I Made My Brother FLIRT With My Girlfriend To See How She Would React *prank*

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Jatie Vlogs
Jatie Vlogs - 4 months ago
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Avonta' Thomas
Avonta' Thomas - 10 days ago
I GOT THE MERCH I LOVE YALL SO MUCH BUT IM A GIRL ON MY BROS ACCOUNT if u click the channel u might see me in a vid or 2
deividas barskietis
deividas barskietis - 10 days ago
im going to ask for ur merch on chrismas
Rose Ezbon
Rose Ezbon - 12 days ago
Hey '
Kendra Broussard
Kendra Broussard - 23 days ago
Jamie Gildner
Jamie Gildner - 26 days ago
where do you guys live in Michigan because i live in Michigan
Ke'Rah Donelson
Ke'Rah Donelson - Day ago
i have a twin just like you and people say we look a like all the time do people say y'all look a like
Ke'Rah Donelson
Ke'Rah Donelson - Day ago
you will win i believe in you you can win
Gacha Gameplay
Gacha Gameplay - Day ago
This is how much laughs she does every video
itxx ghazi
itxx ghazi - Day ago
Katie: ilove spent time with u

Katie: tryna make excuse to get out of car
Kjenta Stars
Kjenta Stars - Day ago
Hy i’m from belgium
Wie nog meer ?
Tazmin hi Bevan
Tazmin hi Bevan - Day ago
Omg so awk
Fiona Schweizer
Fiona Schweizer - 2 days ago
Am i‘m the only person who feels awkward for Josh‘s brother?
Shelby Nevin
Shelby Nevin - 2 days ago
#team josh
Gina MAFI - 2 days ago
Emma B.
Emma B. - 2 days ago
I have a prank idea for josh to do on Katie ♥️
The Sunflower Girls
The Sunflower Girls - 2 days ago
he's so good at acting i wanna punch him in the face
Abigail Mathis
Abigail Mathis - 3 days ago
Josh ~ "if you took it as flirtatious, then it's probably because you had that mindset. Because my little brother would not flirt with you..."

Alex ~ boom
Kylie White
Kylie White - 3 days ago
You would 100% win I want to see that
Carlos Gomez
Carlos Gomez - 3 days ago
But He Wanted A Sub ( i Felt That
Carlos Gomez
Carlos Gomez - 3 days ago
What if Alex was Buff / The MMA Fighter and Josh was slim
Abby Doll
Abby Doll - 3 days ago
M .*
M .* - 3 days ago
What the fuckkkkkk ? You western people are soo fucking strange and disgusting
Guillermo Sanchez
Guillermo Sanchez - 3 days ago
12:30 the perfect shame and awkward expression
Kaiden Jordan
Kaiden Jordan - 4 days ago
How are they even brothers ahahha
Jacinta Anthony
Jacinta Anthony - 5 days ago
We all have that one friend. That has no brain. ‘We’re literally in the same car, why’d u text me’😂😂😂
Jess Scally
Jess Scally - 5 days ago
Kate-“I love spending time with you as my boyfriends brother..”
Izzy I love PUPPIES
Izzy I love PUPPIES - 5 days ago
Katie was sooooo uncomfortably.
This is how many times Katie wanted to leave Alex
Isabella Fannin
Isabella Fannin - 6 days ago
I love joshs hair in this vid
Isabella Fannin
Isabella Fannin - 6 days ago
Anyone else love when he called her tuts
William Nicol
William Nicol - 7 days ago
Thats a little rude.....
Hellen Spears
Hellen Spears - 7 days ago
“He doesn’t need to know anything”” 😂😂😂😂
Hellen Spears
Hellen Spears - 7 days ago
This is good 😂
Mingle Mangle
Mingle Mangle - 7 days ago
Hey guys did you guys see that Katie boyfriend when they was workout the muscles was going uppp sick
Maddison Gerretsen
Maddison Gerretsen - 7 days ago
When he was like “I don’t like you wit him” I was like AWKWARD
Nick Denter
Nick Denter - 7 days ago
When he flirted with Katie she was totally blushing
Megan Dean
Megan Dean - 7 days ago
Who's here after Josh got in the undercard, won, and proposed????
Virginia Ledesma
Virginia Ledesma - 7 days ago
December anybody
Zaha Singh
Zaha Singh - 8 days ago
What’s with all the ads
uphill248 uphill248
uphill248 uphill248 - 8 days ago
He played it very well..
Jyiah Osborne’s
Jyiah Osborne’s - 8 days ago
Why would he say the text out loud 🤦‍♀️😂
Geniei Squad
Geniei Squad - 8 days ago
I saw it 😂🤣
Geniei Squad
Geniei Squad - 8 days ago
omg so awk
v BLOGGER - 8 days ago
Elise Johnston
Elise Johnston - 8 days ago
Gosh Alex is the cutest, I'd let him buy me a smoothie any day haha
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