David Dobrik Tries 9 Things He's Never Done Before | Allure

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Danica Mathew
Danica Mathew - 14 hours ago
That is liza and his baby
Vlad Lucian
Vlad Lucian - 17 hours ago
1. Heroin
A. 1 D
A. 1 D - 22 hours ago
3:12 hot girl, what’s her name?😂
Elisabet - Day ago
He’s such a dad
Ellie Kingham
Ellie Kingham - Day ago
that shot at 1:42 though 😍
AussieRum - Day ago
Liza koshi missin out
Luna Lovegood
Luna Lovegood - Day ago
2:10 I thought that was the baby! 😂
Somegirlwhoplaysfortnite XD
I’m scared when David held the baby I feel like he’s gonna shoot it with a paint ball gun
Who_Am_I _UwU
Who_Am_I _UwU - 2 days ago
Watched this on May 21
TrendyTips - 2 days ago
am I the only one who got tears as well when he wore those contacts ?
Mrs.shawn’s wife Mendes
No one:
Legit not a single person:
Nobody in the right mind:
David: oh like the babies *digs his knee in it and squishes it*
Me: uh huh exactly like the baby
Brad Vargason
Brad Vargason - 4 days ago
Swaddle a baby.... And another baby.😂
Dab Gacha
Dab Gacha - 4 days ago
You forgot marrying his best friend's mother..
Emma Girly
Emma Girly - 5 days ago
Imagine those baby’s getting older and telling all of there friends I met David dobrick as a 👶🏼 baby
akanksha mishra
akanksha mishra - 6 days ago
What's with guys with dogs or babies? 😍😅
kim babb
kim babb - 6 days ago
Uhhhh whose baby is that?

Liza is it yours!?
did you see my bag
did you see my bag - 7 days ago
Filipino Archmage
Filipino Archmage - 8 days ago
I can totally imagine David being a father to twin babies. 😊
Lucia Gomez
Lucia Gomez - 9 days ago
Why Is David SO DAMN HOT in this video?
Ari Ozunal
Ari Ozunal - 9 days ago
are all slovakians this cute?
to the people dont know, hes slovakian
Skeetayeet Boi
Skeetayeet Boi - 9 days ago
I wish I was the baby 😂
Lana Haghverdian
Lana Haghverdian - 9 days ago
Story time
Mom: hun, when you were a baby David Dobrik swaddled you
You:Whaaaaaaaaaat why didn't you say that before now I have to tell my friends

Please give me 90 likes it's my birthday
Meral Sweet rose
Meral Sweet rose - 9 days ago
4:30 just like that baby.....
Me, oh u wouldn't want to do that to. A baby do u?!?
Meral Sweet rose
Meral Sweet rose - 9 days ago
4:14 is it only me or did others tear up too lol 😂
Meral Sweet rose
Meral Sweet rose - 9 days ago
2:05 such an adorable fam, love ur kids 😉
Oh MyMyMy Kunckel
Oh MyMyMy Kunckel - 10 days ago
That barista took himself WAY to serious ;-)
Lauren's Lemonade
Lauren's Lemonade - 10 days ago
Ah. Liza 😫😫😫😫😫🥴🥴🥴
alexia a-21
alexia a-21 - 10 days ago
imagine growing up and then see a video of a popular youtuber holding you as a baby lmao, you must be the coolest kid in school
Ky To
Ky To - 11 days ago
I don't know why but David with babies are the cutest
1.000 subs With no videos?
What baby can say they have been held by David Dobrik though
Kinsli Bass
Kinsli Bass - 12 days ago
“Oh I get it it’s like the baby” he said before squishing it to death with his knees
Maria Mendes
Maria Mendes - 12 days ago
Can Shawn Mendes do this nest??PLEASE
Jonatan E
Jonatan E - 13 days ago
He's never done CPR on a dummy before? I find that hard to believe as it is mandatory to learn CPR in school where I'm from
XxPlain GachaxX
XxPlain GachaxX - 13 days ago
4:08 I died
baby_girl_vibes cx
baby_girl_vibes cx - 13 days ago
am I the only one who thought the barista dude was actively annoyed that he had to do this video? or is it just me?
Juliana Gomez
Juliana Gomez - 13 days ago
*I wish I was the dummy...*
CallmeNativ - 14 days ago
I never heard him say that he didn’t beat his shmeat
vein slayer
vein slayer - 14 days ago
dude ı love him
ddlbrooks - 16 days ago
Poor kids
Angelina Wehbe
Angelina Wehbe - 16 days ago
No offence but since when was David was good with babies
Nomin Erdene
Nomin Erdene - 17 days ago
I sorry but

I want him to become a dad already he looks so cute with a baby :)))
Ashlee Shanen
Ashlee Shanen - 17 days ago
David has baby face his so cute haha😍❣️
Ava Moretto
Ava Moretto - 17 days ago
David: sShHh SsHh
Ashley Gast
Ashley Gast - 17 days ago
He was so cute with the babies omg
jasmine g
jasmine g - 17 days ago
awe his laugh
*boo ger*
*boo ger* - 18 days ago
4:10 that's it I'm dead🔪😖
Andrea Narayan
Andrea Narayan - 18 days ago
*Lol the intro XD*
Just a girl Without a dream
I was so anxious when David was holding the babies. I was like “DONT DROP THEM PLSSSS”
The Epic Moon Girl
The Epic Moon Girl - 18 days ago
Who else only knows David bc of Liza Koshy
Super Sassy Sisters Videos
Who else wants Lewis Capaldi to do one of these 😂😁🤪🥰
xxxgacha love
xxxgacha love - 18 days ago
kisses dummy*
Liza jealous*
Heyit'sNatalieK - 18 days ago
David holding a Baby is the cutest thing I've ever seen
Flamingo Pineapple
Flamingo Pineapple - 18 days ago
Where do they get the babys
aliciaaa aa
aliciaaa aa - 18 days ago
Maja Pejic
Maja Pejic - 19 days ago
I think I’m falling in love
Leo Baftirovski
Leo Baftirovski - 19 days ago
*folds sheet* “It’s like the baby”
Squashes sheet with whole body.
Me: yea? Like a baby.
Leo Baftirovski
Leo Baftirovski - 19 days ago
I wish this video went for 4 min and 21 secs
zeinawali shaheera
zeinawali shaheera - 19 days ago
Please do this with Scott
zeinawali shaheera
zeinawali shaheera - 19 days ago
I didn't even know I could like him more than I do already. Wow
Emmelie Early
Emmelie Early - 19 days ago
I want david to hold my baby. And my infant.
Mrs Kitsune
Mrs Kitsune - 19 days ago
You should let him say something nice to scotty or BigNick
queen xø
queen xø - 20 days ago
david has no baby skill whatsoever....he’ll be a great dad.
Avery Catherine
Avery Catherine - 20 days ago
Boys who are good with babies is probably the hottest thing ever
alessandra zamora
alessandra zamora - 20 days ago
david: i'm not changing it.
allure: that's what you think.
lucy k
lucy k - 20 days ago
he somehow reminds me of jim from the office
Mxlkymoo - 21 day ago
Damn, i'd be so happy if I was held by David. LmAO
Grace Dai
Grace Dai - 21 day ago
david + barista guy . duo we didnt know we needed
Victoria Sharykina
Victoria Sharykina - 21 day ago
Where did these babies coming from?!
Aiden Bernstein
Aiden Bernstein - 21 day ago
I just want to know who volunteered their baby for this
Manuel Eziekwe
Manuel Eziekwe - 21 day ago
*Yes 911, Allure stole my baby for a video*
Celicia Cordes
Celicia Cordes - 22 days ago
i feel like david would make a good dad
Izzy Makeup
Izzy Makeup - 22 days ago
who else thinks he would play a vampire so well after he put in the colored contacts
WorthlessDeadEnd - 22 days ago
Is he in a band, or something?
Dudewithnoname 146
Dudewithnoname 146 - 22 days ago
He’d be a great dad
Seeta S
Seeta S - 23 days ago
I just clicked for the baby
Andrea Argueta
Andrea Argueta - 23 days ago
David reminds me of Paul Rudd Jajaja
Amanda Royo
Amanda Royo - 23 days ago
i am 100% in love with this man but also i totally wanna be his baby
Ruby Knight
Ruby Knight - 23 days ago
I now miss liza and david together
*screams* CHOGIWA
*screams* CHOGIWA - 24 days ago
so the question is, did lana replied?
*screams* CHOGIWA
*screams* CHOGIWA - 24 days ago
david is like a mixture of hotness, cuteness, being adorable, being cuddly, and did i say hotness?? all in one combination
*screams* CHOGIWA
*screams* CHOGIWA - 24 days ago
putangina ang gwapo
CookiesFilms Yay!
CookiesFilms Yay! - 24 days ago
9 things he never done before 1. When he doesn’t wear black
Mary Etuk
Mary Etuk - 24 days ago
Why has he become my Man Crush Monday?.... 😍😍😍
Shazia Khan
Shazia Khan - 24 days ago
The barista was not feeling David at all.
Orange Millie
Orange Millie - 25 days ago
Who else wants to be that dummy?
Mikayla Patton
Mikayla Patton - 25 days ago
0:53 David's face so deep lol
ltzMe Ghosty
ltzMe Ghosty - 25 days ago
Road to 1 mill
yuh yeet
yuh yeet - 25 days ago
awhhh david and the babies was so precious they’re all so cute
ishita goel
ishita goel - 25 days ago
3:10 any armys out here to whom this reminds of jungkook in blood, sweat & tears ???
Faint Dreamz
Faint Dreamz - 26 days ago
When those babies grow up they are gonna be flexing that they were heard but David Dobrik lmao
Botts King
Botts King - 26 days ago
rachel haggard
rachel haggard - 27 days ago
"first you have to ask if hes okay... u good?" lmao
Onitsha Burgess
Onitsha Burgess - 27 days ago
David is so me when folding a fitted sheet. lmao
howtobetrash 101
howtobetrash 101 - 28 days ago
"Its like the baby!"
*then proceeds to kneel on it.*
Miraculous Ladybug
Miraculous Ladybug - 28 days ago
*He would be the best dad*
currymuncher _
currymuncher _ - 28 days ago
Those babies he held are now blessed
Hp072506 14
Hp072506 14 - 29 days ago
He missed the first step the scene was not safe
Asahi Yamamoto
Asahi Yamamoto - 29 days ago
1:41 david holding himself
nickey - 29 days ago
soemone is dying *CALL THE POLICE*
Ceara Bostick
Ceara Bostick - 29 days ago
I bet David’s hugs are so gentle and warm ❤️
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