I Bought A Box Of Amazon Customer Returns

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Safiya Nygaard
Safiya Nygaard - 9 months ago
HELLO FRIENDS!! so sorry for the long hiatus, i will explain what happened in a couple of videos from now lol, but basically we had to move all of our videos around and then we were in australia. so anyway. here we are, back again! ALSO, thank you guys so much for 6 million subscribers!!! you are all amazing!! i don't have any big stunt planned for 6, but we do have some fun stuff in the works for u guys so keep ur eyes peeled! xoxo, saf
Elle B
Elle B - 3 days ago
I’m really late but I just had to comment because it was 500, and I have a thing for numbers like that.
abu manu
abu manu - 4 days ago
Safiya Nygaard : Assalamu alaikum dear..
500th reply 😁😁
and that’s the tea sis
and that’s the tea sis - 13 days ago
leave it to saf to use the word hiatus
Jiya Shariff
Jiya Shariff - 14 days ago
Safiya Nygaard u are amazing
Lucy’s vlogs /vids
Lucy’s vlogs /vids - 7 hours ago
Maybe you could flip the headphones around and then it would hit your ears
Tiny The Weirdo
Tiny The Weirdo - Day ago
"Naughty by nature garter slip and thong set?"
_"g e t t h a t"_
foreverVanney - Day ago
the finger condoms cracked me up... you know, the male g-spot is in the ass, ahem... ahem...
mo1979ca - Day ago
wakawaka1976 - Day ago
Hair shmair there’s more in one order of fast food than in that entire return.
Madeline - Day ago
This video makes me want to buy one of these
Petra Dragomir
Petra Dragomir - Day ago
Sooo... I know what the little epilator lipstick containor thingy is.... It is for your moustache!!
Dea Milkani
Dea Milkani - 2 days ago
I use a epilator and after I can say the pain dose go away 😂
Kathleen Kenyon
Kathleen Kenyon - 2 days ago
I am left with some questions! At 200.00 for shipping, plus updated price, that comes out to $10.00 per item! Second, she never went into how to get your money back! Am I assuming she is just going to re-list the items and hope she recoups at least $10.00 per item? I am confused! BUT, Love your attitude, facial expressions and fun you seem to be having.
honeymity - 3 days ago
Tyler: that would be a good Christmas present for my mom.
Tyler is so wholesome :'3
Izzy Burgeson
Izzy Burgeson - 3 days ago
I’d put that body lubricant in the “needs jesus” pile.
Djena Fortmann
Djena Fortmann - 3 days ago
I love, love your contents. Just subscribed! Love your humor.
HaileyIsA Bae
HaileyIsA Bae - 5 days ago
Omg,ho my mom works at liquidation! I was going to say she does that until you went to the website!
JeffsLoves Slots
JeffsLoves Slots - 5 days ago
if i spend $1,500.00 of people return and i get 7 million susbcibers and 14 million views? i just buy one thing on Amazon 10 and 20 cds 300 5 years ago!
Emily Jenkins
Emily Jenkins - 5 days ago
I live right next to Plainfield!
Eleonora Mystic
Eleonora Mystic - 5 days ago
Ugly ass hoe
Catherine Stone
Catherine Stone - 5 days ago
I can't stop grinning the whole time,,, carry on woman!
Sophia Swidler
Sophia Swidler - 6 days ago
Water picks are really good my parents and I have them and their great
mohit punia
mohit punia - 6 days ago
There comes your news scriber
JD Morris
JD Morris - 6 days ago
I quit buying from Amazon years ago and I've found SO MANY better deals and companies out there who really care.
Anna Boggs
Anna Boggs - 6 days ago
You should give the white sound maker to Colleen Ballinger! Cuz tgats the only thing that can get her baby to sleep!!
Haruto Baransu
Haruto Baransu - 6 days ago
i keep replaying the intro for gods sakes i cant get past Crusty
You’re my new fave!!! I have so much fun watching your videos 😍
Kayleigh Winterton
Kayleigh Winterton - 6 days ago
The finger cots look really strange if you haven't seen before but if you work around food you have to wear one over a bandage if you cut your finger. It makes sense cause nobody wants an exposed bandage that close to their food or drink (gross) and wearing an entire glove isn't always practical.
PeytonM Felix
PeytonM Felix - 6 days ago
My names peyton.
Sanjjana Jaiswal
Sanjjana Jaiswal - 7 days ago
https://www.google.com/search?q=oix+body+lubricant+directions&client=firefox-b-d&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwi7kbPJ-tniAhUr8XMBHddHB-EQ_AUIESgC&biw=1440&bih=723#imgrc=qUDbUp6K5acIPM: For people who wondered what she actually said in 13:09 . Just copy paste the link and you know it...
Brian Swinney
Brian Swinney - 8 days ago
Looks like a bunch of junk.
vika sterling
vika sterling - 8 days ago
Because it is
BillieTeggers2 - 8 days ago
Can anybody lip read?
We have a water pick and it’s kinda nifty.
Tricia Tripp
Tricia Tripp - 9 days ago
I’m not sure how this got recommend to me but I’m so glad it did! Good luck on donating to a doctor who liked to party!
Tricia Tripp
Tricia Tripp - 9 days ago
I loved the categorizing!
Tyffany Lewis
Tyffany Lewis - 9 days ago
Im so jealous right now, I so want all the money y’all have to spend on random stuff lol. I could never spend $500 on random mystery junk. I definitely could not ever justify spending $200 on SHIPPING for ANYTHING! I would have went with a more expensive box with better stuff listed that was located closer to get out of paying that kind of shipping cost! Seems like a waste of $200 for literal random junk to come to the house lol! Then you got to get rid of most of it because you have no use for it!! Lol. You could go on a random stuff shopping spree at Walmart with $500 and get a lot of way cooler stuff and no duplicates or broken items! And then it could be stuff you would want to keep or gift for Christmas lol!
Tyffany Lewis
Tyffany Lewis - 8 days ago
vika sterling oh I work hard for my money. I just don’t make easy videos for hundreds of dollars though lol.
vika sterling
vika sterling - 8 days ago
Nothing is free lads
vika sterling
vika sterling - 8 days ago
Then work for the money lol. The reason why she can afford it is because she earns money.
Tyffany Lewis
Tyffany Lewis - 9 days ago
Ahhh! I want one of the beach wavers! Send to meeeee!!! 😍 🙏🏼
luckywidyou - 10 days ago
Hi lovely r u willing to sell the DeeSs hair removal device im looking for one so i thought i ll ask u
TrendyFunAndGames - 10 days ago
why would you buy a mystery box full of crap could've been worthless
vika sterling
vika sterling - 8 days ago
No shit it's the point of the video - to tell you what you get so you don't have to
Fabiola Supit
Fabiola Supit - 10 days ago
smells like H2O, OMG saf, cracks me everytime! i love you
Flash Inthepan
Flash Inthepan - 10 days ago
Careful of bed bugs doing this...
lbell - 12 days ago
"Satanic shower shop" ahh yes, my favourite kind of store to shop at.
Thanh Pham
Thanh Pham - 12 days ago
i have the hair curler that i only used a few times
Selena Rogers
Selena Rogers - 12 days ago
Can I have the knee brace
Doc Hallenstein
Doc Hallenstein - 12 days ago
Fun. Thank you.
Rose Tea
Rose Tea - 12 days ago
When Tyler was putting on the sock I was like Safiya has really hairy legs but then I realized that it was Tyler’s leg
Serenity Hazel
Serenity Hazel - 12 days ago
The website look like a big scam!!
Frosty Art
Frosty Art - 12 days ago
Saf sounds like a robotic phone operator (thats a compliment btw)
Robin Henry
Robin Henry - 13 days ago
I was using the everyone lotion when you opened it
Yes please 90
Yes please 90 - 13 days ago
I not a noob
Jeffrey Simmons
Jeffrey Simmons - 13 days ago
Oh hey... you actually look really nice without all that ridiculous makeup @8:07. You should do that more.
Emma Sparkles
Emma Sparkles - 13 days ago
Does the laser hurt? Xxx
Dreamy folf
Dreamy folf - 13 days ago
Am I the only one that's curious if they used the lube..?
Tuva Moen
Tuva Moen - 12 days ago
Dreamy folf wtf...
Nora - 13 days ago
I wanna see a comment from one of the other bidders on this video
Tré Hazelwood
Tré Hazelwood - 13 days ago
I just want the T-Outliners 😩
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Hana - 14 days ago
I love using epilators. Been using them ever since I was thirteen, and yeah they kinds freak you out at first, but then you get used to it.
Lauren Schneider
Lauren Schneider - 14 days ago
Okay how cute are they together. He shaves her mustache and tries it out on himself. Just precious.
Lauren Schneider
Lauren Schneider - 14 days ago
The fear in Tyler's voice when she is talking about what they might do with the finger condoms.
Soupy Smith
Soupy Smith - 15 days ago
Cat Person
Cat Person - 16 days ago
... nobody look up body lubricant NSFW. its ummm... gross 13:00
Red Rose
Red Rose - 16 days ago
the finger things are like a band aid my teacher had she dead said out loud what it looks like:)- on my computer cant use emojis
Samantha Kimball
Samantha Kimball - 16 days ago
We used to use finger cots in the food industry whenever we had a cut. We would bandage out finger, cover it with a finger cot, then put a glove over that.
Fiz - 16 days ago
That cage and crib tho😂
Your Taemptaetion
Your Taemptaetion - 16 days ago
A nsfw thing
*im sure safiya and tyler will use it*
Julia Gottfredson
Julia Gottfredson - 17 days ago
who else LOVES the intro
Konstantinos Tsolakis
Konstantinos Tsolakis - 17 days ago
Imagine the person with the syringes watching this
Konstantinos Tsolakis
Konstantinos Tsolakis - 17 days ago
It's not a mystery, but you might get a cherry pitter
Patricia Sigaki
Patricia Sigaki - 18 days ago
Question: how returned items in which the package content is different from what's described end up there? I mean, when a store gets a return, doesn't it get checked (if it's the right item and if it wasn't damaged by usage)? Or does the store do it, don't refund the customer who sent it back and just check if this customer wants to pay to have the parcel back?
ClearSky ForBTS
ClearSky ForBTS - 18 days ago
R Shifflett
R Shifflett - 18 days ago
Pentagrams arent always satanic! Why Do People Think That?
Kimmie's Creations
Kimmie's Creations - 18 days ago
The thing you said looks like small condoms are when your baking and you cut your finger you put a band aid and that so you don't get blood in your food
Jack Bagelz
Jack Bagelz - 18 days ago
you can put that epilator on deez nuts.. got em!
Katelyn - 19 days ago
dear beautiful soul reading this, God loves u and ur a champ!! :)✝️🙏🏻💛
No One
No One - 19 days ago
Did anyone else notice that all the bids are exactly 10 dollars under the minimum except one?
Typically. Cam
Typically. Cam - 19 days ago
The leg protector I got an arm one for me and it was a size small and my arm was to small so I have to use huge waterproof bandaides for my bday party at a waterpark later today oooof
Echos - 20 days ago
You could potentially make *_SO MUCH MONEY_* through this, by reselling the better liquidation box items on eBay
Jayne Davis
Jayne Davis - 20 days ago
I got the “suspicious” lipstick epilator for my sister last Christmas & it works really well & DOES NOT HURT. Open your mind & your moustache to the little one Saf (the sock puller was to help the original owners get into their latex suits. Being hairless probably helps too... I wouldn’t know)
Alex Grey
Alex Grey - 17 days ago
i have the flawless branded one it's really good I use it every other day
Dan Lo Fat
Dan Lo Fat - 20 days ago
trickery that might be a foot! ssll a t-shirt made with that!
Jessica W
Jessica W - 20 days ago
I used finger cots at my second ever job! It was at a photo centre and we had to wear them so we wouldn't smudge the pictures with our nasty fingerprints. They made our fingers smell really bad, though.
Anne Panetti
Anne Panetti - 20 days ago
Ugh-I had an epilady 30 years ago and it was TORTURE!😂
Persephone Pomegranate
Persephone Pomegranate - 20 days ago
I use finger cots whenever I hold a knife
Antonio Marquez Ramos
Antonio Marquez Ramos - 21 day ago
People just send things back just because. Its a entitled society.
Neysayer dee
Neysayer dee - 21 day ago
hey friends! please subscribe to Mbthebest vlogs! he is so cool and also i loved this video
Amber Wilson
Amber Wilson - 21 day ago
The finger cover thing is for when you cut your finger in the kitchen with a knife so you can cover the cut up and still cook
JB HORIZON - 21 day ago
you’re voice lady🤨
Kingg Willy
Kingg Willy - 22 days ago
whoa I work at amazon and actually prepared that stuff in vendor returns dept. they are called liquidations. also did destroys,& warehouse deals. and Woot specials.
Katelyn Cecelia
Katelyn Cecelia - 22 days ago
“This is safiyas new intro song”
pepe the frog
pepe the frog - 22 days ago
For the little finger protector, my orthodontist use it for put it between the teeth in the machine for the radio.
Chelsea Adora
Chelsea Adora - 22 days ago
I kept looking at the 4 bratz dolls in the background lol
Vanessa Rowland
Vanessa Rowland - 23 days ago
This probably won't be helpful, but you can generally recalibrate scales. There should be a tare function or a dial somewhere. ;)
Very gross for the used razors...
Rosie Mac
Rosie Mac - 23 days ago
Great video!!!!!!!!!!
Zara Mansoor
Zara Mansoor - 23 days ago
I've been using an epilator for over a decade, so seeing it taken to your face had me in a complete panic saying "NO NO NO!!!" to my screen. I can still only use it on my legs and my underarms. It's too painful anywhere else. Pro tip: stretch out the skin on your underarms before going at it using the hand of the underarm your epilating, or else your skin will get caught - not fun. 👍
Jada Wilson
Jada Wilson - 23 days ago
I live in Indiana. Prices to ship here are grossly overpriced omg
Halie Impey
Halie Impey - 23 days ago
That little hair remover thing is actually awesome and works like a charm especially for facial hair. I have one.
Rose Shapiro
Rose Shapiro - 25 days ago
Am I the only one afraid of those syringes
BRINDLEE GEURIN - 26 days ago
I’ll take the gown
Jessica King
Jessica King - 27 days ago
Safiya Nygaard You look GORGEOUS without makeup. Your skin and brows are perfection, that's all you need. Honestly. You are a natural beauty, you don't need makeup. I love my makeup too, but for you, less is more. Love your videos, you're so funny girl! :-)
Daisy 10
Daisy 10 - 27 days ago
The lotion is the same brand of my hair & bath seop
TheYukochi - 27 days ago
Can you do another one of these videos?? I loved this
Callum Jones
Callum Jones - 27 days ago
A carton of lube 😂😂 im plastered
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