Beto O'Rourke's Hands Announce His 2020 Presidential Campaign

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Todd Packer
Todd Packer - 30 minutes ago
Fallon has regained the formula for comedy: mock everyone, not just Trump. Hey, I’m as up for a good Trump joke as I am this perfect impersonation of a Tourette Syndrome-inflicted clown.
ShadnicK826 - Day ago
"So look, are there more experienced candidates out there with clearer policy ideas? Sure."
Parps - Day ago
This was so refreshing to watch holy and I'm not even a big Jimmy fan. I used to watch James Corden but I got so damn tired of him talking about Trump every night smfh🙄
Mopargocar - Day ago
The guy can't talk if his hands aren't moving...
theresa bollman
theresa bollman - 2 days ago
Beto does his best to try to act like a Kennedy...he is so full of shat.
Renee Nunya
Renee Nunya - 2 days ago
Beto is NOT ATTRACTIVE .. I don’t understand unless you’re comparing him to Bernie then yes he’s attractive
preparingforparadise - 3 days ago
I actually thought Beto was doing an impression of Fallon
Pardon me,
Pardon me, - 3 days ago
So I guess Jimmy's allowed to mock the losers of the party. I'd like to see just one person call Bill a rapist, Hillary a crook, or Joe a pedo.
Ted Freddy
Ted Freddy - 3 days ago
People if you want to get a good laugh just turn on cnn or msnbc.
Ted Freddy
Ted Freddy - 3 days ago
Do people even watch late night anymore since Letterman. I doubt It.
usssanjacinto1 - 3 days ago
Whenever I tell people that liberals don't make fun or attack other Liberals and Democrats, they say, "No that's not true! They hold everyone accountable!"
Taco Bella
Taco Bella - 3 days ago
This is hilariously accurate.
GeeHood666 - 4 days ago
Love it!
sdguy123 - 4 days ago
You would think this twerps arms would be bigger with how much he flails them around. Must be on a soy diet?
Dan Reidy
Dan Reidy - 4 days ago
Richie Valles
Richie Valles - 4 days ago
So glad they actually do the other side for a change and realize they’re fucking crazy
J Xandelas
J Xandelas - 4 days ago
Reading the comments, all the trump supporters are relived that he isn’t bashing on trump anymore or it wasn’t comedy during the phase but yet he does ☝️ skit of beto and he’s off the charts now. I’d rather watch commercials all day
Jim Bob
Jim Bob - 5 days ago
so glad Ted Cruz won
Rick Estrada
Rick Estrada - 5 days ago
Yang 2020
BIG HUNGRY - 5 days ago
I might actually start watching late night TV again. ...nah!
MaryLaGorda P
MaryLaGorda P - 5 days ago
The Peripatetic
The Peripatetic - 5 days ago
That was absolutely funny!
Obed Martinez
Obed Martinez - 5 days ago
Yea... thats Beto lol moving hands all over 😂 😂😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣
alex vasquez
alex vasquez - 5 days ago
Heavymetalkiss Noneya
Heavymetalkiss Noneya - 5 days ago
Loved Jimmy until now, used to watch him every night, now ill change the channel, Beto 2020 bitches!
will Grello
will Grello - 6 days ago
guess jimmy is a nazi now only explanation
Amber Puga
Amber Puga - 6 days ago
Who played Betos wife?
Timothy - 6 days ago
Francis not beto
orenjuice100 - 6 days ago
Chris Davis
Chris Davis - 6 days ago
Dude your not funny all of your movies sucked
andy jj
andy jj - 6 days ago
Wow everyone is so sensitive that everyone makes fun of Trump..... The snowflakes don’t know that everyone makes fun of Trump 😂😂
PortEL Gate 9
PortEL Gate 9 - 6 days ago
His name is literally beta
Charlie Belle
Charlie Belle - 6 days ago
Well buff my b*lls and wax my azz, the acid freak's running for president.
who dis
who dis - 6 days ago
This is no skit
VortX Official
VortX Official - 6 days ago
My Life
My Life - 6 days ago
You forgot him getting up on every table
Swol - 6 days ago
Holy crap! Finally, nice to see someone bash on someone other than a conservative. I’ve been saying that liberals are way funnier to make fun of. They’re so damn wacky with their old commie policies that they rephrase and change the nomenclature to make sure it’s presentable to the people.
Joshua O'Rourke
Joshua O'Rourke - 6 days ago
Funny alot better than trump in my opinion
Twisted monk
Twisted monk - 6 days ago
He actually looks like him
Gilbert Garcia
Gilbert Garcia - 7 days ago
Shoutout to the people of El Paso Texas ❤️
The Dodgeball Dude
The Dodgeball Dude - 7 days ago
This is f'ing hilarious
BernieSeeders 2020
BernieSeeders 2020 - 7 days ago
He's gonna break that poor girls arm. 🤣🤣
Jotu The Gaming Guru
Jotu The Gaming Guru - 7 days ago
Jimmy Fallon is the last remaining non-partisan late night host.
Justin Moore
Justin Moore - 7 days ago
Hmm, but will he ban slavery?
vhyper 1
vhyper 1 - 7 days ago
Thanks jimmy. Great to see he can poke fun at a Democrat.
eclectricmagazine - 7 days ago
this son of a bitch never has anything bad to say about trump, who is the ultimate handsy guy, he cant even keep his hands off of women's privates, jimmy maga fuck
Shawn - 7 days ago
pickle Dale
pickle Dale - 7 days ago
Has anyone told him he has no talent
Jimmy Salinas
Jimmy Salinas - 7 days ago
All the snowflakes aren’t melting anymore. All you see is “wow who would’ve thought we would see Hollywood make fun of someone other than trump” Trump provides more material for comedy. Stop being a soft little girl and grow a pair and if you can’t find the comedy in making fun of trump then you can’t laugh at this either you snowflake.
Ps. I support trump, but I’m not some little 6 year girl who gets offended when Hollywood makes skits of his speeches.
BenjaminGessel - 7 days ago
Who is Ben O'Rourke??
Jeremy Gregorio
Jeremy Gregorio - 7 days ago
He also announced his support for ending Social Security. Seriously, look it up. Like Biden he will means test it so if you've got any money you don't get it
Vernon Hector
Vernon Hector - 7 days ago
all the trump lackies crying bout finally a skit not bout trump....well if that orange dumbass didnt provide so much material stupidity on a daily basis comedians wouldn't have so much to work with....maybe just maybe
Chase Damon
Chase Damon - 7 days ago
He’s trying to make Beto seem relatable. People need to connect to Beto in a good way or a bad way. Doesn’t matter... people need to have an emotional connection in order to vote for somebody and making fun of him does that. Just the way it worked for trump
David Ferry
David Ferry - 7 days ago
Fuck Beto
chemiah - 7 days ago
Fallon keeps this up the left is going to Kavanaugh him.
ratmfan223344 - 7 days ago
O'Rourke is a fucking dweeb. Can you imagine that guy trying to broker deals with world leaders? We'd be screwed. I wanna say he doesn't have a real shot, but after last election, I honestly don't know what to expect. The only thing I know is "Beta O'Cuck" sucks
Spidey Fist
Spidey Fist - 7 days ago
Hahaha perfect Beto.
Keepers of Light
Keepers of Light - 7 days ago
50% of the comments: This is so refreshing.
Other 50% of the comments: Never thought I'd see the day.
100% of the comments: Pretty much the same.
Great job, Jimmy 👏👍
I'd say, now go and make fun of AOC, next, but I understand. They'd probably kick you off the show on the spot 🤷🏻‍♂
Lucius Sulla
Lucius Sulla - 7 days ago
I could start watching this again if they quit shitting on trump 100% of the time, Fallon is the best of them all.
Erick Alvarez
Erick Alvarez - 7 days ago
Props for taking shots at Beto. Now let’s get back to mocking trump shall we.
Only reason we make fun of his hand movements is cause trump pointed it out
british people yellow teeth
beta o rourke is a fake hispanic a real pendejo!
alphaspartan711 - 7 days ago
Haha good on fallon for that haha was hilarious
Miles LaMaire
Miles LaMaire - 7 days ago
The lady next to him being shaken for holding on to him the whole time. That was funny.
Jonathan Fernandez
Jonathan Fernandez - 8 days ago
Lol so spot on
Big Bad
Big Bad - 8 days ago
This is a pretty good indicator that this guy is not the man for the dems. They dont ever do a skit this in depth on a Democrat, and if they do it doesnt attack their personality like this.
Steven php
Steven php - 8 days ago
Wow got tired of doing trump skits that were backfiring on them ! Lol. Stupid libtards
Shay Gordon
Shay Gordon - 8 days ago
Omg this is hilarious!!!!😂😂😂😂😂😂
Azael Contreras
Azael Contreras - 8 days ago
No bones in my body, I donated those to 😂 first funny fallon video I’ve seen in months 👌
Miller Peter
Miller Peter - 8 days ago
Jimmy, If you are reading this, go in a different stray than other talk show hosts and make skits about the left...I will personally tell my whole family (which is big) to watch your show...tired of trump skits already.
Alaskan tlingit
Alaskan tlingit - 8 days ago
Jimmy if you want to start being on the winning team got to start making fun of Democrats even more, I know the snowflakes will get hurt but who cares.
RileyCoyote - 8 days ago
Jose Arriola
Jose Arriola - 8 days ago
Good job jimmy
Rory Galusha
Rory Galusha - 8 days ago
Wait, comedy is still open minded?
Российская Федерация
I'm glad I'm no democrat. I was raised conservative. I always chose the right side
Mary Barajas
Mary Barajas - 8 days ago
Lmao vote Beto or Bernie. 🤷🏻‍♀️ it’s fair game between them both at this point for me. 😘
mbolchunas - 8 days ago
OMG... No Trump bashing... Maybe you'll get viewers back...
NPC-100,000,374 - 8 days ago
This was really funny. I hope to see more jokes against the left.
Nick Reilly
Nick Reilly - 8 days ago
“Beto’s still got some bad boy left in him!” 😂😂
Lucas Vigor
Lucas Vigor - 8 days ago
Go beto!
Wayne Woolsey
Wayne Woolsey - 8 days ago
Samuel Unger
Samuel Unger - 8 days ago
Beto is just another platituding son of a bitch.
Mister J
Mister J - 8 days ago
Next do AOC and her horse teeth
Jimmy isn’t remotely funny at all btw
Nick Melillo
Nick Melillo - 8 days ago
Beta cuck
Zero Requiem
Zero Requiem - 9 days ago
Twilight Zone (cue twilight zone theme) tini-nini....ning
There is a place where.........
MeMeSHiT LoRd - 9 days ago
They dont want beto so they are making fun of him, they want the extreme far left democrats
Jarrett Mooney
Jarrett Mooney - 9 days ago
This is so funny 😂😂😂😂😂
Jonathan Alpart
Jonathan Alpart - 9 days ago
If Jimmy Fallon ran for prez
R H - 9 days ago
I guess the Russia hoax isn’t getting laughs anymore from the leftist lemmings
National Association of Sociopathic Black Men
Andrew yang or trump just like it was killary or trump its yang or yin so jave fun with another 4 years of trump fakes
N8 - 9 days ago
This is pretty refreshing, I gained a lil respect for jimmy
David Laney
David Laney - 9 days ago
Spot on....
Bryant Omoregie
Bryant Omoregie - 9 days ago
This was spot on 😂😂😂
Aman Kandari
Aman Kandari - 9 days ago
Who is the lady on right??
Mama Logs
Mama Logs - 9 days ago
When I eat salads I thank each individual leaf for it's sacrifice 🤣❤️
Esteban Nunez
Esteban Nunez - 9 days ago
ckaz007 - 9 days ago
Good job Jimmy. Now let's see your Biden impersonation.
Booji Boy
Booji Boy - 9 days ago
WOW! A comedian actually being funny!
Dean Newman
Dean Newman - 9 days ago
Oh god this is too good
The Madrummer
The Madrummer - 10 days ago
Hey, who knew Jimmy still knew how to be funny and not just pandering?
Kryptonite Mlbb
Kryptonite Mlbb - 10 days ago
this is the only talk show im subscribed to. And i dont regret it
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