I Made My Brother FLIRT With My Girlfriend To See How She Would React *prank*

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Jatie Vlogs
Jatie Vlogs - 27 days ago
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Jo Capewell
Jo Capewell - Day ago
I LOVE YOU!!!!!!
Sloth Lover
Sloth Lover - 3 days ago
Love you guys 😄😄
Horses_Ponies Puppy
Horses_Ponies Puppy - 12 days ago
Jatie Vlogs haha Katie’s so nice
Ada Noe
Ada Noe - 16 days ago
Me and my brother are 11 mothers apart to!!! I thought we where the only one Lolllll
Kayla Castro
Kayla Castro - 18 days ago
Tariq Ata
Tariq Ata - 4 minutes ago
Omg Alex was so good at acting he knew EXACTLY what to
Say for the video
Buttttt was he realllyyy acting?!
Thun Derrr
Thun Derrr - 2 hours ago
Dude you guys have the best pranks lol
yellow - 4 hours ago
faker than my wig
Madison Stolp
Madison Stolp - 5 hours ago
You win
Alyssa Myers
Alyssa Myers - 6 hours ago
Omg so awk
Dominic Jenkins
Dominic Jenkins - 7 hours ago
This guy Alex is the funniest wth
Lucy Bel
Lucy Bel - 7 hours ago
“Stay cute” awwwww so sweet ❤️
Meksay Kids
Meksay Kids - 8 hours ago
omg so awk

if you don’t understand check the description
Asya Yusuf
Asya Yusuf - 9 hours ago
Sienna Ayala
Sienna Ayala - 10 hours ago
Is no one going to notice that she looks extremely like Blake lively
Sidharta Sarisuk
Sidharta Sarisuk - 13 hours ago
New subscriber
Kiwi Potato
Kiwi Potato - 13 hours ago
Does anybody else think Alex sorta looks like chandler or is it just me ;^;
Bert Ava
Bert Ava - 13 hours ago
I love how nice she is trying to be.
Klaudia Bohac
Klaudia Bohac - 13 hours ago
I wish i was in the front seat with alex.
on a serious note though, he’s such a cute and genuine person, he deserves the world
Xxrose GachagirlxX
Xxrose GachagirlxX - 18 hours ago
Omg XD when josh exposed her
Alexis Helfrick
Alexis Helfrick - 19 hours ago
Omg so awk
like if u know why
Idkefkb Rosario
Idkefkb Rosario - 20 hours ago
The cringe is really real tho
k.alexis williams
k.alexis williams - 20 hours ago
I laughed wayyyy too loud while watching this🤣😭
Zoë Hilliard
Zoë Hilliard - 20 hours ago
I was uncomfortable for her bro 😂
Mia Casado
Mia Casado - 21 hour ago
Mia Casado
Mia Casado - 21 hour ago
Poor kaite she felt was just quiet
Olivia Bobb
Olivia Bobb - 21 hour ago
Her face when she realizes he is flirting is hilarioussssssssssssss
josie - 21 hour ago
16:29 had me cryyy laughing
gacha life
gacha life - 23 hours ago
Omg I did not know u guys live close to detroit I live close to detroit omg
Veronica Low
Veronica Low - 23 hours ago
I love how u work together
Adlei Flores
Adlei Flores - Day ago
OliviA - Day ago
you MADE your brother....oh god
Please enter a name YEET
My older sister is named Lizzy and her boyfriend name is Joey and their couple name is Jizzy 😂
Keke Wade
Keke Wade - Day ago
18:20😂😂😂she looked like she wanted to strangle them both
Ava Roessler
Ava Roessler - Day ago
I live in Michigan! I go to Detroit all the time and the alley you guys where in at the end is my fave!!
E l l a
E l l a - Day ago
omg I felt so awkward for her😆😟
E l l a
E l l a - Day ago
OMG so awkward!!!!
Mood Swings
Mood Swings - Day ago
omg so awk.
Lauren Jakinovich
Lauren Jakinovich - Day ago
Yooo yall in macomb!!
Molly Floyd
Molly Floyd - Day ago
11 ads in this video but amazing content! 🙂😁❤️
Ella Dodson
Ella Dodson - Day ago
That was mean but funny
team JATIE
Ella Dodson
Ella Dodson - Day ago
Oooh nooooooooooooooo poor Katie
Zoya Hussain Hussain
You guys are amazing!!🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪
Zoya Hussain Hussain
You guys probably will win!!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
hi Im Mariah I vote for sachi!! Karin
You’ll find a girlfriend one day
Jo Capewell
Jo Capewell - Day ago
This was so cringe and hilarious 😂!
PopularMMOsFan4ever 159
omg so awk
Sarah Chalfant
Sarah Chalfant - Day ago
I literally do the scowled situation laugh too lol 😂
PuppyLicious - Day ago
Bella 101
Bella 101 - Day ago
This is how many times Katie felt awkward
Payton Theil
Payton Theil - Day ago
You guys should do no exits no cuts video
Hollyn Thompson
Hollyn Thompson - Day ago
14:40 you know you can come with us for the shoot
Him: yes I would love to see you in you know your merch.
Me: actually scared for her lol
Skylar Ceslik
Skylar Ceslik - Day ago
katie looked so scared lmao
Rylie G.
Rylie G. - Day ago
Use me as a idk what to comment button
Atomxsphere - Day ago
This is how many times Katie touches her hair
mostly molly 295
mostly molly 295 - Day ago
Seatbelts where you at 😂😂🤣
Emilee Cruz
Emilee Cruz - 2 days ago
My and my brother are also Irish twins (10 months) apart
Christina Pinho
Christina Pinho - 2 days ago
This is how many times Katie said “wait” 👇🏻
Ella-Grace Christer
Ella-Grace Christer - 2 days ago
omg so awk
Lillian Hubert
Lillian Hubert - 2 days ago
falls in love with alex
Ann Thompson
Ann Thompson - 2 days ago
I haven't been this uncomfortable watching a video since the miss universe mis-announcment
I am cool
I am cool - 2 days ago
Omg Alex is so attractive
it's Layla
it's Layla - 2 days ago
I’m not Katie

But I feel so uncomfortable seeing him flirting with Katie
Ella Poffenroth
Ella Poffenroth - 2 days ago
this is how many times Katie touches her hair!
Faith McCray
Faith McCray - 2 days ago
This was a cute video I did nothing but laugh the whole time it was kinda awkward tho but I loved it
Dark Records
Dark Records - 2 days ago
Virtual twins
aaliyahxperez Z
aaliyahxperez Z - 2 days ago
this was so awkward 😂🤣
Blaise Scil
Blaise Scil - 2 days ago
“katie looks so good in this hoodie, y’all are about to look sick!”
also katie: **is gorgeous, and perfect**
Sara Cesarska
Sara Cesarska - 2 days ago
You know ya girls fancy when she drinking Fiji Water
Maddie ryan
Maddie ryan - 2 days ago
I feel like Alex actually likes katie
Therese Dorrian
Therese Dorrian - 2 days ago
Alex's acting was amazing in this like fr
Anjali Krishnan
Anjali Krishnan - 2 days ago
he is kinda cute. I would love to talk to him, he seems like a nice guy. josh's bro
Auguste Petrauskaite
Auguste Petrauskaite - 2 days ago
Omg so awk (description)
Aleyna Altun
Aleyna Altun - 2 days ago
„Like fun weird“ 😂😂
Sophie Leagas
Sophie Leagas - 2 days ago
Let's play a game
Like-Team Katie
Comment-Team Josh
Nouf Alkabili
Nouf Alkabili - 2 days ago
How much u wanna bet the little brother thought of the idea
JaVaunte Perry
JaVaunte Perry - 2 days ago
My neck my back
Larissa Espana
Larissa Espana - 2 days ago
Wait but how do you know what she would really do if she knows that the camara is there...😯😯😲
Larissa Espana
Larissa Espana - 2 days ago
Just kiding
Sunem Romero
Sunem Romero - 2 days ago
The way he said "idk what to do now" had me crying on the floor.
Rimas Shaman
Rimas Shaman - 2 days ago
He treats her girlfriend bad
Antonia Klath
Antonia Klath - 2 days ago
Lmao the amount of times she tries to remove herself😭
Put your profile name here ?
Omg so awk
Kailey Bombard
Kailey Bombard - 2 days ago
“He can come too if he wants” GOALSSSSS⚽️🏈🏉🏒🥍 she is soooooooo awkward! So cute thooooo! They are goalss
livy_me_loo - 2 days ago
Bebe_sofiii - 2 days ago
God how is this girl so calm i would have attacked him like an animal💀🤦🏽‍♀️
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