Key & Peele - Turbulence - Uncensored

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Comedy Central
Comedy Central - 11 months ago
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Jjb@tz33 - 3 days ago
Where are the damn bloopers for this!
ENDER1477 - 3 months ago
Google sucks
Marvin Tran
Marvin Tran - 3 months ago
4:21 His “fly” is down.
Adriana Sparkles
Adriana Sparkles - 4 months ago
Comedy Central this is the best duo. Their faces say more then when they talk. So perfect.
Deelicious Grapes
Deelicious Grapes - 5 months ago
In the description box it's says "her" instead of HIM.
John Young
John Young - Hour ago
For those who never flown, this is exactly what turbulence is like.
Marcus Jackson
Marcus Jackson - 2 hours ago
But they can sue you for breach of contract if they want to
Sean Dearth
Sean Dearth - 2 hours ago
Hahahaha I love how they stare at each other the whole time
none ya
none ya - 4 hours ago
Lol the way he kept eye contact
aksprayz - 4 hours ago
It felt like as soon as "mark" sat down, and would shift his body, the turbulence really got bad lmao
Mista Sandman
Mista Sandman - 5 hours ago
These guys are fucking hilarious. They approaching the Chappelle show level
Hakim MacLuvin
Hakim MacLuvin - 6 hours ago
It's not against the law, but *IT IS* the flying policy :-D so he basically has a contract saying he will obey the rules :-D
nazimovitch hadji
nazimovitch hadji - 8 hours ago
joseph went to piss while the fasten-seatbelt sign was on............ this is how his dick got chopped up
Ella Mhlongo
Ella Mhlongo - 9 hours ago
I want to be like Mark, with a K😂😂😂
I can't stop laughing, Key must be in so much pain😂😂
Declan Pennycott
Declan Pennycott - 11 hours ago
Never launched so much
Lazulia - 11 hours ago
This must be every flight attendants dream of pure karma for when passengers refuse to put the seat belt on when the sign is lit. One of my absolute favourite sketch with Key & Peele 😂
Quyen Truong
Quyen Truong - 12 hours ago
This episode had me in tears the whole time turbulence was happening. Lmfao ahahahahahaha!! 😂🤣
Jwen7836 - 14 hours ago
My question is... how else would you spell Mark? 🤔
ElleP - 17 hours ago
agasttya dixit
agasttya dixit - 17 hours ago
It's not against the law
" So you have chosen death"
Superior McCowin
Superior McCowin - 23 hours ago
This man could have done his business already if it wasn't for that flight attendant.
JonatasAdoM - 23 hours ago
Maybe you're not forced because if your bladder ruptures during turbulence you can sue the company.
JonatasAdoM - 23 hours ago
Seat belt on his own.
ErikasCorner - Day ago
I am absolutely crying laughing omg this is more than hilarious 😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Rєαpєr - Day ago
Turbulence scared the shit out of him.
Ashley Chérie
Ashley Chérie - Day ago
I haven't laughed this hard in a while!
Nathan Espinosa
Nathan Espinosa - Day ago
My face entirely after the manager tell them exactly what i just said lol
Arhan Atre
Arhan Atre - Day ago
That woman tho!!😂😂
Ardan Starmoon
Ardan Starmoon - Day ago
I have a feeling they laughed their asses off on this skit.
Emilee Heili
Emilee Heili - Day ago
They must have so much fun making these!🤣🤣 I can’t imagine how hard it is to not laugh doing these!🤣🤣
notablegoat - Day ago
Passengers like that need to be thrown out of the plane
DRock6906 - Day ago
@ 1:37 "Sir, I have to piss and I have to shit in the toilet." LMAO!!!!!! :-)
Kiri Evans
Kiri Evans - Day ago
Certainly drank some toilet water...!
Chris M
Chris M - Day ago
He probably could’ve made it to the bathroom and back if Mark with a K hadn’t have approached
chaostheory16 - Day ago
I love how Peele literally slides into the frame when Key gets up to use the bathroom. Adds a funny touch. They really go above and beyond. And wouldn’t it be hilarious if this actually happened on a real flight? 😂
Wize One
Wize One - Day ago
Every plane has that "San Francisco or Village" like male stewardess
Born Yesterday
Born Yesterday - Day ago
This is the best freaking skit these two demented actor have ever come up with...I was rolling on the floor. I am addicted to Key and Peele!!
darnell - Day ago
Man on plane I'm going to the bathroom because its not against the law (Turbulence) I'm about to end this mans whole career
soulassassin0g - Day ago
That's the quickest sh*t anyone has ever taken.
youngfase5 - 4 hours ago
Fr and I thought he was gonna be smeared in shit when he came out with all that turbulence
Daniel myers crazy lab
Am in stitches
jkeefer12 - Day ago
Peele moving his whole upper body with the turbulence 😂😂
theflowerhead - Day ago
Meegan's brother.
joshua lotion
joshua lotion - Day ago
Guys look in the description. The steward is actually a stewardess
Eatery ASMR
Eatery ASMR - Day ago
"Lower you intensity.." lmaooo
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