Why do cylindrical rockets roll?

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ray robbins
ray robbins - 25 minutes ago
They roll for the same reason a bullet rolls , STABILITY .
Milt Farrow
Milt Farrow - 4 hours ago
because the astro-nots listen to rock and roll?
Drake Magnum
Drake Magnum - 11 hours ago
Great video, very thorough.
John Paterson
John Paterson - 20 hours ago
Very interesting, thank you for being so thorough.
Alex Gibson
Alex Gibson - Day ago
Whoah, confused by use of X, Y, Z axes... I do a lot of customer 3D printing and the CAD community is split into Z = height from a build platform/drafting table and Z = depth away from the vertical window of your screen, swapped with Y. But everyone agrees X is left-right. It's all arbitrary so I'm interested in whether this is standard in a particular community and why?
jazz21977 - Day ago
bullets, arrows...darts.. etc.. are also set up to rotate (roll) (bullet's because of the barrel having a corkscrew groove, Arrows and darts, by putting the flights (feathers etc) slightly slanted)... for aerodynamic stability.. isn't that a factor too?
Jaakko Fagerlund
Jaakko Fagerlund - Day ago
Bullets and arrows do not have their own rocket engine to propel and guide them, so they are flying through the air by the amount of kinetic energy they got from the launch. They spin around their axis to keep the flight path more stable and not make it tumble too easily. Basically averaging out the wobblyness of the projectile. Rockets do not have to spin, as the engines can be used to correct the flight path mid flight.
Rick Skrovan
Rick Skrovan - Day ago
I don't know how you don't have more subscribers on this channel. Your videos are always so informational! Soon as my kids are old enough to comprehend what you are talking about, they will be watching your channel. Keep up the awesome work!
bongo fury
bongo fury - 2 days ago
“It’s due to racism”....AOC & The Squats.
FahmiRBLX - 2 days ago
Just a question for the nect video :
Why do American rockets that have more than two boosters tend to have the boosters not in a form that kinda 'wraps' the center core, while Russians with multi-boosters tend to 'wrap' around the booster?
Chris Martin
Chris Martin - 2 days ago
William Kevin
William Kevin - 2 days ago
What software are you using for the simulatuons?
gkiltz0 - 3 days ago
They roll because if they rocked thay would be uncontrolable
TransitBiker - 3 days ago
I am literally playing KSP right now as i design an apollo 11 tribute mission.
Beren Scott
Beren Scott - 3 days ago
Now the real question should be why in 3D space, are the spaceships in Star Trek always hanging out with each other in the same roll angle? They warp in through space, and just as they come out, they are meeting up with each other at the same sort of angle. Convenient really. Not very realistic.
Robert Doell
Robert Doell - 3 days ago
Some ideas well explained but falls short on most principles.
TWSTF 8 - 3 days ago
*-less- variables

*=fewer 😉🖖
Ironman2140 - 3 days ago
I don't know if this has been said but rolling helps with heating and cooling the craft as well once it reaches much (much) higher altitudes.
Great Basin Benz
Great Basin Benz - 3 days ago
Like a cable TV show: repeating the question, over, and over, and over.
Mike Diamond
Mike Diamond - 3 days ago
Tim, @13:23 you note the Command Module and the Saturn V had exactly opposite Y and Z coordinates but you don't exactly know why. Could it have something to do with the Transposition, Docking, and Extraction sequence? Once they spin the CM around the coordinates would be aligned. No?
andrea - 3 days ago
Fate Propaganda peggio dei comunisti . Noi abbiamo Pinocchio, e voi? I razzi e la Nasa? Piccoli bambini arrabbiati
8492 FPV
8492 FPV - 4 days ago
Яiск яоlliпg яоскет
stainlesslobster - 4 days ago
Stupid designs
James Peyton
James Peyton - 4 days ago
Very well explained without yards of BS. Very good video.
Woody615 - 4 days ago
So do the Soviet's name their launch pad . . . Rick?
Paul Allen
Paul Allen - 4 days ago
I'm exhausted after watching this!
Luke Padgett
Luke Padgett - 4 days ago
There should be a rocket named "Beethoven," don't you think?
Valeri Che
Valeri Che - 4 days ago
Can anyone explain me, why z axis in this video is in horizontal plane? It make sense if you talk about airplane, but rocket is designed to operate in vertical position... Z axis was always considered as height.
Everyday Astronaut
Everyday Astronaut - 4 days ago
It’s all relative to the pilots position
Timothy Stratton
Timothy Stratton - 4 days ago
that Chris Hadfield masterclass ad is the only ad I have ever watched all the way through on youtube. And I've watched it 3 times now!
Wallace McGuire
Wallace McGuire - 2 days ago
Timothy Stratton Lol, I took a screenshot of it and made a Facebook post that I actually watched a RUvideos ad to the end for the first time ever 😂 Good job Chris, you kept me interested!
yxhankun - 5 days ago
IMU= inertial management unit.
Remco Hoonte
Remco Hoonte - 5 days ago
"Why do cylindrical rockets roll?"
Are there non-cylindrical rockets?
Everyday Astronaut
Everyday Astronaut - 4 days ago
The space shuttle, delta IV Heavy, Falcon Heavy are not cylindrical as a whole, of course their cores are but the entire vehicle isn’t.
ruediix - 5 days ago
Your one line explanation at 5:25 was enough for me.
Of course on Kerbal Space Program, I go and completely align my rocket on the launch pad, including an inclination to start the the gravity turn. Hence the program is to shoot for prograde.
Adjusting the time of retaining the initial launch angle, and adjusting the delay between the booster and ascent stage give me two time periods to easily adjust pitch. Holding initial launch vector for longer raises the gravity turn, while waiting longer for activation of ascent stage lowers it. I can do the same as the ascent stage with my maintainer stage if I have one in my rocket.
ruediix - 5 days ago
I notice you use Kerbal Space Program for the simulation demo.
Great choice, I love that game for it's perfect balance of realism and fun!
M4B3THinSPACE - 5 days ago
You said it's to zero out the azimuth, so it takes the belly that's pointing due east and rotates it (the roll) to point in the direction we want it to be pointing so that we only need to just adjust yaw for the rest of the launch?
An idiot Plays
An idiot Plays - 5 days ago
So, everyday astronaut, are you gonna live stream the cbs rebroadcast of the apollo 11 launch
Beelzebul Klendathu
Beelzebul Klendathu - 5 days ago
What do cylinders usually do? They roll.
Denny D
Denny D - 6 days ago
great job
Wayne John Hinrichsen
Wayne John Hinrichsen - 6 days ago
All very interesting, but it's just an illusion to keep the sheeple happy, and working, and paying taxes, and staying asleep, and looking the other way, and not asking questions, and being a bunch of fools, and I could go on and on and on and on...
alaric aguila
alaric aguila - 6 days ago
Looks like that might be caused by the fact that the rocket is connected to a cable, to a balloon, which drags it across the sea there, on it's way to space. I mean, to being dropped in the ocean.
adding a bunch of spafe maf and stuff makes it impressive to hear, but just look at the thing.
You'll see what I mean.
edopiri - 7 days ago
another mistery solved. Thanks Tim !
Darren Williams
Darren Williams - 7 days ago
Interesting video. I suppose another consideration for the roll on a manned rocket is so with their heads pointing down, it would be to keep the g-forces positive during the pitch manoeuvre. Much easier to manage moving your arms to operate the craft when the force is going in one direction. And like you said, they can orientate themselves with the horizon to get visual picture of what the spaceship is doing. Being pilots, they would of done a lot of flying using the natural horizon as well as instruments.
Me 2016jack
Me 2016jack - 7 days ago
You talk too smoothly, Are you Reading (e.g Teleprompter)? or it's directly from your brain?
oil9vinergar - 7 days ago
our Germans were able to do away with combustion instability and their Germans couldn't. that's why we used 5 engines and they used 30 engines way more moving parts that always found themselves into the turbopumps.... 0 successes and we won......
R.S. Cherry
R.S. Cherry - 7 days ago
Great video
Jess Spiers
Jess Spiers - 7 days ago
Just happened on this video as a recommended one. Love that you use KSP for your breakdown here man.
Hohman Design
Hohman Design - 7 days ago
So good. Right in the sweet spot of overview with enough detail for curious minds.
EMC2 - 8 days ago
WHY, ?????????? could you NOT keep this a simple explanation ?????
I found myself drifting away from listening to your long winded, yet accurate explanation, & thinking TOOOOOOO much man, ..... just tell us WHY IT ROLLS.
It is easy to explain the roll without a full boring lecture about every aspect of the launch.
Can you (everyday astronut), think of it ?????? .................... ie: to keep it on course, ..... then, ..... a little bit more info.
Even in your summary, you couldn't keep it simple, ... except for sentence, ... "they roll for many reasons".
Go on, ..... please, ..... have a go at a simple understandable way for a 5yr old to understand it.
Marcus Russell
Marcus Russell - 8 days ago
Has to do with inserting. Into orbit. You don’t just climb straight into space or you would have no forward velocity. You go at an angle so as you climb you accelerate to orbital velocity. If you went straight up you would fall back. Orbital velocity is between 14,000 and 15,000 mph. Escape earths gravity is near 25,000 mph.
Everyday Astronaut
Everyday Astronaut - 8 days ago
As mentioned, that’s not what this video is about. That’s the gravity turn. Gravity turn and the roll program are different things.
Azideofmyg0t - 8 days ago
I have no idea where this corny way of fake-speaking came from - odd pausing, everything is a question, tone dropping up and down. If you talked to somebody like that IRL, they'd probably laugh at you. It makes the story suck. They are all being trained by the same people so that you will identify this way of speaking as "the truth"; then when they have to lie, they just lie with this way of speaking, and you will believe them.
Stephane Rouleau
Stephane Rouleau - 8 days ago
WOW !!! That was a thorough research, and a really nice explanation ! Good job man !!! WOW !
Brazilian Goddess
Brazilian Goddess - 8 days ago
I didn't watch this yet, but my guess is the centripetal force of the roll helps keep the rocket stable
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