My Hero Academia - 2x11 Fight On, Iida - Group Reaction

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maddy zucca
maddy zucca - 9 days ago
The first thing I said to myself when I first found this channel was "The girls looklike that one youtuber my sister watches and my sixth grade english teacher."
NeoParzival829 - 16 days ago
Seeing Rana fangirl over Todoroki is the highlight of these reactions.
Barbara Baker
Barbara Baker - 16 days ago
"Competitor's who fought for the victory harder" yeah for a contest, he fought to save, ("he just looked so sad") the real point of all this. The others were admirable and will make fine heroes but That's something else.
King Of Bel
King Of Bel - 20 days ago
lol I like how one lady roots for Lida and the other for Todoroki.
Cruv - Games And Edits
Cruv - Games And Edits - 23 days ago
Oh wow nice reaction guys cool.
Lol sweet Well Bakugo would tho.
David S Galarza
David S Galarza - 29 days ago
Nina .Vale
Nina .Vale - Month ago
I do love how this series keeps someone's trauma and doubts still going. and since you guys are probably way ahead now...Stain kinda reminds me of Zaheer. They both have their code of honour and avoid hurting random civilians, and they go after people in power. They have their ideals that in on themselves aren't really bad. Zaheer wanted freedom for common people and do away with oppression. Stain wants a society where good and noble people become heroes, and it's not a vanity fair and rat race. They both do make a good point, about flaws and brokenness of the system but they're taking it all to the extreme and judge people wrong. Like Zaheer went after Korra and her dad and also other good leaders such as Zuko's daughter. And Stain went after Tensei. Now, I get why he thought Tensei was a fake...he comes from long line of heroes and to an outsider, it might look like the guy is just taking over the family business to keep it going but it's not true. Tensei might feel pressure, but he's a good guy and he genuinely cares about people.
Valentine Jaeger
Valentine Jaeger - Month ago
English dub iugh
Direwoof - Month ago
Yo im so ready for you guys to see the stain battle.
If i could request higher video sound?
Dont fully equalize the audio but just up the video sound a bit?
Johnny Sanchez
Johnny Sanchez - Month ago
Nice Watchmen reference neer the end there
Orlando Outlaw
Orlando Outlaw - Month ago
marketta out here looking like the villain from the first Despicable Me 1
Raven Seouls
Raven Seouls - Month ago
If they upload MHA once a week, them they will be done in a year or so....
Cecelia - Month ago
Ikr?? Its really taking forever! I came back after like two months and am shocked that they're STILL on the tourtement arc
Xaniss - Month ago
You guys gotta catch up... season 4 is in October
Connor Wallace
Connor Wallace - Month ago
shadow light
shadow light - Month ago
Finish this season so you can finally see the main character lol
OsteoPierogies - Month ago
The hero killer stain is legit my favourite villain in the show. His ideology and views on heroes is very interesting
Jacob K. Wei
Jacob K. Wei - Month ago
i think Chris already watched this episode and he knew hero killer name is Stain coz the hero killer clearly said FAME not stain at 14:57. Hmmmm...suspicious
MM Thufail
MM Thufail - Month ago
Jacob K. Wei they have sub on that episode
ReviewTechNY - Month ago
oh god no
oh god no - Month ago
MM Thufail
MM Thufail - Month ago
Bro please skip all the fillers in MHA. It's not important at all
Shisui UchiGOAT
Shisui UchiGOAT - Month ago
Rana is the best lmao
Miito - Month ago
girl on the right needs to calm down alittle, its getting annoying
rodan the demon protector
how have you not watch my hero like dude wtf are you doing with your life season 3 is the most greatest like oh my god season 4 is on october 😊love from the 🇵🇭🇵🇭
LadyVenom Way
LadyVenom Way - Month ago
Nice one Normies
Pr0fridge - Month ago
I love Stained! I can't wait for the next arc!
Sellavin Atoms
Sellavin Atoms - Month ago
Nobody better dropped remote like last time from now on just somebody click the button on the remote once and just leave it in the middle of the table after that that's it.
ayy lmao
ayy lmao - Month ago

Rana looks so pretty
ayy lmao
ayy lmao - Month ago
17:42 lmao
MAL - Month ago
Bakugou would still beat dark shadow even at night.
king kb
king kb - Month ago
So I've got to say I didn't like that they said all might was quirkless because I feel like that makes and seem like a asshole and a hypocrite considering when Deku asked if he could be a hero he said no and then he gets to the moment he saw deku you he saw a little bit him in Deku
DrJoNeZ 97
DrJoNeZ 97 - Month ago
Double-Take for the next two episodes?
Alicja Szymańska
Alicja Szymańska - Month ago
BTW to all the reactor teams - react to Chernobyl miniseries. At least to episode one. I really want to hear how much you know/think about that REAL event. I can spoiler that episode one is STRONG. Next ones are nice, paced but first one it designet to pull you. React to it. And pump more anime per week - at least 2-3 HxH please.
Alicja Szymańska
Alicja Szymańska - Month ago
Funny excuses for droping "point system". From what we heard when they introduced the cards is was designed with utter stupidity so that's the reason they HAD to drop it. Next time ask someone with a brain to design it for you so you=we can have fun even with someone making a mistake or two early on. You have a product, you have a potential, please ask someone with brain to help make it a real bomb that will last. Not the usuall story "they had it... and then they didn't".
Immortal Rooster
Immortal Rooster - Month ago
Stain is the best villain in my hero in my opinion wish his arc was longer thooo
lord M.M
lord M.M - Month ago
Where's the AOT reaction?
t300808 a
t300808 a - Month ago
I found a villain deku fanfic that is actually really good. It's pretty dark but very well written lol. it's called 'mother chaos' by Takahiro Fuwaka. link;
Pervy Sage
Pervy Sage - Month ago
Stain arc is so good. I can't wait to see you guys' reactions
Swapnil Batle
Swapnil Batle - Month ago
Iida couldn't have thrown Todoroki. He isn't All Might, one would need a lot of upper body strength for that.
Souvik Bose
Souvik Bose - Month ago
they were talking about using centrifugal force...not chucking Todoroki normally
Who cares
Who cares - Month ago
Trinity - deku, todoroki,bakugo
Kal El
Kal El - Month ago
First time i am going to support bakugou
Full Metal Lemon
Full Metal Lemon - Month ago
nah dawg, Miami is a shit hole, but i respect your opinion
Malik Epperson
Malik Epperson - Month ago
speaking of fun facts. in almost every episode when they show Aoyama (navel Laser) he stares directly at you the viewer
Christian Allen
Christian Allen - Month ago
Tokoyami would be so weak against Hagakure
Guilherme Lucas
Guilherme Lucas - Month ago
I'm a simple man,if i see a dub anime I click in the dislike button
TheSerpantin999 - Month ago
Damn Midoriya's fingers are on some Dr.Strange shit rn.
Nerd Chronic
Nerd Chronic - Month ago
It's hilarious how competitive Rana gets over this. It's kind of like Uraraka.
MickyWidg - Month ago
where is your attack on titan reaction??
priyam singh
priyam singh - Month ago
Aot new episode is out man where is your reaction
ByronTheO Boom
ByronTheO Boom - Month ago
You guys every going to watch one piece? Ill watch every ep 100%
Monarkh - Month ago
Can you all stop screaming, or at least make the sound of the show louder please.
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