BAD BOYS FOR LIFE - Official Trailer

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khaled muhammed
khaled muhammed - 3 hours ago
Bad boys 1- now that's how you drive, from now on your drive like that
Bad boys 2 - now that's how you shoot, from now on that how you shoot
This movie best have another line like this
Marcus G. May
Marcus G. May - 3 hours ago
Rodney B
Rodney B - 4 hours ago
What we really need is a sequel to Martin’s Black Knight
Augustus Constantine
Augustus Constantine - 7 hours ago
Martin Lawrence can’t even talk or move lol he’s so fat
This F'n Guy
This F'n Guy - 7 hours ago
Yo Martin Lawrence got FAT
sanja stankovic
sanja stankovic - 7 hours ago
Will & Martin FOREVER
chinosky el verdadero
chinosky el verdadero - 14 hours ago
Pandu Arya Acita
Pandu Arya Acita - 14 hours ago
Captain Howard is back
Tai Araujo
Tai Araujo - Day ago
V-Way - Day ago
This doesn't have a lot views like I expected....🤔 It looks ok. Wish they used a different version of the trailer song or a different song. Either way I'm still going to see this just like how I saw the first 2 movies when they came out. I'm curious how Vanessa Hudgens role will play in this....
Ravi Chandel
Ravi Chandel - Day ago
no sir i didnt shoot any body i threw bullets with my hand on them and they died
Ian Dog
Ian Dog - Day ago
i used to wonder why Martin lawrence disappeared from movies now i know why.
Darren Davison
Darren Davison - Day ago
Martin Lawrence looks like he has had way to many doughnuts
Bailey Esola
Bailey Esola - 2 days ago
They so chubby now 😂
candugiful - 2 days ago
Bad boys? More like Fat boys!🤣
2hip - 2 days ago
Race jokes .how cliche.
solovevkiril - 2 days ago
The dialogue with the main villain:
-Motherfucka, you look 50…
Benjamoose - 2 days ago
Oh hey! An action movie with real explosions, real squibs and real stunts. Bad Boys still showing people how it's done nearly 20 years later.
The Rising Soul
The Rising Soul - 2 days ago
Finally the third act is coming.
Daniel Munro
Daniel Munro - 2 days ago
Only here for Vanessa 💛💙💜
Sehej Bajwa
Sehej Bajwa - 2 days ago
where are the j Balvin fans eyy
here from ritmo 🔥🔥
Steven S-M
Steven S-M - 7 hours ago
No bep fan
KURTIS YOUNG - 2 days ago
Sony A1
Father Leo
Father Leo - 2 days ago
Wtf happened to Martin Lawrence neck? It disappeared!
Im not a rapper
Im not a rapper - 3 days ago
Reggie is 30
Gharian Price
Gharian Price - 3 days ago
P Diddy is getting paid just from this trailer
McKellar - 3 days ago
I swear their police captain reminds me of my boss.
Jariel Andres Moreira
Jariel Andres Moreira - 3 days ago
I want bad boys 3 to be rated r for aay it rated r for
Jariel Andres Moreira
@Chris The Phoenix yeah sure bad boys 3 rated for
Chris The Phoenix
Chris The Phoenix - Day ago
If Captain Howard was to repeatedly drop the F bomb in the trailer, then you know it will be rated R.
Dave Kan
Dave Kan - 3 days ago
Wooow a love bad boys-inner circle, and the movie, boooooom
Theron Scranton
Theron Scranton - 3 days ago
Love this for us
Katherine Gloria
Katherine Gloria - 3 days ago
I am honestly tired of seeing Will Smith in every goddamn movie... bout time to cast some deserving actors...
Giovonnie Whyte
Giovonnie Whyte - 2 days ago
Hater !
La Familia Production
La Familia Production - 4 days ago
2:25 peoples of this generation singing the bad boy song XD
KASCHEI 21 - 4 days ago
No mames
We j balvin siempre sale con una buena canción y está vez no fue la excepción
Sehej Bajwa
Sehej Bajwa - 2 days ago
eyy latino gang
May T
May T - 4 days ago
Just lazy writing with no actual Story to justify its existence.
Leals Sikes
Leals Sikes - 4 days ago
That them song I can't get over it the mix of p Diddy and inner circle
Matthew Steiner
Matthew Steiner - 4 days ago
Lance Sterling and Boog the Bear
Steven S-M
Steven S-M - 4 days ago
Black eyed peas did the song 4 the film
Rick the Brick
Rick the Brick - 4 days ago
Call me asshole, one last time
B_To_The_B - 5 days ago
Its always “one last time” with this movie franchise... This movie is going to flop
Dee Jackson
Dee Jackson - 5 days ago
Why only 3 .8 million views is it real?
Price Moore
Price Moore - 5 days ago
After this film bad boys 4 is coming out soon
Chris The Phoenix
Chris The Phoenix - Day ago
I don't think so.
Eric Jackson
Eric Jackson - 5 days ago
Martin should've lost weight for this movie...... He looking like big mama without the make up LOL
Lee Kirk
Lee Kirk - 5 days ago
In some shots he looks skinnier & the “one last time” Makes me think he does retire & there’s a time jump & something happens to make mike bring him back
Jeremy Lamarre
Jeremy Lamarre - 5 days ago
Chad ATL
Chad ATL - 6 days ago
Don’t think they needed another one. But whatever.
I’m a nobody
I’m a nobody - 6 days ago
Wait so reggie is now 30
They said he looks 39 when he was 15
How will he look now
White Brad Bad
White Brad Bad - 6 days ago
Anyone else underwhelmed?
NrX GmnG
NrX GmnG - 6 days ago
Where is reggie!
Vandana Singh
Vandana Singh - 6 days ago
Looks like old Hollywood franchise are rising again
Matt Langley
Matt Langley - 6 days ago
We ride together we die together bad boys for life
Matt Langley
Matt Langley - 6 days ago
Hell yeah I'm excited Martin Lawrence that played Marcus Burnett and will Smith that played Mike Larry are back
spirittammyk - 7 days ago
No Michael Bay?
Rapid - 7 days ago
1:47 thats Mike... Dude he better not fcking die from whatever reason he's being rushed to the ER for
Winn Spivey
Winn Spivey - 7 days ago
I notice that too but i bet its an opening scene of someone he knows and thats why he says to Mike I'm retiring
Sushanth Ramesh
Sushanth Ramesh - 7 days ago
Bjorn Ironside is a real bad boy
Adarsh Anshuman
Adarsh Anshuman - 7 days ago
I am extremely excited to watch this movie, this will be my first movie in the Cinemas in 2020.
Marko Kolasinac
Marko Kolasinac - 8 days ago
Finally!Thank you!!!
Th3 Parzival1
Th3 Parzival1 - 8 days ago
Bad boy bad boys
Marcus Fetti
Marcus Fetti - 8 days ago
Now cmon cap you know I shot people 😭😭😭
Robin Basnet
Robin Basnet - 8 days ago
Why ? Why not Michael Bay ???
ImmortalJose4 - 9 days ago
You thibk syd coming back and the latin guys
donny bonar
donny bonar - 9 days ago
mj abhilash
mj abhilash - 9 days ago
1:29 One Last Time sounds like Fast and Furious to me, they say that always and never stop making anyways.
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