Ariana Grande - breathin

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mirya01 - 2 часа назад
'You reminded me of a time, when things weren't so complicated, all i need is to see your face' 😔 so true
Noel Admassachew
Noel Admassachew - 2 часа назад
omg shes the best
T For toys vasquez
T For toys vasquez - 2 часа назад
She looks like my sister
binão - 5 часов назад
Ariana me fode caralho te amo
Patricia Patricia Antônia devries Patricia
I Love this music.
Randy Womack
Randy Womack - 6 часов назад
My aunt like it
emanuelly brigadeira
emanuelly brigadeira - 7 часов назад
Hí Liverpool
123 el pro
123 el pro - 9 часов назад
Ariana Grande breathin im her fan
Imelda Santoyo
Imelda Santoyo - 9 часов назад
7 rings
Yahya Elziny
Yahya Elziny - 9 часов назад
It's a good song to hear while drowning
Zainab Hussain
Zainab Hussain - 10 часов назад
When you’ve been replaying this song so much it’s hit 100 M
S w e e t V i b e s
S w e e t V i b e s - 11 часов назад
It says remember on the album hints, is it an upcoming song?
OXxXmckenziexXxO avakin
OXxXmckenziexXxO avakin - 11 часов назад
Génération Talents
Génération Talents - 12 часов назад
I love your hair
Yasss Bitch
Yasss Bitch - 14 часов назад
0:59 “head in the clouds got no weight on my shoulders” - problem
Samisiaks xd
Samisiaks xd - 14 часов назад
Zakavian Threadgill
Zakavian Threadgill - 14 часов назад
When you see those words on the billboard you see the thank u next songs needy and imagine
NC - 16 часов назад
Vietnam soccer elephant
HD POP - 16 часов назад
2019 ?????
IsaaxTeddy - 17 часов назад
just keep breedin and breedin and breedin~~~~
and the human population explodes.
Jopá Bobão
Jopá Bobão - 17 часов назад
Lip injections
ASHWIN DESHPANDE - 18 часов назад
This song should BREATHE Forever !!!!❤️
vanessa garcia
vanessa garcia - 19 часов назад
Yey llegamos a los 100 millones vamos por mas 😱😱😱
Omphile Reatabile
Omphile Reatabile - 19 часов назад
Like it😍😍😍😍
Samuel Perlas
Samuel Perlas - 19 часов назад
House fear
House fear - 21 час назад
This song realy help me a lot time 😭♥️😔
Break the ice
Break the ice - 21 час назад
This is my favorite song from both sweetener and thank u, next.
Saint_George_Official - 21 час назад
What if the train station is a metaphor for our short span of life, as we're all waiting for departure into afterlife?
Teddy Bear
Teddy Bear - 22 часа назад
Medicate. . . Room full a smoke . She says breathing. . So she is breathing im that smoke . SMOKE WEED EVERY DAY
Nicat Cloud
Nicat Cloud - 23 часа назад
support me please ariana fans
LEYA _ ASMR - День назад
Azura Jurgens
Azura Jurgens - День назад
I am a kid,I love your sponge a lot I'll show you ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤👍❤👍❤👍👍👍👍👍👍👍❤👍❤👍❤👍❤👍❤👍❤👍
Arthur Campos
Arthur Campos - День назад
This actually helps me when my mind is so bad. Thanks Ariana. We got to keep breathin, even seems impossible. We love you.
RubyRoseRivers - День назад
Ooh mah ooh mah yuh
The one
The one - День назад
I'm so happy right now. 😂😁
Sandra Mara Martins carvalho
Sandra Mara Martins carvalho - День назад
I love you
Isabelle Chips
Isabelle Chips - День назад
How have I never seen this I didn’t even know it was a single I-
Brenda Luna
Brenda Luna - День назад
Ariana I wish I saw in real life you inspire me a lot I'm 9 years old I been hearing your songs since I was 5
ELON BETTER - День назад
7 rings like 👍
Breathin Comment 💬
Fraz Wazz
Fraz Wazz - День назад
2:38 “find my way up into the clouds”
- Cookie Monster -
- Cookie Monster - - День назад
¿Donde estan los latinos?
Holaa?? creo que soy el unico aqui...
Donna Wilson
Donna Wilson - День назад
Great song 😘😘😘😘
wun - День назад
Is it just me or does this sound like the song that played in the inbetweeners ball
Karine Billoir
Karine Billoir - День назад
Belle music
6 1
6 1 - День назад
So pretty
Gauhar Khan
Gauhar Khan - День назад
She's the reigning queen!!!
Yaaas !!!!💖
Sophie Otter
Sophie Otter - День назад
Your hair is so beatiful😍😍😍😘
Fernande Gomes
Fernande Gomes - День назад
Manifayke ta musicale😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
Aye Cores
Aye Cores - День назад
anxiety anthem
yywGXVAuj - День назад
At 1:24 u can see the word (Needy) ari u are very smart
JustAnOpinionPage - День назад
I have anxiety and panic disorder as well. just want to spread some vibes.
you will make it through the day and night. your heart is beating you are blessed. ❤️
rabbit care
rabbit care - День назад
Diana Chioibaș
Diana Chioibaș - День назад
You are very beautiful like this song!!❤❤👌
박이너 써클
박이너 써클 - День назад
I'm not even sorry Kim Doyoung's cover better than this
Karla Reinoso
Karla Reinoso - Час назад
I was looking for a Doyoung comment and I'm grateful I found one
Bloop Juice
Bloop Juice - День назад
Ariana Grande doesn't need lipstick or makeup she has natural beauty who agrees?
Top10 smartphones
Top10 smartphones - День назад
I wish i had hair like ariana....
Vinchi Favory
Vinchi Favory - День назад
Red really does big lips... :/
Ziggy Inzitari
Ziggy Inzitari - День назад
I love you so much I'm begging my family to see you but I can't I love you so much and your gorgeous girl I'm a boy but I rather be a girl like you♡
Matthew Brewer
Matthew Brewer - День назад
Ariana you are so damn beautiful
Saiabhijna Pendyala
Saiabhijna Pendyala - 2 дня назад
Ariana grande
2016- I’m so into you I can barely breathe
2018- Just keep breathin and breathin......
Spencer Goff
Spencer Goff - 2 дня назад
Sharlis Dotel
Sharlis Dotel - 2 дня назад
Omar Sings
Omar Sings - 2 дня назад
1:24 it says needy, remember and imagine on the sign
Ali Asmaeel
Ali Asmaeel - 2 дня назад
Jessa Robel
Jessa Robel - 2 дня назад
I’m so excited to go to her show this week!!!!
Victor Maitland
Victor Maitland - 2 дня назад
🎧This Shit 🤺Loud 🦅Azz Fuck!!! ✊🏽😃🥃
Jean-Leon Groenewald
Jean-Leon Groenewald - 2 дня назад
This is not music, this is torture
Karin Abdallah
Karin Abdallah - 2 дня назад
Love this!
cloud y
cloud y - 2 дня назад
This song is a clutter of feelings. Sounds nice but hope her stress is gone.
Lieutenant Mist
Lieutenant Mist - 2 дня назад
Um Sam and Ariana
Marc Bou Abdallah
Marc Bou Abdallah - 2 дня назад
Most cancerous music ever created.
(yes i came here just to post this and dislike the video)
Noname Ah
Noname Ah - 2 дня назад
Why so much hate bro?
Ollie Brand
Ollie Brand - 2 дня назад
Legend says she’s still breathing to this day
Instituto salutaris
Instituto salutaris - 2 дня назад
Me encanta Ariana como canta! lo mejor en voz, en este momento!
Riverdale Lover
Riverdale Lover - 2 дня назад
KookyMedusa - 2 дня назад
*_breathin from 2pac is still better_*
LPS Viviene
LPS Viviene - 2 дня назад
ARIANA!!😭❤❤❤❤I LOVE YOU SO MUCH😭😭😭😭😭❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
Jon Smith
Jon Smith - 2 дня назад
Halsey is better
SMASHGAGA - 2 дня назад
Needy is titled in this video. Bitch had me fooled! I love it! 😍
Sylvia Unzeitig
Sylvia Unzeitig - 2 дня назад
2019 march?
sizzling shine
sizzling shine - 2 дня назад
There is something special magic in her voice😘😍😍
mai kasem
mai kasem - 2 дня назад
I loved this song because of Doyoung's cover 💙💙
emmanuel Cibasu
emmanuel Cibasu - 2 дня назад
just keep breathing
Banana Banana
Banana Banana - 2 дня назад
I think Ariana looks really pretty in the blue jacket and boots
David Gryczko
David Gryczko - 2 дня назад
C ZU GFGZUGF RGG r g Zucker und Salz in den letzten Jahren zu einem dhdlclsgwhsosgosj
Niterror HK
Niterror HK - 2 дня назад
Why is her head so big? It's almost a deformity.
Tanja Hann
Tanja Hann - 2 дня назад
best song ever 😔😭❤💔
Depressed Frog
Depressed Frog - 2 дня назад
Complete the song with me:

Some days, thing just take way too much of my energy...
Banana Banana
Banana Banana - 2 дня назад
I look up and the whole room’s Spinn-ing
Waghe Suresh
Waghe Suresh - 2 дня назад
Heart touching voice with cuteness of smiling face she is ossom
slimegirls channel
slimegirls channel - 3 дня назад
The Best song👍👌👋🌟
IlikeLlamas - 3 дня назад
*but you tell me everytime...*

Matthew Brewer
Matthew Brewer - 3 дня назад
You are literally an angel
Aliza Rose
Aliza Rose - 3 дня назад
absolute queen
AS - 3 дня назад
Ariane ate too much BBCs .. not self anymore
Lil Zela
Lil Zela - 3 дня назад
Bu saatte niye bunu dinleyip yorumları okuyorum ben
Tissue Boy
Tissue Boy - 3 дня назад
please check out my 7rings cover on my channel ! i'd be super happy!
sweetyoon 9_
sweetyoon 9_ - 3 дня назад
Por qué este video no tiene 1 billone de vistas?
Rogério Neto
Rogério Neto - 3 дня назад
This song is way better than 7 rings and thank u next
sion santie
sion santie - 3 дня назад
Tô amando essa mulher...
Surbhi Chouksey
Surbhi Chouksey - 3 дня назад
This song makes me conscious about my respiratory system
Claudia Moreno
Claudia Moreno - 3 дня назад
Ariana grande sexy 🤩😍
marilyn munguia
marilyn munguia - 3 дня назад
you look so cute in this
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