21 018
ImThe BestNoob
ImThe BestNoob - 13 hours ago
Alan Nicholls
Alan Nicholls - 14 hours ago
You only got to Small Baby?I got to Bigger Baby
Eric Naulak
Eric Naulak - 21 hour ago
You net to eat the baby food
Ryder Oofing Da house
Ryder Oofing Da house - 21 hour ago
Biggest? I’m Bigger.
The Cappers
The Cappers - Day ago
Hi pat and gen your channels are awesome 😎
Lol 3:32 Molly’s my dogs name!
Daryl Roselle
Daryl Roselle - Day ago
Uh you guys could just buy
Baby food +20 bigness
Big baby food +60 bigness
Mega baby food +120 bigness
Soooo you guys should watch itsfunneh
Mary Llewelyn
Mary Llewelyn - 2 hours ago
Its up to them
DA GACHA gabry 2nd life
Minecraft intro: plays roblox
Linda Scott
Linda Scott - 2 days ago
You look cute baby and you are baby Pat and Jen🍼🐁 baby mouse🎂💘🍇🍌🍓🍉🍏🍎 babies eat fruit juice🍶
Robert McRegan
Robert McRegan - 2 days ago
I love you so much Pat
Kaylee Mason
Kaylee Mason - 2 days ago
Pat jen do a Part2 please
Kaylee Mason
Kaylee Mason - 2 days ago
Pat is 1 creepy baby
Kaylee Mason
Kaylee Mason - 2 days ago
Ahhhh creepy. Baby
Laura Pelletier
Laura Pelletier - 2 days ago
I Play that game!!!
Lyric Noel
Lyric Noel - 14 hours ago
What is it? I know it's roblox but what is the specific game?
Sky cookie
Sky cookie - 3 days ago
8:10 i was laughing so hard i cried
Josue Pina
Josue Pina - Day ago
Not that funny
Sky cookie
Sky cookie - 3 days ago
Pat:i got a white rabbit
Jen:ohhh me too
Me: is a white cat
Daniel Patton
Daniel Patton - 3 days ago
Pat I’ve sent you a friend request and I’ve sent one to you Jen, can y’all accept?
Brentz Escarian
Brentz Escarian - 3 days ago
Has anyone noticed that jen is kissing a baby?

Shaelee Arrison
Shaelee Arrison - 2 days ago
Yas yes indeed my friend Are we friends..
Kearra Alegre
Kearra Alegre - 4 days ago
Pat u guys know lm huge baby now there lol! Leave a like if ur baby GOD
Devon Gentry
Devon Gentry - 4 days ago
What is love?
Jen: Oh no baby don't hurt me!!
Emily Knight
Emily Knight - 5 days ago
Please make another video of this part 2
Emily Knight
Emily Knight - 5 days ago
Hi Jan I love your videos my favorite video that you made is baby simulator
Emily Knight
Emily Knight - 5 days ago
Your eyes you had the pacifier in your baby simulator video
Emily Knight
Emily Knight - 5 days ago
Hi Jen I love you videos my favorite one is where you play baby simulator are you even a scribe and hit the notification bell and I’ll leave the
Lori Hutchison
Lori Hutchison - 6 days ago
It is a cat jen
Iytier Brunson
Iytier Brunson - 6 days ago
I love that the title is like realy bad on grammer
VOdOxGaMiNg GL - 6 days ago
Lol i think Jen Has more Views than pat xD
Timothy Glavin
Timothy Glavin - 6 days ago
abby cutright
abby cutright - 6 days ago
omg no time stamp sorry dut pat cann be like sally (sal ) face's brother
Dangerous BLR
Dangerous BLR - 6 days ago
omg ur content still amazes me after 6 years
Sixta mae Alonzo
Sixta mae Alonzo - 6 days ago
I subscribe
Tracy Eadie
Tracy Eadie - 6 days ago
misty is a cat
Max Kulich
Max Kulich - 7 days ago
how many likes is how many times they said "drink"
kelly vieira
kelly vieira - 7 days ago
You should of swapped hair
Mary Haokip
Mary Haokip - 8 days ago
Ryder Wahs
Ryder Wahs - 8 days ago
do a serceres
john ortiga
john ortiga - 8 days ago
beat me in 260000M
D O - 8 days ago
Ooof rip jen😂
Michael Osborne
Michael Osborne - 8 days ago
STOP!!!!!!!! Big baby
Stephanie Valenta
Stephanie Valenta - 10 days ago
IriyHe r7ttthfyd
Vienna Vaessen
Vienna Vaessen - 10 days ago
16:30 HAHAHAHAA! I watchers that part alot
manda m.
manda m. - 11 days ago
No you are not but it's funneh is the biggest baby but you are to but just not bigger then her
James Thomas
James Thomas - 12 days ago
Margarita Cruz
Margarita Cruz - 13 days ago
If you look at the baby blockes you can see its def but it sounds like death
Lily Sue
Lily Sue - 13 days ago
You were just kissing baby girl
Its Procent
Its Procent - 14 days ago
House My Baby Do A Can Red
Its Procent
Its Procent - 14 days ago
Roatn Baby Roblox
Emma Lorusso
Emma Lorusso - 14 days ago
im poor in roblox
wahab polk
wahab polk - 15 days ago
Im a big fan of you two.
Ginevra Putman
Ginevra Putman - 15 days ago
If they would switch hats then it would look normal
Julia Fuentes
Julia Fuentes - 14 days ago
Nononono sorry im rong your right
Julia Fuentes
Julia Fuentes - 14 days ago
They don't have hats
Julia Fuentes
Julia Fuentes - 14 days ago
No they need to get hair
Darcy Mathis
Darcy Mathis - 15 days ago
jen is a fat baby
Jose Bayardo
Jose Bayardo - 17 days ago
7:09 to 7:31 Jen was drinking milk then kissing another baby
Reshonda Jackson
Reshonda Jackson - 18 days ago
I don't wanna brag but I'm a baby rage witch is bigger than that
Sydney Reaux
Sydney Reaux - 18 days ago
Did anyone else notice Jen say she got a white rabbit but she actually got a white cat LOL
cheats one
cheats one - 19 days ago
I hate the big baby's that are killing you botH
Christie Fenton
Christie Fenton - 19 days ago
Why is your hair like that
Molly Kirtley
Molly Kirtley - 20 days ago
I am called Molly and I broke my toe
George Lewis
George Lewis - 20 days ago
jen rules
Deb Duran
Deb Duran - 21 day ago
I'm not Deb. I'm. Caleb
Deb Duran
Deb Duran - 21 day ago
I like pat
And close
I like. Frostbite.
Clifford Johnson
Clifford Johnson - 21 day ago
I love you and pat but you are the best
Clifford Johnson
Clifford Johnson - 21 day ago
You are the best jen
Stanford Pines
Stanford Pines - 21 day ago
whos here after they announced their breakup?😢
purity - 21 day ago
💖 Jen
ジ t e a r d r o p s ジ
I think i m the biggest baby or not ;-;
Spacekid 1279
Spacekid 1279 - 21 day ago
Could you trade with pat for the hair
Unspeakablegaming - 21 day ago
_So sad you broke up, but as long as you are happy_
Mick Wilko
Mick Wilko - 22 days ago
Atomic Flere
Atomic Flere - 22 days ago
Baby's now trying to make money 😏
Kendra Co
Kendra Co - 22 days ago
Jen when you were in the hat store you were drinking milk and ate the same time you were bumbing the baby
Zoe Z
Zoe Z - 22 days ago
Um I’ve gotten to like 1100 lamo
Sylvia S
Sylvia S - 23 days ago
You should play more
The Incredible Vlogger My Name Is Haley
Jen I Tried To Draw Your Normal Roblox Self I Hope You like it On My Notebook
The Incredible Vlogger My Name Is Haley
@AnnaBelleNuggiesArenice :D Thank You So Much For The Like:)
AnnaBelleNuggiesArenice :D
That’s so sweet! I liked :)
Silver diamond !
Silver diamond ! - 23 days ago
Congrats on winning the shorty awards
BeastBoy - 25 days ago
Play Tower Battles in rodlox
Kristina Papa
Kristina Papa - 25 days ago
btw your amazing
luka bb
luka bb - 26 days ago
i play that☺
Team Brooks
Team Brooks - 26 days ago
I Love you guys
Gacha Moonstar
Gacha Moonstar - 27 days ago
I’m sorry Jen but you didn’t get a bunny! 😊
Paula White
Paula White - 27 days ago
I’m a baby rage in this game

+ this game was made in 2019
Gibo King
Gibo King - 27 days ago
janice mcarthur
janice mcarthur - 29 days ago
That sounded so bad pat said I'm getting so much money from drinking
Fredster Fredster
Fredster Fredster - 29 days ago
your going down girl,your going down lol =D
Mayra Chacon
Mayra Chacon - Month ago
Hey Pat I got that kind of hair to.
Vivian Morales
Vivian Morales - Month ago
Guys play more.dungeon quest
Taslim Aktar
Taslim Aktar - Month ago
Hi I'm a girl not man
Oof Oof Oof Oof Oof Oof Oof Oof Oof Oof
If u put it on 0,75x jen and Pat sound drunk xD
Destructo 191
Destructo 191 - Month ago
Jen name your white cat cloud since you have a cat named cloud
Iris Dao
Iris Dao - Month ago
Oof I'm late watching
LilAndLex Challenges
LilAndLex Challenges - Month ago
It's a White cat,not a rabbit.You should've looked at the name
Sorrowful Dilo
Sorrowful Dilo - Month ago
Ralph pergola
Ralph pergola - Month ago
i played this game and im a bigger baby
Imogen Connor
Imogen Connor - Month ago
Aimee Messerschmidt
Aimee Messerschmidt - Month ago
Love ❤️ both of you
Rise Ryan
Rise Ryan - Month ago
I died when Pat said that her mother is probably in the hospital!! Like if u know what this means. I just can't say it
Sheppy - Month ago
Happiness 3000
Spoilers ALERT in endgame

Iron man before he dies : i luv you 3000
joana abeto
joana abeto - Month ago
wait why is it jen is blind its an cat not rabbit like if u agree
Hadyn Leavens
Hadyn Leavens - Month ago
When i pkayed this game i spawned right on a giant babys butt
Cupcake Paradise
Cupcake Paradise - Month ago
Pat so *spookay!* (when he has the mask on)
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