Beto O'Rourke's Hands Announce His 2020 Presidential Campaign

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Maclain Hunter
Maclain Hunter - 13 days ago
See this is funny because it's attacking someone who is protected by the mainstream...jokes are funny when they punch up and take real risks! Bashing Trump might have a chance of being funny if it weren't so overdone and risk free. You're more likely to lose your job by saying you don't mind the president than by cracking the same old jokes on him that are in bad spirit but pc culture approved! This was funny!
Penultimate Hortator
Penultimate Hortator - 16 days ago
Who's his adorable partner?
Oblivion Tactical
Oblivion Tactical - 21 day ago
That was great!!
Christian e.g.
Christian e.g. - 24 days ago
Christian e.g.
Christian e.g. - 24 days ago
remember, that's Beato, as in... Beeeeeeeeeeato !
Corey Kinsella
Corey Kinsella - 25 days ago
Beto ocuck
Austin Giguere
Austin Giguere - 26 days ago
It's scary how accurate this is to Robert O'Rourke himself.
Austin Giguere
Austin Giguere - 26 days ago
This is why I will still watch Jimmy Fallon he is not just a one-sided propaganda show he is actually still funny unlike the other late night shows.
sunargon - Month ago
who is that girl beside Jimmy? does anyone know he name?
Charles Warren
Charles Warren - Month ago
Hey, Jimmy! Yoiu suck balls.
fryguyshvifty5 - Month ago
My rotator cuff hurts
Save PewDiePie
Save PewDiePie - Month ago
Meme Icon
Meme Icon - Month ago
I'm all for making fun of everyone across the spectrum, but this didn't even make me chuckle tbh. What did make me laugh is all of the Trump supporters praising this cause for once their joke of a president isn't the comedic target! YES, Hollywood is liberal, but it's so hard NOT to mess with a president who makes a fool of himself daily lmao
Steve Garcia
Steve Garcia - Month ago
the left making fun of the left?! biden's hair smelling fetish and slurred speech are too easy to make fun of.
Tom Pstry
Tom Pstry - Month ago
Thank God someone's actually having fun with this instead of apologizing for it don't apologize Jimmy Fallon !!!
Kenny_525 - Month ago
😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 the only good late night comedian lol
VIC TexMexUSAPol/Soldr.
Wow Jimmy I'm back to see You again, keep doing this kind of comedy on anybody no matter the political affiliation, for now You are on probation with Me by the way You are Awesome on this sketch You can be the # -1- hunt no bias. congratulations I liked very much.
Scott Woodham
Scott Woodham - Month ago
Jimmy Fallon making fun of Beto O'Rourke I love this cuz I'm a republican it's as funny as ever as shit also
Ric Rovey
Ric Rovey - Month ago
Beta O'Rourke has already been bottomed by Butt-gig 🌭
HeatCheck718 - Month ago
Jimmys a trump supporter on the low. Keep it up brother.
Alan Wood
Alan Wood - Month ago
*Robert Francis.
Nicola Morales
Nicola Morales - Month ago
This wasn't neutral. He's obviously hyping Beto
Leon Meyers
Leon Meyers - Month ago
chikeokjr24 - Month ago
That ending is golden
Hoosierhedgewitch - Month ago
Unlike Republicans, Democrats are better at laughing at themselves and along - noted by the comments. The orange turd and "Malody, Melody, Mahogony" whatever her name is have no sense of humor. Kelly Anne and the rest of the posse and crime family are a joke. Unfortunately, the U.S. is the butt of that joke. Go Pete!
Edmond Dantes
Edmond Dantes - Month ago
You're not friggin SERIOUS??!! Who came up with safe spaces and counseling anytime a speaker comes to a campus and makes a counterpoint to y'all's BS narrative, who came up with the terms, mansplaining, micro aggression White privilege to shut down debate? Who mistakes screaming and emotional incontinence for mature rational reasoning? Who has to have their own personal pronouns? I don't know what you're tripping on but you got your money's worth. That or you're totally oblivious. Probably the latter.
Clint Kemper
Clint Kemper - Month ago
Marx P
Marx P - Month ago
Fuk jimmy fallon. Sucked on snl not sure why this jurk off has his own show.
Krista Johnson
Krista Johnson - Month ago
he sure is tall tho
Jacob Monroe
Jacob Monroe - Month ago
TRUMP 2020
Jennifer  Tibbs
Jennifer Tibbs - Month ago
How the hell did I miss this! Jimmy, you almost hospitalized me! Beto, you got on Fallon!!
David Rodriguez
David Rodriguez - Month ago
That ending was great but Ben Shapiro does O’ Rourke better lol
Queen B
Queen B - Month ago
This was the funniest thing I’ve seen from SNL in awhile. Lol
Allen Bass
Allen Bass - Month ago
Never liked Jimmy Falon but this is funny and on point. Almost as funny as the Barry Gibb talk show skit on S.N.L.
Paul Khoshaba
Paul Khoshaba - Month ago
The title of this clip had me 😂😂
Tim S
Tim S - Month ago
Speedy Rob66
Speedy Rob66 - Month ago
I love fallons impressions lmfao so much better than jimmy kimmel
Fut Draft God
Fut Draft God - Month ago
Ohh wow... You're not an npc :)
Truth Hurts
Truth Hurts - Month ago
I hope the psychopath Beto Orourke gets shot in his fucking race-traitor face. Fuck him.
Morbid Electrical
Morbid Electrical - Month ago
Truth Hurts looks like truth is really hurting
Oscar Flores
Oscar Flores - Month ago
Freakin hilarious! Please don't ever apologize for this one bc the leftist babies can dish it out but can't take it!
Pedophile killer of Muhammad Of Truth
Did he attempt to feed his wife feces in this skit? Or make a burglary attempt here? Or better yet, make a statement about running over kids? This fake loser called Robert Francis Orourke.
Psyduck Squad
Psyduck Squad - Month ago
Thank you Jimmy, very cool.
赵是 - Month ago
Mr Don verga
Mr Don verga - Month ago
Beto gonna dethrone trump...millennials will make it happen
Your Friendly Mexican
Your Friendly Mexican - Month ago
I love Beto but I’ll admit it... this is funny.
Loki Ro
Loki Ro - Month ago
Fallon is the only true late night show
Trent Perkins
Trent Perkins - Month ago
All politicians need to be made fun of sometimes no matter there views it's just for fun and no one gets hurt personally I'm a trump supporter but it's funny sometimes to see people do a good impression of em
Layali Lyf
Layali Lyf - Month ago Beto orourke President Campaign For America Beto t-shirs
J C - Month ago
Very accurate depiction of the Mindless Robert Beto!!!! 😂😂😂😂
Travis Ealy
Travis Ealy - Month ago
That was awesome. About time Jimmy made me laugh. Spot on.
Daniel Kokal
Daniel Kokal - Month ago
wow.    the unfunny Fallon finds his testicles.  mocks a libby
Donna - Month ago
I love Beto but this was funnny shsjjsjs
Map Led
Map Led - Month ago
I wish you would do a skid on Ilhan Omar and AOC making fun of their racists and anti semitic comments.
Dylon Edmunds
Dylon Edmunds - Month ago
Amazing to see Jimmy fairly make fun of more centrist democrats while Colbert is going heads over heels for the Iraq war
Mark the Shark
Mark the Shark - Month ago
This was Another Truly Well Written & Acted Out Skit/Bit... I Love how Objective Some of these Skits and Monologues have been during these Past Coupla Months.. It's thoroughly Refreshing to see an Objective Stance on the political spectrum and Amazing to see Not Just One Side being made Fun Of (All the Time) but the Other Side as Well!!! ROCK ON, TONIGHT SHOW WRITING STAFF!!!!!!!! :D :D
Kurt Cobain
Kurt Cobain - Month ago
I missed shit like this
I like when comedians shit on both sides as they both they so liberal it ain't funny
Thanks jimmy for having the beat musical guests and some balls
Todd Packer
Todd Packer - Month ago
Fallon has regained the formula for comedy: mock everyone, not just Trump. Hey, I’m as up for a good Trump joke as I am this perfect impersonation of a Tourette Syndrome-inflicted clown.
ShadnicK826 - 2 months ago
"So look, are there more experienced candidates out there with clearer policy ideas? Sure."
Parps - 2 months ago
This was so refreshing to watch holy and I'm not even a big Jimmy fan. I used to watch James Corden but I got so damn tired of him talking about Trump every night smfh🙄
Mopargocar - 2 months ago
The guy can't talk if his hands aren't moving...
theresa bollman
theresa bollman - 2 months ago
Beto does his best to try to act like a Kennedy...he is so full of shat.
Renee DaSinger
Renee DaSinger - 2 months ago
Beto is NOT ATTRACTIVE .. I don’t understand unless you’re comparing him to Bernie then yes he’s attractive
preparingforparadise - 2 months ago
I actually thought Beto was doing an impression of Fallon
Pardon me,
Pardon me, - 2 months ago
So I guess Jimmy's allowed to mock the losers of the party. I'd like to see just one person call Bill a rapist, Hillary a crook, or Joe a pedo.
Ted Freddy
Ted Freddy - 2 months ago
People if you want to get a good laugh just turn on cnn or msnbc.
Ted Freddy
Ted Freddy - 2 months ago
Do people even watch late night anymore since Letterman. I doubt It.
usssanjacinto1 - 2 months ago
Whenever I tell people that liberals don't make fun or attack other Liberals and Democrats, they say, "No that's not true! They hold everyone accountable!"
Taco Bella
Taco Bella - 2 months ago
This is hilariously accurate.
GeeHood666 - 2 months ago
Love it!
sdguy123 - 2 months ago
You would think this twerps arms would be bigger with how much he flails them around. Must be on a soy diet?
Dan Reidy
Dan Reidy - 2 months ago
Richie Valles
Richie Valles - 2 months ago
So glad they actually do the other side for a change and realize they’re fucking crazy
J Xandelas
J Xandelas - 2 months ago
Reading the comments, all the trump supporters are relived that he isn’t bashing on trump anymore or it wasn’t comedy during the phase but yet he does ☝️ skit of beto and he’s off the charts now. I’d rather watch commercials all day
Jim Bob
Jim Bob - 2 months ago
so glad Ted Cruz won
Rick Estrada
Rick Estrada - 2 months ago
Yang 2020
BIG HUNGRY - 2 months ago
I might actually start watching late night TV again. ...nah!
Mary Perez
Mary Perez - 2 months ago
Obed Martinez
Obed Martinez - 2 months ago
Yea... thats Beto lol moving hands all over 😂 😂😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣
alex vasquez
alex vasquez - 2 months ago
Heavymetalkiss Noneya
Heavymetalkiss Noneya - 2 months ago
Loved Jimmy until now, used to watch him every night, now ill change the channel, Beto 2020 bitches!
will Grello
will Grello - 2 months ago
guess jimmy is a nazi now only explanation
Amber Puga
Amber Puga - 2 months ago
Who played Betos wife?
Timothy - 2 months ago
Francis not beto
orenjuice100 - 2 months ago
Chris Davis
Chris Davis - 2 months ago
Dude your not funny all of your movies sucked
andy jj
andy jj - 2 months ago
Wow everyone is so sensitive that everyone makes fun of Trump..... The snowflakes don’t know that everyone makes fun of Trump 😂😂
PortEL Gate 9
PortEL Gate 9 - 2 months ago
His name is literally beta
Charlie Belle
Charlie Belle - 2 months ago
Well buff my b*lls and wax my azz, the acid freak's running for president.
who dis
who dis - 2 months ago
This is no skit
VortX Official
VortX Official - 2 months ago
My Life
My Life - 2 months ago
You forgot him getting up on every table
Swol - 2 months ago
Holy crap! Finally, nice to see someone bash on someone other than a conservative. I’ve been saying that liberals are way funnier to make fun of. They’re so damn wacky with their old commie policies that they rephrase and change the nomenclature to make sure it’s presentable to the people.
Joshua O'Rourke
Joshua O'Rourke - 2 months ago
Funny alot better than trump in my opinion
Twisted monk
Twisted monk - 2 months ago
He actually looks like him
Gilbert Garcia
Gilbert Garcia - 2 months ago
Shoutout to the people of El Paso Texas ❤️
The Dodgeball Dude
The Dodgeball Dude - 2 months ago
This is f'ing hilarious
BernieSeeders 2020
BernieSeeders 2020 - 2 months ago
He's gonna break that poor girls arm. 🤣🤣
Jotu The Gaming Guru
Jotu The Gaming Guru - 2 months ago
Jimmy Fallon is the last remaining non-partisan late night host.
Justin Moore
Justin Moore - 2 months ago
Hmm, but will he ban slavery?
vhyper 1
vhyper 1 - 2 months ago
Thanks jimmy. Great to see he can poke fun at a Democrat.
eclectricmagazine - 2 months ago
this son of a bitch never has anything bad to say about trump, who is the ultimate handsy guy, he cant even keep his hands off of women's privates, jimmy maga fuck
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