Embarrassing Hairstyles (GAME)

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Sophia  Kelly
Sophia Kelly - Day ago
It looks like Rhett had Link's old hairstyle!
Nigel Cooper
Nigel Cooper - 2 days ago
Drink it in, boys and girls. A rare sighting of the real Jen! 6:13
Johnnie Farkas
Johnnie Farkas - 3 days ago
Jen doesn't have fun anymore...
pokelover02 - 15 days ago
So sad that Alex left :(
Mycah Graham
Mycah Graham - 19 days ago
rhett: ITS>>>>ITS SO HAARD!!!
HackerKitty 12
HackerKitty 12 - 19 days ago
Tell Alex to change his hair back to what it used to be!!!!!!!
Amamkoncahuanquichu - 20 days ago
Fish bladders IS glue! That's isinglass!
That’s Not Mayo
That’s Not Mayo - 21 day ago
Yo Alex I used the same gel. Hahaa love it in a embarrassing way.
Frankie H
Frankie H - 22 days ago
we need more of Bethany !! shes a babe !!! dam !!
soccerchamp0511 - 22 days ago
I'm really hoping Paisley actually did a performance art piece with his hair. That would be totally rad!
Xavier Washington
Xavier Washington - 24 days ago
Jenny was soooooooooooo adorable, adorable baby pic
Ray Castillo
Ray Castillo - 24 days ago
Bethany... 😳😳
Briana Lamb
Briana Lamb - 24 days ago
"Oh man, I smiled and my forehead crackled"
Arnav Nadkarni
Arnav Nadkarni - 24 days ago
*Petition to start GOOD MYTHICAL MORE MORE!!*
Monica Erickson
Monica Erickson - 24 days ago
I'm confused!!! Where is the cereal episode from this morning?!? Its gone!!! Like I cant find it anywhere!!
-CLM17- - 24 days ago
Yeah, what happened?
here2watch08 - 25 days ago
"This is a crayon" "This is adhesive" "OMG I DON'T KNOW IF THIS WILL COME OUT?!" Ya think?
Nick Hall
Nick Hall - 25 days ago
Omg Bethany😻
Isabel  Christie
Isabel Christie - 25 days ago
magicoA - 25 days ago
This show is making all of the people who make it vegetarian 🤣
Temi Christine
Temi Christine - 25 days ago
I want to see Link with a bread with his new haircut
Kate Hackerson
Kate Hackerson - 25 days ago
As a synchronized swimmer who has to put Knox gelatin in her hair I’ll tell you that everything will come out with enough hot showers and the right soap.
Red Ruby
Red Ruby - 26 days ago
Embarrassing hairstyles....
*Rm left the chat*
Kary J.
Kary J. - 26 days ago
Those earlobes gave away Alex
Blueberryymuffin - 26 days ago
I miss Lizzie 😞
Heather Billy42
Heather Billy42 - 26 days ago
7:02 “Definitely thinking about what I’m going to eat later.” - Jen. ME! 😄
symbiote Spider-Man gamer spidey champions
Bring back ninja
karl mcgowan
karl mcgowan - 26 days ago
I would have thought you would have tried the white of an egg.
Momo Freeman
Momo Freeman - 26 days ago
jen’s voice reminds me a little of vanya from the umbrella academy (or i guess, by extension, ellen page?)
Melbell - 26 days ago
Rhett's "whoops" at 10:07 is my favorite part of this video
Gwendalyn Waggoner
Gwendalyn Waggoner - 26 days ago
Alex looks kinda like ed Sheeran in this video...
sup me
sup me - 26 days ago
Look better before
ariel davis
ariel davis - 26 days ago
I want to see you guys take that crayon out of his hair
Mcleanization - 26 days ago
Paisley and Alex look alike
BeUnotATVrobot - 26 days ago
Round and round she goes and it lands on brainwashed TV robots
MR. Beast
MR. Beast - 26 days ago
link for the first one
KikiVergnes - 26 days ago
The screen bugged right?
Laura Norda
Laura Norda - 26 days ago
I love how Josh isn't just 'Josh', he's always 'Mythical Chef Josh' :)
Edgar Goicochea
Edgar Goicochea - 26 days ago
Bethany is a baaaabbeeeee! 😍
John cruz
John cruz - 26 days ago
i feel like bethany doesn’t get their sense of humor lol
BoOniEDoTsShOw - 26 days ago
Rhett missed his calling as a ventriloquist because when he speaks, it's like he's mouthing his own words.
Nick Barillari
Nick Barillari - 26 days ago
Did anyone else see the camera freakout for a sec after link touched the pomade it must be some powerful stuff
Sam Wimbush
Sam Wimbush - 27 days ago
2:40 give it a whiff. Alexs face is priceless he’s like “you want me to whiff what?”
Johannah Jensen
Johannah Jensen - 27 days ago
I so wish they would have washed the fish bladder out of their hair before this........ and also would like an update on the crayon hair gel 😂
Kathleen Graves
Kathleen Graves - 27 days ago
What are fish bladders used for
Kathleen Graves
Kathleen Graves - 27 days ago
I can smell your hair from here!!! 😱😝😫🤢🤮
Helen Macklin
Helen Macklin - 27 days ago
Will Paisley be joining Josh in the shaven head fundraising, because that's the only way that wax will come out.
Declan Veitch
Declan Veitch - 27 days ago
I do hope that they got the crayon out his hair ok
Maser209 - 27 days ago
There's no way that crayon wax got out of his hair! Bet he just had to shave his head!
Trish Lena
Trish Lena - 27 days ago
This is for Jen: I made a comment years ago on another vid, probably a Thursday mail gmmore, and I said “So over Jen.” And she responded saying “me too.”... I’m sorry.. I felt bad about posting that. I was an ass for posting that and I definitely am not over Jen! Forgive me :)
Anthony Pantoja
Anthony Pantoja - 27 days ago
Is Bethany the reason Alex is Vegetarian! I'd go vegetarian for her any day lol jk
Trish Lena
Trish Lena - 27 days ago
Miss you Alex!
Poppie Searchfield
Poppie Searchfield - 27 days ago
"Will It Come Out"
Giles S
Giles S - 27 days ago
I was sure one of the crew members had a twin, I just didn’t remember it was Bethany
Mike Sans
Mike Sans - 27 days ago
What happened to mike from 10 feet tall?
Hello Quest
Hello Quest - 27 days ago
10:02 "It's so hard!"
"It's hard as a CRAYON!"
Casper - 27 days ago
okay, i need to know. is alex wearing a dirty nil shirt? because if so, he just became my favorite crew member.
Janee' Harris
Janee' Harris - 27 days ago
I'm so glad Alex's natural hair colour and curls are back. Maybe the blonde left when Mike did.......
Mrs. Pica Deluxe
Mrs. Pica Deluxe - 27 days ago
Omg Jen was so adorable lol
Levi White
Levi White - 27 days ago
Fish bladder. Reel-y awful. Lol.
Riley Simplican
Riley Simplican - 27 days ago
Jen is back from maternity leave lmao
newboy scary boy
newboy scary boy - 27 days ago
Mike should have been on this more
Rosinante27 - 27 days ago
*Give it a whiff*
newboy scary boy
newboy scary boy - 27 days ago
If you bring sad mike back or mythical crew i will eat 2 loafs of bread
newboy scary boy
newboy scary boy - 27 days ago
Bread taste test
newboy scary boy
newboy scary boy - 27 days ago
Icalasari - 27 days ago
Around 1:14 there are odd static boxes appearing in random spots on the screen
VALENTINEproductions - 27 days ago
Damn Bethany 😍😍😍😍😍
Kyurhee Kim
Kyurhee Kim - 27 days ago
*Lowkey crushing on Paisley...*

lol seriously though, He seems like a really cool guy!
Three Little Pigs
Three Little Pigs - 27 days ago
Bethany is gorgeous!
Rose93Wolf - 27 days ago
Guys if you like underground artists go listen to my friend jaime derochie on spotify, he's new to the music business go stream his music!
#1minecrafter !
#1minecrafter ! - 27 days ago
I love Tenacious D
Hannah Tebo
Hannah Tebo - 27 days ago
I love the What you talking about?!
amber_the_first - 27 days ago
So we are definitely going to need a follow-up to find out if he got the crayon out of his hair!!
ProgressWorld - 27 days ago
"That's my twin brother. I didn't have a boyfriend when I was two" 😂😂
Nicholas Gregory
Nicholas Gregory - 27 days ago
6:53 The first time I heard it I thought Rhett started saying "That f*ckin" lmao
melissamcculloh - 27 days ago
I love Link making everyone sniff him!! 😅😅
benjamin kerzee
benjamin kerzee - 27 days ago
Baby Jen looked like a 40
Year old woman you would see at Walmart 😂
Panda X
Panda X - 27 days ago
7:30 I was 100% sure that was Josh 😂
koya koala
koya koala - 27 days ago
I wanna see him try to write with his crayon hair!
megan danbrook
megan danbrook - 27 days ago
That face censoring is the scariest thing I've ever seen
Caleb Smith
Caleb Smith - 27 days ago
Sweet, bethany has a twin I do to!
nolan corliss
nolan corliss - 27 days ago
I gotta see how you got the crayon out of his hair!
A Spates
A Spates - 27 days ago
I loved what the wheel landed on
A Av
A Av - 27 days ago
Haley LaFerriere
Haley LaFerriere - 27 days ago
why does rhetts hair make him look like andrew lowe
Nond2nv - 27 days ago
Jen’s baby pic - awww
falconejo - 27 days ago
I said it before Bethany is a SMOKE SHOW
Casperthaghost #grindhard
& why isn't Bethany on here more...👀 bow...hello...
Sidney Gronau
Sidney Gronau - 27 days ago
Effin awesome
Daphne Loose
Daphne Loose - 27 days ago
did the crayon wash out of Paisley's hair?? we mythical beasts want to know!! LOL.
planetrob555 - 27 days ago
Burger reference!
Jorge Alarcon
Jorge Alarcon - 27 days ago
oh Bethany
Cash Daily
Cash Daily - 27 days ago
Bethany is a babe js.
Ari C
Ari C - 27 days ago
So jealous that he got to go to a weezer and tenacious d concert. That sounds so great
Patty VanTine
Patty VanTine - 27 days ago
Can we get an update next week how all everyone's hair turned out??
Ella C
Ella C - 27 days ago
I don’t know how but I just realized Alex’s hair is back to normal now and not bleached
Levi MacMurray
Levi MacMurray - 27 days ago
I need an update on everyone’s hair....
Lori Austin
Lori Austin - 27 days ago
Jen is the cutest baby I've ever seen!! And I have 2 kids! 😂
SUBSCRIBE Just for fun
SUBSCRIBE Just for fun - 27 days ago
But how do you get out melted crayons from your hair
Lotus Nevermore
Lotus Nevermore - 27 days ago
LTAT this week better have a behind the scenes of trying to get the crayon gel out.
Balala - 27 days ago
Please can we have more paisley??
Brandi Munguia
Brandi Munguia - 27 days ago
Even though this was prerecorded, I would have love to see how hard it was for everyone to get their respective “gel” out of their hair on LTAT.
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