Why do cylindrical rockets roll?

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Nerdist - 5 days ago
It's decent educational content but man does he have a punchable face
Илья Шестаков
Благодарю за русские субтитры!
Abrams Vids
Abrams Vids - 11 days ago
In Soviet Russia, the launch pad rotates for you!
Jake Chen
Jake Chen - 14 days ago
Are you Canadian?
Leave a like if you are Canadian
helder suarez
helder suarez - 15 days ago
greetings from Bolivia
helder suarez
helder suarez - 15 days ago
what is the program that you use for rocket launch simulation i thank you greetings
Isuzu Slider
Isuzu Slider - 18 days ago
Same reason i roll while in KSP? So i know which way is up XD
Isuzu Slider
Isuzu Slider - 18 days ago
hey i was right :D
Isuzu Slider
Isuzu Slider - 18 days ago
I learned very quickly playing KSP that my space shuttle build needs to roll in similar fashion to the real deal.
Ghetto Dexter
Ghetto Dexter - 18 days ago
are your eyes two different colors?
mark - 18 days ago
Why Rock-N-Roll? Because Country sucks bro!
loopbackish - 24 days ago
Why don't they put the rocket on the launch pad the other way round so it doesn't need to roll? I get the impression that the launch complex was built north/south and the rocket made with the door on a particular side, rather than with the launch azimuth in mind.
Boštjan Lašič
Boštjan Lašič - 24 days ago
Great video. To spare you 20 minutes, head to 20:07.
Ephraim Raj
Ephraim Raj - 27 days ago
I don't understand the part at 15:23 :/
What does "gimbal vectors are in line with each other relative to center of mass" mean?
Texas Buzzard
Texas Buzzard - 29 days ago
Great video
Thomas G
Thomas G - Month ago
Just to clarify, during the gravity turn, what direction are astronauts heads pointing from the horizon (up or down). Shuttle launches have astronauts in heads down position during gravity turn; what was Apollo's?
Me Dennis
Me Dennis - Month ago
Great vid. I as well had difficulty with azimuth and inclination. Thx. I wonder if SpaceX would separate payload fairings on the X axis for fairing recovery. On the X axis, each fairing is inherited with different altitudes upon separation and in combination with drogue shoots would give enough time for the recovery ship, Ms Tree, to maneuver and capture both segments. It's just a semi-educated guess, but what does everyone think?
china type2 bass rocker
kinda makes me want to roll one myself.
VectorSierra - Month ago
This was exactly the question, what I wanted to be andwered since a very long time! Thank you very much for your great explanation!
Gil Fischer
Gil Fischer - Month ago
WTF 22:37 of my life plus ads ):
Gil Fischer
Gil Fischer - Month ago
At least he upload beautiful movies
Gil Fischer
Gil Fischer - Month ago
So in the end let's say you have no idea why cylindrical rocket rolling
Micah Welton
Micah Welton - Month ago
Up late learning rocket science. You make it so easy. Thank you.
theslashmetal - Month ago
in ksp i don't use the "d" key but i use ....mechjeb
Honk Honk
Honk Honk - Month ago
Conveniently my rocket was suffering from this in ksp, and this helps alot
Stalin - Month ago
Wtf is going on with your axis. Who puts the x axis vertical?
Everyday Astronaut
Everyday Astronaut - Month ago
This little organization called NASA I guess 🤷‍♂️ - science.ksc.nasa.gov/shuttle/technology/sts-newsref/sts_coord.html Don’t forget, the frame a reference is the same as the astronauts in the command module, they’re not going up on ascent, they’re going forward.
Alessandro Falcone
Alessandro Falcone - Month ago
Answer at 22:08
Ze Yang Lim
Ze Yang Lim - Month ago
Imma gonna download kerbal space program now
Wesley Gray
Wesley Gray - Month ago
I NEVER knew that the Shuttle's SRB's could gimble!!! Makes so much more sense!
scroat emm
scroat emm - Month ago
One word Gyroscope eg Earths north south pointing one way you have to aim the rocket to be able to point in the direction you want to go
Baldwin xu
Baldwin xu - Month ago
**Rage** why is y not pointing up?
PhilfreezeCH - Month ago
13:28 does it have something to do with the docking maneuver?
mega gamer88
mega gamer88 - 2 months ago
Idk I’m not a expert but i think it is to stop it from spinning on its y axis
mega gamer88
mega gamer88 - 2 months ago
Tim Speciale excuse me I need to rescue jet from orbit
Tim Speciale
Tim Speciale - 2 months ago
You could watch the video...
firefly4f4 - 2 months ago
I was always confused by the shuttle's roll program. I mean, I understood why it did roll for the reasons you mentioned, but I don't understand why they had it roll so much; almost a full 180 degrees. Why didn't they just construct the tower & service structure on the pad such that the orbiter was facing mostly towards it's usual azimuth?
The best I can guess -- and is probably why -- is that they were essentially re-using the Apollo VAB and crawler, and with the tank & SRBs being assembled first, then moving the orbiter in later, that necessitated the vehicle being in that particular direction.
Scary Stories
Scary Stories - 2 months ago
Just before this summer holliday started, I discovered and subbed to your channel.
Then, unexpectedly I was in Russia, and I had the chance to see one of the only (flown) Burans up close and personal.
It was a fantastic experience and I never would have known how lucky I was without your explanation.
Thanks and greeting from the Netherlands.
PS I took a lot of pictures. I really had a chance to get up close. If you want them can you please leave a comment on one of my random yt channel vids?
I will post my email in the comment section there.
I don’t really want to post it here. Hope you understand :)
Don Ogoobo
Don Ogoobo - 2 months ago
The shuttle ALSO needed to be on the bottom so it could better control the up/down attitude by using it's throttle. If it were on top it could only make it go down by adding throttle. It could not help it go up.....
When it rolls, it aligns its course program.
FTWGaming - 2 months ago
Ryan Aegis
Ryan Aegis - 2 months ago
At 14:20, we can see chunks of something white coming out of the nose of the shuttle, right in front of the forward windows. Afterwards, there appear to be tubes running through the nose, as if the white chunks were plugging the tubes. Can you explain this?
My initial thought is that this has something to due with the aerodynamics and the change in pressure as the shuttle accelerates and the atmosphere thins. It very much so appears to be intentional. Could this be a redirecting or breaking up of a shock wave, or perhaps nothing more interesting than a couple of instruments taking readings?
Charlie Carroll
Charlie Carroll - 2 months ago
Didn't know you played Kerbal Space Programme.
chris caplin
chris caplin - 2 months ago
You lost me about half way through. Then I realised you'd lost me way before that, I was just hanging on in hope!!
Mike Schriber
Mike Schriber - 2 months ago
BPC stands for Boost Protective Cover, not Blast Protective Cover.
Tanner Meade
Tanner Meade - 2 months ago
Was the command module and the Saturn V Y & Z axis opposite because the command module had to flip around and get the lunar lander?
Chris Musix
Chris Musix - 2 months ago
"But the heart of rocket roll, heart of rocket roll is the gimbal, yeah." ~Huey Lewis
projectzeromortals - 2 months ago
Hes kind of high i guess.
Dallas Lashmet
Dallas Lashmet - 2 months ago
So we're gonna now see this guy instead.
Tetex7 Tete
Tetex7 Tete - 2 months ago
MrBrettwh7 - 3 months ago
The next barefoot bandit will steal a rocket to hide on the moon.
MrBrettwh7 - 3 months ago
Barefoot bandit supporter here.
Paul Walsh
Paul Walsh - 3 months ago
Man, you're so smart and your videos are so informative and yet still accessible to us ordinary ground dwellers !
Ronald Monsen
Ronald Monsen - 3 months ago
I kinda skipped through it because I already knew. However, it is a good explanation - maybe a little too long - but good anyway.
Aqim Julayhi
Aqim Julayhi - 3 months ago
0:29 if you look very carefully you can see the SRB nozzle gimbaling to roll the space shuttle. Reminds me of Orbiter Space Simulator where the default shuttle uses the RCS to roll.
urano1988 - 3 months ago
If you are a physicist, all you need to know is in the six seconds starting at 5:27, no need for any extra word.
Dan Jakubik
Dan Jakubik - 3 months ago
I subscribed after watching my first video from this interesting channel.
Dan Jakubik
Dan Jakubik - 3 months ago
Thanks for posting! The first useful explanations of why rockets roll I have encountered.
Bryan Skrenes
Bryan Skrenes - 3 months ago
It might have already been stated, but I wonder if SpaceX ejects it faring along the Y axis is to ease in recovery of them. They will come down one after the other in a straight line making recovery with a ship easier.
Dobyd - 3 months ago
i feel smart watching this...but i don't get ANY of it. I hope my brain cells know that they need to grow a little bit.
Kiwi NZ
Kiwi NZ - 3 months ago
BenminSamir - 3 months ago
I wonder how to determine direction in 4D space?
I know this question is really silly
Oat lord
Oat lord - 3 months ago
Unrelated question: is there a South to North orbit that satellites use?
Erik Baldwin
Erik Baldwin - 3 months ago
Get it through your thick head, the earth is flat! 🤪
Carter Holmes
Carter Holmes - 3 months ago
What application did you use for showing the airplane and rockets? I have been looking for something like this for some time. Thanks for the amazing videos!
Robert B
Robert B - 3 months ago
Don't know every program used, but a lot of it was done in the Kerbal Space Program simulator/game.
MilSpecFPV - 3 months ago
It's quite obvious. Rockets roll to keep their good side towards the cameras.
Lord of Thunder
Lord of Thunder - 3 months ago
Not that I disagree but it does not make any sense. Too much BS commentary on the so called ROLL. If the rocket can stir with its exhausts then roll is irrelevant.
So why not just go straight up and turn when the rocket leaves the gravitational pull of the Earth to fine tune the arrival???
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