True Facts: The Lemur

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CryingMoonChild - Час назад
Lemurs look like puppets to me and I have no clue why.
Thewolfmaster305 wolf
Thewolfmaster305 wolf - 13 часов назад
"The sifaka lemurs dont give a sh*t"
I guess you could say sifaka dont give a faka.....get it...
I'll show myself out
PiranhaTheSpacePrince - 14 часов назад
1:44 a communal... laTREEne?
Alex Warnke
Alex Warnke - 16 часов назад
Sifaka? You mean ZABOOMAFOO?
Olivia Harbourne
Olivia Harbourne - 17 часов назад
I learn more from you than I do my university lectures.
TheNerdyVixen - День назад
I want to start an IG account called “Friday makeup tips and buttholes”. 🤣
Khaleel Alhalaseh
Khaleel Alhalaseh - День назад
I just discovered this guy. Please please for God's sake keep making these videos man
DeaD.- - День назад
That intro tho 🤣🤣
jim young
jim young - День назад
A little to much toilet humor, good video, good narration, but I would have found it funnier fifty years ago.
VampireSultana - День назад
"I like to move it move it."
Ashley Dedear
Ashley Dedear - День назад
Follow @harveythelemur on Instagram please
PenileAugmentation - День назад
These videos might actually be really good for getting children more interested in learning about nature.
Dizzy Wells
Dizzy Wells - День назад
This nigga is hilarious 🤣🤣🤣🤣 "Friday make up tips...and buttholes" 💀💀💀💀💀😭😭😭😭😭 oh oh and a cat named catfood😭😭😭😭😭 super funny
Kyubbik Cat
Kyubbik Cat - День назад
What a way to teach in a way we will never forget.
John Doe
John Doe - День назад
For the curious: Blowing smoke up someone's butt/smoke enema was a method once used to attempt to resuscitate a person (usually drowning victims). The more you know! ;)
Christian Preece
Christian Preece - День назад
Terds eye view lol
Wayne Miller
Wayne Miller - День назад
That's how a lemur do. zefrank1 you finally came out of your hidey hole. Haha
tubenshaft - День назад
_Zefrank,_ i am so happy you are back, so, so happy, just eternally happy!
Captain Cairo
Captain Cairo - День назад
Three words in and I'm already laughing my ass off
Ujjwal Sinha
Ujjwal Sinha - День назад
Looking like your pic. you only,, settled in your profile..
detective foxley
detective foxley - День назад
Best video ever.
jared childers
jared childers - День назад
More of this please! MOOOORE!
Beefaroni Bert
Beefaroni Bert - 2 дня назад
Me: hears that female lemurs are sexually aggressive
Also me: remembers a recent sonic character was a female lemur
*Sweats nervously*
JP - 2 дня назад
So... the piggy wasn't going shopping?
Me Mel
Me Mel - 2 дня назад
ALL OF THE TRUE FACTS VIDEOS ARE QUITE informative and hilarious thank you keep them coming PLEASE.
LazarusStr - 2 дня назад
Love the fact, that you’re back. Best video’s Eva! ❤️💞💕❤️🤣🤣🤣🤣🥴
vasstastic - 2 дня назад
probably named his cat "cat food cat"
i died
letitsnow4xmas - 2 дня назад
it's upsetting to know zoboomafoo rubbed his tail on his anus
Shawn Wesson
Shawn Wesson - 2 дня назад
1:55 THIS 🤣💀
Brutaltronics - 2 дня назад
Zaboo mafoo
Ruben Santos
Ruben Santos - 2 дня назад
I just found this channel!! you my good Sir are hilarious!!!
jhj pater
jhj pater - 2 дня назад
this teller is hilarious tumbs up
Elfie - 2 дня назад
This is Brenda’s little tree
Nikki Bishop
Nikki Bishop - 2 дня назад
It's pronounced 'sheefak', you philistine! XD
EnderZ13 - 2 дня назад
Get it?? La-tree-n?? _GET IT?!_
Dalton Leblanc
Dalton Leblanc - 2 дня назад
While walking through the woods one day Chris and Martin saw something strange a little leaping lemur who liked to dance and play.
Valoree Salamanca
Valoree Salamanca - 3 дня назад
Kitty xoxo
Kitty xoxo - 3 дня назад
the male peepee is like one of those party flute things LOLLL
Chris Voss
Chris Voss - 3 дня назад
once upon a time there was love in my life, now there's only leamers in the dark, A TOTAL ECLIPSE OF THA BUT!
Chris Voss
Chris Voss - 3 дня назад
you are the shit, ze! love your vids. you are extremely funny.
oo7cynna - 3 дня назад
Like a tornado hit a hot cheeto factory #deadass
Daemon Electricity
Daemon Electricity - 3 дня назад
Today I was compelled to look into the origin of "blowing smoke up your ass." Turns out it's a real thing doctors used to do.
Neo Deltå
Neo Deltå - 3 дня назад
the Sefaka don't give a Faka
Fresh From The Garden
Fresh From The Garden - 3 дня назад
This little piggy... oh God 😭
John Smith
John Smith - 3 дня назад
once again never funny..
Dezső Debreceni
Dezső Debreceni - 3 дня назад
When a person was drowned back in the time, people believed, that the cure was to blow some smoke up his/her anus.
Thank me later
Sigma_547 - 3 дня назад
Really nice touch with the conservation stuff at the end!
Eric Taylor
Eric Taylor - 3 дня назад
1:45 To be fair, it's a shitty tree.
Alex Juarez
Alex Juarez - 3 дня назад
3:35 when you have a stroke half way in your narration trying to say birds
Randy - 3 дня назад
I'm 20 and I never thought about the little piggy going to the market was just him getting butchered. You learn something new everyday lol
The Usher
The Usher - 3 дня назад
A await the day when lemurs can donate to the Apes Of The Hamburger foundation.
dracocrusher - 3 дня назад
Lemurs: Cute
Gorillas: Less disgusting, but still up there in the ugly range
Darkbowserdofus99 - 3 дня назад
Finally, King Julian gets his time on the spotlight
XcuddleXbearX11 - 3 дня назад
This man always lightens my day
Bryan Smith
Bryan Smith - 3 дня назад
Let's pretend we're dragons!
DoodleManDrew - 3 дня назад
I just went down the zaboomafoo rabbit hole after watching this, thank you
idris rashid
idris rashid - 3 дня назад
My man I missed your channel so much.
Sammy W
Sammy W - 3 дня назад
Lmfao I missed learning while peeing my pants laughing. I want zefrank to be the next David Attenborough lol.
Hall Family
Hall Family - 3 дня назад
*says sefacca (sry for spelling)* I SWEAR IF ANYONE INSULTS ZABOOMAFU THEY WILL DIE IN A HOLE, r.i.p. zaboomafu.
Benjamin Lyman
Benjamin Lyman - 3 дня назад
Cat food cat 😂😂😂😂😂😂
jessi330 - 4 дня назад
"On the ground they look like an airplane passenger with urgent diarrhea..." lmao
Mark Sun
Mark Sun - 4 дня назад
And figured out how to build nests!
like *beards!*
Arjay Delos reyes
Arjay Delos reyes - 4 дня назад
why d..hell i like your freakn cideos😂😂😂
Nonna's Nursery
Nonna's Nursery - 4 дня назад
Lol 😂
Nanamo0n - 4 дня назад
Friday makeup tips...
Brianna Dolley
Brianna Dolley - 4 дня назад
Oh my god. It’s 5:30 am my fiancé is sleeping and I’m tits deep in hysterical laughter 😂😂😂😂😂
nyoom - 4 дня назад
Justin Clark
Justin Clark - 4 дня назад
The Zefahka lol
Shonna thomas
Shonna thomas - 4 дня назад
I laughed way too hard when he said front stank 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Regina Taylor
Regina Taylor - 4 дня назад
I just realized the little piggy wasn't going on a shopping trip WTF :/
Mike CorLeoné
Mike CorLeoné - 4 дня назад
Nope that’s a male...
Atomic Giraffe
Atomic Giraffe - 4 дня назад
Sifaka dont give a Shit.
Zeus Martinez
Zeus Martinez - 4 дня назад
Amjad Rafiq
Amjad Rafiq - 4 дня назад
You make me laugh....i can listen to this and u narrated well...wide awake listening and laughing and learning wow...exciting learning ....uv done it uv broken the boring trend of boring educational learning...u made it fun
Stuff Stuff
Stuff Stuff - 4 дня назад
The polar bear XD
KEVIN GRAVES - 4 дня назад
Here Cat Food Cat! Lol!😄
Moritz Schmidt
Moritz Schmidt - 4 дня назад
King Julien
Amy :D
Amy :D - 4 дня назад
me like this
Luurch's Coins and Games
Luurch's Coins and Games - 4 дня назад
Oh my, I do love your content Frank....
The Raddest Chad
The Raddest Chad - 4 дня назад
I'm overjoyed that this man left Busfed to crack wise about some fucked up looking monkeycats.
Jeduraiya - 4 дня назад
Had to pause and rewind, a lot.
Good job. :)
Go Clunker
Go Clunker - 4 дня назад
And now I'm subscribed. This is amazing
Breezy Baby
Breezy Baby - 4 дня назад
I tried wafting my stank at someone at the bar. You owe me $10. They followed me around for a while. Thank God the police showed up and escorted me away from that maniac. I'm not sure the handcuffs were necessary, but I think I looked good in them so it's cool.
Tiffanee - 4 дня назад
Sefacca remind me of the lemur-type animals from the 2001 movie Dinosaur
Louis Vild
Louis Vild - 4 дня назад
Sufacka dont give a shit
Noora Mashooq
Noora Mashooq - 4 дня назад
He really entertains me while telling all the facts😂 good job
Liza Manelli
Liza Manelli - 4 дня назад
Cat food cat 🐈😂😂😂
Derek Kulp
Derek Kulp - 4 дня назад
Blowing smoke up ones ass was a cure in the 18th century. The Native Americans used tobacco blown up the rectum as a "cure" for drowning victims, and then the colonists picked it up and it made its way to Europe whereby the expanded on it and it became a cure for everything from hernia to the common cold.
Rain RedFox
Rain RedFox - 4 дня назад
I love to move it move it
Zephon - 4 дня назад
@zefrank1 - U should do Animal Planet so sure !!
Emperor_Woo - 4 дня назад
Jerome we're live! Amature... lmao
Yo-Snap - 4 дня назад
I've always loved how he's pronounced "lemur"
delon handoyo
delon handoyo - 4 дня назад
CApTINcOwPoX 42 - 4 дня назад
I am the great lemurholio I need TP for my bunghole
Тимофей Воронов
Тимофей Воронов - 4 дня назад
Designated shitting tree
Pumpkin - 5 дней назад
That’s a lot of Timones
Proefkonijntje - 5 дней назад
2:32 Nice Monty Python reference!
RodimusPrime29 - 5 дней назад
🤣🤣🤣 *turds eye view" 🤣🤣🤣
that one guy c
that one guy c - 5 дней назад
Is this the same guy who did the cat videos for buzzfeed
Juicy Griffin
Juicy Griffin - 5 дней назад
This is probably one of the best channels I've ever found
tubenshaft - День назад
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