trends went into therapy, wall art, and historical understandings, or led into computer animation, caricatures, and expression beyond photography. It's defined pretty well as a common language beneath the arts of language.
P.S. Everything in the various media is not the news. Most are exercises and learning developments.
Jan Damskier
Jan Damskier - 28 days ago
Sometimes S Colbert is an embarrassment
haroon420 - 28 days ago
I only came here for Conan
vlaf9 - 28 days ago
Gordon Anderson
Gordon Anderson - 28 days ago
Flagrante' Delecti.... was already being used.
{and... the first 5 glasses of maker's mark were MORE exciting}
Peggy Trawick
Peggy Trawick - 28 days ago
Mitt Romney is a “latter day Saint” but if Trump appears he will be impeached
Data Master
Data Master - 28 days ago
3:11, when Colbert said "Oui" It sounded like Waluigi saying "wah"
Ken Roberts
Ken Roberts - 28 days ago
lol did stephen just start a late night war?
Aaron Schilling
Aaron Schilling - 28 days ago
Or "PEDO" fits
T.L. Rudd
T.L. Rudd - 28 days ago
I was in VERMONT 🤢
mike larson
mike larson - 28 days ago
Impeach trump! lock him up!
intersanctum - 28 days ago
Ginger O'Palebody is the GOAT.
John Doe
John Doe - 28 days ago
Hey Steve. What is it you do again?
Tim Lazar
Tim Lazar - 28 days ago
Romney has good taste in comedy.
Buenomars - 28 days ago
Boo Jimmy Kimmel? Colbert's best mentor-buddy Jon Stewart was just in Kimmel's skit in Brooklyn! Oh audience...
Olivia Banuelos
Olivia Banuelos - 28 days ago
Welcome to Tijuana welcome to Tijuana
Richard Hayduk
Richard Hayduk - 28 days ago
Colbert is a asshole who only has a job because of President Trump and his disgusting disciples of the left.
The Relichunter
The Relichunter - 28 days ago
Carlos, Reinhold, and Pierre ran into a Barr.
Carlos bragged "they put me in jail for 6 months for texting pics of myself."
Reinhold said "that's nothing. They put me in prison for 5 years for leaking."
Pierre said "you guys got off easy. They shipped me off to a game preserve in Africa where the lions chased me because I'm a RINO.
Sean Gelarden
Sean Gelarden - 28 days ago
He knows French because that's where he went to avoid service in Vietnam
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