Can We Find The Name Brand? (GAME)

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BIK3 F0R LIF3 - 6 hours ago
Kroger owns fredmeyer
Jordan Scruggs
Jordan Scruggs - Day ago
Rhett....dude you're taking the LARGEST of samples of the strongest items.
James Dot
James Dot - Day ago
All I learnt is buy from Kroger
Lauren B Sparkles
Lauren B Sparkles - Day ago
Is this what you guys always imagined your Club house would look like? Did you ever really think this would happen for a living while you guys were Growing up?
Dance Hoe Hoseok
Dance Hoe Hoseok - 2 days ago
Who returns the cart?
I dunno, the civilized world maybe.
Ben Humphreys
Ben Humphreys - 5 days ago
This is amazing
coltonfrancisco - 6 days ago
As a kroger manager this video legitimately made me happy lol
Kinch Kinski
Kinch Kinski - 6 days ago
Wait... Rhett feels it's communist to have to pay for a service rather than have it provided to all freely? hmmmm
M0cnas - 6 days ago
So Kroger got some advertising
V Girl
V Girl - 7 days ago
I’ll tell ya Walmart brings it HARD!
Em Fraz
Em Fraz - 8 days ago
You should do an episode where you only use British words like trousers, trolley, shops etc
cindyuwho - 9 days ago
Pigeon is the rat of the air.. LOL
NATTY mcLAWS - 9 days ago
I’ve fished with corn. Tried to catch rainbow trout
Chio Saeteurn
Chio Saeteurn - 9 days ago
I guess it's good that I shop at Fred Meyer and already buy Kroger brand
NUR HISYAM - 11 days ago
Uncle Al chef boyardee
Esoteric Emissary
Esoteric Emissary - 11 days ago
Get a can of Mexicorn, I can all but promise it be the best corn you'll ever taste.
Nobody makes Corn like the Mexicans...
The GovNer
The GovNer - 11 days ago
Go get Krogerd son
Abi Can
Abi Can - 11 days ago
Links OCD at 7:49 LMAOOO
Jennifer Page Feddersen
Jennifer Page Feddersen - 12 days ago
When you guys validated my .76 cent canned Kroger Raviolis i was so happy it wasn't just me.
CadavErica - 13 days ago
Wait, in the us (or at least California) you don't usually need to put a coin in to use a cart?
Joker 91st
Joker 91st - 13 days ago
Cranberry can! It's nostalgic to have the can slices on the table.
Wahhbajack - 13 days ago
I'm just glad I'm not the only one who notices how fake Chef Boyardee tastes (first round). Especially the spaghetti and meatballs. I almost get sick when I eat them.
Josue Gonzalez
Josue Gonzalez - 13 days ago
This video has been brought to you by Kroger.
Austin Driver
Austin Driver - 14 days ago
Jello is made from gelatin and gelatin is made from horse hooves
SodaGumX - 15 days ago
chef boyardee food used to be military rations before it was in stores
CMichelle - 15 days ago
Get that Kroger y’all!
MrNDboi - 15 days ago
whats big ag?
Monica Miranda
Monica Miranda - 15 days ago
Your bowels are cute
Mohammad Jamil
Mohammad Jamil - 15 days ago
when rhett said YEAHRRRR that felt great
momma wahlie
momma wahlie - 16 days ago
I buy a huge amount of Kroger brand products. I started bc my husband gets a discount on their products but tbh I’ll continue to regardless. It’s an actual great value 😉
Kayak Kai
Kayak Kai - 17 days ago
Burnt Toast
Burnt Toast - 17 days ago
.Rhett takes away the sauce that link touched. An excuse to get more.
Tattoomama_11 - 18 days ago
Gotta watch those packets! My neighbor ate two a day for 3 weeks and he had mercury poisoning! Just eat the recommended amount of tuna that you should don’t go over it please!
Angellica s.i
Angellica s.i - 18 days ago
True to character Rhett takes mouthfuls of everything and Link takes just enough to taste it lol
burningeld - 19 days ago
fish dies from corn!! they cant melt it and cant pop
CakeH4X - 19 days ago
why does Link loose every time on all games
Alisa Tugger
Alisa Tugger - 19 days ago
1:59 Rhett finally did it.
ZOD4 - 20 days ago
Here in the UK, you have to put a coin in to the trolleys (carts) in pretty much every supermarket. Is it not a thing in America?
D Denlow
D Denlow - 21 day ago
8:47 "Danciest" has been established as a verb.
Attragon Antares
Attragon Antares - 21 day ago
Can you tell me the date you guys came back in August so I can start watching them from then? You guys are alot of fun to watch and I am older than your typical audience member but still love ya.
Asuko Flowers
Asuko Flowers - 21 day ago
"my nickname in highschool"
Link: *laughs*
Paul O'Neal
Paul O'Neal - 21 day ago
Kirkland has the best looking tuna.
phat boys
phat boys - 22 days ago
let's be honest if this food is for the apocalypse then I don't think we would care about branding
Blake Gordon
Blake Gordon - 22 days ago
Blake Gordon
Blake Gordon - 22 days ago
In 24 hours give Rhett and link 10k
The GrOnch
The GrOnch - 22 days ago
Link Laughing at *Nickname* Jokes Counter
Justin Laing
Justin Laing - 22 days ago
I love canned cranberry
Jacob Williams
Jacob Williams - 22 days ago
Low-key brought to you by: Kroger
deinemuddaisdoof - 23 days ago
all beans, no bush
XxFerexX - 23 days ago
i purposely missed this episode to watch the Steven Universe movie
Emmanuel Cordero
Emmanuel Cordero - 23 days ago
All beans, no bush. - Rhett
Sophia Rogers
Sophia Rogers - 23 days ago
Kroger’s stonks:
Libby - 24 days ago
I refuse to eat any canned tuna that isnt Costco’s. It is by FAR the best on the market!
Evilpancake221 - 24 days ago
Please do a carb vs carb free taste test
Jesse Rigney
Jesse Rigney - 24 days ago
Ndaraja Dejesus
Ndaraja Dejesus - 25 days ago
Link is always choking 😂😂😂😂
Thot Slayer
Thot Slayer - 25 days ago
Kroger and Kirkland are by far the best at having good tasting store brand food. Especially Kirkland. The Costco I live near sells roasted in house chicken, and a lot of their readymade dinners are made with the leftover chicken and it’s always amazing.
Only problem with Costco is you have to buy months worth at a time because it’s a wholesale store.
rocknroller 77
rocknroller 77 - 25 days ago
Ralph's has the best friend chicken
i Chief
i Chief - 25 days ago
im from Cincinnati , we know all about that Kroger brand .
Amadeo Trujillo
Amadeo Trujillo - 25 days ago
The pigeon joke was hilarious 😂
T Rev
T Rev - 25 days ago
Points at the Wal-Mart one "this tastes like specialty". 😂😂😂
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