Jason Momoa Made A HUGE Mistake While Filming Aquaman | The Graham Norton Show

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Mike Naddí
Mike Naddí - 14 минут назад
Anyone else notice how tight the lady in the glasses kept her legs? Probably sounding like Niagara Falls out them thighs
LikeMikeSIKE - 18 минут назад
I've seen enough of Steven Adam's retarded cousin on trending
David - 18 минут назад
#1 trending.. how???
CJ18 videos
CJ18 videos - 31 минуту назад
🛑check ny new video🛑👉🏻 https://youtu.be/o_KdP5wEt98🔥🔥🔥💯✔️
Poly Talk
Poly Talk - 31 минуту назад
Jason is definetly on cocaine.
Loving my 3 ZZZ
Loving my 3 ZZZ - 33 минуты назад
Butterfly Queen
Butterfly Queen - 38 минут назад
Pants to tight or nervous?
Deborah Hardaway
Deborah Hardaway - 42 минуты назад
So handsome an so perfect
Duhreel Vlogs
Duhreel Vlogs - 42 минуты назад
Females head over heels over this dude because he a whole celebrity! Bet you if they seen him unfamous they would turn him down and say they got a bf! 😂😂😂
iwan IWAN
iwan IWAN - 43 минуты назад
shazmin haziq
shazmin haziq - 46 минут назад
Jason mamoa played aquaman like Chris Hemsworth played Thor
Serious but funny
Forgotten Lemon
Forgotten Lemon - 48 минут назад
New title:
Jason Momoa made a big oopsie
Gabriel Tanadua
Gabriel Tanadua - 48 минут назад
Jason is such a cool guy.
whysoserious ???
whysoserious ??? - 51 минуту назад
perfect guy to have a sex scene with emilia clarke,if you know what i mean( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Brenda Hernandez
Brenda Hernandez - 53 минуты назад
sunfeatherX3 - 54 минуты назад
GarageStudio - 56 минут назад
Wait, I literally remember seeing an interview with *Jason Momoa, the lady & Hugh Grant* on this show a while ago 😱
Freaky O_o
Freaky O_o - 58 минут назад
Pewnews...jason did an OPSIE
Ainz Ooal Pwn 229
Ainz Ooal Pwn 229 - 59 минут назад
Congrats, man. Hearing good things can't wait to see it.
STEAMING GAMING - 59 минут назад
Click bait. Nothing happens. Just bubbles.
Shaba Laba Ding Dong
Shaba Laba Ding Dong - Час назад
Daddy’s taking over the trending page 👅
Titus Thetadig
Titus Thetadig - Час назад
bruhhh that click bait got me in a millisecond
Ayon Chy
Ayon Chy - Час назад
A perfect look and body as well for Aquaman. Good choice.
Pelican74 - Час назад
Lena Dunham needs to be put back in the cattle ranch to
Graze the farm for fresh food. Eat Lena. Eat!!!!
Fabiha Ishrat Eva
Fabiha Ishrat Eva - Час назад
Desiree M
Desiree M - Час назад
He's so cute 😂❤ love him
xenomorpheus - Час назад
When you realize thumbnail is Jason Momoa's O-face
Jaclyn M.
Jaclyn M. - Час назад
What a MAN!!!! 😍 He's SO HOT! His wife is lucky AF! 😎
111mmgg - Час назад
family crests in hawaii ? loool
Dexter Morgan
Dexter Morgan - Час назад
I’m surprised he’s not a Brit
Name - Час назад
I love that he was a bit nervous, it's so cute!
Sharktip Skandelopian
Sharktip Skandelopian - Час назад
Didn’t think my hair was longer than his...
Brock O’ Hurn on the other hand...
It just might 🤷‍♂️
Bryce Legend
Bryce Legend - Час назад
Jason Mamoa trending first and second
King Lancelot
King Lancelot - 2 часа назад
Is it just me or does he look like Steven Adams?? 😅
centigradz - 2 часа назад
I like that he is talking to Sarah.
meyman9 - 2 часа назад
Dude, does Hugh Grant ever wash his hair?
Billboe Bagginns
Billboe Bagginns - 2 часа назад
He seems like a real bro
Linda Schmitt
Linda Schmitt - 2 часа назад
Jason Momoa ist ein cooler Schauspieler!
Jacob Pritchard
Jacob Pritchard - 2 часа назад
Nik - 2 часа назад
I must be the only woman who doesnt find him appealing.
rah pretty
rah pretty - 2 часа назад
Nik where u from
Nik - 2 часа назад
Is he on methamphetamines?
Darius Smith
Darius Smith - 2 часа назад
Jason Momoa #1 and #2 on trending scared me
paige mclachlan
paige mclachlan - 2 часа назад
The thumbnail 😂
RAJ SV - 2 часа назад
He should get those tattoos done permanently.
Denardo Holmes
Denardo Holmes - 2 часа назад
Denardo Holmes
Denardo Holmes
Denardo Holmes - 2 часа назад
Go sub to my yt
Calebfoust3443 - 2 часа назад
Jason Momoa or Chris Hemsworth?
ItzShadowHyper - 2 часа назад
He Play Roblox
Yana Vasilenko
Yana Vasilenko - 2 часа назад
Trisha Paytas has entered the chat
Jacob Pritchard
Jacob Pritchard - 2 часа назад
Cashapp me $2 @ $Jacoblo
DBallard 73
DBallard 73 - 2 часа назад
Nini Reacts
Nini Reacts - 2 часа назад
He’s trending 1 and 2 damnnnnn
Soft Science Creator
Soft Science Creator - 2 часа назад
yana romanova
yana romanova - 2 часа назад
he laugh slightly nervously, what a sweetheart. glad that his career is getting bigger
lc0806 - 2 часа назад
He has the man of a body but is still so fun
Fook what u think Fook what u think
Fook what u think Fook what u think - 3 часа назад
Why is he moving so much
Maxim Capsa
Maxim Capsa - Час назад
hes certainly nervous
Keren icehand
Keren icehand - 3 часа назад
Love him😍
I'm not sure Why
I'm not sure Why - 3 часа назад
Why do I feel like I've watched this before.
Erin H
Erin H - 3 часа назад
Glad to see Graham trending! New Oscar's host?
hawkeyesrule1234 - 3 часа назад
Jason is trending 💕😊
hengda ji
hengda ji - 3 часа назад
hengda ji
hengda ji - 3 часа назад
singh simranjeet
singh simranjeet - 3 часа назад
Trending on #1,2 wow
Sharon Shade
Sharon Shade - 3 часа назад
Hugh Grant gettin old.
Melo - 3 часа назад
I love how he isn't just talking to Graham but he is talking to everyone like people would typically do when they are just having a casual conversation. He seems like a down to earth dude.
Kiss With Love
Kiss With Love - 3 часа назад
perfect ever
aditya paul
aditya paul - 3 часа назад
He can speak "Fishertounge"
Bruno Mars
Bruno Mars - 3 часа назад
Isn’t this a re-upload from last year ? I thought I recognized this.
Bruno Mars
Bruno Mars - 3 часа назад
Steven Adams!
Diego Marquez
Diego Marquez - 3 часа назад
Why does he act like he on drugs 😐
Bruno Mars
Bruno Mars - 3 часа назад
Roman Reigns!
Bruno Mars
Bruno Mars - 3 часа назад
Welcome to the ROMAN EMPIRE.
bella Sablan
bella Sablan - 3 часа назад
Jason Momoa would be a good Maui form Moana The Movie
Aromahana - 3 часа назад
Was expecting Steven Adams but ok...
Philip Watt
Philip Watt - 3 часа назад
His real mistake was deciding to make the movie in the first place.
Subi - 3 часа назад
His biggest mistake is BEING in Aquaman
joey77 - 3 часа назад
Two people being two completely different people and the connection between the two of them is awesome. Hugh being Hugh and Jason being Jason! Gas
Daniel Madden
Daniel Madden - 3 часа назад
He's not real
Md Bashiruddin
Md Bashiruddin - 4 часа назад
Nice Video...
narumango22 - 4 часа назад
Is he drinking beer?
King Inkymaymay
King Inkymaymay - 4 часа назад
Billyzapka123 5
Billyzapka123 5 - 4 часа назад
His eyebrow is sexy🤤🤤
cass - 4 часа назад
Wasnt the whole movie the "mistake
ANGRY DAD - 4 часа назад
Mistake was playing aquaman.
The movie was so bad.
truther123 - 4 часа назад
I love that he felt the need to explain that only to the woman lol
Chris52000 - 4 часа назад
That thumbnail though. 10/10
Summer Blop
Summer Blop - 4 часа назад
The movie aquaman is a huge mistake
Marcus Nowak
Marcus Nowak - 4 часа назад
call me 980-263-1731
Tavon Atlas
Tavon Atlas - 4 часа назад
Does he have a lazy eye
tidalahead - 4 часа назад
yeah, he did make a mistake. what was this mistake? being in the movie at all.
Alan R
Alan R - 4 часа назад
Most male sex symbols instill like this intrinsic hate for us normal guys but this dude is just cool, like I like this guy
Pamela Hay
Pamela Hay - 4 часа назад
AK FILMS - 4 часа назад
Omg ❤️
Emcy Osias
Emcy Osias - 4 часа назад
Thats From Justice League
Parth Kasmalkar
Parth Kasmalkar - 4 часа назад
Isaac Illuminati
Isaac Illuminati - 4 часа назад
Jacksepticeye is a better host
DaKruger Toch91
DaKruger Toch91 - 4 часа назад
Chronic GLO
Chronic GLO - 4 часа назад
To the people who read this I hope you do well In life and follow your dreams. My dream is to do well in youtube and I know I can if I keep grinding but I cant do it without you. -on my channel we are all a growing family
alex dalacios
alex dalacios - 4 часа назад
My boy drinking Guinness
Khein Gutierrez
Khein Gutierrez - 4 часа назад
what's being said at 1:41? anyone?
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