Mixing "Mustard"Makeup,More Stuff & Mustard Slime Into slime!Most Satisfying Slime Video.

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Rajesh Kumar
Rajesh Kumar - Day ago
Wow Jenny 😊🙂😍
Anam Qureshi
Anam Qureshi - 9 days ago
I love your combination black and mustard so........... Satisfying 🖤💛💖
tanima paul
tanima paul - 10 days ago
Awesome i just love u
Minnie Slime
Minnie Slime - 12 days ago
I love your slime, thank for upload
Fatima Ahmed
Fatima Ahmed - 13 days ago
It is so tasty 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👍
Maji Ji
Maji Ji - 13 days ago
Kakak cantik.
Kids Dream Toys
Kids Dream Toys - 14 days ago
Mustered 🌈 🏰
Katie Orr
Katie Orr - 14 days ago
Loved it
Samer Samer
Samer Samer - 15 days ago
Cool slime😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
aboiha Ozil
aboiha Ozil - 15 days ago
I love the colour so much. Jenny is the best slime maker
Elena Detoraki
Elena Detoraki - 15 days ago
Your recent videos, with more cream ingredients and slime into slime, are really good!! Keep on like that, Jenny❤
Barış Şener
Barış Şener - 15 days ago
sudha Singh
sudha Singh - 16 days ago
Who else wants to know that WHEN IS JENNY'S BIRTHDAY??😍
Stupid Wolf1424
Stupid Wolf1424 - 7 days ago
No.....not really
Monika kids Show
Monika kids Show - 16 days ago
wow so nice
Show Baby
Show Baby - 16 days ago
Ghostly slime always makes us have many surprises !!!!!
Rosalva Gardi
Rosalva Gardi - 16 days ago
what parents videos
The Pickle Of Destiny
The Pickle Of Destiny - 16 days ago
I feel like there's no point in adding the pretty glitter because it's just gonna be covered by the pigment.i would love to see just a bunch of glitter added in l,like color schemes and some color tinted slime.id love that so much.or those pH color changing lipgloss so you can see it slowly turn clear to pink to red the more you kneed the slime.
Carly Amanda
Carly Amanda - 16 days ago
This is Amazing! 😍💛🧡
N Mall
N Mall - 16 days ago
A lot of the more recent videos seem like you are just mixing slime into slime (boring)... which is a shame, because no other youtuber does the makeup part as well as you!
Tsabita valerie
Tsabita valerie - 16 days ago
❤jeni slime
Tsabita valerie
Tsabita valerie - 16 days ago
Tank you
Ana patricia Velazquez
Ana patricia Velazquez - 16 days ago
وردة البنفسج
وردة البنفسج - 16 days ago
ممتاز استمري👍❤💜
Houda Mohamed
Houda Mohamed - 16 days ago
Hi jenny 😍😍
Houda Mohamed
Houda Mohamed - 16 days ago
Love jenny
Ruveyda Kesikbas
Ruveyda Kesikbas - 16 days ago
put a different slime into the container misunderstanding 💜💜
Afi Shah
Afi Shah - 16 days ago
Haya Mussadiq
Haya Mussadiq - 16 days ago
I hate musterd but i like musterd color ❤
Stupid Wolf1424
Stupid Wolf1424 - 7 days ago
sudha Singh
sudha Singh - 16 days ago
Аміна Коваленко
I love you Jenni
Lillian Kleinhelter
Lillian Kleinhelter - 16 days ago
You should make a blackberry slime cause I love blackberries
Mohammad Awwad
Mohammad Awwad - 16 days ago
Love yalow 💛💛💛💛💛
sakthi vel
sakthi vel - 16 days ago
Hi jenny
How is your cold today
I am so happy today
You doing slime 😊☺
Mohamed Ali
Mohamed Ali - 16 days ago
خلو لايك بسم العراق
Jiwan Jiwan eliyas
Jiwan Jiwan eliyas - 16 days ago
Saranghe jennie unnei
Angel christy
Angel christy - 16 days ago
Just loved it 😍💝 I love you too 😘 🤗
All about fashion
All about fashion - 16 days ago
Heloo jenny 👋🌺
Nice video♥️
And how are you my friend and where are you from i think japan please reply my comment 😊💫❤
Love from Pakistan 🇵🇰
All about fashion
All about fashion - 16 days ago
Ohh nice country😊💫
jenny slime
jenny slime - 16 days ago
I'm from Korea :)
ali angel
ali angel - 16 days ago
I'm very proud of you sweet little sister love you sister becouse you have soo much fans I like your lipstick and eyeshadow all are. And sister do you like me do you love me so plese tell me totally how many cost plese answer these questions I'm sorry sister for bad wards😣😖😞
Shareef Fammy
Shareef Fammy - 16 days ago
why will you waste the makeup
Gouri Tiwari
Gouri Tiwari - 16 days ago
Gouri Tiwari
Gouri Tiwari - 16 days ago
Mustard is a very nice 💓💓
Fantastic 💖💗💗💖
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