TERMINATOR 6 DARK FATE Trailer #1 Official (NEW 2019) Arnold Schwarzenegger Movie HD

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DJ DJ - 4 hours ago
Wow, when did John corner become a transgender female. How do we win, we don't with out men, skynet: it was easy. No men, No win.
Kim Jensen
Kim Jensen - 4 hours ago
Can't we have an oldschool, technoir T800 Terminator movie again? No more liquid metal stuff - just man combined with machine.
Wrong Wired
Wrong Wired - 4 hours ago
Cant a super artificial intelligence just hack a satellite or a military drone and kill anyone it wants without using a Genderless robot 🤖....or have the Geriatric community fight dorky millennial cyborgs....just saying
Hunter Rapsavage
Hunter Rapsavage - 5 hours ago
I’m only here for Arnold
tom steinhardt
tom steinhardt - 5 hours ago
I'm 46, old enough to have watched the original, and besides T2, all the garbage after. Stop redoing stories.
Matthew Smith
Matthew Smith - 7 hours ago
I pass. For me the franchise ended with T2.
Plus the director attacking fans doesn't help.
stephen konig
stephen konig - 8 hours ago
Hows a machine grow a beard and get gray hair and age
lil organism
lil organism - 13 hours ago
that bitch look like she gonna ask for skynet's manager
mackenzie katz
mackenzie katz - 14 hours ago
omg this bjork cover lol
Kami Ultra
Kami Ultra - 15 hours ago
SJw wankers Shat all over this franchise. There blame white males for its poor box office...thanks for shitting all over the Terminator fans you Hollywood fucks
Andrej Gjurin
Andrej Gjurin - 15 hours ago
So lame... with all the changes and the LGBTERMINATOR and the US asilum seeker..
jeremiah johnson
jeremiah johnson - 17 hours ago
What a joke,have fun losing money,fem idiots
MouldyBolog Bolog
MouldyBolog Bolog - 18 hours ago
another Terminator film that will come with an instruction manual
Jacob Hanley
Jacob Hanley - 20 hours ago
I’ll be the first one to say...looks shit
bazzabaz - 22 hours ago
1985 - The Terminator
2019 - The Menstruator
Marc Isenbugel
Marc Isenbugel - Day ago
CGI looks terrible...
Liane Reed
Liane Reed - Day ago
Sarah Connor: "I've never seen one like you before..."
Mackenzie Davis: "I'm a trans-former."
Alexis Garcia
Alexis Garcia - Day ago
What song is in this trailer ?
Garrett Forrest
Garrett Forrest - Day ago
Can't wait. I love the Terminator series, and I'm excited to see how it will continue/end.
Bramha's Astra
Bramha's Astra - Day ago
" 'am going hunting....."
Mr. Riley
Mr. Riley - Day ago
The entire world knows this looks like absolute garbage, yet somewhow it'll make $500+ million at the Box Office. I do not understand how this happens. Who are all these idiots that pay to see shit like this? Like wtf.
Isaac Smith
Isaac Smith - Day ago
2:13 "Good keep growing your fucking face back I enjoy this shit robofuck!!!!"
3rd bomb
3rd bomb - Day ago
Isn't using like bots against YouTube rules?
mark lee
mark lee - Day ago
Can't wait
Ser Arrec of the Dreadfort
Really, we couldn't just have a sequel to Salvation or another future war movie. Cause this looks like its' going to suck.
Keli Kàti Karl
Keli Kàti Karl - Day ago
This trailer makes me want to drink soy milk.
Oliver Graf
Oliver Graf - Day ago
If it helps... I need Whisky
Unknown YouTube User
“I AM human”

No you’re a lesbian
Oliver Graf
Oliver Graf - Day ago
Lesbians are machines
Rob Trew
Rob Trew - Day ago
So many bad comments on here are u people mad! James Cameron, Linda Hamilton and Schwarzenegger!
Rob Trew
Rob Trew - Day ago
Arnie and Linda are back!!
vilod - Day ago
Can't hollywood just come up with something original anymore? FUCK!
Chandan Priyam Gogoi
that p***y is going to ruin the movie
Ur Mom
Ur Mom - Day ago
The music freaks me out
blackkryptonite83 - 2 days ago
So where is John Conner??
T - 2 days ago
Scrolling through comments, they do not match the up votes on this trailer.
Benjamin Tran
Benjamin Tran - 2 days ago
Regardless of how many people whine and bitch here, truth is they’re gonna go watch it anyways. 260k+ likes says something good
kbell1479 - 2 days ago
Yezzzz Linda Hamilton is back
Rob Trew
Rob Trew - Day ago
kbell1479 finally a good comment on here lol
Eugene Zaxarov
Eugene Zaxarov - 2 days ago
Что за музыка ???
Zubair Sultani
Zubair Sultani - 2 days ago
Who are waiting for this movie?
Joe Amico
Joe Amico - 2 days ago
"If the movie stinks, just don't go."
- Jay Prescott Sherman
dom sarich
dom sarich - 2 days ago
mute it and play it with the T2 soundtrack
Gimnasio El Lago
Gimnasio El Lago - 2 days ago
like si me entiendes o si eres del gimnasio el lago
Eugen Green
Eugen Green - 2 days ago
Stupid feminists lesbi and other faggots love it!
ملك مر من هنا
Selivasi - 2 days ago
Irfaan Kamraan
Irfaan Kamraan - 2 days ago
The best trailer ever I seen but some guys don't even know it stupids!!
Infidel Patriot
Infidel Patriot - 2 days ago
Pretty arrogant that the ad is so damn important. Its historically dangerous to force your nose in where it is not wanted
Era’s Flex Channel
Era’s Flex Channel - 2 days ago
Arnold: Who is this girl?
C00KIEZ - 2 days ago
These women dont belong in the terminator sequel, but in the kitchen.
- - Day ago
Don't cut yourself, now.
nick labian
nick labian - 2 days ago
Arnie looks like Tom hanks
Nidhin s Dharan
Nidhin s Dharan - 3 days ago
Terminator 1:WOW!!!
Terminator 6: WHY!!!!
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