Motorized Foamboard Battleship? 🚢😲

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FliteTest - Month ago
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A10 vs Tank Video:
Spade Tv
Spade Tv - 9 hours ago
@Salima Manowa yeah thats cool but i made the same thing using cardboard ducktape flextape flexseal expabding foam and spraypaint . in other words top that flight test
Salima Manowa
Salima Manowa - 17 hours ago
Spade Tv
Spade Tv - 21 day ago
use the tank the war birds and the battle ship and have an airsoft war
Spade Tv
Spade Tv - 21 day ago
wait yeah ..don...don't do that
Spade Tv
Spade Tv - 21 day ago
@Josh Yothers or use hydrogen like the Hindenburg
D3RP K1NG - 5 hours ago
Make a 2 aircraft carriers with big airsoft cannons and use planes with airsoft guns and make a battle between the ships
jaxson locke
jaxson locke - 11 hours ago
make it fly
Mikolaj Papciak
Mikolaj Papciak - 14 hours ago
Aries Elliot
Aries Elliot - Day ago
I want to say that I love your videos, and in honor of Avengers endgame, could you try to make Thanos' starship fly?
Jared Crub
Jared Crub - Day ago
I WAnt the fa18
RCKnut - 2 days ago
I still think you guys should make mini water activated torpedo bombs
tortuga DABBKINGZZ - 3 days ago
This in FPV would be coo
Marie Flores
Marie Flores - 6 days ago
This video was great and funny for me
Corporal - 6 days ago
Hey, small question, I sent it to you site as well. I want to get back in to the hobby but it's been ages since I flew. so I was wondering if you happen to have any warbirds for beginners, or if you could design one?
Brayden Rodden
Brayden Rodden - 7 days ago
Remote control fishing boat.
Carson Ludwick
Carson Ludwick - 7 days ago
You should make army like a war using real guns
Randy Bangay
Randy Bangay - 7 days ago
Wy don't u make a 4 RC cars and armour them and have a battle bashing together
cybarrian warrior1447 Khoe
What kind of drone cam do you use
Salty Vlogs
Salty Vlogs - 8 days ago
It’s pronounced Ee-Vyke
Dermotius - 8 days ago

Ryan Kelly
Ryan Kelly - 9 days ago
Stefan I like your TKOR hat, if that is what it is.

I’m pretty sure it is
velcro62 - 9 days ago
Where did you get the poster at 6:54?
jj oo
jj oo - 10 days ago
Jeremy may the Force be with you Dude. Keep it going dudes. Dude, dude, dude , dudes, dude, dude..........dude, dude, dude, dude ,dude.....
Anthoney King
Anthoney King - 10 days ago
OMG that was so much FUN thank you guys you never Fail to be very Watchable
Jared Crub
Jared Crub - 10 days ago
A10 vs battleship
Jake Gardner
Jake Gardner - 11 days ago
Make the battle ship into a plane
Henry Atkinson
Henry Atkinson - 11 days ago
Need Mitsubishi F-1 with rotary cannon.
Mike Roberts
Mike Roberts - 12 days ago
The mini guns sound like it’s farting
Matthew H
Matthew H - 12 days ago
Gurren Lagan Flashbacks
blaze - 12 days ago
Anything with a relative density of lower than 1 will float; foamboard, wood and the human body are all less dense than cold water, so I'm guessing it'll float on the first go
Gaming Rares
Gaming Rares - 12 days ago
La avion puneti o lama care va intra in carton sau in lemn si il va taia
Noah Banman
Noah Banman - 13 days ago
you guys should make a rocket, by the way your videos inspire me to design my own air craft, boats, remote control cars, and my own rockets!
Dmitriy Ga
Dmitriy Ga - 13 days ago
Iaser vs plane plise
Glen Bellows
Glen Bellows - 13 days ago
You should shoot fireworks from the battleship.
『Your Boy Nav』
『Your Boy Nav』 - 13 days ago
Its not ee-v-ick
Its E-vike
undeadhero465 - 14 days ago
I kinda want to see the mini gun put in the a-10 model
Jimmy Nix
Jimmy Nix - 15 days ago
Can I have one of the P 47’s
Miguel Coria
Miguel Coria - 15 days ago
Put a rocket engine
cjesus 231105
cjesus 231105 - 15 days ago
Make race planes and boats
andrew sseruyange
andrew sseruyange - 15 days ago
If y'all are going big...may i suggest a heli carrier? like the one in the avengers movies? Or the nimitz class aircraft carrier as used by the navy.
MUH.ABYAN MAHDI BIAN - 15 days ago
Halo Abang Alex
MUH.ABYAN MAHDI BIAN - 15 days ago
foxleboi - 15 days ago
I wold like to see a video testing how hard it is to bring down a plane with airsoft.
Jeanie Travis
Jeanie Travis - 16 days ago
I was just wondering if you would be interested in building a A6m zero. I think it be so cool ! ????😃🤔🇯🇵🗾🎌🇯🇵
Andrew Alldredge
Andrew Alldredge - 16 days ago
You should try bombing with smoke bombs
Rory Hale
Rory Hale - 17 days ago
Mattizmushroom - 17 days ago
All that protection because of rubberducks
Jack Butler
Jack Butler - 17 days ago
Make it fly
JADIAN CALDERON - 17 days ago
You should make a boat that can go on land
Carmelle Daniel
Carmelle Daniel - 18 days ago
Good job
Kaylie Muehlich
Kaylie Muehlich - 18 days ago
They never said their was no ducks harmed in the making of this video
C Gray
C Gray - 18 days ago
oh and I think I agree with jeff favorite
C Gray
C Gray - 18 days ago
you should make another battleship and make a challenge who will sink first and make them battle
Harith Azmi
Harith Azmi - 18 days ago
What if... Using the same ship design, build an aircraft carrier out of it.
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