Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle: Donkey Kong Adventure - Release Date Announcement - Nintendo E3 2018

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Desy L
Desy L - 6 days ago
Can you make a sequel pls
Martijn Klaassen
Martijn Klaassen - 5 days ago
They are
G-Max - 17 days ago
If only Mario and the others were playable in this game like the other Mario and rabbids game
GD MarkoGaming
GD MarkoGaming - Month ago
Wait DK has the hand-like feet like a real monkey?
Damn Ubi mans
AkrylyK - Month ago
if this games title was abbreviated it would be m+rkbdka
Fast Cow
Fast Cow - Month ago
Jordan Valencia
Jordan Valencia - Month ago
Now Get Rayman invited to SMASH!
Joseph Denby
Joseph Denby - Month ago
3:01 3:02 3:03 3:04 3:05
John Gribben
John Gribben - 2 months ago
Why no rabbit kong character?
Tammy Midkiff
Tammy Midkiff - 2 months ago
hi there what are your name's are they cool
Isabella Krahenbuhl
Isabella Krahenbuhl - 3 months ago
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goldgodking 132
goldgodking 132 - 3 months ago
three Burgess
three Burgess - 3 months ago
two Burgess
two Burgess - 3 months ago
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Zavik 424
Zavik 424 - 3 months ago
They should add online for this, would be dope.
Keith Fenning
Keith Fenning - 3 months ago
Notice how every single enemy looks like a rabbid seems kinda contradictory in my opinion 😂
naruto pro
naruto pro - 3 months ago
that this a game of naruto
Angel Guardian
Angel Guardian - 4 months ago
inkling 390
inkling 390 - 5 months ago
Aprendizes do mundo geek
Aprendizes do mundo geek - 5 months ago
BetonBenni - 5 months ago
Looking great but please do a new Donkey Kong game :)
Jaden Crosland
Jaden Crosland - 5 months ago
Is this game just going to be like Mario plus Rabbids Kingdom battle or is this going to be like a Donkey Kong platformer but with rabbits
crepper man mog
crepper man mog - 5 months ago
11vov11 vor disen traller
Disdigo - 5 months ago
Fala sério? Rabids e Donkey Kong. 😓😥..
The Meme man
The Meme man - 6 months ago
We need more rabbids games

And we need the tv show back
Derek Porche
Derek Porche - 6 months ago
Yourself there llzl
Maria Eugenia Larios
Maria Eugenia Larios - 6 months ago
project zorgo is waching
Leah got Good Vibes
Leah got Good Vibes - 6 months ago
We all know that peach is fake cuz she wasn’t kidnapped yet jk 😂
Cera Sasori
Cera Sasori - 6 months ago
Why does D.K. sound like Homer Simpson?
McKenzie Cooley
McKenzie Cooley - 6 months ago
The rabbids invade Kong island?
Jacob Prosper
Jacob Prosper - 6 months ago
Super Mario maker for switch
Ismael Boechat
Ismael Boechat - 7 months ago
Next is Mario + Assassin's Creed
funky monkey
funky monkey - 7 months ago
ZJ ZJ - 7 months ago
Carrissa Cason
Carrissa Cason - 7 months ago
why can’t I find this game to buy? Anyone know?
DeeXanol - 6 months ago
or just buy the "gold edition" of mario and rabbids kingdom battle on amazon if you do not already own the game without dlcs
U23 909
U23 909 - 7 months ago
Carrissa Cason it’s DLC you download it from the eShop
sanicplayz roblox
sanicplayz roblox - 7 months ago
Mario + Rabbids Battle Royale.
Kaneesha Clary
Kaneesha Clary - 7 months ago
Let me know when.
Thank ya so o
faroshscale - 7 months ago
They still won't let the DK Rap die 😂
gacha Queen
gacha Queen - 8 months ago
Phyllis Pearson
Phyllis Pearson - 8 months ago
kcraft9 - 8 months ago
Oo8 n A 8

King Chaseis bobkyjuiuou
King Chaseis bobkyjuiuou - 8 months ago

julii fc
julii fc - 8 months ago
Q feooo
Joy-Con Sean
Joy-Con Sean - 8 months ago
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Me: Pass the aux cord.
Friend: Ya better not play trash.
Me: 0:36
Gio 1246
Gio 1246 - 8 months ago
Can you do me a super smash bro‘s
Donna Duron
Donna Duron - 8 months ago
Ginger_Gamer_ 64
Ginger_Gamer_ 64 - 9 months ago
Add the wa
fortnite kid/nerd boy
fortnite kid/nerd boy - 9 months ago
Michael Nelson and Fam
Michael Nelson and Fam - 9 months ago
I love Mario
damage 2836
damage 2836 - 9 months ago
When your franchise isn't getting the attention you wanted to so you have to pair up with one of the most successful video game businesses
D adi
D adi - 9 months ago
i want a new dk Country or the snes-dk's as hd Remake with this graphics.
Springdude 11
Springdude 11 - 9 months ago
Should've had King K. Rool, BUT WHATEVER HE'S IN SMASH
Uncle Waluigi
Uncle Waluigi - 9 months ago
Yo, no diddy or k rool
Ava Bell
Ava Bell - 10 months ago
They Should Have Rabbit Donkey Kong
Tio Goku Instinto Superior
Tio Goku Instinto Superior - 10 months ago
Styx Death
Styx Death - 10 months ago
bathroom man!
bathroom man! - 10 months ago
Wheres donkey kong in versus mode
Ledgicseid - 10 months ago
They need to bring Xcom enemy within to the switch.
AGENT3 DJ PARTY - 10 months ago
I think is dlc
Nancy - 10 months ago
Who Knew Mario + Rabbids Was ACTUALLY Good..

Like The Splatoon Series.

Please Forgive.
Gregory david
Gregory david - 10 months ago
T free
Yaretzi Martinez
Yaretzi Martinez - 10 months ago
Kadin Ellis
Kadin Ellis - 10 months ago
Niramit Keointhisone
Niramit Keointhisone - 10 months ago
This kinda cool
Nick M
Nick M - 10 months ago
Wars mairo???
Zaret Abad
Zaret Abad - 10 months ago
LL,l.,,,k,,!ñ, Kpo ok,
Samuel Carreto
Samuel Carreto - 10 months ago
Lacrystal Jones
Lacrystal Jones - 6 months ago
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twin Davis
twin Davis - 10 months ago
where Daisy and Rosalinda
Indra Taylor
Indra Taylor - 10 months ago
Squid Pirate
Squid Pirate - 11 months ago
NinjaKIngAce - 11 months ago
Love the call backs to DK 64
unknown but good person
unknown but good person - 11 months ago
2:32 Collector: please don't attack me!!!
Rabbid peach: no way. I'll shoot you
Coltin Anderson
Coltin Anderson - 4 months ago
*Shoots Collector*
Coltin Anderson
Coltin Anderson - 4 months ago
John Meskens
John Meskens - 11 months ago
did you say that mega ribbid kong killed the seagull at 2:13
Smash brother 64
Smash brother 64 - 11 months ago
0:30 the real rabbid kong
Jameson Barre
Jameson Barre - 11 months ago
Gamer_Third Ph
Gamer_Third Ph - 11 months ago
I did not get the update but I update it I dont know why?
Emerald lair
Emerald lair - 11 months ago
Nintendo should add pauline and her rabbid form to this game
Marcelino Roman
Marcelino Roman - 11 months ago
Why this sad and his face 2:10
Jaime Quintana Sanchez
Breaking news
Mario gets battle royale mode
a day in life of Vance
please make a bowser (playable bowser) DLC
Zach Does Stuff
Zach Does Stuff - Year ago
Triple cross over
Brandy Williams
Brandy Williams - Year ago
I wonder what dashie is going to think
Gwendolyn Gladhart
Gwendolyn Gladhart - Year ago
0:37 OMFG THE DK RAP!!!!
TheThing2021 - Year ago
Is this a new game or just a free add on dlc
MathiaS SaihtaM
MathiaS SaihtaM - Year ago
This DLC is BIG
Ken88 - Year ago
thanks for subscribe to my YouTube channel. appreciate it..I have returned the favor and subscribe to yours..let's enjoy video game and be happy😁..Ken88
Sealer101Gaming - Year ago
Where is Diddy Kong?
Josy 45
Josy 45 - Year ago
Como se reinicia el juego me lo pide para poder jugar este modo de juego como lo reinicio
R Marsh
R Marsh - Year ago
Omg, this looks great! I played the original and rabbid Kong was cartoony and now he's serious, that's awesome!
Bluster The Benevolent
“Relationship ended with RareWare,now Ubisoft is my best friend”
MrKnight - Year ago
well...not rayman 4
Jose L Rodriguez
Jose L Rodriguez - Year ago
Metroid prime 4 will be release for nintendo switch
anonymous _
anonymous _ - Year ago
Rabbids are stupid.
ElMancho - Year ago
A game of Mario Whit rabbids.. whit dlc of Donkey Kong?
ZakAshChan - Year ago
DLC or new game?
Redmaster Jor
Redmaster Jor - Year ago
We want rayman to this game :)
Jovia Elhorn
Jovia Elhorn - Year ago
Samy Baril
Samy Baril - Year ago
My father laughed so hard when he saw the arcade Donkey Kong reference.
TruExtent - Year ago
So since there was Rabbid Kong and we're getting a DK DLC adventure... Does that mean Wario and Waluigi have a future in this game based on the presence of Bwario and Bwaluigi?
What no coconut gun
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