Joe Rogan Experience #1354 - The Black Keys

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Idaho girlx
Idaho girlx - 6 hours ago
Love these guys! Could listen to them for ages! Especially when it comes to the music business. They’re keeping it real 👏🏼
StavroGin Lemon
StavroGin Lemon - 14 hours ago
Fuck these highs are guy
susan nelsen
susan nelsen - 16 hours ago
Im glad that they didnt sell their souls to the devil record company, where they control every espect of their lives. All just for money and popularity.
To me its not worth it. Thats when i feel where music has loss it appeal.
westonite210 - 17 hours ago
I’d listen the fuck out of a black keys new music podcast
Gigamear - 22 hours ago
"red bull"
Totally Waked
Totally Waked - 22 hours ago
Joe is a closet cig smoker
chucku00 - Day ago
If you're wondering about Radio Nova, here's a playlist :
David Bridgers
David Bridgers - Day ago
Had to wait until I could sit and watch this over 3 hour cast but definitely worth it. Amazing!
kemo brane
kemo brane - Day ago
This podcast should be in the curriculum for anyone making any type of music and wants to make it. This is certified gold. Thank you.
I Never watch superhero films. They are made for morons and to sell morons popcorn. or as Joe Biden says corn pop ... he is a joke. They are correct Americans are painfully undereducated. AND THEY ARE PROUD OF IT.
brinburg - 2 days ago
Black Keys are better as a two piece.
Jim Kane
Jim Kane - 2 days ago
Who the hell is the Black Keys?
Jesse Joseph
Jesse Joseph - 2 days ago
Please get John Mayer on
GauFntastic - 3 days ago
Radio Nova is a radio station that's made to discover new music, and it's great! definitely check it out. Don't get fooled though, most other french radios are trash
CrossfitBeth R
CrossfitBeth R - 4 days ago
I have been guilty of listening to lonely boy and gold on the ceiling on repeat on Spotify 😂😂 the irony.
Jordan Seaman
Jordan Seaman - 4 days ago
Joe Rogan would like the show Scrubs, I think, if he's wondering how doctors view their patients and how they feel losing them. Most of the show is comedic, but there are some really heavy moments that feel so real and these moments, in my opinion, help anchor the show and broaden possible audiences. It's a cool show.
monkeyfingers - 4 days ago
Joe "I got super high off of a cigarette" rogan
xq10xa - 4 days ago
Black Keys are fucking cool.
But Korn > Black Keys. Any day. easy. That drummer would take homeboy to school
Jeffrey Morris
Jeffrey Morris - 5 days ago
Mark McGuire... What an interesting figure in sports history 😂
John Mcrosin
John Mcrosin - 5 days ago
Does Joe incorrectly use the term 'chasing the dragon' again in this episode? I bet he does.
Jnizzle Forizzle
Jnizzle Forizzle - 5 days ago
Ken Clive
Ken Clive - 5 days ago
More music guests, please
- Dave Grohl
- Josh Homme
- Les Claypool
- Rick Rubin
- Grandmaster Flash
- Willie Nelson
GDSprodify - 17 hours ago
Add Lee “Scratch” Perry In Too, He Produced Many Reggae Albums Including The Wailers Albums.
Konstantin J
Konstantin J - Day ago
Fuck at least four of them
fullorgasm - 6 days ago
Joe and Patrick: "Yeah man smoking is fucking awful"
Jordan Colton
Jordan Colton - 6 days ago
Man that was the best ive listened to by far! saw these guys a few days after the podcast in Colorado and it was great!! Oh and btw, if you guys ever want to talk to the guys from Toll 2 I know the actor who played main character personally and im sure he'd love to get on the show and talk about his experience. He even made a documentary about it called Best Worst Movie
AWW Prather
AWW Prather - 6 days ago
98% of black keys songs are great songs
Matthew Adkins
Matthew Adkins - 6 days ago
Really enjoyed the Black Keys and Rob Zombie podcasts. Keep it up jah
Seth H
Seth H - 6 days ago
this drummer being interviewed acts like his garage band should be treated like musical geniuses tbh I didn't think their music was any good
Matthew Ippolito
Matthew Ippolito - 6 days ago
Remember when RDJ did black face in 08'
Downbound Empire
Downbound Empire - 6 days ago
I do all my own music and get paid $0.03 per stream hahahahaha
Downbound Empire
Downbound Empire - 6 days ago
"The music business is a cruel and shallow money trench, a long plastic hallway where thieves and pimps run free, and good men die like dogs. There's also a negative side." ~ Hunter S. Thompson
Sean Kearns
Sean Kearns - 6 days ago
*Listen to Chulahoma*
Ashton Lambert
Ashton Lambert - 6 days ago
#1 most important message from this podcast is that the black keys need to start a podcast. I’d tune in everyday.
Tessa Duffy
Tessa Duffy - 7 days ago
I feel like most artists have a few good songs on an album but I have never loved EVERY song on every single album. The music they make is such a timeless sound that seems more rare every time I hear new music come out. It’s good to hear drums and guitar instead of shitty pop music with no substance.
Memphis via Mars
Memphis via Mars - 7 days ago
Dan Auerbach is cousins with Robert Quine? "The Blue Mask" Robert Quine? That's nuts!
Scarlet Verdico
Scarlet Verdico - 7 days ago
What about band camp???
Infametheus - 7 days ago
"It's like a Thomas Kinkake painting, nobody wants that shit" 🤣😂
Andy Mathey
Andy Mathey - 7 days ago
Hey Dan, 18:00 and I just realized that after Patrick put you in that chair and got so into it with Joe, he forgot to put you back on his knee. Seriously, you gotta have something to say...even 'little black submarine' in a scratchy quiet voice.
Trigger Warning
Trigger Warning - 7 days ago
I need a buddy like Dan. He cracks up at everything Patrick says.
Lord Zobo
Lord Zobo - 7 days ago
McLovin is triggered af!
Nicholas Rizzuto
Nicholas Rizzuto - 7 days ago
I have zero diplomas and I'm still amazed some people dont just die of stupidity.
Jay Hannen
Jay Hannen - 7 days ago
I'd love for Joe to interview the cast of Twilight x
chucku00 - 7 days ago
- Is this Joe Rogan ?

Victor Barrera
Victor Barrera - 7 days ago
Patrick definitely should start his own podcast
gogyoo - 8 days ago
So weird to hear Radio Nova being mentionned in the JRE... I discovered so many great artists in the 90s because of that station.
Eremon1 - 8 days ago
I've loved this band since the beginning. This is a great treat.
RedFox - 8 days ago
This will go in the section of podcasts I listen to 10-15 times over the next several years.
this Is KG
this Is KG - 8 days ago
They dod change and cater to the annoying type of fan. Their old stuff was fire abd they know it. I like theor latest album but their old okes before lonely boy is where its at. I listened to them for ablong time
Truther41God - 8 days ago
I'm two hours into this, but I'm so mesmerized by Patrick, I can't figure out if I should go into my studio and start recording a jam, or keep listening to him!...
Wrld Premier MusiQ
Wrld Premier MusiQ - 8 days ago
Getting a ROOT CANAL listening to this,Thanks guys!
Wesley Piyasombun
Wesley Piyasombun - 8 days ago
baseball/life lessons from patricks dad. real one from day one 😂
Jonezy - 8 days ago
I haven't finished this yet, but please have these guys back on!
GentlemanHobo - 9 days ago
1:21:53 "There isn't a website that is curating music that I actually want to hear"
Thank me later.
Daniel Saldívar
Daniel Saldívar - 7 days ago
The Reddit music community is cancer. Just as toxic as /mu/.
The happy hippie
The happy hippie - 9 days ago
Well believe it or not I've never listened to The Black Keys until this podcast. I'm so glad I have new kickass music thanks Joe for having these guys on. I can now quit playing Days of the New and Alice in chains everyday!!
Chris Redfield
Chris Redfield - 9 days ago
Best rock band of the 2000s
Daniel Saldívar
Daniel Saldívar - 7 days ago
Definitely my first favorite band of the 2010s.
Peter Brooke
Peter Brooke - 9 days ago
Wow no way sinister kid is one of my favourites as well thats so insane!
Peter Brooke
Peter Brooke - 9 days ago
Mike Sullivan
Mike Sullivan - 10 days ago
My homeboys from Akron!✌️🙏
Elie Raskin
Elie Raskin - 10 days ago
Black Keys more like Pat Likes to Talk Smack Keys. Get it...
Elie Raskin
Elie Raskin - 10 days ago
you suck
Diana Ramirez
Diana Ramirez - 10 days ago
I would listen to the Black Keys podcast if they started one.
Michael Ha
Michael Ha - 10 days ago
Let’s do a Post Malone podcast, since Kanye didn’t work out.
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