Pro Controller for SMARTPHONE Gamers... (Fortnite Android) Unboxing Razer Raiju Mobile Gamepad

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Ryder Ebert
Ryder Ebert - 18 hours ago
Does it work with Samsung
Johny btw
Johny btw - 2 days ago
to run fortnite on that phone smothly go to setting and do 60 fps
Anne Diche
Anne Diche - 2 days ago
Buggy asf!
El Fucker Flow
El Fucker Flow - 5 days ago
We works with free fire?
Antonio Núñez Herrera
Antonio Núñez Herrera - 11 days ago
Jesus Varona
Jesus Varona - 11 days ago
You didnt change it to gaming setting that's why its laggy
Eldin Nuradini
Eldin Nuradini - 23 days ago
Omg 😁
Leão raivoso
Leão raivoso - 24 days ago
Show us your knife colection
Nelson Gamer
Nelson Gamer - 24 days ago
fucking who doesn't like this comment
Lawyer Kalika Prasad Pal
Lawyer Kalika Prasad Pal - 24 days ago
Har pubg ki video bana
BATYUNYA HAY - 25 days ago
Откуда у тебя так много денег
Xxxtentacion 19528
Xxxtentacion 19528 - 26 days ago
Can this be used for iPhones now because of iOS 13
Zahid Amin
Zahid Amin - 27 days ago
Brobwearing gloves are important
i k
i k - Month ago
初雪カズラ - Month ago
Nicholas Dewangga
Nicholas Dewangga - Month ago
I think that is A illegaly
Sree Batti
Sree Batti - Month ago
I like that joystick connected to phone it is very nice but every one didn't know how to use it
Khaled WALID
Khaled WALID - Month ago
Very good
jennah Mimene
jennah Mimene - Month ago
Aienzo - Month ago
Does it work with Rockman X DiVE?
ドラえもん - Month ago
Mistrzu151 - Month ago
What is this game 10:06
Mistrzu151 - Month ago
What is the game 10:06
Zero Xkillz
Zero Xkillz - Month ago
Does it work for PC as well?
Ivo Samuel Bugay
Ivo Samuel Bugay - Month ago
Can you pls make a vid that you show your hands
Ivo Samuel Bugay
Ivo Samuel Bugay - Month ago
Can you pls make a vid that you show your hands
Tharu - Month ago
Honestly wow
adam gamer
adam gamer - Month ago
waw sports adam gemer
Mundo Juegos
Mundo Juegos - Month ago
mankind and destiny
mankind and destiny - Month ago
Does the controller work on PC using the USB cable?
Tony Tiny
Tony Tiny - Month ago
why you don't show us your face and your hands
Figue MUSIC - Month ago
What is the phone name?
mankind and destiny
mankind and destiny - Month ago
Razor phone 2
DAVIDEXE11 0 - Month ago
Hello ☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺
Spencer Regan
Spencer Regan - Month ago
Hey the relaxing end I have been watching your video for quite some time I wanted to thank you for makeing me relaxed in your videos thanks again
I just love your video
Tech Intuition
Tech Intuition - Month ago
check out the redragon wireless controller on my channel its great and cheap
matias cabrera
matias cabrera - 2 months ago
porque no hablas
Hannah Rickard
Hannah Rickard - 2 months ago
You killed me like 3 times
Deniz Ipek
Deniz Ipek - 2 months ago
GTA sa Minecraft fortnite
SandboxArrow - 2 months ago
Can you play with Ninja next time if you can?
-Zomie gamer-
-Zomie gamer- - 2 months ago
Единственного, что я не понимаю что зачем покупать такие дорогие мобильные гемпады если есть, мобильный геймпад "GameSir" который в два а то и в три раза дешевле и качество одинаковое!!!
Lil Goat
Lil Goat - 2 months ago
Why u doin this shit so slow
gibme500buks - Month ago
its asmr unboxing kid now go back to fortgay game play
Johnny nelson
Johnny nelson - 2 months ago
Can u get banned
Rahand Music
Rahand Music - 2 months ago
how much is it please ?
ANGRY MISFIT - 2 months ago
Reviews are great though just asking
ANGRY MISFIT - 2 months ago
When go out in public do you just wear gloves when you touch your own phone
Aidan Peffer
Aidan Peffer - 2 months ago
150$ when ever u could buy a used console for that much i dont get the point of this
Justin Adrian Soriano
Justin Adrian Soriano - 2 months ago
where can I buy that knife of yours?
No One
No One - 2 months ago
Yo, can I have the controller? I'll pay shipping!! 😘
Flambinou - 2 months ago
DreamyGhost - 2 months ago
can Huawei mate 20 x fit the mount?
Pricey On MobileFN
Pricey On MobileFN - 2 months ago
Knife slogan :Knives so sharp they can cut through your career
Nick Baldeagle
Nick Baldeagle - 2 months ago
Lost interest when the price flashed up.
Einbert Allstein
Einbert Allstein - 2 months ago
Which mobile is this?
Chek [BRAWL STARS] - 2 months ago
Этот геймпад от Рейзер стоит также как мой райзен
Nash Haze
Nash Haze - 2 months ago
Son estresantes estás weas de videos dislike
Darkiii plays shit
Darkiii plays shit - 2 months ago
OMG! 7:14 the luxe skin I am! I can still remember how I saw you with Ikonik
nah ahaha
nah ahaha - 2 months ago
Android is better than iPhone
yes warrrrr
Alpha - 2 months ago
It Work at Samsung S10+?
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