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taif w
taif w - Day ago
AAaaaahhhh BBC ..
taif w
taif w - Day ago
I don't know if that Ford review ...or vw golf...!!!!!????
gaurav forged
gaurav forged - 2 days ago
video looks washed out , hmmm botched up editing
Ben Wheeler
Ben Wheeler - 3 days ago
Forgot to mention that one of the twin exhaust at the back of the car is fake!
Kababalax - 4 days ago
1.5 diesel, but who's gonna be buying diesels now with all pollution concerns and higher taxes?
A smith
A smith - 10 days ago
Any idea if Ford have addressed the issue with Spotify and Ford Nav not running at the same time? I’d bet it’ll be a simple fix but they may not do it to make owners buy data on the built in modem.
ratownik 106
ratownik 106 - 11 days ago
omg i need your review of skoda scala so bad...
Awesome Cars Guy
Awesome Cars Guy - 12 days ago
blakaeg - 13 days ago
I hate how they compare to a VW Golf!! A lot of us don't ever want or wanted a bloody Golf so don't care about the build quality on a Golf. Stop comparing to Golf all the time, it's not meant to be a Golf and doesn't want to be! Golfs are boring!
dav1mic - 14 days ago
A big thank you to Car wow, used it to get my New Focus 1.5 petrol Titanium. Saved £2300 !!!!
Stefan Stojkovski
Stefan Stojkovski - 17 days ago
Does anyone know what kind of audio system comes as standard on the st line?
4jimmycurtis - 18 days ago
I live in America and wanted to know if we were able to buy one of these and bring it over to US?
piesang_was_hier TJB
piesang_was_hier TJB - 18 days ago
Check out this beasts sound
crebegea - 20 days ago
So perfect, as usual. Yes, almost, because it's a ford but that's the whole point. Still my favourite middle sized.
Jeff - 23 days ago
Still a big fan of the 1st gen '98-'04 Focus!
Loose Eastside
Loose Eastside - Day ago
Your crazy mate theirs nothing at all that’s good about that 😂😂😂
Cala Content
Cala Content - 26 days ago
I have a Ford Focus mk2 and I owned the mk1 too, this new models have beautiful design, but for the price, they cut a lot on quality. Not even my 14 years old car has cheap plastic and that rubbish emergency wheel, like for real, wth. And the screen, I know Mercedez does the same, but a built in screen would have been a lot better than a cheap screen with huge vessels glued on the top... As much as I love Ford Focus, for the price of the car I'd pay a bit more and go for the new Honda Civic.
Gerry Days
Gerry Days - 27 days ago
Golf is not well built 😂😂😂😂
T N - 28 days ago
Why did you review this car twice?
Ichigo - Month ago
This is the first time I've watched one of carwow's reviews where he says to just go ahead and buy it!!
7 Hm
7 Hm - Month ago
Isn't there a little button on the signal stalk to toggle the Lane Keeping Assist System On/Off?
Willi Willi
Willi Willi - Month ago
i love the new look...but how about the new transmission!? recalls? or did they get rid of the Dual Clutch Tranny? a Manual/Automatic Tranny was a bad idea.
West Midlands Buses and trains
I’m not bothered about the back seats cause in driving but if my passengers don’t like it get a car your self
Danial Khan
Danial Khan - Month ago
Pretty nice hatchback
SadaEKE - Month ago
Go right ahead and buy it if you hate reliable engines and unblown head gaskets. 😒
Johan Fagerström
Johan Fagerström - Month ago
I have Never understood what you talk about that the focus hatchback have been so mich smaller in the boot and the back seet than a golf hatchback. I have always been able to fit more in my focus than my friend have been able to fit in his golf. The same with the back seet.
But for me it is more interesting to see the estate versions cause here like 70-80% of all cars are estates. Both in this class and the larger classes.
gris186 - Month ago
Ford Focus has always been built by a bit cheap materials in the cabin but the driver's seat and the driving is phenomenal for the price
surivids - Month ago
Mat please review FORD KA+ ACTIVE
Eric George
Eric George - Month ago
I would definitely go right ahead and buy one. I am a massive Focus fan and always have been.
Iulian Budusan
Iulian Budusan - Month ago
Damn it! In this Ford the plastics are far cheaper than materials used în Dacia !!! WTH?! For 18.000 euro or've expect more quality! And not to mention the design line!!!
JoaoRelego - Month ago
They're definitely not, they are good soft plastics, go see one in person. Design line? Well that's personal, but I love this new design of the Ford Focus.
harris fafoutis
harris fafoutis - Month ago
You said that I cannot use my phone connected via usb and use the maps at the same time. What happens when I connect my phone via bluetooth will I be able to use the car maps?
hwd71 - 2 months ago
As Consumer Reports said, if we could put Mazda's drivetrain in the Focus and Ford's styling on the Mazda they would be perfect.
OptimusCunt - 2 months ago
Going for either this or the mazda hatchback thoughts?
OptimusCunt - 2 months ago
joe duce j thanks for the feed back how about the mazda any thoughts
joe duce j
joe duce j - 2 months ago
OptimusCunt ford focus turbo st line my car is fdozen white love my car
joe duce j
joe duce j - 2 months ago
OptimusCunt ford bro.I got one I love it it's great fast to great
Ивайло Асенов
Ивайло Асенов - 2 months ago
I love the focus it is simple and super fun to drive.❤
the0glitter - 2 months ago
Cars providers should remove every bit of plastic before giving them to Mat for review
Ivan Komodzynskey
Ivan Komodzynskey - 2 months ago
Dog its real liva for me car spacce oh good
Perfectly Balanced
Perfectly Balanced - 2 months ago
This only makes me sad because we are not getting it here in the US
Slim Yelow
Slim Yelow - 2 months ago
you can flop the rear seats up against the front seats in order to get a level loading deck. Just like the 2013 American Focus SE.
Arno Andres Bregnhøj
Arno Andres Bregnhøj - 2 months ago
12:02 yes you can
A smith
A smith - 2 months ago
Any issues with the collision avoidance system?
twisterwiper - 2 months ago
Why are all Ford audio systems so shitty? They sound muffled and totally lacks resolution. I drive a Mondeo daily and just test drove the new Focus. Very disappointed that they haven’t improved this critical component of the car!
Tried an Octavia and the Bolero sound system just blew me away! Incredible clarity and resolution.
I really like the Focus for everything else, but the terrible sound system could be a deal-breaker for me 🙁
Thodoris Palaiologos
Thodoris Palaiologos - 2 months ago
Focus need's the digital cockpit of the new Kuga/Puma....i really don't understand why they didnt put it on this beautiful car!
Luke Smith
Luke Smith - 2 months ago
I got the stline x 1.5 182.
Insurance is ridiculous tho as I'm 19 but worth it. £1,800 with out a black box with 2 years no claims
And got every option on it from headsup display to door edge protectors and heated seats and steering wheel, and the wireless charging pad. I selected every option. It parks its self for me. Sunroof ect
Disappointed that only the drivers seat is electrically adjustable
Was going to get it through car wow but my dad works at ford so was easier to get it through him. Hence why I was able to get all the options for the same price as the basic model.
Not really worth it tho if my dad did not work at ford as the on the road price was 35k which is ridiculous which no1 would pay for the focus.
CiOLAN - 2 months ago
Ouch, a lot of faults on the new Focus.
MrLimeInHD - 2 months ago
Unless its a RS/ST Focus, scrap it, such a ugly ass boring car.
gunsnmammons - 2 months ago
I hope this generation doesn’t have the transmission problems my focus has...
Sam RN
Sam RN - 2 months ago
gunsnmammons in America. Everybody in UK drives manual I doubt they even had this shit power shift transmission in the UK Focus and Fiestas
gunsnmammons - 2 months ago
@A smith shuddering while shifting gears. There are multi billion dollar recalls on that transmission.
A smith
A smith - 2 months ago
gunsnmammons what problems ?
Jim - 2 months ago
Great if you get rid every three years but long term F**** that it's a Ford.
pngmick - 2 months ago
A nice sexy looking car.
Amazing Videos
Amazing Videos - 2 months ago
The front of the focus looks like a fish
Dillon Hawkins
Dillon Hawkins - 2 months ago
Like the yaris ia
Ropsana Khanom
Ropsana Khanom - 2 months ago
Matt’s so calm and nice about this car even gentle when describing its faults but if this was a Toyota he’d needlessly make fun out of it.
NAGSTER • - 2 months ago
Says 80mpg it's more like 42mpg unless you live on a motorway
Andrei Blk
Andrei Blk - 2 months ago
Hey Mr. Mat one quick question. Do you get the pops and crackles from the exhaust with the 180 hp engine ?
Lilyana’s World
Lilyana’s World - 2 months ago
i have the same car and it is white so it the same car as that one
Olli exton
Olli exton - 2 months ago
Can I get the St line with Climate control and LED headlights?
Gabriel S
Gabriel S - 2 months ago
A slap in the face for us Americans...
dannyboio37 - 2 months ago
Why "like a vw golf" why not V40 or civic.
Golfs aren't particularly that nice
CiOLAN - 2 months ago
Still a lot better than a focus
Shane Ledbury
Shane Ledbury - 2 months ago
Carwow bums off the VW golf in every video
hagler10033 - 2 months ago
Anyone who needs parking assistance should not be driving 🙄
CiOLAN - 2 months ago
Some people might have special needs...
Lewijone12 - 3 months ago
i love your humour lol
Fqrbes - 3 months ago
Hocus pocus there’s pizza on your focus
Ardent Fan
Ardent Fan - 3 months ago
It is very weird that almost all car reviewers are praising the Ford focus but are strangely silent about its defective Powershift automatic transmission which has brought about many lawsuits. Just a simple google search will attest to the seriousness of the defects of this automatic transmission. Although carwow is reviewing the manual transmission version of this model which does not have this big problem, it should at the very least warn its viewers of the serious problems found in Ford's Powershift automatic transmission. Otherwise, carwow would be doing its viewers a very great disservice. The only person on youtube who is always transparent about car defects regardless of who ever is the manufacturer is Scotty Kilmer who dares to call a spade a spade.
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