Deadly Individualism: Travis Strikes Again

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Vigarizta PlayZ
Vigarizta PlayZ - 14 hours ago
No more heroes mobile
sam - 3 days ago
Thanks for providing such a great introspective of this game, so many people just write off TSA:NM as a bland spin-off when really it provides so much for Suda51 fans. I hope Suda51 discovers your channel.
SuaveNerd2000 - 4 days ago
you know what's interesting? each of your reviews in No More Heroes, is longer than the last one. One could see it as how each installment is more to add to his, very weird, story of him as a character.
GhenryPerez - 4 days ago
If I gave myself more time to work on it, the NMH1 analysis probably would've been way longer than it ended up being. Probably not as long as this one, Travis Strikes Again gives you so much to look into.
Emms - 8 days ago
Amazing video, thanks for telling it all, it gave me even more perspectives of one of my favorite games this year. And thank you for sharing your feelings of the game at the end.
Sean Thompson
Sean Thompson - 8 days ago
I'm sorry to hear about your pets. Stay strong and focus on the good times, as well as the future ahead.
Marc Felton
Marc Felton - 9 days ago
I think what keeps me invested is narrative
Marc Felton
Marc Felton - 9 days ago
Good video but I wanted more :/
corey mcdaniels
corey mcdaniels - 9 days ago
The Sukeban NYC ads always gets me lmao
Doon is Confused
Doon is Confused - 11 days ago
I have a feeling that the space portion of Killer Marathon was an idea scrapped from *Killer Is Dead*, since the last missions took place on the moon.
Dzal Presequal
Dzal Presequal - 13 days ago
Hey Henry out of all of the suda51 games which one was your favorite?
Dzal Presequal
Dzal Presequal - 12 days ago
@Sibel ah thanks buddy
Sibel - 12 days ago
I'm pretty sure he said killer7 is his favorite
Dylan O
Dylan O - 13 days ago
This game is great because Jeane berates Travis for not having a passport and barely bathing
darkknight072 - 16 days ago
I have faith in NMH 3, too. The player is like Travis when he goes up to the ramen stand. We say "give me your best " and pay for a Suda game, and we know Suda will give us the best experience he can. There's a good chance I'll never meet Suda in person but through his game it feels like I've made a connection with him. The feeling of respect creators have for their consumers is rare. It's definitely not easy to make something as personal as TSA but by doing so his fans can learn and appreciate more about him and his studio. I think that's why his fans are so loyal.
Nox Nexus
Nox Nexus - 17 days ago
I honestly loved the Travis Strikes Back and Badman Strikes Back segments because Badman is more serious and plot driven well Travis is more comedic for the most part. I just wish there was more Badman Strikes Back content but the overall story was enjoyable enough for the six parts
Jon Dundas
Jon Dundas - 17 days ago
What is the song that comes on at 14:37? It seems so familiar but I can't place it.
Zenks ren
Zenks ren - 18 days ago
"Lazy fan theory"? The game flatout tells you how the fuck the Death Drive works and what it was made for, there isn't really any ambiguity to it, why'd you think the minibosses are all SHEEPmen? Sheep aka the first animal to be successfully cloned.
Sibel - 14 days ago
@GhenryPerez Yeah, travis has killed lots of people, so it doesn't really make a difference
GhenryPerez - 16 days ago
SOUNDS like. I said it SOUNDS like lazy fan theories. I understand the aspect to that narrative, and I don't like it. Pay attention.
Alexir3468 - 19 days ago
This was such an amazing video until you started talking about how Travis sucked
Alexir3468 - 12 days ago
@Sibel why not both?
Sibel - 12 days ago
@Alexir3468 I think he was meant to LOOK awesome, not necessarily be awesome.
Alexir3468 - 15 days ago
@GhenryPerez I don't think suda intended it, since he praises Travis so much in his games and makes him look super cool with the way he kills bosses and does things like that, and also how the TSA bosses call him badass, and Travis calls himself badass, and Suda calls him badass. And yeah flawed characters are good but I think in this case Travis is just supposed to be awesome.
GhenryPerez - 16 days ago
An unlikable protagonist doesn't mean they are poorly written or "suck." Travis being an unlikable character is what Suda fully intended, and part of what makes him such a great character. Character flaws are what help people identify and relate with them. Don't take things at such a surface level, please. The best characters in media, especially video games, are full of flaws that make them unique.
Alexir3468 - 16 days ago
@GhenryPerez You talked about how unlikable he is. You didn't directly say it but it was the same general notion.
AnimuPoweredRasslin - 19 days ago
I'd like to see something like Deadly Individualism with other Game designers like Hideo Kojima and Yoko Taro, I see designers like them have interesting stories like Suda51, specially Yoko Taro.
ksemanr - 19 days ago
I love Travis Strikes Again so much, I don't understand the hate. I think it was simply because NMH3 hadn't been announced yet, if it was people would've taken to something different more easily
Jacob Shapiro
Jacob Shapiro - 21 day ago
Finally got a chance to sit down and watch this video in full. Loved it--can't wait for you to look at some of Suda's older work!
Lady_OreoXD _
Lady_OreoXD _ - 25 days ago
This game really feels "I need to rethink myself" from the main character/creator's perspective. The more I see the story, the deeper it feels.
Alyxandir - 25 days ago
I don't think I would have appreciated this game half as much if not for seeing your other videos before I played it. ESPECIALLY the Shadows of the Damned video
3ffects - 26 days ago
LoyalCav - 26 days ago
To me the main thing that I really loved was with Smoking Kings dialogue cause from the time that hit me cause of the fact I didnt get what Suda was going for since I didnt play a whole lot of his games I did get what the bosses were however. To me Smoking King got what he wanted yet didnt felt achievement now, I relate to him cause as a kid I really wanted a job. getting said job was hell and took until I was 23 and when I got it all I did was simply do what I was supposed to for the most part and that was washing dishes as a dishwasher. However despite me saying that in a boring light the thing I loved about it was most of my co workers are great and my bosses I can get along well easily. I dont want to replace that at all trust me people can make a boring job a lot more comfortable or hellish.
PrinceLynxie - 26 days ago
I played TSA at a friends place and I did not enjoy it, I think it was because of the mood I was in or not liking the gameplay but I do want to go back to it and play it properly some day. That being said I really could not imagine how deep this game is when it comes to the connection between it and Sunda51, it really makes me admire this game more and it does make me worry for No More Heroes 3. As much as I enjoyed seeing it reveal at E3 2019 with how this videos insight it makes me think we may get something VERY different for the next game.
its1027 - 27 days ago
Thanks, Ghenry. I appreciate all the work you've put into the Deadly Individualism series.
The biggest takeaway I have from TSA is that for all the accolades and praise we heap upon Suda51, he's a normal dude like you and I. His struggles, failures, regrets are all things we can relate to, especially in light of him expressing them in a video game format. And seeing NMH3 has been announced, I can't help but feel so very happy for him. It's like seeing that trailer was an affirmation of all the time and effort he's put into the craft of video game making.
JB 2X - 27 days ago
This was worth the almost two hours
Vain Pain
Vain Pain - 27 days ago
Why is this getting a ps4 and pc port?
Joshua Suh
Joshua Suh - 21 day ago
Suda wanted more people to experience his creation. However, with Nintendo at the helm with Grasshopper listed as a client of their's I don't see NMH3 leaving Nintendo Switch unless Nintendo says so.
Lucas Vinicius
Lucas Vinicius - 24 days ago
We need that money to pay for NMH3 and Unreal games are more easy to port for other plataforms nowdays(but not always work well). And maybe do more people buy a switch for no more heroes 3?
Nash - 28 days ago
Thank you for making these videos
Salt Sama
Salt Sama - 28 days ago
videodvd - 28 days ago
I was waiting for this one! It was excellent! Thanks a lot! ^_^
Gheedo - 29 days ago
I thoroughly enjoyed this entire series, man! I sat through all of them when each came out and they all gave me a bigger appreciation for Suda or any game developer for the matter. Awesome job.
Tevin Sparrow
Tevin Sparrow - 29 days ago
I actually thought it was possible the alien invasion we're facing in NMH3 is being led by possessed Mondo because Suda confirmed an invasion was coming to Killer is Dead after the events of the game and now Travis is facing just that.
Sudaverse rules!
tkzim - 29 days ago
I've been waiting for this video. Mostly so I could appreciate the game without having to play it.
Giustino Martinez
Giustino Martinez - 29 days ago
I really love this video, thanks for the new outlook of TSA, see you again in NMH3
slenderface123 - 29 days ago
I found this series one fateful day last year, yet my biggest mistake was not subscribing sooner.
EMagnificent - 29 days ago
Thank you , you saved me from buying a switch...
Black - 29 days ago
TSA is different compared with previous two. No surprise it didn't sit with some people. I would say third game is time for something different. I am just puzzled about developers choice of mask for Jacket. Tiger is commonly associated with Tony. They could've used TSA:NMH to his real face.
Q - 29 days ago
Good job! You and the GamingBrit gave a great explanation on what TSB is all about! kinda sad that "Professionals" like Jim Sterling will just trash the game for not being like one of the more crazy cooky grasshopper titles.
maggintons - 29 days ago
Honestly the reviewers who said nothing interesting happened were probaly playing the game like Arin Hanson would.
Carlos Rivera
Carlos Rivera - 29 days ago
Will you be taking about No More Heroes 3 in the future?
GhenryPerez - 29 days ago
Yeah, probably.
King Knight is best Knight
I don't even know how people can say that it was the worst NmH Game. It had the best Controls, a fun Multyplayer that made fun and cool Bosses and Abilitys that you can collect that are all named after Gundams. The Story was a bit weak but the Retro Textadventures were pretty funny. Not to mention that it was never advertised as NmH3 but as a Spinnoff and People hyped them self up on there own Lies.
Johnpop pop
Johnpop pop - 29 days ago
I forgot this video released thanks to the premiere thingy and onlyl remembered because of recommended, i feel liket that option does mroe harm to your view count than just releasing it.
Great video and series!
Dearis Brock
Dearis Brock - Month ago
I just realized that Darksiders genesis is sorta taking the route of TSA and going in very different (top-down) style of gameplay compared to it's previous entrees, and from what I've seen, their fans seem to be OK with it. It just made me a little sad when I thought about how ridiculous a lot of people were being for TSA despite calling themselves "fans."
Thanks for adding another rant for this video, I really liked hearing someone acknowledge how stupid the feedback for this game was.
Dearis Brock
Dearis Brock - Month ago
@GhenryPerez exactly! Even if it might not be for you (didn't care for the art change in 3), you should respect and let creators try new things less people complain about something going stale. Hell, this is why creators don't try new things anymore, because of people like that. Thank god for people like Suda though!
GhenryPerez - Month ago
I've only played Darksiders 1, but I have to say it's ridiculous if people really are complaining about that new spinoff game. 3 JUST came out, and from what I saw, is a pretty damn true successor to their formula. What's wrong with a little spinoff to tide things over?
Sebastian Estrada
Sebastian Estrada - Month ago
Can't believe that this is the third time i have saw it
Outtake fiend
Outtake fiend - Month ago
God damnit I realized why kazuma is popular by watching q video about no more heros. How how did Japan decide assholes were likeable at the same time.
D00D64 - Month ago
With this series reaching its (current) conclusion, I can't wait for your video essay where you explore the rich narrative and themeing of YIIK: A Postmodern RPG
MightyKid95 - 18 days ago
Why do you want to put this man through Hell?
Strawberry Tofu
Strawberry Tofu - 29 days ago
Oh no.
Jackson Stamer
Jackson Stamer - Month ago
Probably the best episode so far keep up the good work
thunderhogTH - Month ago
There's one small thing about the badman intro with Dan Smith in it that I love, as much if a stretch it might be, but it's Dan's baseball speech.
" Listen, Birkin. The score is zero-to-nothing. Two outs, bottom of the ninth. You're up to bat. Three balls and two strikes. You're up against the wall. The next pitch decides the game. It's either kill or be killed....This is your final ball...Don't end up getting beaned now."
First off I like to think that with Dan being an allegory for Killer 7, Suda's personal Magnum opus, and Badman, literally the newest character and the reason TSA starts, It's basically Suda telling himself that he's at his wits end, fighting with himself (bating up against the wall), but you got one last chance. Just don't go hurting yourself doing it.
Soop Plaza
Soop Plaza - Month ago
They should definitely translate that French book on Suda to English
Soop Plaza
Soop Plaza - 29 days ago
GhenryPerez Your translations seemed spot on to me! I loved this video btw can’t wait till you cover No More Heroes 3
GhenryPerez - Month ago
I was working on doing so, but Pix 'n' Love (the writing team/publisher of the book) said they're working on making an English release happen. They'll likely do a better job than I could have.
MyriadtheStargazer - Month ago
Would love to see a review of YIIK from this channel
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