MLB Playback - The Most Interesting Plays In History

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M S - 12 hours ago
How can anyone watch this torturously boring sport. This is so dumb.
jesse mendez
jesse mendez - 23 hours ago
Aww the bird
Johan Scoop
Johan Scoop - 2 days ago
d b
d b - 2 days ago
Most interesting
자네 이름이전효성인가?
02:37~~비디오 판독이 없었다면 자연 스럽게 영웅이 될뻔했지..
헬멧을 감싸는 탁월한 연기의신..
DW DW - 4 days ago
Not a sport
AungKyaw San 2
AungKyaw San 2 - 4 days ago
Jason Tuscaloosa
Jason Tuscaloosa - 6 days ago
The play @ 9:25 was insane.
박호성 - 6 days ago
6:48 나이저 모건 레전드
きか - 6 days ago
Somebresome - 6 days ago
Did the commentator call the paneling panties?
elijerrr - 6 days ago
I remember that play at 3:00 when watching that series. Crazy how many of these I do remember actually.
ITSYAHBOI DAVID - 7 days ago
Beltre best player ever
Daryl Leckt
Daryl Leckt - 7 days ago
the exploding bird
UnRealTuck - 7 days ago
18:01 I DIED
John Mooncloud
John Mooncloud - 7 days ago
Awesome video
Juan Garcia
Juan Garcia - 7 days ago
Those panties
High quality Taco
High quality Taco - 8 days ago
Poor Ugla
LUCA MAN - 8 days ago
2:14 he said "those panties" JAJAJAJAJAJA
Night Howler
Night Howler - 8 days ago
20:38 *Thumbnail* 😉
Cody Lopez
Cody Lopez - 8 days ago
2:15 what
진성 - 8 days ago
8:58 somebody please explain me this situation
Cade Speaman
Cade Speaman - 8 days ago
I've watched baseball my entire life and I'm not sure why they had to go through all that
Alex Taunton
Alex Taunton - 8 days ago
I remember when hunter pence hit that ball 3 times with the bat
花美 - 8 days ago
New Name
New Name - 8 days ago
You can't script this shit
- CallMeJosh
- CallMeJosh - 8 days ago
15:50 how ur dog reacts when u get home
InFerNo_ElSilly - 7 days ago
Great comment that makes me have hope for comments.
Tom Lee
Tom Lee - 9 days ago
That Oakland Texas game....who's on second? I thought who was on first!! L.O.L.!! ( If you're not familiar with Abbot and Costello, you won't get it)
Alex Taunton
Alex Taunton - 8 days ago
Where in the video was that exactly?
Jose Lopez
Jose Lopez - 9 days ago
A pos move by arod
ken rudge
ken rudge - 9 days ago
Interesting ?What fucking planet you on
gagan mishra
gagan mishra - 9 days ago
how many batters are there in play at every piching?
Kris Smith
Kris Smith - 9 days ago
2:14 those panties are
にゃご吉 - 9 days ago
Doug Fresh44
Doug Fresh44 - 10 days ago
You ever tried to break a bat it’s not that easy Bo did it like it was a Twinkie
the box138
the box138 - 10 days ago
@6:30 didnt bobby raburn use to be black when he played on the giants... Fyi I always thought primo was better....
Johnny Herrera
Johnny Herrera - 5 days ago
The fan
Jason Price
Jason Price - 8 days ago
Lol... I see wat u did there...a Fan reference
GuidesForUsEveyone - 10 days ago
2:14 panties???
Dubber Hucks
Dubber Hucks - 10 days ago
Roses are red
Violets are blue
I’ve never seen
Anyone uglier than you
Han Yoontak
Han Yoontak - 10 days ago
SuperVerst - 14 days ago
2:22 - I would like everyone to take a moment in remembrance of the bird that needlessly sacrificed its life.
임민영 - 14 days ago
Somebody fully tackled to a second ass.
Ward Johnson
Ward Johnson - 14 days ago
2:23 when you were a military sniper
Uncle Lenny
Uncle Lenny - 15 days ago
F in chat for the bird!
GMan5090 - 15 days ago
These aren't plays they're highlights or lowlights
Luke The gamer 97
Luke The gamer 97 - 15 days ago
Great video
Josh Lawn
Josh Lawn - 16 days ago
That's not a home run! Wouldn't that have been a ground rule double?
The play it bumbs off his head.
TheStoverEffect - 10 days ago
That's why the play is on the list. Crazy umpire
Kris Silver
Kris Silver - 16 days ago
2:22 counts as a strike. A bird strike.
Kris Silver
Kris Silver - 11 days ago
+Stalin Fan 😝
Stalin Fan
Stalin Fan - 12 days ago
Kris Silver i would call it a fowl ball
Shavon Smith
Shavon Smith - 17 days ago
Glove throws never gets old
Tom Wagner
Tom Wagner - 18 days ago
Too many replays.
Victor Licon
Victor Licon - 18 days ago
2:15 hahahahha those panties
張先生 - 18 days ago
02:22 Poor bird
X Papi
X Papi - 18 days ago
Adrian Beltre
Lord Byron
Lord Byron - 19 days ago
Oh, my fucking paisa J.Canseco and his "Boink" made him loony afterwards, Why? Juiced book, accusations, infidelities, wife slapping & challenging AFraud to a boxing match.
Brett DeLong
Brett DeLong - 20 days ago
18:18 dude gets a face full of ass.
Brett DeLong
Brett DeLong - 20 days ago
Freudian slip at 2:14
Sik Vicious
Sik Vicious - 20 days ago
17:18 thats why his big ass couldnt get to the ball in time 😂🤣😂🤣😂
Dtown Dtown
Dtown Dtown - 20 days ago
Jeter, cheating bitch ass.
misaki lime
misaki lime - 21 day ago
4:44 MLBの秀太事件
아카이슈이치 - 21 day ago
1:38~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
Blake Rigley
Blake Rigley - 21 day ago
Did a guy just go throw the wall
Billy McTaco
Billy McTaco - 19 days ago
through the panties
NoturAvg Dude
NoturAvg Dude - 21 day ago
17:18 dude just grabbed a nacho lmao
クーラマイケル - 21 day ago

Justin V
Justin V - 22 days ago
This isn’t a good argument for baseball being an exciting sport.
Uncanny X
Uncanny X - 22 days ago
is it just me... or does anyone else dislike Joe Buck as an announcer?
Michele McDaniel
Michele McDaniel - 21 day ago
His talent is nepotism
Ivar B
Ivar B - 22 days ago
Fat ass ate a nacho lol
moserr11 - 22 days ago
It's Baseball.
Gian skater
Gian skater - 22 days ago
塢挫紅儡箆贊 - 20 days ago
Mike White
Mike White - 22 days ago
The bird is alright, just a bit stunned
Stalin Fan
Stalin Fan - 12 days ago
JustKeith it would have been A fowl ball
JustKeith - 14 days ago
Would that be a ball or a strike?
CJXJ220 - 16 days ago
Remarkable bird, isn’t it? Beautiful plumage...
Brett DeLong
Brett DeLong - 20 days ago
Running around naked no doubt.
이영수 - 22 days ago
They've got the humor
win2008workstation - 22 days ago
9:12 - LMFAO hysterical. Can't they just award him the grand slam so he doesn't have to do all that.

SP 29
SP 29 - 23 days ago
Jose head juiced too much to make that ball going over the wall...
Hawker75 - 23 days ago
What plays?
Curt Fletch
Curt Fletch - 23 days ago
He got hi bye the bat
Curt Fletch
Curt Fletch - 23 days ago
The guy broke the wall
Tipsy McStagger X
Tipsy McStagger X - 23 days ago
6:35 I literally laughed my ass off!!! What a titty baby!
Sukhbir Sekhon
Sukhbir Sekhon - 23 days ago
That nacho stealer looks like a repeat offender.
Sukhbir Sekhon
Sukhbir Sekhon - 23 days ago
Does anybody in baseball know it's rules? Are there any actual rules or do they just make it up as they go along?
Michele McDaniel
Michele McDaniel - 21 day ago
You can't slap the ball like that
Noah Filmss
Noah Filmss - 23 days ago
Sukhbir Sekhon yes there is actual rules 😂
NDFOOTBALL - 23 days ago
Baseball is fuxking boring
Grace Rodhouse
Grace Rodhouse - 23 days ago
if an umpire were ever to get murdered, i feel like it’d be at the yankee’s stadium
Grace Rodhouse
Grace Rodhouse - 23 days ago
is that.... bird?
Kevin Paul Barnaiha
Kevin Paul Barnaiha - 23 days ago
2:23 free replay
Bob Donovan
Bob Donovan - 23 days ago
The Bengie Molina throw with no one there was great. 5:32
C Dubs
C Dubs - 23 days ago
I love baseball 😍 Hockey too 🏒 Shit may as well say basketball and footballs pretty good too
C Dubs
C Dubs - 22 days ago
Murakawa-san American! Starting to watch my local professional team tho. It’s growing on me
Murakawa-san - 22 days ago
Football or American Football?
Jesse Mora
Jesse Mora - 24 days ago
Cheater jeter?
josefino72 - 24 days ago
Uggla, wow. That was the worst.
Eric Mowrey
Eric Mowrey - 24 days ago
"4' by 8' panties" best describes my ex-wife.
Jason Price
Jason Price - 8 days ago
Grant Odle
Grant Odle - 22 days ago
You win the Internet
Pilletta Doinswartsh
Pilletta Doinswartsh - 24 days ago
Inside the park home-runs were the only kind I could ever get. And i got three.
Gunny - 24 days ago
Good stuff!! Let’s go ASTROS!!
Dominick Sama
Dominick Sama - 25 days ago
MWYANT19 - 25 days ago
nyjer morgan would be off my team for that tantrum
David Cecere
David Cecere - 25 days ago
2:27 Arod was always a cheater.
Jupp Soetebier
Jupp Soetebier - 26 days ago
Not interesting plays at all. Just a bunch of bullshit.
Franck James
Franck James - 26 days ago
One of rare sport i cannot tell any of the rules just by watching. Still funny to watch tho ^_^
Brian G
Brian G - 26 days ago
Jose Canseco = Narcissistic Loser
김장현 - 26 days ago
추신수 화이팅!!!
Louie The plumber
Louie The plumber - 26 days ago
Those panties are 4 by 8
BensoNNicK 16
BensoNNicK 16 - 26 days ago
8:55-9:30 Hahaha 😂😂 Funny alone, but the commentators having some fun & playing along had me dying!
Lizzy Poisson
Lizzy Poisson - 27 days ago
Are we just going to ignore the fact that he said “those panties” 2:15
Dominick Sama
Dominick Sama - 25 days ago
PogChamp - 26 days ago
sappo14 - 27 days ago
If every play in baseball was like this I could really get into this game
Sid Howard
Sid Howard - 27 days ago
7:45 damn
The savage Beast
The savage Beast - 27 days ago
C'est Moi
C'est Moi - 27 days ago
the amazing triple play by the blue jays in the world series should have been in this video!
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