I Bought A Box Of Amazon Customer Returns

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Safiya Nygaard
Safiya Nygaard - 5 месяцев назад
HELLO FRIENDS!! so sorry for the long hiatus, i will explain what happened in a couple of videos from now lol, but basically we had to move all of our videos around and then we were in australia. so anyway. here we are, back again! ALSO, thank you guys so much for 6 million subscribers!!! you are all amazing!! i don't have any big stunt planned for 6, but we do have some fun stuff in the works for u guys so keep ur eyes peeled! xoxo, saf
MADDISYN SAVAGE - 6 дней назад
The flawless one works really well I have all there products
efrain ruiz
efrain ruiz - 11 дней назад
Lo ve your vids
Jeff Patrick
Jeff Patrick - 19 дней назад
Safiya Nygaard e
JillyPilly Uploads
JillyPilly Uploads - 21 день назад
Safiya Nygaard i
Eva Houldsworth
Eva Houldsworth - 2 часа назад
13:01. 😨😦😦
That  galaxy goddess 🔮
That galaxy goddess 🔮 - 3 часа назад
My sister has a pennini press
Thiccy Nicky ᴛᴇᴀʀs
Thiccy Nicky ᴛᴇᴀʀs - 5 часов назад
ᴀ ᴄᴀɢᴇ ᴀɴᴅ ᴀ ᴄʀɪʙ...
ʜᴍɴ...ʜᴍɴ.. HMN
Thiccy Nicky ᴛᴇᴀʀs
Thiccy Nicky ᴛᴇᴀʀs - 5 часов назад
ᴀ ɴɪᴄʜᴏʟᴀs ᴄᴀɢᴇ ᴘɪʟʟᴏᴡ ᴄᴀsᴇ?
Pegasus Girl
Pegasus Girl - 7 часов назад
Janine Henschel
Janine Henschel - 15 часов назад
that small hair remover is AWESOME ! i BOUGHT it and it works great for your woman;s mustache
Rebecca Penner
Rebecca Penner - 16 часов назад
Omg more please more why do I like this so much
Hannah Solomon
Hannah Solomon - 21 час назад
Why is every "current bid" exactly $10 below it's minimum??
**ALMOST every**
Grace Maxwell
Grace Maxwell - 20 часов назад
Hannah Solomon glad to help 😊
Hannah Solomon
Hannah Solomon - 20 часов назад
+Grace Maxwell Thank you!! That does make sense
Grace Maxwell
Grace Maxwell - 20 часов назад
Hannah Solomon I would assume that the current is the last bid, and the minimum is the lowest the next person to bid can go to avoid people going something like 1 cent above and making it go in forever.
maybememory1 - 21 час назад
In all fairness to the finger cots (or finger condoms), my mom was a massage therapist and used them (this sounds bad so far, I swear it's not) when she had a cut on her finger so that she wasn't being unsanitary during a massage (a bandaid, then this on top, otherwise the bandaid would fall off or be scratchy).
Rachael Dennis
Rachael Dennis - День назад
Those finger glove things were always used at my work as a way to wear a glove when you have a bandaid on and work in a restaurant, but if it’s on your finger why wear a whole glove if you can wear a “finger condom”
Eve Campbell
Eve Campbell - День назад
Do you have to pay for shipping as well?
Le'Dawn Thomas
Le'Dawn Thomas - День назад
My favorite video of yours
snatched batch
snatched batch - День назад
I swearrrr we'd be best friends if we ever met. Love me some saf💜
Xii M
Xii M - День назад
I love how everyone I know hates epilators because they hurt so much while they're my favorite shaving method over everything else 😂😂😂
Michelle Stillman
Michelle Stillman - День назад
I just wanted to tell you the sock holder thingy isn't covered by Medicare. U know this because I had spine surgery j was fused for L2-S1 and including my pelvis. I am still in Physical therapy from it and I had to buy one of those out of the pocket. So maybe if you dont bave a family member that has a need for these may I suggest a short term nursing home.
Darci Stalter
Darci Stalter - День назад
That sock thing might come in handy while pregnant!! 🤗👀
Madison Ronkar
Madison Ronkar - День назад
Hi, im Maddie and i know this is werid but i was intrested ina cuple of ideams it sounded you wouldnt use like the nee brace. I play basketball and the nee brace would help alot and if you havent discarded any wish or extra Items im to the extreme dirt end with money so anything would help. THANKS so much even though you wont see this i hope im not sounding to pathedic... if you see this please contact me at madisonronkar281581@gmail.com to fallow up with me.
Haley Chadwell
Haley Chadwell - 2 дня назад
I have that laser hair remover. I like it.
Jack of All
Jack of All - 2 дня назад
So when are you going to show us using that body lubricant in your pussyc
Jenny Nguyen
Jenny Nguyen - 2 дня назад
“U name it, they MAY have it “ sksksksk
Madison Rose Vlogs
Madison Rose Vlogs - 2 дня назад
This Is Safiya's New Intro Song
Luci-mae Barney
Luci-mae Barney - 2 дня назад
My knee is pretty much broken so can I have the knee and cast cover thing
Kitten Jackson
Kitten Jackson - 3 дня назад
I know tr his video is old but I'm pretty sure two of the scales were in kgs and the other was in lbs
Martin Abernathy
Martin Abernathy - 5 дней назад
This was so funny, tasteful and entertaining! Thanks you! However, for the record, I don't think I will be bidding on a box.
Ana Morales
Ana Morales - 5 дней назад
How fun
Michael Criswell
Michael Criswell - 5 дней назад
The leg cover was a life saver!!!
Natalie Brown
Natalie Brown - 5 дней назад
I use those "finger condoms" lol at my work. We put them on a giant pen looking device to check patient's eye pressure.
Rebecca! at the disco
Rebecca! at the disco - 5 дней назад
I have that same waterpik waterflosser and it does wonders for my braces

(Note that it cost like $60, but...)
Prachi Prax
Prachi Prax - 5 дней назад
Prachi Prax
Prachi Prax - 5 дней назад
"i want to get something that we can try on or put on our face...

...my face.

Prachi Prax
Prachi Prax - 5 дней назад
she searched "Squidations" :)
Jajjsjdn181 - 5 дней назад
when safyia says alright I die everytime😂😂😂
Hot Mama
Hot Mama - 6 дней назад
Enjoyed your video. Very funny :) . You and your BF seem cool. Though I think you're nuts touching half of that with your bare hands, and using the personal items or creams. No way! Lol.
Glepembs - 6 дней назад
oh my god syringes?! this video gave me anxiety i would not be able to use any of these
idconfirm - 6 дней назад
1:22 those eyebrows are talkin'
Noah Callaway
Noah Callaway - 6 дней назад
14:12 Those lens cleaning wipes are amazing!! Seriously, as a photographer, they are very good at cleaning lenses, phone screens, and glasses!! I got mine from Walmart for $5...
Eric Leon
Eric Leon - 6 дней назад
You =🌌👹☻
Lin Hint
Lin Hint - 6 дней назад
not worth $500 at all
S. C. P.
S. C. P. - 7 дней назад
She reminds me of Laurenzside, sometimes.
NeRethil Wolfsson
NeRethil Wolfsson - 7 дней назад
Hey, that Andrew Christian hoodie isn't that bad at all... Just consider it is Andrew Christian, a male lingerie brand XD
Annika Sammis
Annika Sammis - 7 дней назад
12:46 the hair remover is actually lined with 24k rose gold and is meant to remove hair on the face or in your case the mustache so sorry I am VERY late just wanted to throw that out there
Dezlyn Anderson
Dezlyn Anderson - 7 дней назад
2:38 “4 items named bed bath home and closet” ThErEs FiVe tHiNgS!
Maritza P
Maritza P - 7 дней назад
Who’s been here since buzzfeed ?
Christa Augusta
Christa Augusta - 7 дней назад
I think the head phones were placed further back for more safety because it would probably be bad to have music blowing in your ears for however long you sleep. But I don't really know.
Keely Logue
Keely Logue - 7 дней назад
LOVE videos like this! So entertaining
TaigaLesserTooth - 7 дней назад
Hey if you don't need the trimmers i use them daily in my work and I'm willing to pay shipping on them!
Taylor Pascoe
Taylor Pascoe - 7 дней назад
i have never returned something to amazon
Taylor Pascoe
Taylor Pascoe - 7 дней назад
your my new fav youtuber
RockstarFlipper - 8 дней назад
Man the views that these are getting.. and to think, the profession I'm in is getting BLOWN UP... nice....
Fantastically Lame
Fantastically Lame - 8 дней назад
I got an Amazon ad before this, teaching you how to build an Amazon wholesale business lol
Dezlyn Anderson
Dezlyn Anderson - 7 дней назад
Fantastically Lame same
Sammy P.
Sammy P. - 8 дней назад
Am I the only one that doesn’t return anything online, I just take the L and move on
snugbug1000 - 8 дней назад
wish it was option 1 it intrigued meh
Alien Peach
Alien Peach - 8 дней назад
17:26 this new birdbox movie looks great!
Grace Sanders
Grace Sanders - 8 дней назад
17:36 she predicted the Bird Box challenge lol
Kylethechile _
Kylethechile _ - 8 дней назад
I know you made this video like a year ago, but if you still have those lens wipes CAN I PLEASE HAVE THEM? My glasses are always dirty
ArtsyCinnamonRoll - 8 дней назад
I just got a Amazon Wholesale AD before this. *YouTube is watching us*
Guiseppe Tartini
Guiseppe Tartini - 8 дней назад
Wow 7 million subs and you dont know the difference between a satanic pentagram and and actual pentagram used by pagans. Makes you less likely for anyone to watch. And remember to tell the people that the items are not all the time in the packages when you buy liquidations. Instead of an laptop you'll get a brick or box of nails.
Maggie Familia
Maggie Familia - 9 дней назад
1 :56 2:34 5:44
whiteorchid2013 - 9 дней назад
Hahahah! I cant believe I watched your video from start to finish! You're pretty forward and clear.
Surely informative and entertaining.
adelaide motion
adelaide motion - 9 дней назад
You name it, they may have it!
Carolina Straub
Carolina Straub - 10 дней назад
There is one hair remover you didn't use, the one is white and little, like a thick pen size that one it always apears in my instagram
Krys F
Krys F - 10 дней назад
I’ll just put that with the lube 😂
ImNotMadImAlice - 10 дней назад
Okay, but for real, where did the lube end up going? Did you find a doctor who likes to party? Don't leave me in suspense! 😂
Molly Young
Molly Young - 10 дней назад
What kind of microphone do u use bc when you talk it sounds like a voiceover
LightBlueNinja Vlogs
LightBlueNinja Vlogs - 10 дней назад
I have the Flawless Hair Remover (seen @ 12:40 )! My boyfriend got it for me for my birthday (i know that sounds rude, but I actually told him that's what I wanted). I use it for my lip and the hair between my eyebrows! It's really really good!
LightBlueNinja Vlogs
LightBlueNinja Vlogs - 10 дней назад
ps. it's also really painless!
Kaitlin Cheney
Kaitlin Cheney - 10 дней назад
Out of curiosity, I went to liquidations.com and there was this one item that only had one thing listed on the manifest "pallet of general merchandise worth $4,999"
Pearl Ashton
Pearl Ashton - 12 дней назад
10:40 😂😂😂
Madison Smith
Madison Smith - 12 дней назад
You basically paid 10 bucks per item.
$500÷50items= $10 per item
Kate Davis
Kate Davis - 12 дней назад
Dar Mar
Dar Mar - 13 дней назад
Ashley Sagastume
Ashley Sagastume - 13 дней назад
6:58 “get that” 😂😂😂😂
NeverStopLearning - 13 дней назад
I got one coming , sadly half final price I paid was shipping
Peters palace
Peters palace - 13 дней назад
I really want satanic Christmas
Monroe Robbins
Monroe Robbins - 14 дней назад
I wanna try getting an Amazon return items package, just to see what I get cause I’m curious. I’m a hoarder and have an eye for a good deal, so... I’m game.
M Tee
M Tee - 14 дней назад
steve hill
steve hill - 14 дней назад
You guys are cool 😆😆
XxFerexX - 14 дней назад
new intro song from the youtube recommendations video XD
notdreamy 04
notdreamy 04 - 15 дней назад
I love the beginning theme song! Use this again pleaseeeee
Karnishe - 15 дней назад
I would get terrified that I can get infected yuk
Kim Cham
Kim Cham - 14 дней назад
Yeah... Then how great of a deal was it?
Dave Gray
Dave Gray - 15 дней назад
That was a kick in the head. Thanks for doing this. I might try this for myself.
dani0732 - 15 дней назад
i legit love your voice and enunciation.
Corri Anna Matheson
Corri Anna Matheson - 15 дней назад
I wouldn't use ANY of those health or beauty products unless they're sealed.. so many other people's germs could be on them!! =O I was grimacing at the flossers and epilators being reused! Ewwwww sorry do they have a tech box instead?
Raining Hearts
Raining Hearts - 15 дней назад
am i the only one looking in the comments to see if any people who can read lips un bleeped the body lubricant part? lmao
{ humans }
{ humans } - 7 дней назад
All I could decode was the bottle neck can be INSERTED into the PRIVATE PLACE.
MaryLynn - 15 дней назад
Wish I could sell my older Amazon junk purchases on here from over the years.
Oh well house sale it is!
Miss Charlie Aurora
Miss Charlie Aurora - 15 дней назад
finger cots are used by chiropractors and massage therapists for trigger points in the jaw
Danny White
Danny White - 15 дней назад
"new new" :)
Harper Ciha
Harper Ciha - 15 дней назад
This is going on my bucket list.
Overt Knitter
Overt Knitter - 15 дней назад
"Do you like that kind?"
"I don't know."
"Well you like it now."
Meggiemeee - 16 дней назад
That Etude House double lasting foundation tho
Black KittyCat Happiness
Black KittyCat Happiness - 16 дней назад
And we wonder why the planet is dying
keine Ahnung
keine Ahnung - 16 дней назад
You can actually use those "finger condoms" if you have a wound on your finger while cooking to be sanitary😄
sunnyb5678 - 16 дней назад
I like your shirt
Preston Poling
Preston Poling - 16 дней назад
Wow, that haul was mostly garbage. That sucks.
Lacy Gallagher
Lacy Gallagher - 16 дней назад
you had the headphone band on backwards
Jasmine J.H
Jasmine J.H - 16 дней назад
I hope you made some videos in Australia
jenn hietpas
jenn hietpas - 17 дней назад
Lol the finger condoms
William Butler
William Butler - 17 дней назад
Hey everyone check out my new singing videos I posted, I would really appreciate it 🔥
anto975 - 17 дней назад
pentagrams are Pagan not "satanic"
Rona Thaulov
Rona Thaulov - 17 дней назад
I was actually looking for the finger protecters on eBay 😂 cause I brite my skin off and it gets infected 😭
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