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Star Wars Theory
Star Wars Theory - Month ago
Did you ever hear...
So how do you think he'll return?
Darth Nihilus the best Sith
He could be a force ghost
Michael Verdon
Michael Verdon - 3 days ago
It’s really hard to say you do have all good theory ideas I like them all I don’t know for sure though but I can see why you are saying what you’re saying they are all good possible points
PAOK History
PAOK History - 3 days ago
Anakin supposed to be the choosen one, who would destroy the Sith and bring balance to the Force and that's excactly what he did by killing Palpatine. If Palpatine returns then the legend of the choosen one would de destroyed and they can't do that because that legend is a very important and basic part of the entire star wars story. So the Sith Order is dead. This serie of villain characters cannot return, according to the original story, of course.
Superhero Gamer
Superhero Gamer - Hour ago
He will bring dearth jar jar
BIG SEKS - 2 hours ago
I still think it’s jar jar binks who is eldered and his voice is kinda raw because of all the evil things he did in his lifetime and of course the age
Cheesy Boi_GS
Cheesy Boi_GS - 2 hours ago
You've come up with 3 dope ass theories. One of them is bound to be right
Paco - 2 hours ago
Disney star wars working on ruining more OT characters
Adam D
Adam D - 4 hours ago
Wait... what happened to momin
An Internet user that could be anyone
In the movie: Sees the destroyed star destroyer ruins and finds an old message from Darth Sodious laughing 🤓
Bill Matthews
Bill Matthews - 7 hours ago
Maybe it’s just me, but the laughter sounds more like the Joker than the Emperor.
Darth Revan
Darth Revan - 8 hours ago
He could have clone him self before ha ha
Red Lightning
Red Lightning - 10 hours ago
Awesome theories. Rise of Skywalker will most likely be the best Star Wars movie ever.
Ryan_Marshall_GA - 18 hours ago
..umm, you mean do what your brain does best, which is...lure subscribers to your channel and make more money. It must be really nice to have enough money that you don't have to work but instead be able to go to conventions and hang out with others of your caliber. Of course I will be surprised if this comment isn't taken down, but I will be very glad to see these subversive strategies finally banned by YouTube, and more interesting forms of entertainment take center stage.
Snoop Log
Snoop Log - 21 hour ago
You used the half life citizen voice actor
Monztr_M - Day ago
We're forgetting that Palpatine never died, nor figuratively died in any other way, at the end of Return of the Jedi. He lived on as a force ghost, and his real "death" was when he lost control of a force storm and it consumed him. I think it is likely that he was flung into the future, where finding a suitable body wouldn't be hard and he could use his existing power to gain control of the first order, since Snoke was apparently unable to survive merely being cut in half.
Glotch - Day ago
General Hux is Palpatine. He looks strikingly similar to Palpatine in his younger years.
Sunset Rider
Sunset Rider - Day ago
I like this, but I think it’s too complicated of a concept for mass audiences.
Electrics - Day ago
he didnt want to punish him. darth vader could have beaten him easily at full power. he specifically sent him after obi to lose his limbs so he could not overpower the emperor, like the emperor did his teacher
wildshape - Day ago
That's all very nice but the makers of the new star wars movies don't care about star wars lor and just want to make funky movies
Don Kaiser
Don Kaiser - Day ago
Great video and possible theories!!!
I look forward to more of your videos as we get closer to the films release 😁👍
There should be a darth Vader stand-alone movie detailing the events after episode 3 and before episode 4
Terry Rosario
Terry Rosario - Day ago
Kathleen Kennedy sucks
Firth Laist
Firth Laist - Day ago
Well, if Emperor Palpatine (aka Darth Sparkles), can shoot frickin’ bolts of lightning from his fingers, perform horizontal spinny jumps, before taking down three jedi in moments ...then I think surviving a fall isn’t so far fetched.
Alexander Faust
Alexander Faust - Day ago
Damn dude...just, well done. You have an impressive collection of evitable theories here. Love your content.
Mark Heimsness
Mark Heimsness - Day ago
In case nobody has noticed, they dont go as deep into things in the movies as they do the books and comics. There will be no possessed helmet or possessing anyone else. Guaranteed!
SLICEandDICE - 2 days ago
If they make ROTJ Palpatine a clone JJ would get some serious hate I want them to take risks but not that steep.
Chance Schwartz
Chance Schwartz - 2 days ago
As much as i love sidious, him returning really undermines the beauty of the ending of the original trilogy.
the man Ko
the man Ko - 2 days ago
20years later

How Thanos will return in Avengers 9
Gaurav Prakash
Gaurav Prakash - Day ago
Imagine if marvel told the fake mandarin in iron man 3 was actually the real mandarin just acting as a fake actor and was actually manupulating others
BadLeo612 - 2 days ago
BUUUUULLSHIT!!! He is not back and this is not confirmed.
Toon Shroom
Toon Shroom - 3 days ago
Palpatine: good, now put me in the movie.
Director: I shouldn't, it's not the continuity way.
Palpatine: Dew it
friedsmokeninja - 3 days ago
I think 3/4 a man because he still had little nubs kickin
Nathan - 3 days ago
This is too good to happen
Michael Verdon
Michael Verdon - 3 days ago
I even think palpatine is too powerful to be honest I didn’t even know he was that powerful until hearing these theories but I’m just saying man he really is that powerful it even drives me a little crazy he’s just too powerful isn’t he lol 😂😂
Valentiu Constantin Grigorescu G
He will return as

Steven - 3 days ago
Who cares !!! .... Disney & JJ moron have no talent!!.... Boycott Disney Star Wars & STOP supporting mediocrity!!!
HyperKineticNerd - 3 days ago
Matthew Li
Matthew Li - 3 days ago
Adam Skinner
Adam Skinner - 3 days ago
We can only hope this happens! Otherwise star wars is lost.
sawmaniac - 3 days ago
Rey: "I know what you did to Darth Plagueis, YOU KILLED HIM IN HIS SLEEP!"
perry92964 - 3 days ago
he is going to return the same way leia survived in space, diisney has no idea what to do with star wars they tried something it failed so now there going to go back to what worked before in hopes to bring in box office bucks
Lemon Espio
Lemon Espio - 3 days ago
If you put subtitles on the trailer it says emperor evil laughs
Heebejeebes's Corner
Heebejeebes's Corner - 3 days ago
I've subscribed to the theory that Rey is a female Palpatine clone since the beginning. SHe might be female, but it would be quite easy for a master of cloning to switch a chromosome and make a female version of themself. Perhaps to throw people off. It would explain why Rey's parents are no one, it would explain why she uses Palpatine's fighting style vs Kylo in Ep7, and it would explain her raw force abilities.
yyc_ adam
yyc_ adam - 3 days ago
Your last theory where kylo get redeemed and Rey falls to the dark side and then they team up to defeat mala... sorry Palpatine sounds quite familiar...
dontgetcocky - 3 days ago
So in other words this minimizes what Luke did in Return of the Jedi, just more of Disney wrecking Luke.
Josh Ontko
Josh Ontko - 4 days ago
Possessed items, like a helmet that is smashed and then put back together?
DJI Senord
DJI Senord - 4 days ago
Palpatine/Sidious shouldn't come back. Lucas/Disney need to let these old characters stay dead. Start new legacies and different story lines. The SWU (Star Wars Universe) is so vast there is room for new stories, new ideas. Let the Skywalkers, the Kenobies, the Vaders and all of the old ones go to the history books. This is one reason the franchise has lost it's overall value in the last 15 years.
Adrian Wakinshaw
Adrian Wakinshaw - 4 days ago
And then we will have peace ...
weallbfree - 4 days ago
So in other words... Episode 6 never happened. Listen guys, if you're going to erase an episode from Star Wars lore, can you make it that Episode 8 stinkburger?
T 23
T 23 - 4 days ago
None of these why... because there all good. Sadly.
Blake Wright
Blake Wright - 4 days ago
My thought is that Palpatine is the embodiment of the dark side. He never dies,but is always there, waiting for the unbalance of the force to make itself manifest. Then he has to die to bring balance back...but he never truly goes away....or something along those lines.
Danny_Boon Josh M.
Danny_Boon Josh M. - 4 days ago
Would it be farfetched to have a theory in which Palpatine pulled a Luke at the end of Ep.8? Hes incredibly powerful and was very knowledgeable in the force, I don't think it would have been a technique he didnt know to create a projection like Luke did and take it a step further and have the projection also use the force. This wouldnt be my preferred theory, I'd much rather them explore the force sensitive clone stuff more.
Antony Asteriz
Antony Asteriz - 4 days ago
Rsy is a clone of princesse Leia
Antony Asteriz
Antony Asteriz - 4 days ago
His body was incinerated
Anthony Oliver Parker
Anthony Oliver Parker - 4 days ago
Then there is Star Killer! He supposedly died in the first game! But comes back in the second game! And don’t give that junk about him being a Clone! A clone couldn’t do all that!
Anthony Oliver Parker
Anthony Oliver Parker - 4 days ago
Besides they wouldn’t just make us play a simple Clone in one of the most highly anticipated sequels of that time! Just saying
Chewie Sparrow
Chewie Sparrow - 4 days ago
It's no surprise that the Emperor is gonna be back in some form for Return of...Rise of Skywalker. JJ Abrams can't come up with original shit. The Force Awakens was a copy of A New Hope. How can he remake Return of the Jedi without the Emperor? That would require actually coming up with a new idea.
Rabid Fanboy
Rabid Fanboy - 4 days ago
No one's going to like how he actually "returns." And yes, it's as lame as you think it is: he is simply part of an old transmission.
That's it. The whole plot of Episode IX is that they assemble a transmitter to transmit a message from Luke to the entire galaxy (that's also where the "Rise of Skywalker" title comes from). More lameness from lame-ass Disney.
Gandolf Fun
Gandolf Fun - 4 days ago
I think she will find Darth Vader’s Lightsaber
Yusuke Urameshi
Yusuke Urameshi - 4 days ago
Palpatine is a hologram recording that swayed Ben to the dark side. That's it.
Linda Muvic
Linda Muvic - 4 days ago
Return of the Jedi was all a dream?
ImOldGregg o0O
ImOldGregg o0O - 4 days ago
He can be like Darth Sion
C.X. A.
C.X. A. - 4 days ago
His name isn’t Obi-One. It’s Obi-Wan.
Dorakin Warhammer
Dorakin Warhammer - 4 days ago
If Disney is going to Milk this cow it will be a mechanism that will allow Sith to possess force users. It doesn't have to be Rey, maybe Leia. The audience could perhaps see Palpatines image in mirrors or windows as possessed Leia manipulates the resistance into weakness or internal turmoil. Guiding Kylo via dreams of power in becoming Darth Vader. Rey could be the vessel Palpatine wants because of her raw power, and only the combined efforts of all the skywalkers (force ghosts and living) to shut down the pandora's box of sith possessions. Skywalking becomes a mystic thing where one learns space exorcisms and merges the idea of Jedi with Constantine. man, these drugs are good...
Cole Birch
Cole Birch - 5 days ago

bruh the script says hes a hologram
Jamal Baker
Jamal Baker - 5 days ago
Did you ever hear the tragedy of George Lucas the Wise?
Tyler Clark
Tyler Clark - 5 days ago
My personal theory is that Rey is a Sidious clone that Sidious planned to throw the Galaxy off the scent of his continued existence. I feel like she'll be possessed by Palpatine, who then is forced out of her as a Luke-styled astral projection when Rey fights him internally.
She has Force sensitivity that scares even Luke, who says he hasn't seen that much power since.... And we all assume that's Ben. But what if he's talking about Palpatine?
It adds up. It'd be a parentage twist that nobody sees coming, in a true Lucas-eque fashion. I know it won't happen exactly like this, or likely anything like it, but I'd love to see this.
Chewie Sparrow
Chewie Sparrow - 4 days ago
Because Abrams isn't inventive. Come on, he called the heroine of the new trilogy Rey. Rey, ray, as in ray of sunshine in a dark universe. She's the new new hope, just like A Force Awakens is a remake of A New Hope. Regardless of the storyline, Rey will be the good guy and will 'restore the light.' And when that predictable shit happens everyone will start thinking The Last Jedi at least had some twists in it. Abrams will come up with some bland shit that we've already seen.
Adam Collins
Adam Collins - 5 days ago
I'm sorry, but on a scale of 1 to 10 on how dead someone is, Palpatine's an 11. First he fell a super long distance, then he exploded, then the thing he fell down collapsed and exploded, then the thing that thing was in exploded, with the reckage floating around space with nobody in a position to launch a rescue mission. And then, even if palpatine somehow survives the fall, and the explosion cubed, and the empty vacuum of space, he would still have to live til the sequels, which take place some 30 years after the original triology, and old Palpy wasn't a young man the last time why saw him, he was 60-70 in ROTS, and the orig trig takes place 20 years after that, so he would be rocking 110 years under his belt in episode IX, assuming there isn't another significant time jump, so even if he survived the death gauntlet that was his death star explosion and somehow wasn't greatly hindered by the injuries he surely would have sustained,he probably would've died of old age by the time he reached the sequels.
He is dead, dead, dead, dead, so very much dead, more dead than anybody I could imagine, (at least Dooku or Grevious could've had their heads stored in a jar offscreen), and I will not be taking any explanation Disney us gives for his survival, and will just have to assume that the new Palpatine is his perhaps less evil twin brother born 50 years after the original Palpatine, since that is more believable than the notion that anybody could survive just one of the things that happened to Palpatine, let alone all of them in such quick succession.
Brian Birch
Brian Birch - 5 days ago
Reeling, my mind is!
Rune Foshaug
Rune Foshaug - 5 days ago
When Vader threw Palpatine over that ledge, there's no reason to assume that he died from the fall. The Death Star 2 has a radius of about 80 kilometers. There's no way Palpatine fell all the way to the central reactor within a couple of seconds. The "flux" coming up was Palpatine's lighting bolts as he fell. After the fall, Luke had time to drag Anakins body and suit to a shuttle and leave the Death Star before it exploded. Why shouldn't Palpatine survive his fall and have plenty of time to escape? No need for Dark Side hocus pocus. He fell. He used the Force to steer his way to a shaft or ledge on the side (like Luke did in Cloud City). He walked into a shuttle and escaped. Easy peasy.
bluedrumble - 5 days ago
This is the most fuckin annoying thing of the web. Could we just fuckin wait and see what will happen in the movie? Not gonna watch this video.
Joseph Mattos
Joseph Mattos - 5 days ago
Enjoyed the video bro, thanks for the time and effort to make it👍🏻 Keep it up!
William The Wolf
William The Wolf - 5 days ago
another reason I hate about that guy he only care's about him self he is the vary thing that I stay on both the dark and the light side of the force and I have my right eye still filled with crimson red full of hate and my left still calm and normal for I am a dakmar and we control our own actions we stay in the shadow's to serve the light just as that human said in that game assassins creed for we control our darkness the darkness does not control us
James DeRuvo
James DeRuvo - 6 days ago
Someone is overthinking it.
gregory c
gregory c - 6 days ago
what do meesa tinks about episode ix???????? meesa tink it gonna sux....
David Eagin
David Eagin - 6 days ago
I don't think Palpatine was aware that Vader may turn back to the light in Return of the Jedi. "Your overconfidence is your weakness." I think the one hole in Palaptine's armor was the fact that he took Vader 100% for granted. Never in his wildest dreams did he think Vader would turn against him and the dark side, for as strong as he was, still clouded his vision. Palpatine could no longer see the light at all. Which is why Palpatine so arrogantly goaded Luke and made numerous references to owning Vader right in front of him.

This would also explain why Palpatine seems completely tone-deaf when it comes to Luke. He really thinks Luke just wants power and that he will turn Luke to the dark side easily. Spend as long as Palpatine did in the dark and you won't be able to see the light any longer.
David Eagin
David Eagin - 6 days ago
"Let the past die, kill it if you must."

"Okay, everyone says our movies suck, let's bring back the ultimate bad guy and hopefully people will want to watch the last movie."
james Maillet
james Maillet - 5 days ago
How about you die..if you..or they don't want to watch well go back downstairs and swim down your mother's leg where your dad left the best part of you.
Torwyn11 - 6 days ago
A horcrux. Really?
Salubrious Soul
Salubrious Soul - 6 days ago
Who cares? Star Wars is ruined.
Primal Voltra
Primal Voltra - 6 days ago
All of them combined so in case someone finds one he will have mutiple plans
Doug Dunleavy
Doug Dunleavy - 6 days ago
Cool theories, but let's be honest, we are dealing with Disney. They will find a way to make this as vanilla and uninvolved as possible. Ep9 has a mountain to climb to make up for the heaping pile of garbage ep8 was, and I don't have the faith in Disney or JJ to pull it off.
Some Guy
Some Guy - 6 days ago
I feel bad for any kid that watches this disney crap and actually likes it. This shits retarded at this point and jj's just showing how much of a un-inspired hack he really is. Ok bringing back palpatine is stupid af... His part 7 was already a ripoff of the original part 4 so he is very obviously remaking part 6.... Seriously... pay someone a thousand bucks that has a actual brain.... to write you a actual script. JJ must be both arrogant and stupid af, palpatine jesus that's just sad.
Pissing on the horse they already killed and are too tired to beat anymore.
Revilod 2000
Revilod 2000 - 6 days ago
You're talking about canon then you switch to legends for Grievous. In canon Grievous did that to himself. He sees them as improvements.
BIGG BOI - 6 days ago
The robot clone in BATTLE FRONT 2! PALPATINE had lots of them
farakan Cartman
farakan Cartman - 6 days ago
The whole time jar jar was dark plagus
The Sufi M.D
The Sufi M.D - 6 days ago
I hate liking theories then being disappointed with what actually happens.
Mr.Jankson - 6 days ago
I think that Episode 9 is already doomed to fail UNLESS they manage to fit this just about perfectly. If this movie can make even make the previous 2 movies seem amazing (let alone just it being amazing), then there will be hope.
wulf xan
wulf xan - 6 days ago
couldn’t you apply these to snoke also
Ben Norvell
Ben Norvell - 7 days ago
What if Sidious discovered Force Projection before Luke and Vader merely thinks he killed his master but it was an illusion?
mark borishnikoff
mark borishnikoff - 6 days ago
That's not how force projection works.
Razzle Snazzle
Razzle Snazzle - 7 days ago
What does it matter? No one is going to see IX. Star Wars Fail
Thereal Brogers
Thereal Brogers - 7 days ago
First thoery has to be right... palpatine used darth vaders helmet. as this catalyst. One of the only few pieces of the past left...why else would they show the helmet in the new movies.
VincentG991 - 7 days ago
I think when Luke was looking for artifacts of Sidous he stumbled across a small abandoned cloning facility and all the tubes we’re shattered and no one was there.... he continued to search around until he stumbled onto one tube and saw a young girl floating, a young Rey in the only tube left. Luke couldn’t just leave her there to die. So he saved Rey and dumped her on Jakku.
Levi Sellick
Levi Sellick - 7 days ago
Snoke had red armour dudes
So did papletine
Stephen Philip
Stephen Philip - 7 days ago
Palpatine's return was clearly demonstrated in TLJ.. I believe that's the best way to bring him back. I believe all these theories are intricate for general audience.. or else it's better they don't explain his return.
OldAgitator - 7 days ago
You lost me at Ewoks
yakuza01 - 7 days ago
Oh god, they are going to render Darth Vader's sacrifice in ROTJ completely pointless now? Faaaaantastic! (sarcasm)
Dave Rowland
Dave Rowland - 5 days ago
Well, I don't know about pointless. Even if Mr. Wrinkles does return, Darth Vader's sacrifice did at least accomplish saving Luke and therefore allowing the Jedi practice to continue even if later little black riding hood is to return.
BbGaming Xb
BbGaming Xb - 7 days ago
I thought Snoke Was Mace Windo
steven oneill
steven oneill - 7 days ago
Its not Palpatine what if it's Vader who is back because he exsponged the light out of himself and all the Sith lords that came before him live inside him now and killing is not the Jedi way.
SARISS80 - 8 days ago
The trailer indicates Rey will be working with her side kicks though out the movie so I doubt she turn evil Ren is constantly attacking them so he's the evil
Joshua Furlong
Joshua Furlong - 8 days ago
I really hope JJ Abrams listens to this video
Jose Prendes
Jose Prendes - 8 days ago
Palpatine will be a hologram.
carlbman - 8 days ago
maybe he didn't die in 6
drpwnzz - 8 days ago
Whats the music at the end?
gregory wade
gregory wade - 8 days ago
He's already stated he's not going to be in the movie. Dumb ass...
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