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frank - 18 minutes ago
Where's arnold
Leanora McCarthy
Leanora McCarthy - 18 minutes ago
honestly, I never realized how much I missed Linda Hamilton as Sarah. now it's all I can think about!!!!!! Yesss!!!! I can't wait to see this n I hope it's not the last time we have to bow down to the OG Ms. Hamilton!! loved u since the beginning n I'm so excited!!!
elokubano - 18 minutes ago
SoyBoy 2000 Feminazi. Oh dear...
Bc C
Bc C - 18 minutes ago
aw man.. i want them to bring back the sarah conner chronicles
Annakaren Hernandez
Annakaren Hernandez - 18 minutes ago
Some how they're telling us what's coming
Toffyman - 18 minutes ago
Lets have a terminator acted by a scary looking bodybuilder. 2019 lets have a liguid terminator played by a student in debt, that looks like he just got kicked outa school.
Josh Novotny
Josh Novotny - 19 minutes ago
Who Else watch this just to see if Arnold Schwarzenegger was in it ?
ze char char
ze char char - 19 minutes ago
Hollywood are so original
Silver Spitfire
Silver Spitfire - 19 minutes ago
Over the top CGI action. Awesome......
CrypticVibezzz - 19 minutes ago
Remember when Terminators looked intimidating?
I AM - 19 minutes ago
As a Terminator fan of course i'll have to watch this one to see where they take the storyline but where's the endoskeleton's, purple laser beams and humanity fighting against the odds. Salvation got pretty close. Shame they never came out with part 2 to it...
Derek Woods
Derek Woods - 19 minutes ago
Convoluted. the worst thing is that the producers of the last like 4 Terminator movies seem to have no idea that sometimes less is more. They could have possibly had another Arnold T800 get sent back in time (looking older as a means to fit in / disguise) with some explanation that there was another prototype chip they didn't know about in T2, and just kept it Sarah Conner and T800 battling another really advanced villain robot. But, no, they continue with the convoluted crap where there needs to be a ton of haphazard subplot and a multitude of robots sent back in time. Not just Sarah and somehow an older T800 Arnold good guy? but also some female robot/human combo sent back in time to protect herself? it's just way way too much. Hollywood is dead of originality these days. Shouldn't be this hard to make a more straight forward story
Thompson Tan
Thompson Tan - 19 minutes ago
So Arnold Schwarzenegger, the biggest star that gives this franchise life, doesn't do much?
So John Conner, the very main plot device for terminator 1-2, is irrelevant now that he is not in the movie?
At least, one of the original star Sarah Conner will be starring HALF of the film by the looks of it.
justinsfitlife - 19 minutes ago
Straight to DVD and then ill be more inclined to watch it
NAMAN DIXENA - 19 minutes ago
Why so much dark?
Drederick Tatum
Drederick Tatum - 19 minutes ago
No Arnold, multiple short haired women. What a waste.
Torrell Ross
Torrell Ross - 19 minutes ago
nice another movie now ruined. Stop replacing females for males. Bet this movie is gonna be shit.
ya boy matt
ya boy matt - 20 minutes ago
Its official this trailer is better than the sonic trailer.
Imdicc - 20 minutes ago
Why the fuck tencent is in here
Boris Ezequiel Santillan Suarez
Malik - 20 minutes ago
This shit looks like complete wide open ass😂
Леонид Спартанец
Megumin: EXPLOOOOOOOSioN!!!!
Sarah Connor: Hold my beer...
anthony nino
anthony nino - 20 minutes ago
Please for the love of god
session telemetric
session telemetric - 20 minutes ago
So dumb. Another PC clown movie with a dogmatically feminist plot, recycled characters & cringeworthy actors pushed down the lowest common denominator of movie goers throats. Enjoy your matinee in the trailer park boys.
cocoa tresbelle
cocoa tresbelle - 20 minutes ago
Wow they all back it soo awesome!!!! 😂😂😂👏👏👏😁😁😁👍Omg omg I am gonna see this! Cant wait! 😊😍
Saul Martinez
Saul Martinez - 20 minutes ago
I'm excited and optimistic about this, cgi is not all there because the film is months away from a release. The story is actually much more different than what they think is, also the whole feminist thing the female terminator seems like she doesn't know what she is and is innocent just likenthe girl, Sarah is the current female badass but we've seen her action, Arnie will have more screen time, the only reason we dont see him as much is because of Sarah and as for the New terminator villian he will be like T-1000 not as scary looking but in an interview James Cameron says this guy is going to be more than what you think he is.
Max Rendel
Max Rendel - 21 minute ago
Adam Goleskie
Adam Goleskie - 21 minute ago
I hope they do like Sonic based on the comments and redo the evil Terminator in this movie. Let the memes begin
Mr Telugu Tech
Mr Telugu Tech - 21 minute ago
sad :c
sad :c - 21 minute ago
let's just copy the latest movie but this time make all the characters girls. BOOM. NEW MOVIE. please be more creative/imaginative
Nobody - 21 minute ago
The cgi at the end was soo bad.
The Wicked Network
The Wicked Network - 21 minute ago
I haven’t even seen Terminator Genesis yet. Wait didn’t Sarah Corner died already in Terminator 3: Rise of the Machine?
Arthur Simonyan
Arthur Simonyan - 21 minute ago
Well this is really crappy CGI
S R Leeming
S R Leeming - 21 minute ago
This is getting ridiculous
Шамиль Джамалов
Мдаааааааааааа, чувствую большой провал
xenomorphelv426 - 21 minute ago
Not convinced. Shit acting, shit story, shit cgi.
sad :c
sad :c - 22 minutes ago
can we come up WITH SOMETHING ELSE?!
abbeezzz - 22 minutes ago
Only watching for Arnold... seems to be nice, Lets see
J2C 👽
J2C 👽 - 22 minutes ago
Is that the ghost rider from agents of shield?
Michael Elsy
Michael Elsy - 22 minutes ago
Where the fuck is John Connor.
CRK VLOG'S - 22 minutes ago
@1:44 i am back🗿
mashruba siddiqua
mashruba siddiqua - 22 minutes ago
subscribe to me?
Jimmy Hill
Jimmy Hill - 22 minutes ago
Only clicked the trailer because for the fostech Origin 12 beautiful shotgun
Володя Холодов
Володя Холодов - 22 minutes ago
Что-то не очень впечатлило. Хрень.
R.I.P STAR WARS 1977 - 2012
R.I.P STAR WARS 1977 - 2012 - 22 minutes ago
Lol 93k likes 22k dislikes wtf?
Ricky Vel
Ricky Vel - 22 minutes ago
What the craaaaaap is this
PLK - 23 minutes ago
Arnold really trying to milk this $hit isnt he.
jorge toro
jorge toro - 23 minutes ago
Good thing it says terminator, almost thought it was a random android movie
Derek Thompson
Derek Thompson - 23 minutes ago
Nice... I cant wait to see it
James Jones
James Jones - 24 minutes ago
One of my favorites..as well as Aliens. I'll watch anyone thats made.
PLK - 24 minutes ago
A terminator anime would have been better
Exar Kun
Exar Kun - 24 minutes ago
2/10. No Brad Fiedel.
Krzysztof Lewandowski
Krzysztof Lewandowski - 24 minutes ago
Ok typical, immediate same boring hate, that's why I'm gonna watch it and I already know I'm gonna enjoy it!
DDtheJetPlane - 24 minutes ago
LoL 😆
Swodeyem - 24 minutes ago
Please, just stop.
hobbs1701a - 24 minutes ago
This franchise jumped the shark back when Salvation came out. At this point, it is milking a dead cow.
Ocean Man
Ocean Man - 25 minutes ago
Get to dachoppaaaaaaaa
Sam 454
Sam 454 - 25 minutes ago
2:13 did you hear that Bin Weevils sound effect hahaha
Simon Xyz
Simon Xyz - 25 minutes ago
next Terminator movie title = Terminator A.I. ?
WOW WOW WOW - 25 minutes ago
Another SJW movie lmao.
Pocket Gaming
Pocket Gaming - 25 minutes ago
Before watching the trailer let me guess terminator is a woman right?
MIGHTY GREEN THUMB - 25 minutes ago
Argh! Was waiting to hear the terminator theme music at the end but it dint. Who else?
pibadar - 25 minutes ago
Terminator looks like damn tech support guy
Ocean Man
Ocean Man - 25 minutes ago
Kirill Shvedov
Kirill Shvedov - 26 minutes ago
Paradime - 26 minutes ago
Is this good? I can't tell what is good or not anymore...
SolidMGSnake - 26 minutes ago
Mackenzie Davis is such a babe
HN PRODUCTION - 26 minutes ago
Really amazing trailer
Jay Double Gee
Jay Double Gee - 26 minutes ago
Nowadays there's always a lesbian version of every 1980s movie. Sorry but it was original back then. I don't need to see a bad copy of an original movie with a shit story and some ridiculous dyke pretending to be a man. Gross, unoriginal, boring and absolute Bullshit. You go waste your money. I'll definitely watch the South Park / Family Guy episode which will make fun of this garbage.
Onyx Prime
Onyx Prime - 26 minutes ago
An android with short blond hair looking after a little girl...now where have we seen that before?
Jimmy Liaw
Jimmy Liaw - 27 minutes ago
Terminator + Venom is what you get from this movie
Will Grello
Will Grello - 27 minutes ago
That actress who has that godawful boy haircut is hilarious. Doesn't pull off badass to me. Michael Biehn did that the best. This movie looks just horrible. It looks like a rip off of T2 but just worse than a rip off. Why even have the younger actress why not just have Hamilton play a full role not share it with two other women. Are they doing another agenda driven fuck fest like the last Jedi? They shouldn't make any more of these movies. It was good with T2 ending the franchise. If Cameron isn't going to write and direct any of these then there is no reason to make anymore.
Scooperz - 27 minutes ago
Well, can’t be as bad as the Sonic movie’s gonna be....
Saiyan Prince
Saiyan Prince - 27 minutes ago
Way to ruin a classic
GrahamBartle - 27 minutes ago
So much hater-aid. What are they ruining your childhood, again? It's not like this movie is taking the place of a good Terminator sequel that you wrote.
indran 8883
indran 8883 - 27 minutes ago
After watching this movie I feel that they should have never sent a woman to do a man's job
Jesse B
Jesse B - 27 minutes ago
where the fweak is arnold?
skattergraph - 27 minutes ago
why didn't they just re-release T2 I would love to see that in the theaters again!
3ombieautopilot - 27 minutes ago
This shit looks like terminator genysys and transformers. A fckng cartoon. There’s no noir of t1 and t2. Very disappointed so far.
Dankmeme 818
Dankmeme 818 - 28 minutes ago
This ain’t chief
Jedimasterken - 28 minutes ago
Hopefully this isn't the finished version the CGI needs more work
HUNTERBOISTACEY - 28 minutes ago
Where is Arnold?!
PaladinPower - 28 minutes ago
Great forced lgbt bullshit
John Ferrari
John Ferrari - 28 minutes ago
Ah look how woke they are, everyone is a female.
Drederick Tatum
Drederick Tatum - 28 minutes ago
New rule, no more women in action flicks.
Jason Costa
Jason Costa - 28 minutes ago
Nothing new. Flop.
Killian Senpai
Killian Senpai - 28 minutes ago
I loved terminator as a kid xD I remembered they had action figures and other toys of the terminator bots
bud ekins
bud ekins - 28 minutes ago
Definite thumbs up for the action scenes!
Israel Payola
Israel Payola - 28 minutes ago
I vote for TUNDER CATS movie !!🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏
Fallon Bennett
Fallon Bennett - 28 minutes ago
“Never seen one like you before. Almost human.”
“I am human.”
We’ve seen one like her before. Shout out to Sam Worthington 😂
SirTalksAlot - 29 minutes ago
*Wow! Paramount has been busy killing movie franchises lately. What's next? Mario became asian?*
hieu nguyen
hieu nguyen - 29 minutes ago
Nanomachine, son !!!
Lt C
Lt C - 29 minutes ago
Josh I
Josh I - 29 minutes ago
Terminator: WAHMEN REMIX
G-fan - 29 minutes ago
The key difference is - that 1st and 2nd parts were a real SCARY thrillers. With scary and tense atmosphere. Especially Terminator 1. That was a great mix: 90% reality and 10% future. NOW all this movies are looks like an ACTION and nothing more.
Amir Aziz
Amir Aziz - 29 minutes ago
Arnold should’ve given us the thumbs down at the end of T2 to warn us of how shitty the future movies would be. I never thought I’d live to see the day where I’d actually prefer to watch the third movie. This franchise died after T2, bury it.
Innocent M
Innocent M - 29 minutes ago
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livingston - 29 minutes ago
Drederick Tatum
Drederick Tatum - 30 minutes ago
Well, there goes that. Learn your lesson hollywood, women in action films suck.
channing bloom
channing bloom - 30 minutes ago
Huh I'm actually surprised that this isn't shit.
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