Bike Thieves Steal My Dirt Bike

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PhilTheThrill - Month ago
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loridas mc
loridas mc - 23 hours ago
Come on. this entire channel is fake
Jakey D
Jakey D - Day ago
Bro sorry that happened to u
unicorn lover princess
unicorn lover princess - 7 days ago
That's cool he's so excited now all we need to do is kill the man who and other man okay give me a plan
Oxygen oof helper YT
Oxygen oof helper YT - 7 days ago
Whoever stole the bike they look ugly
Harris Osman
Harris Osman - 10 days ago
Yo i think u just missed a day to call a cop
That Equestrian
That Equestrian - 46 minutes ago
How he get that footage back from them
Finn Robinson
Finn Robinson - Hour ago
This is so fake
Aidenn Segura
Aidenn Segura - 2 hours ago
You should’ve fought
Chub Brezzy
Chub Brezzy - 2 hours ago
How manny times has this nigga been in this neighborhood make this blue if true
AJTheHumanMonster - 4 hours ago
You know Phil even if this is fake I love the Story's I am leaving a like
Diezel Playz
Diezel Playz - 5 hours ago
It’s obviously fake because how would he get robbed so much besides someone would have called the cops on them 😒😒😒
adrienne Pascual
adrienne Pascual - 5 hours ago
F u ho stolen the bike
シghostシ - 6 hours ago
WHY JUST WHY - 6 hours ago
Wait r these fake
MINI 4stroke BE
MINI 4stroke BE - 9 hours ago
So fake , God could you use the footage. Is your bike and gopro got stolen ??
debberRX pink
debberRX pink - 11 hours ago
If i see them i will kill those faces
TTV BTW - 12 hours ago
green light
green light - 13 hours ago
Dum dum u kno them
Leo the Halloween Demon
Leo the Halloween Demon - 13 hours ago
Bruh you gotta move somewhere else if this keeps happening
Isaac Hutt
Isaac Hutt - 20 hours ago
All your videos are fake
Yoshi main In smash
Yoshi main In smash - 23 hours ago
I called the cops
The Noncer Toncer
The Noncer Toncer - Day ago
Christian Pena
Christian Pena - Day ago
Denise Levy
Denise Levy - Day ago
AztecsAlpha - Day ago
This channel sucks
Jet D'ARCY - Day ago
There rats
De2tMace - Day ago
I know It’s Tommy Mx
moondog 2122
moondog 2122 - Day ago
How did you get the footage on the camera on the bike if it was stolen
Pickles Blue pineapples
Yeah but they dont want the camera
Pickles Blue pineapples
Gee thanks I thought that was just a gigantic banana but now I know it's a bat thanks
yliah jambs
yliah jambs - Day ago
He had a 100 dirt bike and its just gone we need to subscribe and turn on notification to make his day good
Toothless - Day ago
5:00 He just hit you so slow and you fell like getting punch by John Cena
Random Stuff
Random Stuff - Day ago
He pulls out a penny
Up Cakes
Up Cakes - Day ago
Im mad
dabby gamer12
dabby gamer12 - Day ago
This video is fake but nice
George Mason
George Mason - Day ago
Lol fake af
Lucas Fry
Lucas Fry - Day ago
He wanted to give you a hug or something lol
Raylin Paige
Raylin Paige - Day ago
I feel bad for you
xxstrongpotatoxx - Day ago
If he took ur camera how did u post the footage
Maxine Coleman
Maxine Coleman - Day ago
Ther dicks
Quihuani Jarquin
Quihuani Jarquin - Day ago
I would have tackled him
The Merrill Sisters
Why did he take his shoes of ? 👟
xd boi
xd boi - Day ago
yvng quicke
yvng quicke - Day ago
Fake how did he get the go pro footage this is stupid fake
Roblox Buddy
Roblox Buddy - Day ago
If he really stole the bike how did you get the footage off that camera huh?
Roblox Buddy
Roblox Buddy - Day ago
Bud he soooooooooooo hit you in the head with that bat!
Aneta Risteska
Aneta Risteska - Day ago
Sheep Production
Sheep Production - 2 days ago
RIP Ghost
RIP Ghost - 2 days ago
Fake channel
CoolGamerPlayz3 - 2 days ago
Fill the thrill:back off I have a knife Me: BACK OFF I HAVE A SMALL HIGHLIGHTER. LOL but it’s true
Ethan Yang
Ethan Yang - 2 days ago
Wow there stupid
donald lei
donald lei - 2 days ago
This most be fake because you keep getting the dirt bike stole
Minerva Duarte
Minerva Duarte - 2 days ago
You need to have a gun with you man
Finnley ONeill
Finnley ONeill - 2 days ago
Fight me puf
Da Boy57
Da Boy57 - 3 days ago
The guy with the orange hat is tommy mx, this is obviously fake but, i donated over 100$ to the channel, u guys have good content keep it up!
Majora. - 3 days ago
I don't believe this
rasii-_- -_-
rasii-_- -_- - 3 days ago
umm if they stole everything including the pit bit cam, how do you get the footage of him posing monos. A you saying that that is the bad side of the neibourhood you should see where I live (FAKEE)
Zarien Lopez
Zarien Lopez - 3 days ago
Why would you give away your knife
How fake
Tomi Winter
Tomi Winter - 3 days ago
BerthaVlogger - 4 days ago
King Leaf
King Leaf - 4 days ago
Fake fake fake fake fakefakefakefakefakefake
youtuber gaming
youtuber gaming - 4 days ago
This is acting
limon lemon
limon lemon - 4 days ago
part 2 please!
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