John Wick Hex | Review in 3 Minutes

Sander Bouwhuis
Sander Bouwhuis - 17 days ago
Thanks for the review. It sounds like they could improve on these things if they decide to make a sequel.
Banana Sean
Banana Sean - Month ago
Should have done it Hotline Miami style. Stop and go is not what you want.
RIPBlueInk - 2 months ago
You just saved me from buying this. Thanks
shoelessbeats - 2 months ago
Looks like fucking ass hahahaha
heyj64 - 2 months ago
Looked like a Gmod character spazzing out
Zegeebwah - 2 months ago
How was this game even released? It looks awful
shoelessbeats - 2 months ago
And on Epic and all. Didn't Tim say he would be having games like this on his store? Yes, yes he did
Bandicoot2K - 2 months ago
2:16 looks like they need to work out a couple of things in the game 😅
Christian Bellucci
Christian Bellucci - 2 months ago
what a shocker, garbage on the epic games store
Count Cocofang
Count Cocofang - 2 months ago
Wow, this looks like a bunch of wasted potential.
Jasmine - Ruff-Puff
Jasmine - Ruff-Puff - 2 months ago
I had no idea this was a thing.
killerskillet - 2 months ago
LOL, this game looks like utter garbage!
minyaksayur - 2 months ago
yeah I think most of the reviewer are afraid to speak the truth.
UFHoee - 2 months ago
This isn't what people had in mind when they wanted a John Wick video game. Slow and methodical is the opposite of what we expect from John Wick.
Deviant - 2 months ago
LOL going to war with a catering company. That's great... I think I will pass on this.
forbidtuna - 2 months ago
This real time mode for when the mission is done is what I wanted in xcom I'm not so sure now
eDope - 2 months ago
Yeah I'd rather have John Wick be a shooter like My friend Pedro
shoelessbeats - 2 months ago
vazak11 - 2 months ago
The game play sounds good.
InnocentDoodles - 2 months ago
Man that's a let down.

But I'm probably gonna buy it anyway tbh....
Bismuth Crystal
Bismuth Crystal - 2 months ago
Well, not something I'm truly excited for, but Bithell is *fantastic,* so will happily pick this up once it's on Steam. Hopefully it'll be a bit less janky at that point. Didn't know it existed 'til now. Neat. Cheers.
Linsel Greene
Linsel Greene - 2 months ago
That had so much promise, but it clearly failed on the execution, ironic given the nature of the IP.
Super Battle Droid
Super Battle Droid - 2 months ago
Damn. I started out super excited, by the end I was at about 40% excitement, and the last sentence brought me to 0%.
tsartomato - 2 months ago
it's not strategy, there is no resources or building
and even that is already stretching strategy very thin
tsartomato - 2 months ago
@Mason Attano so how many out of 7000000000 people do use it like you to be "most"? you are arguing with dictionary. you use greek word. by your humanities definition EVERY game is strategy. FPS? first person strategy!
Mason Attano
Mason Attano - 2 months ago
tsartomato That is a single definition of the word. Most people use it as "a plan of action designed to achieve a long-term or overall aim." There doesn't need to be military involved at all. As long as there is a plan for a long-term goal, it is a strategy. I'm sorry, but you just can't argue with a dictionary. It's pointless.
tsartomato - 2 months ago
@Mason Attano "art of troop leader; office of general, command, generalship" by definition you control a single hobo, not entire joint forces of the country it's not "my" logic it's logic of entire humankind. in my entire life i didn't saw a single person who would call a game about 1 hobo "strategy". it's semi turn-based but it's not a strategy, not even tactics, not even party
Mason Attano
Mason Attano - 2 months ago
This game is, by definition, a turn-based strategy game. I don't think I've ever heard anyone else say that resources or building are required to be considered "strategy". By your logic, what is the bare minimum required for a game to fall into the strategy genre?
tsartomato - 2 months ago
@Klosteinmann XSOM is a pile of rng VN garbage x-com had a ton of strategy, your global decisions and base placemen were influencing your budget "building sims"? what? is that something millennials invented, like maybe city builders? yes, there are also TBS games, party TBS games, 4x strategies, global strategies "micromanage" is opposite of strategy, it's not even tactics level. to give you real world example putin has zero strategy he does garbage can't predict outcome, hopes for luck and can't relegate responsibilities. putin has no strategy = putin has to micromanage. nothing in the country works until the president personally visit EVERY 1000 population city and PERSONALLY make things work. PERSONALLY help every citizen of a giant blob of a country
tsartomato - 2 months ago
stilted animations? wow it's so faithful to the third film!
Leiton Grey
Leiton Grey - 2 months ago
"The stilted animations and jerky camera cuts make this 'assassin' look like a robot, fumbling his way through a gunfight."

Sounds like the game nailed it.
Gamer Girl
Gamer Girl - 2 months ago
This game is fun as hell.
Paradox Acres
Paradox Acres - 2 months ago
Aww that's *disappointing* --it looked like such a cool game *:(*
Matt - 2 months ago
A John Wick game done correctly in the same vein as Max Payne or Control is what I want.
isit oppositeday
isit oppositeday - 2 months ago
Damn son, A Max Payne style John Wick game with some gun-fu would be retarded good and probably sell like hotcakes! Even if the production quality was toned down a bit compared to R* usual fare. Just so long as gameplay, sound, control and animations are enjoyable.
Escapist - 2 months ago
John Wick game in the style of Max Payne..."shivers" This needs to happen.
SniperSpy10 - 2 months ago
for a second there I thought it was a Jonah Hex x John Wick cross over review
TheBlue22 - 2 months ago
Looks kinda shit
Pornhulio - 2 months ago
the best way to sell trash is a good name on the bin!
ArtsyPerson - 2 months ago
They could have made the superhot developer create a john wick game. That would be a worthy mashup of ideas.
Olyphantastic - 2 months ago
I pre-order it for like 6 euros when they had the big Epic sale back in May. Yeah, it seem this game came out too soon. I loved Volume from Mike Bithell.
Klosteinmann - 2 months ago
Looks more like a game developed for iOS and Android. Kinda like most other hex games. It's a fan cash grab, didn't expect much but for a PC game straight up disappointed.
That's also a pretty bold statement saying that every game with a freezing time feature or paranomal actions is now Super Hot. But what do you expect from the gaming press calling everything Dark Souls even stuff which isn't and pretending now that there is a whole new genre of so called Souls like games.
When we just used to and still call them hard games also their not all Souls games implying a game with a high difficulty curve is now an indirect Dark Souls clone. Kinda just had to get that out there, that's bad journalism and just plain wrong.
After starting to look beyond the mechanics of lots of games a lot of games have these features/actions in common and been there for decades. The interesting UX design choice was here instead of adding a action event menu a timeline instead visualizing the upcoming combat this has absolute 0 to do with Super Hot where as through your inputs you control the scale of time big differnce in those two.
Here I click a preset of options and am reminded off that I'm supposed to apply strategy and logic where needed. In Super Hot it's spot on main feature of the game being able to control time in John Wick Hex you only are affected by time.
David Schroeter
David Schroeter - 2 months ago
JW skippin leg day
C J - 2 months ago
I think I'll stick with Invisible, Inc. for my isometric strategy fix for now, thank you very much.
dwarfie24 - 11 days ago
@C J Lastly valkyria chronichles, but now we are in a different field I feel, its kinda bigger so I would argue the novelty is more easily lost.
dwarfie24 - 12 days ago
@C J oh btw I tottaly forgot just yesterday I got bad north. Its free on epic store. It got its not intobthe breach or Invisble but quite enchanting still
dwarfie24 - 12 days ago
@C J oh man took me almost three hundred hours getting all. How much do you have? I get avfeeling you own the old commando games too?
C J - 12 days ago
Dude, way ahead of you. I've been playing ITB since it came out. Have almost all the achievements. Thanks, though, always on the lookout for good strategy games!
dwarfie24 - 12 days ago
@C J hello fellow invisble inc lowers. Its tottaly different but I can also give a shotout too into the breach by ftl devs. Ps its hard but considering you play inc... ;) Oh anyone here tried banner saga? Asking since I am gonna play soon dont know what to expect though other than turn based and so on.
Golden Eagle
Golden Eagle - 2 months ago
Sleepy Android
Sleepy Android - 2 months ago
They made a motherfucking JOHN WICK GAME, and they thought it was a good idea to make it point and click? Smh
Mr Niater
Mr Niater - 2 months ago
Its hard to make a john wick game where you actually feel like john wick
ben zur
ben zur - 2 months ago
i expected more from bithel. im glad its not shovelware and an actual fun game but the aesthetic is horrible
Berg - 2 months ago
Can you pet the Dog?
MrYodi2007 - 2 months ago
Too bad this game isd only on EPIC's fake store front! I guess I'll just........Become a Pirate!!!
MrYodi2007 - 2 months ago
@nonspiderweb Had no problem with their forums and glitches are in every online game, but leaking CC/Bank info should have not been that easy to hack into. This all happened about 3-4 months after Fortnite was released in a founders pack, so this was before or right at the Battle Royale craze; i cant remember.
MrYodi2007 - 2 months ago
@Rafi Kazi What reason I have to smear this company's name? If you read the post correctly, I said save the world, Which you have to purchase the game! I purchased the founders pack. If a company's product or customer service is shit, then imma call them out! NIssan for years was one of my favorite brands but, their build quality suffered poorly in the early 2010's! I had to Lemon Law that POS and went with Toyota and KIA since then! Anyway any online game can be toxic or riddled with kids, I just chose to mute them or 100% ignore them.
nonspiderweb - 2 months ago
@Rafi Kazi it's possible. But he didn't say what his problems with Epic were until i asked him. if he was just spreading hate I figured he'd have talked about his issues outright. but I a trusting sort of person.
Rafi Kazi
Rafi Kazi - 2 months ago
nonspiderweb I have a sneaking suspicion that this guy might be lying to smear EGS. Lots of people have been doing that just because they think Fortnite’s kid fanbase can be cringey sometimes
nonspiderweb - 2 months ago
@MrYodi2007 oh wow! I 'd heard people's issues with Epic but only stuff like an unappealing layout and an inability to post reviews or report glitches. sorry that happened to you.
val cant
val cant - 2 months ago
Another interesting looking game ruined by one sentence..
I always thought sth like superhot but with a better melee system would be great
Imagine pavlov vr with a melee system
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