Cardi B - Ring (feat. Kehlani) [Official Video]

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Daisy Chavez
Daisy Chavez - 2 часа назад
Nicole Razor
Nicole Razor - 2 часа назад
Thank you Cardi love u kelani
Sunflower&Mouse - 2 часа назад
Kehlani and that cheap-ass weave. bruh
teresaaa - 2 часа назад
kehlani is a whole package. i love her so much.
Quan Robinson
Quan Robinson - 2 часа назад
This a bop love it
Afshin Muhit
Afshin Muhit - 2 часа назад
Not first
Jazzmine Hardy
Jazzmine Hardy - 2 часа назад
That snap back after the baby sent from God..🙌🙌.Get it Cardi god the hit the line made it Ring and rain down blessing Yass Cardi
Get me to 1.5m Subs without a video challenge
Victoria Tolomio
Victoria Tolomio - 2 часа назад
E'Nia Simms
E'Nia Simms - 2 часа назад
Yessss cardi! Yessss Wigs! Looooooooooooooooove it !
mostwanted. Curlyheadjustyce
mostwanted. Curlyheadjustyce - 2 часа назад
❤❤❤❤❤❤❤Love it girl
galaxy gravity
galaxy gravity - 2 часа назад
Cardi b I love your songs
iyanna brown
iyanna brown - 2 часа назад
1 million🔓
4million 🔒
MissRico5286 - 2 часа назад
gorgeous ladies
Robin Dansberry
Robin Dansberry - 2 часа назад
Get that money!.. my Puerto Rican Queen😚
Christian Trinh
Christian Trinh - 2 часа назад
Only here for Kehlani
mara goud
mara goud - 2 часа назад
Y'all stop hating on cardi b. I get that maybe the way it sounds isn't to your taste, but whats it gonna do complaining about it? She's rich and profiting from this, so it doesn't really matter what anyone says anyway.
Thiago Aires
Thiago Aires - 2 часа назад
SJD - 2 часа назад
This deserves a Grammy for Best Rap/Sung Performance! Such a beautiful collaboration.
Blinded ._. Eyes
Blinded ._. Eyes - 2 часа назад
“A n*gga only gonna do what you allow” umm.....👀
Lucas Swiftie 13
Lucas Swiftie 13 - 2 часа назад
Essa Cardi B só sabe dar TIRO 😍😍😍
Mrs. Brown
Mrs. Brown - 2 часа назад
Domonique S
Domonique S - 2 часа назад
#1 trending On Youtube. Yes Cardi! Keep them coming. 😉
Fareen A
Fareen A - 2 часа назад
boi dis song so old
Tiffany Tesnow
Tiffany Tesnow - 2 часа назад
I'm only her bc my girl k is in it 😂😂
Letia Commodore
Letia Commodore - 2 часа назад
Cardi B acceptance speech at the VMAs 😂😍 love this song
Sintia C
Sintia C - 2 часа назад
California Grizzly
California Grizzly - 2 часа назад
Fuk cardi bitch...since when is it right to glorify a nasty ass hoodrat!! Who the hell would want a slut as a partner... Bitch making it sound like its a good thing...
Kaye Remegio
Kaye Remegio - 2 часа назад
Tyson Wright
Tyson Wright - 2 часа назад
I swear this is the female version of hotline bling
wendy liu
wendy liu - 2 часа назад
It's more like Kehlani's video than cardi……
AllMightyHaz E
AllMightyHaz E - 2 часа назад
This piece of shit music is so cancer. What the hell does it take for shit like this garbage to actually SMELL like Shit and sound so fucking bad!?!?
Veronica StarBae
Veronica StarBae - 2 часа назад
only a dumbaSS would think this sh is poppin. god the art direction, singing, the music. its so tired.
KylieLovesKPopNow BTS A.R.M.Y
KylieLovesKPopNow BTS A.R.M.Y - 2 часа назад
Cardi has come a long way and she has become more and more amazing!!!
Omega_65 - 2 часа назад
Ayyy im early. Aug 20 2018
Tyson Wright
Tyson Wright - 2 часа назад
Isn’t this just the female version of hotline bling?
JAZZY SQUAD - 2 часа назад
Yessss cardio do ya thing I love your music 🎶😍
Tulsa Biking
Tulsa Biking - 2 часа назад
#1 *TRENDING* congrats, you go girl

We all love your music
blue star
blue star - 2 часа назад
I’m going through this right now
Samantha Leyes
Samantha Leyes - 2 часа назад
Like si eres Latino y hablas Español 💪❤
Tyler Marchese
Tyler Marchese - 2 часа назад
BIGSMOOTH RADIO - 2 часа назад
Proud TeaSipper
Proud TeaSipper - 2 часа назад
Very lack luster Video
Brooke Ashlyn
Brooke Ashlyn - 2 часа назад
SHEYX JOXA - 2 часа назад
D Nickens
D Nickens - 2 часа назад
I love this! but it reminds me of Beyonce and Shakira beautiful liar video with the effect of switching between the two of them.
Londa Barlow
Londa Barlow - 2 часа назад
Luv it 😍😍😍
Kesia Valdez
Kesia Valdez - 2 часа назад
I instantly fell in love with this song
TrinkBruder - 2 часа назад
Half bro, half sis, quarter rap, whole strip pole
Scarcy Fury
Scarcy Fury - 2 часа назад
Yesenia Trinidad
Yesenia Trinidad - 2 часа назад
Congrats on #1
On trending!! 💞💞💞💞💞
아미 - 2 часа назад
Paris Foots
Paris Foots - 2 часа назад
Giselle Soliz
Giselle Soliz - 2 часа назад
I love this song it's on my head XD IF the song is on your head leve a like😄😄
Captain Lolburgers
Captain Lolburgers - 2 часа назад
Anyone else here before 15 mil? 😏😎🔥
mel b
mel b - 2 часа назад
i feel like cardi b having a hard time pronouncing words too smart for her, it really shows, the ghost writer needs to ease up
Karissa Barrow
Karissa Barrow - 2 часа назад
gloss roses
gloss roses - 2 часа назад
i've been looking for this song for about a week now, and i found it on yt finally
Comical Wolfie
Comical Wolfie - 2 часа назад
UGHHHHH it’s another love song please kill me
Tiana Coleman
Tiana Coleman - 2 часа назад
Cardi B and Kehlani are both QUEENS👑❤️🔥
JessicaWhite - 2 часа назад
Tomorrow on Twitter (nicki twitter fingers). Ganja burn did not make the charts cause cardi video came out. 😒
Stefana Music
Stefana Music - 2 часа назад
Great video and a great song too 👏👏👏❤
Johnny Ortega
Johnny Ortega - 2 часа назад
This song is going to know the failure💔😪
MARK MACHARIA - 2 часа назад
We love you from Kenya
kim love
kim love - 2 часа назад
Her and trump is the end of this world.
Morgan McCall
Morgan McCall - 2 часа назад
ociriszues - 2 часа назад
Cardi B played out.. she has nothing new. Same old shit. Same old shity voice that is auto tuned.
someone and someone
someone and someone - 2 часа назад
Yassss kween this video got me shook
Yessenia Martinez
Yessenia Martinez - 2 часа назад
Angel Valdovinos
Angel Valdovinos - 2 часа назад
Cardi b sucks
SCL 91
SCL 91 - 2 часа назад
❤️ 🎶
Connor Polanco
Connor Polanco - 2 часа назад
Me: wow this is a good song I don’t think anything can ruin it
Cardi B: opens her mouth
Me: I was wrong
kim love
kim love - 2 часа назад
Fuck dumb ass cardi crying dumb bitch . sound so stupid. Owr youth is fucked smfh my poor kids .
Slaying Gacha Goddess
Slaying Gacha Goddess - 2 часа назад
Woah this is number 1 on trending 😱

*Not surprised* 😊
Joseph Angelo Sy
Joseph Angelo Sy - 2 часа назад
Cardi i want a video for bickenhead!
Yname Anime
Yname Anime - 2 часа назад
Damn this collab is Dope Hot👌✌️ Carbi😍 & K😍🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭
Scott Odom
Scott Odom - 2 часа назад
Cardi B vs Nikki Minaj
Hair By Jewel Salon
Hair By Jewel Salon - 2 часа назад
W.A.S - 2 часа назад
Nah nigga nah you gon have to call me..cause im lookin at these messages and they all me" real shit Cardi
Mohammad M
Mohammad M - 2 часа назад
Shes only popular because there isnt any mexican rappers
Davina Cunt
Davina Cunt - 2 часа назад
Nicki is shook
Girls - 2 часа назад
DoubleDoubleUSmoky Mirror4Demention
DoubleDoubleUSmoky Mirror4Demention - 2 часа назад
Completion let's bring it without it everyone loses to low ass standards. Fight the power!
Melly Mel
Melly Mel - 2 часа назад
🔥🔥🔥 ON REPEAT 🔥🔥
TrinkBruder - 2 часа назад
Baby daddy getting solitary to life
Crystal Parker
Crystal Parker - 2 часа назад
Cardi b just keeps winning!
Tejas Rider
Tejas Rider - 2 часа назад
[Intro: Kehlani]
Ooh, ooh
Ring, ring, ring, ring
[Chorus: Kehlani]
You don't hit my line no more, oh, oh
You don't make it ring, ring, ring, ring
I can't keep this on the low
I want you to make it ring, ring, ring, ring
[Verse 1: Cardi B]
Should I call first? I can't decide
I want to, but a bitch got pride
The switchin' up shit is what I can't fuck with
I'm feelin' you but you hard to get in touch with
And you ain't hit me up in a while
Actin' like you don't know what number to dial
You quit, then that's it, I'ma throw in the towel
'Cause a nigga only gon' do what you allow
You don't want this gun smoke
Learn to text with your nose if your thumb broke
I don't care if we get into it and I stall on your ass
Better still wake up to missed calls from your ass, nigga
[Chorus: Kehlani]
You don't hit my line no more, oh, oh
You don't make it ring, ring, ring, ring
I can't keep this on the low
I want you to make it ring, ring, ring, ring
[Verse 2: Cardi B]
Nah, nigga now you gon' have to call me (call me)
'Cause I'm lookin' at these messages, they on me (yeah)
Actin' like they ain't niggas that want me
Let another nigga in your spot, and you gon' be hot nigga coffee
You gon' be sick to your, stomach
Hit me when you free, 1-800
It's emergency, call me 911
Cause right now I'm out here tryna find someone
The ring on my phone, ring on my finger (brrr)
You actin' like you ain't tryna do either (yeah)
Once a good girl, watch me turn diva
Here goes my heart, I put it on speaker (oh)
[Chorus: Kehlani]
You don't hit my line no more, oh, oh
You don't make it ring, ring, ring, ring
I can't keep this on the low
I want you to make it ring, ring, ring, ring
[Verse 3: Kehlani]
You used to be on my line
On my tick all the time, yeah
Love it when you make me feel
Like you don't mind when I ain't got time for you
And no it don't go to my head, I'm only arrogant in bed
I just love to know you wanna spend time with me instead
Now you all caught up, yeah
You all caught up and you done left me alone, yeah
You was all fed up
Ready for the next step, wanna be on your own
Said I just miss you, I just miss us, baby
All I know is
Goomystar - 2 часа назад
Alexandra Gomez
Alexandra Gomez - 2 часа назад
Manuel Rodriguez Califano
Manuel Rodriguez Califano - 2 часа назад
Artist 4Life
Artist 4Life - 2 часа назад
Here before 3M views This song is🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥!
Yorri Amo
Yorri Amo - 2 часа назад
I’m feeling you, but you’re hard to get in touch with 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Nicolas Peterson
Nicolas Peterson - 2 часа назад
The video makes the song sooooo much better then it already was
Juryn Jala
Juryn Jala - 2 часа назад
Boring tho❤
Rubem Lima
Rubem Lima - 2 часа назад
Kehlani 😍
7.lost. Jams:]
7.lost. Jams:] - 2 часа назад
Card b I’m back bitches lol
Tamara Janelle
Tamara Janelle - 2 часа назад
Yaaaaaass Girlfrennnz!!!!💕
ammad.studies - 2 часа назад
We love a strong shishter
Shyla Is a bush
Shyla Is a bush - 2 часа назад
ammad.studies - 2 часа назад
Shishter cardi hitting it even after pregnancy
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