Jonas Brothers - Only Human

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mipropiosoft - 10 hours ago
Nueva entrada en LOS40 España
Roy First of his name
Roy First of his name - 10 hours ago
Chorus reminds me of the chicken dance! 😝
Heidi Dieckman
Heidi Dieckman - 11 hours ago
I love this song
greysiane cruz
greysiane cruz - 11 hours ago
Shivam Deep
Shivam Deep - 12 hours ago
Best song from Jonas brothers !!!
But still

Most underrated song of Jonas brothers!!!!!
KamiTee116 - 13 hours ago
Closing the blinds and only one moves.... pricess less
Rebecca Jennings
Rebecca Jennings - 14 hours ago
Such a reggae feel! Love love love!
ronen segev
ronen segev - 14 hours ago
i love you
maxwell Vu
maxwell Vu - 18 hours ago
maxwell Vu
maxwell Vu - 18 hours ago
Plz sun
KyleeRose2002 - 18 hours ago
Love the song, the video is crap! hate the retro shit.
Laya R
Laya R - 20 hours ago
probably my favourite out of all their recent songs
Ali SadeghI
Ali SadeghI - 22 hours ago
best song ever.
Amber Davis
Amber Davis - 22 hours ago
This is such a feel good song lol. I love blasting it and dancing around to it. 🙌🥰
Alison Barr
Alison Barr - 22 hours ago
Nick Jonas is my favorite
gellie lina
gellie lina - Day ago
superlike 😍😍
Jahquontei Whaanga
Jahquontei Whaanga - Day ago
love the bet
Sploom 101
Sploom 101 - Day ago
use 480p to see the acual vibe
Denise L
Denise L - Day ago
Why is this song so short?? It needed to be longer.
JP CC - Day ago
Lucky son of a gun
Lucky son of a gun - Day ago
Cool retro video, watched it on silent it was hilarious!
Josejuan Cobianruiz
Joe Jonas sooooo perfect❤😍
ManfromTam - Day ago
who listens 30 times in a row for the first time? Haha
Sharon Hughes
Sharon Hughes - Day ago
Why does it seem like Im listening to Katy Perry "Feels" 😂
Testin Jast
Testin Jast - Day ago
Did this song remind anyone else of "Kelis - Trick Me"?
Pe8 Ki3
Pe8 Ki3 - Day ago
This song is the best of them
Freeman Trash
Freeman Trash - Day ago
0:18 does anybody know which other song uses this part? It's an older one
Gabi - Day ago
When I didn’t know who the song was from I was in the middle of jonas brothers or bts
Waldemar Smith
Waldemar Smith - Day ago
Excellent song and video too.
Kaitlin Jonas
Kaitlin Jonas - Day ago
Love you guys!!
Richard Bull
Richard Bull - Day ago
I don't like cricket, I love it
candy aguilar
candy aguilar - Day ago
Perfect trio
Justyna - Day ago
I love that retro vibes in this song!
Luki Scherer
Luki Scherer - Day ago
does anyone know how the dance at 02:43 is called? :D
STORM - Day ago
Cihan Albayrak
Cihan Albayrak - Day ago
the best song for 2019 .no doubt!
THE BEAT - Day ago
Abhilash Pani
Abhilash Pani - Day ago
Joe Jonas giving John Abraham vibes!!
TAEYEON’g _SS - Day ago
Imma bring this to ten M. Yelp
Viviana Trahan
Viviana Trahan - 2 days ago
The best song off the album!! 😍😍😍😍
bj vlogs
bj vlogs - 2 days ago
Look like In the 90s 🔥
Josh Rodriguez's
Josh Rodriguez's - 2 days ago
This music video is dope.
lydia GMZ
lydia GMZ - 2 days ago
Los amooooo😍😍😍😍
godzillamaste magner
godzillamaste magner - 2 days ago
I wish Kevin would sing
Rosebert Discipulo
Rosebert Discipulo - 2 days ago
Berta's Hit Chart
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Last: 5
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Varun Senthil
Varun Senthil - 2 days ago
Mohammad Robi Rismansyah
It's illegal if you don't move your body when you hear this song!!
Toriano Webb
Toriano Webb - 2 days ago
Song is so dope 🔥
Karina Gómez
Karina Gómez - 2 days ago
Es imposible que te quiera como yo. For my baby Joe Jonas.
Letizia Falzon
Letizia Falzon - 2 days ago
7.8 million views??? I thought i told more people to listen to this song.
comodsuda - 2 days ago
He looks like Mr. bean at some moments :D
S. - 2 days ago
Ive never been a fan but thus song is actually pretty good
Arlen Gutiérrez
Arlen Gutiérrez - 2 days ago
WHY this masterpiece has only 7.8M ??? I'm seriously ...😠
Piplup Zackrisson
Piplup Zackrisson - 2 days ago
So good
Dailyfeed - 2 days ago
early squad .....👍
Shrayansh Pandey
Shrayansh Pandey - 2 days ago
Why does this feels like Facedrop by Sean Kingston ?
Yanet Aldaco
Yanet Aldaco - 2 days ago
Me gusto el ritmo de la cancion ...likee... mi banda favorita 👌💋💋💋💋
Oscar Guadarrama
Oscar Guadarrama - 2 days ago
Neftalí LópeZz xD
Neftalí LópeZz xD - 2 days ago
Aquí un comentario en español. :3
Spence Stones
Spence Stones - 2 days ago
Wow I'm actually surprised that I love it! 😍
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