Dji Learn To Win Reveal - Dji Hopper June 11 2019

Tam Edishaw
Tam Edishaw - Month ago
I will program it to get my coffee
Arnelio Busha
Arnelio Busha - Month ago
Take my money
Jaycee Alcantra
Jaycee Alcantra - Month ago
I will get one if the price is below $500
coreyman0 - Month ago
good luck DJI is over priced probably will start at 5k for base model if this is real lol
AW's everythihg cannel
I think it will be like 6,000
suman roy
suman roy - Month ago
Good thats real good. 1st comment
Earl Torinos
Earl Torinos - Month ago
I want one
ash b
ash b - Month ago
the smart educational robot .meet robomaster s1
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