Popeyes Chicken Sandwich vs Chick Fil-A | WHICH IS BETTER?

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Lamar Valentina
Lamar Valentina - 11 hours ago
3 Popeyes
sloaches lee
sloaches lee - 13 hours ago
Cynic_ Miangel122
Cynic_ Miangel122 - 14 hours ago
McDonald’s just sitting there like I’m ready to jump out the window
Sporz_im - 16 hours ago
2.Chick-Fil A
3. Popeyes
Am I right??
Jay Johnson
Jay Johnson - Day ago
When was Wendy's ever considered "THE FIRST?" Talk about "Delusions of Grandeur...." *HA!!!*

White reviewers choose "Chick-Fil-A"
Black reviewers choose "Popeyes"

Is there any Middle Eastern, maybe from Bogota who'd care to make a review?!?!?! *ha* *ha* *ha*

By the way, 13:52 , he chooses Popeye's chicken sandwich, as if that's a shocker (I would too!!!)
ineedmybag - Day ago
Ong Daym not even that big
CMD619 - Day ago
Bruh, why you got a skunk on your chin? lmao
moon greed
moon greed - Day ago
Wendy's nope.
Carlo Wilburn
Carlo Wilburn - 2 days ago
I thought he had won the lottery
Crazycraigy - 2 days ago
What is it with these lot and chicken..........Eyes popping out ur fuckin head...👀👀👀
Tiffany Perez
Tiffany Perez - 2 days ago
To Infinity and beyond Popeyes!!! 💯❤️
Living in Miami
Living in Miami - 2 days ago
Thank God for Popeyes!!
HolyWrath - 2 days ago
Wendy's almost never makes their sandwich's fresh it's a joke. But I love them when they actually make them fresh.
HolyWrath - 2 days ago
Was that a spicy chicken sandwich from Wendy's because I've never seen their chicken that dark? And man they gave you a lot of pickles at Wendy's.
Flex - 2 days ago
Only reason i don't like Popeyes is cause their customer service sucks... bad
stazang - 2 days ago
Jack in the Box spicy chicken sandwich is the best
Scarlet - 3 days ago
I want a popeyes one but in NYC it was sold out when I went there :(
M.J. Musta
M.J. Musta - 3 days ago
middle: chick fil a
also this video made me laugh and made me happy when i had a bad day. keep doing what your doing, your doing a great job
Toastyflakes - 3 days ago
Daym stay shading Wendy's
Toastyflakes - 3 days ago
"Don't it still look like the bread? Wendy's get out of my face!" I'm dead.
L JB - 3 days ago
I know my guy was goin crazy before clicking on the video 😂
Aaron Williams
Aaron Williams - 3 days ago
Yea they open 7 days a week but u can't get the chicken sandwich if they sold out everywhere
AddictedToBoost - 4 days ago
Chic fil a spicy chicken sandwich with chic fil a sauce all day. That’s flavor pop that don’t stop!
gidster hofer
gidster hofer - 4 days ago
What a mess.
Jaylin Robinson
Jaylin Robinson - 4 days ago
remember when dontai didnt have the stash....
Victoria Walker
Victoria Walker - 4 days ago
Ryan's Motorsports
Ryan's Motorsports - 4 days ago
Drive throughs with no awnings 😓
Omar Cuevas
Omar Cuevas - 4 days ago
I think pppeyes is going to win
Omar Cuevas
Omar Cuevas - 4 days ago
Wendies sucks
bands Bruno
bands Bruno - 4 days ago
"as you can see the chicken is not as juicy but it's still bas THICC!"
Christine Mickelson
Christine Mickelson - 4 days ago
All I have is a KFC and Popeyes. Yes we have Wendy's but they gave me a raw chicken sammich years ago. I won't buy that ever again.
KFC was edible but bland. The spicy choice was a joke. They squirted some tobasco in it and missed the chicken entirely and soaked the corner of the bun instead. Not impressive from a veteran in the chicken business.
Popeyes was much tastier and the chicken much thicker and the breading crunchier.
Popeyes wins!
Mistah Get BUSY
Mistah Get BUSY - 5 days ago
Mistah Get BUSY
Mistah Get BUSY - 5 days ago
nd idgaf what anyone says
Edward Casteen
Edward Casteen - 5 days ago
If the chicken is good it doesn’t need mayo to make it good it’s good on its own I think that’s why chick Fil a doesn’t put anything other than pickles that stand by the taste of the chick it’s self
null nygs
null nygs - 5 days ago
yo let me guzzle your asshole in my mouth thanks
boston south Carolina
boston south Carolina - 5 days ago
I'll try the one tha
T you
Wow get you shot!!!! Lol
Michael - 5 days ago
chik fila all the way. appearance wise they are like two brothers. chik fila looks clean cut and wears a suit whereas popryes looks like the ghetto trashy bro with sagging pants and backward cap
Michael - 5 days ago
IMHO chik fila won. i do not like sauce in my food i want to taste the bun and the chicken in its natural state not the sauce. if you want sauce just add chik fila amazin sauce. also popeyes looks so messy and gross like a poor man sandwich whereas chik fila look so clean
DaMill29715 - 5 days ago
You know he finished all three of those sandwiches....LOL!
greene74 - 5 days ago
Yeah, there was no bias in favor of Popeye’s at all going into this review 🙄
TacticalMisfire - 4 days ago
He's never even had it. Why would there be bias.
Edwin Thomas
Edwin Thomas - 5 days ago
Wendy's sandwich is just generic...now that Ranch with bacon is good but over $10 for.a combo....NOT. Chic Fil A is better and.better priced.
don brassco
don brassco - 5 days ago
KFC Drop Out😨😉😄
inboxnews - 5 days ago
Great video dude! My opinion, CFA = Popeyes.
J C - 6 days ago
Daym Drop is shook of spicy chicken sandwiches.
You dropped the ball.
CaliPiper - 6 days ago
That’s just grease on Popeyes sandwich don’t get it twisted.
Ricks DaBoss
Ricks DaBoss - 6 days ago
I’m sure Popeyes sandwich is that great, but I could never try it. It’s sold out every time I go. Chick-fil-A might be closed sundays but I can get a chicken sandwich 6 days a week guaranteed.
Steven Carleton
Steven Carleton - 6 days ago
David Carrol brought me here
Art Dog
Art Dog - 6 days ago
Damn still no chicken sandwiches! Those chickens are hiding and nobody is going to find them dammit. 🤣🤣🤣
ES4l - 7 days ago
Chicken sandwich still sold out but I got a glimpse of the taste through the food expert
Mr. Tee
Mr. Tee - 7 days ago
And Popeyes and chick fil A all profiting from black people who making YouTube videos about who's the best. They got a nerve to criticize JayZ.
Raj - 7 days ago
Chick fil a is dry.
Raj - 7 days ago
This has been out for like 3 months and now people start talking about it?
DriftSideWays98 - 7 days ago
We already all these restaurants boutta get outta control watch McDonald's jump in
Liam - 7 days ago
Damn you need to tint your windows man especially if your eating I could never drive around in a fish bowl like that
aroal Ahmed
aroal Ahmed - 7 days ago
What's this hype about chicken burger. This stuff is so readily available in london. U go to any london fast shop u will get a very good chicken burger. Nothing special.
johnny jones
johnny jones - 7 days ago
Left to right wendys chickfila popeyes on sight
Dee Jay
Dee Jay - 7 days ago
Popeyes that is
Dee Jay
Dee Jay - 7 days ago
He loving that chicken
Haroon Arain
Haroon Arain - 8 days ago
For some reason I didn’t enjoy Popeyes, I still prefer chick fil a
Ayan B
Ayan B - 8 days ago
So what was the rating for Popeyes?
Sportysport - 8 days ago
My chick fil-a usually serves their sandwiches in a foil wrap not a paper bag. Burger King and Jack in the Box also sell a chicken sandwiches.
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