Terminator: Dark Fate - Official Teaser Trailer (2019) - Paramount Pictures

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5starcomment - Hour ago
It's a clam-fest...
Bunsen the R-Unit
Bunsen the R-Unit - Hour ago
...this isn't Terminator set in the cowboy times
Frodo Bolsón
Frodo Bolsón - Hour ago
Where the fuck in John Connor???!
SH1FTY6thSENSE - Hour ago
Eddie furlong is still a fat worthless piece of shit?! Damn.. him coming back to this would have put this over the top! Shame.
Scott Jensen
Scott Jensen - Hour ago
Wow I can’t wait to NOT see this
Shariq Saied
Shariq Saied - Hour ago
I'll watch this shit also... ⚔️⚔️⚔️
Unaise pp
Unaise pp - Hour ago
Ho thrilled 🔥
Milo Practice
Milo Practice - Hour ago
Look at all the haters. This movie looks amazing! SC is back!
Eweryko - Hour ago
I cant tell if the one person is a guy or girl
Jacob Smith
Jacob Smith - Hour ago
If it’s not Arnold Schwarzenegger it’s not terminator
infinity life
infinity life - Hour ago
Let's all take a moment to appreciate grumpy cat
Braddoh - Hour ago
Another SJW movie~~ (dissapointed!)
foxhound6364 - Hour ago
Tencent Pictures... yeah, that's a hard pass for me.
Sam Thompson
Sam Thompson - Hour ago
Personally I enjoyed salvation. Just add better scripting and and a better plot it would of been a damn good film. Amazing actors in it with fun action sequences.
They don’t even know what movies to come up with anymore that old movies keep being remade .... lol
The Neon Sign Company
Hollywood is so lame. Why won’t they stop recycling stuff and make some timeless original content.
Brendan B
Brendan B - Hour ago
Im GoInG HunTinG!!!!!!!
Jesse Ventura
Jesse Ventura - Hour ago
The film industry needs to stop beating the dead horse.
optimus439 - Hour ago
It looks pretty good to me well done Paramount
ValOroS - Hour ago
Just let the saga die
Van Grass
Van Grass - Hour ago
And the evil guy is a white Male
Blake Reynolds
Blake Reynolds - Hour ago
This movement has gone too far.
John Black
John Black - Hour ago
Wow the dude terminator likes awesome
I love the music
shrill fire
shrill fire - Hour ago
I guess we're just gonna remake every movie ever made now?? Like wtf😭😂😂😭??
NewsPoop - Hour ago
Looks okay-ish. Nothing that screams this is Terminator. I guess bland and ordinary is what they’re going for. Hope the movie turns out better than this teaser.
No one of you have watch the movie
Why you all are hating?
Darwin Billy Imanil
Darwin Billy Imanil - Hour ago
“Hasta lavista, baby.” T2
Martin Vegas
Martin Vegas - Hour ago
Задрали со своей толерантностью
mrchinee25 - Hour ago
They should just make a 4K UHD copy of Terminator 1 and i would pay money to see that in cinemas. Not a shape shifting dork eith a plaid shirt with a stupid looking face and haircut. Gosh that guy is hard to look at, and him being the villain ergghh it erkks meh
Adreee And another e
Sonic movie: we have no fucking clue what we are doing with this franchise
Terminator: hold my beer
Jason Romero
Jason Romero - Hour ago
Wack sht wack
Declan Merritt
Declan Merritt - Hour ago
Why does the T-1000 only make sword arms, why not make it shoot bullets or something?
Luke Kimchi
Luke Kimchi - Hour ago
Ghostbusters feminist edition: let's empower women
Ghostbusters: *becomes a cinematic failure*
Terminator: Feminism sounds like a great idea!
Bailey Smith
Bailey Smith - Hour ago
What's wrong with women in the movie I don't get it
OliverCantu C.D.S.
OliverCantu C.D.S. - Hour ago
Efects looks a shit Sarah and The Terminator Arnold AMAZING!
2PAC lives
2PAC lives - Hour ago
i'll be black! or shit i'll be mac OS .....disappointed!
Wesley Mettelus
Wesley Mettelus - Hour ago
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Mist3rInsanity - Hour ago
Terminator 1-4 I liked terminator 5 it was their but I think they need to fix it...terminator 6 it has potential but trailers can be deceiving...so yeah... (I know everyone hates the fourth one but I think it was just the story line that needed work other than that it was awesome to me, and terminator 5 it was okay... I wish they could of made the movie better...and the whole John Conner turning evil made no since to me because from the fourth one he seemed more patriotic and was about survival of the human race...not joining skynet...the 3rd terminator was great because it had a good story line...kinda XD they just needed to change a few things then the movie would be great XD.) Watching this trailer...I feel like it will be a good movie to watch...if they just don’t rush it and think about what would make the movie great...
Eli Smoothie
Eli Smoothie - Hour ago
0:46 makes no sense to me like at all. At it shows is he missed an she dragged her arm towards it so it can “Scratch” it
Abu-Gaming - Hour ago
every new movie is SJW
Wil Archer
Wil Archer - Hour ago
Im all bout dat Hamilton doe
Benjamin K
Benjamin K - Hour ago
Flop guaranteed. Mark my words.
Robo Gato
Robo Gato - Hour ago
🌸 Here’s the Björk comment you’ve been lookin’ for all your life
Michael Collins
Michael Collins - Hour ago
Mexican and feminist Terminator both don't work for me. Completely wrong choice of actors. They fucked up 3 movies after T2 and i won't be fooled a fourth time.
Rain Love
Rain Love - Hour ago
Whoever sung in this trailer needs to find another hobby/job
Brandon Lawson
Brandon Lawson - Hour ago
Titanic losing it's spot at the box office to Endgame really has James Cameron losing his mind.
Michael Matherne
Michael Matherne - Hour ago
I wonder what she means by the "I am human" line? Is she a human brain in a mostly terminator body? Or is she just such an advanced AI that she feels human emotions? Something else?
freakjob0 - Hour ago
I'm less bothered by the female Terminator or whatever she is, than the boring as dishwater new Male Terminator. Maybe it's the plaid shirt and dockers, but bleh, not feeling it.
Elzy Mon2-18
Elzy Mon2-18 - Hour ago
I'll be back
Doggo - Hour ago
Eh I’ll wait when it’s out on Netflix
Cash Gas
Cash Gas - Hour ago
Fake Thumbnail
Fake Thumbnail - Hour ago
Omg, they have 2 stupid trailers for this fucking movie. T1 and T2 for life
ReligiousZombie - Hour ago
Pee-Wee Herman's son plays the Terminator.
LoudNProud - Hour ago
Hmm. I can't really make a judgement call just yet. Hoping to see a better trailer soon. For now I'll give it a sideways thumb
Alex Young
Alex Young - Hour ago
i expected there to be morn dislikes then likes cause all i saw on instagram was nothing but hate
Braxton Farmer
Braxton Farmer - Hour ago
As long as we have arny it’s ok
Rain Love
Rain Love - Hour ago
Everything about this is wrong.
Melissa G
Melissa G - Hour ago
This would have been cool if the Terminator didn't look like a dweeb. 🤓
Jonathan Ruben
Jonathan Ruben - Hour ago
Why doesn't this story ever progress?
jvrdlc - Hour ago
High hopes because it's James Cameron and Tim doing this...
Listening Point
Listening Point - Hour ago
It's time to stop.
Lt.Dickhead III
Lt.Dickhead III - Hour ago
If it wasn’t for Arnold, I wouldn’t be watching this libtard bullshit.
Андрей Свиридов
Я пожилая устрица
Mar10 - Hour ago
This looks fucking stupid. Series should have ended more than 20 years ago.
mistaseeforce - Hour ago
Yoooooooooooooooo!!! 🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🔥🔥🔥🔥👍🏾
Timothy Ramlogan
Timothy Ramlogan - Hour ago
From just the song in this trailer alone, makes me not want to watch this movie. “I’m going hunting” I mean can you be more cheesier than that?
alex 805
alex 805 - Hour ago
nice a lesbianator👍
S. Diaz
S. Diaz - Hour ago
They need to stop...
T2 was and is the last one .
Everybody involved knows this as well. I mean look at the CGI ! It's weak and cheap. A deepfake is surpassing this level
Vital- Extinct
Vital- Extinct - Hour ago
Y’all should go sub to me I’m low key better than ninja and I’m on console ( ps4 )
Bub loves lunch in a bucket
This looks soooooooo horrible.
EtherReal - Hour ago
Where is the original Terminator music? Whats with all the horrible cgi action sequences?! Have they learned nothing from the past decade of absolutely abysmal terminator flops?!?!?
CASE - Hour ago
It looks like they combined the plots of Terminator 2 and Salvation to get this
x426x - Hour ago
no thanks. should have stopped at T2
vanillakitty - Hour ago
I appreciate that Bjork!
Вячеслав Аркадьевич
Мде, как я понимаю, сильные и независимые тряпки при поддержке старого куколда будут противостоять патриархальному яйценосцу...
Freak-A-Zoid - Hour ago
Ghostrider goes Terminator😜
Ricon Vih
Ricon Vih - Hour ago
Oh my god she looks like fucking Steven Tyler in the thumbnail
El Mercenario
El Mercenario - Hour ago
I thought Sarah Conor died in the movies on in real life
yarixza mendoza
yarixza mendoza - Hour ago
if emilia won't be in it.. don't want to watch
sontercage maller
sontercage maller - Hour ago
Feminism wins. Fatality!
Шиспыван - Hour ago
James RAW
James RAW - Hour ago
CGI hot mess! This looks terrible.
Quordian - Hour ago
Ok everyone calm down, at least jai Courtney isn’t in it.
shhfiftyfive - Hour ago
bring back the TV show!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Anton Smirnov
Anton Smirnov - Hour ago
Marco Avila
Marco Avila - Hour ago
The put a woman in MIB now in fucking Terminator wtf!!!
AlxEm3 - Hour ago
Yawn 😴
Vishal Kumar
Vishal Kumar - Hour ago
its all shit🙉💩💩💩
Without him
too.hazey - Hour ago
This shits ass watch they throw some gay shit in it too lmao
Nicholas M
Nicholas M - Hour ago
What about Robert Patrick?! You're bringing everyone else, wtf?
Chris Marciniak
Chris Marciniak - Hour ago
Why does everyone have to be a fucking critic? (a shit one at that) just watch the fucking movie before you say it's bad.
Swamp Ape
Swamp Ape - Hour ago
Damn it, please don't let this be garbage... yet I have a feeling it's gonna be another rushed film.
Travis Mcconnell
Travis Mcconnell - Hour ago
Okay... So. Just don't fucking spoil it in the next trailer. Can you do that for us please?!? 🙏
2PAC lives
2PAC lives - Hour ago
terminator: terminate haters in the comment section : (2025)- paramount pictures 🔥🔥🔥💯💯💯
It's going to suck.
Josh Lewis
Josh Lewis - Hour ago
Now thats..... BADASS!!!!
Piss dog
Piss dog - Hour ago
2:13 yall hear the fuckin sound effect when the leg broke? lmao sounds like fuckin gumby, who made this shit????
Becca Becca
Becca Becca - Hour ago
Good for Linda Hamilton she not only looks good but brings back the deep tenacity and authenticity of Sara missing in previous releases. It’s great to see value in women’s worth. Being judged by youth is so shallow, this woman has real character and depth. Long live Sara
Fad_Para2 - Hour ago
Adding 3 girls doesn't make a movie good
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