SPEAKING DUTCH ONLY Makeup Tutorial! | NikkieTutorials

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NikkieTutorials - Month ago
*WHAT DO YOU THINK?? IS YOUR BRAIN HURTING?* 😅 don't forget there are subtitles available!!!
Tina Kurzeluk
Tina Kurzeluk - 5 days ago
I love it do more!!! 😂
Red Cookie
Red Cookie - 25 days ago
I think c
Iris de ridder
Iris de ridder - 28 days ago
@Caoilainn Morton i love you = ik hou van jou 👍
Dji Mavic 2 Pro Austria
Michelle celina.k eindelijk een Nederlander gespot!
Anieck - 3 hours ago
The Netherlands and Holland is NOT the same thing
Christiano Carreira
Christiano Carreira - 5 hours ago
Waarom ben je zo fucking rood
M Marques
M Marques - 6 hours ago
Best Dutch lesson ever! Duolingo can go home now 😂👏🏼
Saima Akhtar
Saima Akhtar - 6 hours ago
Hallo ik woon in rotterdam zuid
Serena Raven
Serena Raven - 7 hours ago
er zij zoveel Nederlandse woordgrapjes!!! . I LOVE IT hahahahahha.
For me, who is dutch as well, is this video pure comedy gold !
Celine Slagter
Celine Slagter - 7 hours ago
Hoe is je Engels zo goed x?
AmyMcJ - 7 hours ago
Julie Fontana
Julie Fontana - 8 hours ago
The music tho, I can’t 😂
amy amy
amy amy - 8 hours ago
crazy how i am from the North of Germany and understand you speaking Dutch so good😍 closer to our "Plattdeutsch" than I thought.. made me very happy to hear your voice like that😍😂
elisa tomlin
elisa tomlin - 8 hours ago
Germans like YES but NO
MSP WOLF - 9 hours ago
Wow ze heeft een accent lol
Debora-Maria Jacheanu Year 9
To me Duth sounds like a mix of German and French
Ine Kepser
Ine Kepser - 10 hours ago
8:24 hoe moet die foto er in het echt wel niet uit zien!! 😂😅
Agustina Mansur
Agustina Mansur - 11 hours ago
Hee, ik kom uit Argentinië en ik kan nederlands :) ik dacht dat jij amerikaanse was, want jij kunt engels zoals ze! En ik moet echt aan Adele denken als ik je zie :) jij bent echt mooii xox
Arnold Karsomenawi
Arnold Karsomenawi - 11 hours ago
Like als je ook dutch bent
Sophie van Beek
Sophie van Beek - 11 hours ago
“Afmaak sproeier” 😂😂😂
Ik ga dood van het lachen😂
Maria Loran
Maria Loran - 13 hours ago
I'm from germany and it's so crazy that i understand so much. I love dutch and your Videos .
Sophie Isabel
Sophie Isabel - 13 hours ago
Eindelijk een keer Nederlands😂
Natasja van Hazendonk
Natasja van Hazendonk - 13 hours ago
ik ben NL (Nederlands)
Nina Oliveira
Nina Oliveira - 13 hours ago
I love it omg, i don’t understend anything but i love it so much
Laura vdlx
Laura vdlx - 16 hours ago
Spreek je tegen je vriendje ook Engels omdat je gewend Bent om Engels te praten in je video’s like if Nikki see this
Floor Hoogstad
Floor Hoogstad - 16 hours ago
BFF Life
BFF Life - 17 hours ago
Kan je NG een Nederlandse video maken of een heel Nederlands acc
kaas bol
kaas bol - 18 hours ago
Friese Nederlanders hier?
Katharina L.
Katharina L. - 18 hours ago
Honestly.. for an german Follower this video with english sub is very confusing, because you unterstand some word in german and read the rest in english and you re like...🤯
Floor Draaft Door
Floor Draaft Door - 18 hours ago
Richard Karnebeek
Richard Karnebeek - 20 hours ago
Ik kom uit nederland haha
Angelina x
Angelina x - 21 hour ago
Jaaa eindelijk😍😍😍
x XGachaWolfieX x
x XGachaWolfieX x - 22 hours ago
Ik wil fietsen!!
x XGachaWolfieX x
x XGachaWolfieX x - 22 hours ago
I am dutch:
Ik ga make-up kopen met me bff!
Yeet!! We volgen deze tutorial
Neo crackhead culture
Im not dutch but i understand a little but because i speak german and its kinda similar
Kathryn Clark
Kathryn Clark - Day ago
I don’t under stand anything she said! so I didn’t watch the full thing. I like the music though.
Sam Storm
Sam Storm - Day ago
Helo khlemene babys 😂😂😂damn
Kacey-leigh Kin
Kacey-leigh Kin - Day ago
Is she speaking sims language ????
I get a bit of anxiety watching your videos because I’m always scared of you scratching your eyes out with your nails 😂
Kimi 124
Kimi 124 - Day ago
I'm can speak dutch as well so i understood everything 😅
idkwhattoputhere - Day ago
idkwhattoputhere - Day ago
im dutch and i noticed how her grammar is worse in dutch than in english lol
Meghan Koortzen
Meghan Koortzen - Day ago
My native language is AFRIKAANS which is kitchen Dutch so I can understand about 70% of the language
Ilze Amos
Ilze Amos - Day ago
As a South African whose home language is Afrikaans, I'm very happy to say that I can understand what she is saying... Now I feel like I can speak Dutch too ( afrikaans sort of is Dutch, like slang Dutch) 🇿🇦😋
Fräulein K
Fräulein K - Day ago
Ich sag nur : Neuken in de Keuken ❤️
Yentl Fokkens
Yentl Fokkens - Day ago
Zelfs voor de nederlandse mensen is dit apart hahahahahah
Mar & Cie Original
Mar & Cie Original - Day ago
Does Instagram sell my emails
Amelie van Lanen
Amelie van Lanen - Day ago
This is so cool, because I was born in the Netherlands and I speak Dutch too!
Feli Piccina
Feli Piccina - Day ago
I love it, it sounds so cute and friendly, like you people are always in a happy mood 😂 I understood pretty much, because I am from Germany and it actually sounds quite similar. Also liebe Grüße aus Deutschland und weiter so 😘
Barbara - Day ago
Hreeeee cheeeee szszszsz
Pascalle Beker
Pascalle Beker - Day ago
When you watch this when ur dutch, it’s so funny hahaha that quiz😂
Emmeke De Koning
Emmeke De Koning - Day ago
Waarom doet ze eigenlijk nooit haar wenkbrauwen op beeld? XX
BeautyWearsBoots - Day ago
I thought Holland was only part of the Netherlands?
Jario Lee
Jario Lee - Day ago
Quite similar to Afrikaans
Zoe Griessel
Zoe Griessel - Day ago
I am from South Africa and i speak Afrikaans, its so close to Netherlands.
So so cool
Marleen Knipper
Marleen Knipper - Day ago
I was thinking about that her concealer was very yellow all the time
Melissa Van Rooyen
Melissa Van Rooyen - Day ago
Understood most of it because Im from South Africa.. We have Afrikaans here which originates from the Dutch language
Dora Explorer
Dora Explorer - Day ago
Ik ga stuk
Emma Beech
Emma Beech - Day ago
Nikki : ik moet nu al ophouden met lekker want ik ga op alles lekker zeggen
Me : 😂😂😂
Bo Eisink
Bo Eisink - Day ago
Superrr leuke vidd ik ben ook Nederlands 🥰🥰
Nadine Kleinhans
Nadine Kleinhans - Day ago
any afrikaans people that could follow this video😂 🇿🇦 🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦
Lieke Martens
Lieke Martens - Day ago
4:47 hahaha ik ben nederlands maar ik weet het geeneens hahah😂
Shanna Wilvers
Shanna Wilvers - Day ago
Like als ze meer Nederlandse make up video's moet maken
Jamila Renner
Jamila Renner - Day ago
het is echt raar om je nederlands horen te praten hahaha maar leuke video❤️
:þ :þ
:þ :þ - Day ago
je hebt dezelfe stem als een van de totally spies meiden XD
:þ :þ
:þ :þ - Day ago
dit is zo grappig wanneer je zelf Nederlands bent.
Jessica Grady
Jessica Grady - Day ago
Omgggg i diddnt know you were Dutch 💕💕💕I’m part Dutch too 💖💖🤩🤩
troetelbeertje11 - Day ago
troetelbeertje11 - Day ago
Mandy Clark
Mandy Clark - 2 days ago
I'm Dutch 🇳🇱
Samara Amoroso
Samara Amoroso - 2 days ago
This is awesome cos I understand Dutch yeeee
Rosalind O’ Sullivan
Rosalind O’ Sullivan - 2 days ago
I lived in the Netherlands for a year and got by with one word - LEKKER!!
yazmin burgos
yazmin burgos - 2 days ago
I didn’t understand anything but literally was so interested the whole time 😂😂
CraftsByHeidi - 2 days ago
Haha dit is zo wennen om jou Nederlands te horen praten. Heb je wel een paar keer bij RTL boulevard gezien, maar het is apart maar zoooo gaaf!!
Dani Markanti
Dani Markanti - 2 days ago
Omg that s top funny ...
Ashly Caballero
Ashly Caballero - 2 days ago
Intenta lo en español 🤔
Emily Rowland
Emily Rowland - 2 days ago
Does she speak Dutch all the time not on camera like in her every day life or English??
Alexandra Rodrigues
Alexandra Rodrigues - 2 days ago
Sounds a lot like german
Tabarak Jawad
Tabarak Jawad - 2 days ago
Why you never do your eyebrows on camera 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔
xx Gacha Moon
xx Gacha Moon - 2 days ago
Who else here is dutch?
Elin! - 2 days ago
lisanne iris
lisanne iris - 2 days ago
Ik vind dit echt geweldig!😍😍
Gabi Eterno
Gabi Eterno - 2 days ago
Eu não sabia se prestava atenção na legenda ou tentava entender alguma coisa
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