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Star Wars Theory
Star Wars Theory - 2 months ago
Did you ever hear...
So how do you think he'll return?
Happy Gamer
Happy Gamer - 6 days ago
Interesting theory
Jared sciGuy
Jared sciGuy - 10 days ago
I think they making Vitiates story, Disney-fied so that we will just barely hate/love it
Shawn Hopscotch
Shawn Hopscotch - 13 days ago
You forgot the ideas presented in Star Wars The Old Republic. In the Sith Inquisitor story. Tulak Hord had made a machine that could transfer a soul from one body to another. The Sith Emperor (Sith Pureblood Tenebrous aka Vitiate aka Valkorion) took things one step further by learning how to devour all life on planets, transfer his soul from one body to another *at will*, or remain completely incorporeal. And then there is Exar Kun who developed a type of immortality machine on Yavin.
Steven Ciechan
Steven Ciechan - 16 days ago
The theory about the suit, is not true because Darth Vader had a meditation chamber where he could take off his suit.
Steven Ciechan
Steven Ciechan - 16 days ago
Palpatine Mastered the power of his master, I can’t remember his name, however that is the reason why he killed him because he didn’t Need him anymore.
Kainoa Obenchain
Kainoa Obenchain - 3 hours ago
I know what will happen
SO palpatine could know how to open a portal to bring back Vader or Anakin
BECAUSE IT IS STAR WARS RISE OF SKYWALKER rise! Palpatine could bring back Vader then anakin will probably chop off palpatines head
Boba Frett
Boba Frett - 12 hours ago
I can't shake this feeling.... i think Ben will turn to the Light(after seeing his own mother die right before his eyes).... after all... IF Rey is not a Skywalker... Ben is the last Skywalker.... and Ben will take up the mantle of being the last Skywalker... and Rise as a Skywalker to defeat Palpatine with the help of Ghost Luke....
david purina
david purina - 18 hours ago
Palpatine returns in a pair of mrs kennedys crotchless panties and whoever wears them is "Palpatine Kennedy", (Destroyer of the universe) Damn they ruined star wars, but we still have you, thank God. They really need to hire you man
Iron Giant
Iron Giant - Day ago
If the Senate truly does return, I just hope that the force ghosts of all the jedi he's killed come out of a portal and rip him apart, then drag his soul into hell.
spartacus36526 - 2 days ago
Palpatine in Episode VI was a clone.... mind BLOWN. My head explodes.
Harold White
Harold White - 2 days ago
I don't know why you're opposed to making longer videos. I'd watch more of them if they were as layered as they could be. Even the fan fic and theory videos are too short.
peter morriss
peter morriss - 2 days ago
I hope Ray is a clone, it would make the most sense and would make me so happy, kind of save her from being a Mary Sue. The technology is there in the story line and would only have gotten better since the Clone Wars. That mirror scene really makes me hopeful and would explain so much. Please Disney.
scorptarget - 2 days ago
Watch Disney do this...the only way to truly make a new trilogy and burn it all down since they know this is a train wreck they will make Rey a clone of Luke’s severed hand which is why coincidentally in the mirror scene in the cave in The Last Abomination she snaps her fingers as an acknowledgement of the hand working and sees nothing but herself....Good Old Sheev Palpy comes back and has the true pure apprentice he has been longing for! Roll Credits...puppet Yoda twerks and does the floss dance in the background lmao haha 😂 haha 😂😂😂
Black Tsukuyomi
Black Tsukuyomi - 2 days ago
I don’t think sidious possessed vadars helmet cause it was known that he would take it off frequently to practice breathing in his chamber
Alogo Conor
Alogo Conor - 3 days ago
In your clip it shows footage of many large tanks on both sides of the screen encasing bodies connected with cloning. Could you please tell me where this footage comes from? Thanks in advance
Saladin Shadowmoon
Saladin Shadowmoon - 3 days ago
Ok but how is snoke we need to know that before anything
Da sea pickle of justice
Revan comes back in the form of Sidius...
cheyyen - 4 days ago
I just had a crazy idea. Why nobody is talking about the fact that Disney is all time pulling off things that some elements of The Old Republic are canon. Now - who from TOR story knew about a technique of soul/conciousness transfer? Who did terrible things to gain power? Who manipulated the Sith Empire and the Republic into war? Also it would explain the real reason Anakin was created - for Vitiate to posess his body when his body will die. It might turn out that the Palpatine we know was never Palpatine :) good material for a video (Sorry for my english, its not my native language) :)
Pompey The Great
Pompey The Great - 4 days ago
I still think Snoke is Plagueis
David Martinez
David Martinez - 6 days ago
What if sidious learned the ancient ability of force alchemy and had clones. Specifically so he could heal himself? In the story dawn of the jedi we see this ability and how it is a dark side technique. Could be a possiblity that Sidious as one of the most knowledgable sith in histoy would know of this ability.
MrStreaty122 - 6 days ago
So this is a bit of a tangent off this same theory. What if Rey is one of two avatars of the Force incarnate? Ben would obviously be the other one. Watching episode 7 and 8 over and over I can't help but see the similarities to the Son and the Daughter from the Clone Wars and Rebels. The Son was the dark incarnate but felt remorse when he accidentally killed his sister, and the Sister was the light incarnate but became enraged when the Son wouldn't behave himself. Since they're both dead, the Father too, the Force doesn't have anyone to embody it, so they can't be re-incarnated. When Anakin was on Mortis, the Father told him the true meaning of being "The Chosen One" was to keep the Light and the Dark in check, and IMO is only possible when embodied by other powerful force wielders, and thus far only he and Anakin had the power to do so. When they all died, Anakin became the only creature in the galaxy who had the power to keep the Light and Dark in check, but since no one else was powerful enough he was the only one who could embody the Light, the Dark, and the balance that the Father represented which was part of the reason why he was so easily turned by Palpatine, easily turned when he had an extended interaction with Luke, and why he had this stoic demeanor in Episode 3. The 3 main sects of the Force were duking it out inside him and he literally could not control it anymore. After he died Luke was the closest thing to the Daughter and Palpatine was the closest thing to the Son. Since they're also both dead, and Snoke is no longer an option, Rey and Ben are the best choices to embody the Daughter and the Son. Ben for obvious reasons and Rey... well we'll soon find out. Ben says that he feels "the pull to the light." and Rey willingly embraced the dark when she thought it held the answer to who she is. They cooperated when Snoke threatened both of their existences but when push came to shove they... shoved. They're both avatars of the Force, re-incarnations of the Son and the Daughter embodying two thirds of the Force. So when I found out that the title of Episode 9 is "Rise of Skywalker" I think it means that Anakin will come back from the Force and again embody the Father, the balance, the last third of the Force that needs attention.
S.R. Jones
S.R. Jones - 6 days ago
Ray learning to swim is simple: SWIM OR DIE! MY DAD asked me in front of a cousin within a large rowboat near where the NC BRACKISH water White Oak River kisses the Inland Waterway + the Atlantic Ocean "can you swim?" Just before I I got pushed off & received a HARDCORE lesson (SANS ANY FLOAT ASSIST) in such (maybe you might have heard of ANY of them waterways - that last one is an @r$kicker, IMHO) I somehow had enough skills/instinct to swim back up to AIR.
Jacob Mendoza
Jacob Mendoza - 6 days ago
but what if rey is like some kind of force reincarnation of anakin
travis mcivor
travis mcivor - 7 days ago
No one cares lol.
Caleb Hazelton
Caleb Hazelton - 7 days ago
I keep having the feeling of he cheated death, it's a possibility he could have survived the fall and escaped the 2nd Death Star and he might possibly return either physically alive or a Force Ghost. I think he is more likely to be physically alive than being One with the Force
Harun Hecimovic
Harun Hecimovic - 4 days ago
Caleb Hazelton He did in legends
Tola Olufade
Tola Olufade - 8 days ago
Sudious most come back
Sir Memesly
Sir Memesly - 8 days ago
Didn’t he explode when darth vader threw hi. Down a pit
quaid - 8 days ago
You ever hear the tragedy of sheev palpy the wise
quaid - 8 days ago
He will come in doing a 920 spin and screaming at the top of his lungs
jz35 - 9 days ago
have the comics ever expanded what we know about snoke from the movies , or is he still a mystery ?
EP114587 - 9 days ago
This whole trilogy is garbage. Who cares about the next movie?
Ambokile Martin
Ambokile Martin - 9 days ago
Palpatine said" To cheat death is something that was achieved by one." At that time Sidious didn't know . That's why he said they needed to work together. Or the nigga could have just been bullshiting. To lure Anakin.
Auron - 10 days ago
3:30 I don't think so since he's been seen without the Mask inside a sort of healing tank in Rogue One
Megan Poupore
Megan Poupore - 10 days ago
What if the emperor actually just did the same thing as Darth Maul from the Phantom Menace
Kev Hicks
Kev Hicks - 11 days ago
Helmet theory of removing the was removed in Empire remember, he was in his chamber..
James Halfpenny
James Halfpenny - 12 days ago
I’m not really a fan of everyone coming back to life I mean death maul got chopped in half but still alive and the Emperor got thrown down a big hole just before exploring but still alive. Who’s next Jabba the Hutt
James Halfpenny
James Halfpenny - 12 days ago
I mean ‘exploding’ not ‘exploring’
Mr Blues_man2019
Mr Blues_man2019 - 12 days ago
What if he never died cause that blue light we saw when he supposedly died what if he used the force that can save lives to save himself something his former master couldn’t do
DarthSidious63 - 12 days ago
If it turns out that Rey is a female clone of Palpatine the audience will go completely berserk. My theory of Palpatine's return will have to do where Ezra Bridger was in the the Force it self with Ahsoka .
picard 5000
picard 5000 - 12 days ago
Palpatine coming back is one of JJ Abrams' stupidest script ideas. Dumber than "I bypassed the compressor".
Last place Rebel
Last place Rebel - 13 days ago
let SW die thx
Optimus Prime
Optimus Prime - 13 days ago
Palpatine fell 30 years into the future.
That Guy John
That Guy John - 13 days ago
Vader would regularly remove his helmet soo
Was never given A name
Was never given A name - 13 days ago
What would piss me off more is if they bring palatine back just to kill him off in 5 mins... because that’s something Disney would do.
Dylan Downright
Dylan Downright - 13 days ago
Rey should've been Luke's unknown daughter! Damn you Disney!
Donny Jackson
Donny Jackson - 13 days ago
“I’m afraid you’re theories will be quite operational when this FILM ARRIVES”
Jason Roberts
Jason Roberts - 13 days ago
He returns to remove Disney from Star Wars
keiichi maebara
keiichi maebara - 14 days ago
You know what be more scary than the emperor coming back for all the wrong reasons Jar jar binks he ends up being a seth Lord his main powers would be to annoy people to death lofl
TikTiz OMG
TikTiz OMG - 14 days ago
WAIT If Palpatine Is Back, He Would Bring His Aprientice Back... Anakin Or Darth Vader
White Rook
White Rook - 14 days ago
The only reason Palpatine is in this movie is because these people are soooooooooooooo brain dead and illogical they can not even conceive a new idea for a movie to make their millions because they failed to make millions on their last movies from their irrational storylines stupid theories on how the universe works and SJW bullcrap. And their excuse to destroy men's entertainment.
Achilles Jones
Achilles Jones - 14 days ago
Actually, I am loosing interest in SW. Palpatine coming back in flesh ?
Gavin - 14 days ago
I’m very sad that there trying being back someone from the past, this will ruin the whole storyline for Star Wars, if the “chosen one” was vader, that means all we learned in the past 6 movies is false, that would ruin everything I have learned and enjoyed about this saga.. DISNEY HE IS FROM THE PAST, IF HE COMES BACK STAR WARS IS RUINED THE STORYLINE WAS DESTROYING THE EMPEROR, cmon Disney...
Thing 1 & Thing 2 The Media Maniacs
Palpatine's body was incinerated when Vader threw him down the shaft
Jacob Tomlinson
Jacob Tomlinson - 14 days ago
Obviously Palpatine used a horcrux
David Barko
David Barko - 15 days ago
Just a shoutout to the magnificent TV series Utopia, where the picture for the thumbnail comes from. Ian McDiarmid is fantastic in the second season.
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