We found the CRAZIEST Nether in Minecraft! - Minecraft with Jacksepticeye - Part 3

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Nope - 19 hours ago
Mr snowman
Mr snowman - Day ago
Naomi Porter
Naomi Porter - 3 days ago
U should dig strait down
teomeo123 - 3 days ago
Is no one gonna talk about the chat at 13:16 showing pewds switching to creative and teleporting to jack?
PlayerKiller011 - 4 days ago
Try hitting the fireball with the sword.
Kathy Qi
Kathy Qi - 4 days ago
Count how many times jack had said “top of morning”.
SauceBucket - 5 days ago
1:40 he was mining with a sword
GLITCH - 5 days ago
ship shop
i walk
_ BeanieBear _
_ BeanieBear _ - 7 days ago
This whole video Jack sounded like me xD
Brain Damage
Brain Damage - 8 days ago
I am born during a babyboom and i have no friend... How is that possible?!
uh - 9 days ago
0:00 "set own game mode to survival mode" i
I’m a fan still so shoutout Lol
Jack:you need magma blocks for elevator 😑
anime one piece
anime one piece - 10 days ago
Zooigi Live
Zooigi Live - 10 days ago
baby creepers are baby boomers.
Anecito Sancio
Anecito Sancio - 10 days ago
On 13:18 i see pewds sets his gamemode to creative in the chats
Pugboi Gamer
Pugboi Gamer - 11 days ago
YoYoYo It's PinkSheepYT
Noa Lemusu
Noa Lemusu - 11 days ago
The spawner is from first part.
Fredy Gutierrez
Fredy Gutierrez - 12 days ago
Again in creative when will u learn to keep a promise
Yuzina master
Yuzina master - 13 days ago
Rule 1 in minecraft is *Never dig down straight* but its ok
Harry Potter
Harry Potter - 13 days ago
When I was six, I was able to find 18 diamonds, 3 emeralds and two stacks of iron in 10 minutes...
zoe 15
zoe 15 - 6 days ago
Malificent - 13 days ago
Ok I am LITERALLY in love with both of them help meeee...
Malificent - 13 days ago
I love Sean and he’s super cute but the man bun is...😐
Nell Fox
Nell Fox - 14 days ago
this is my favorite youtube relationship of all time
Xxxmontar - 15 days ago
lol they do know how to burst me up
I was about to comment "does pewdiepie not know you can just ignite the TNT" a then he ignites it 🙃😅
Orlando. AS
Orlando. AS - 18 days ago
Felix: How do I lit it? AHHHHHHHHHHHH:finally figures it out
Abhinav Balakrishnan
Abhinav Balakrishnan - 18 days ago
Jack: *dies*
Pewds: he was like father to me
Abhinav Balakrishnan
Abhinav Balakrishnan - 18 days ago
My last two brain cells during my presentation...
Kitty Kittens
Kitty Kittens - 21 day ago
PewDiePie is an alien confirmed in the intro
Valentino Nunes
Valentino Nunes - 21 day ago
Who gets triggered when minecraft big brains eat steak or porkchop with half a bar of food left?
Amelia Abts
Amelia Abts - 21 day ago
Eduardo Laguna
Eduardo Laguna - 21 day ago
Jack dies pewdiepie grabs stuff throws in lava
Abdul Barr Ibn Zaker
Abdul Barr Ibn Zaker - 22 days ago
The starting made me choke on Pop corn
Gage Altman
Gage Altman - 23 days ago
5 diamonds left in that furnace
Javier Magrina
Javier Magrina - 23 days ago
Put your brightness in high
Louis JANSSEN - 24 days ago
Lois Cath
Lois Cath - 24 days ago
pwease make rollercoaterr
BRADDY FABRIZIO - 25 days ago
Did pewds say water bucket? Buckets are basically for water😁😂
BEAR - 25 days ago
HATE:du spricht englisch aber macht ein deutsches intro
SUPANUT XD - 25 days ago
XD pewdiepie
CamoGaming Guy
CamoGaming Guy - 26 days ago
the other guy really gives a jacksepticeye feel.
Nyneva Kyte
Nyneva Kyte - 26 days ago
Large oblongata? So he's reeeaaaaal good at breathing
miriam marcial
miriam marcial - 26 days ago
The one that jack don't see that
miriam marcial
miriam marcial - 26 days ago
I see the diamond
TTV_secretboy209 M
TTV_secretboy209 M - 27 days ago
At 13:20 look at chat it said someone set their game mode to creative #exposed subscribe to me
Death Soul
Death Soul - 28 days ago
Jack's such a noob
King Mango
King Mango - 28 days ago
Pewdiepie: *Gets iron*
3 sec later

*gets rid of em*
IskkudCJ R
IskkudCJ R - 28 days ago
My name is Cassius and my mom calls me cashy but listen to the gast
Gabriela Mármol
Gabriela Mármol - 28 days ago
*B I G B R A I N*
Brandi Schimel
Brandi Schimel - 28 days ago
The night they found diamonds they no say no homo .......hm makes me wonder🤔🤣
KonLest - 28 days ago
10.127.905 V
Gacha lємσи
Gacha lємσи - 28 days ago
1:24 peiwds looks like chlanler form mr beasts channele
taga comment
taga comment - 28 days ago
sivan seagel
sivan seagel - 29 days ago
Yes it is
Nutmeg Donkey
Nutmeg Donkey - 29 days ago
This dude is almost as cringe as beck bro Jack in his attempts to be funny, you deserve better pewds 😂
Mari Straume
Mari Straume - 29 days ago
Skjønner ikke hvorfor du har så mye imot norge, altså det er akuratt som sverrige, bare med en litt annen "dialekt".
Lazaro Quilon
Lazaro Quilon - 29 days ago
Why do they have trapped chests
Master Josh
Master Josh - 29 days ago
GUYS! At 13:17 it says they set the gamemode to Creative and then survival! What if the diamonds were PLACED by Jack???
If the diamonds weren't fake sorry Jack...
God to 13:17!!!
KoKonutnut power
KoKonutnut power - Month ago
PewDiePie: mines iron
Also PewDiePie: dumps iron
PewDiePie Again: mines more iron
Me: why are you like this....... ?
Free-Verse - Month ago
Literally anybody who digs straight down: *aHumanBeing tried to swim in lava*
Pewds: "oOOo a mIneSHafT"
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