My Host Parents Took Away My Freedom and My Food

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PoLterGhast / GDTeRra
PoLterGhast / GDTeRra - 54 minutes ago
Anyone else just furious at the parents while watching this video?
Candence007 - My Gameplay is Odd
Why would u need bloody crayons xD
Its Me malak
Its Me malak - 2 hours ago
Hello are yall not smart go buy you some new crayons and telling a police that a girl stole my child crayons
Sqüid - 4 hours ago
She just described the life of a single mother
Xx Jetstream xX
Xx Jetstream xX - 5 hours ago
Doesn’t a box of crayons cost like, gee I don’t know, two dollars? I could buy like... one thousand boxes
Elena Williams
Elena Williams - 6 hours ago
Food is like my life the minute that they stopped feeding me I would have left faster than they can say bacon
Elena Williams
Elena Williams - 6 hours ago
I watch your videos every day
DanishViking 1996
DanishViking 1996 - 7 hours ago
Omg did u move to Denmark 😂 I live in Denmark 😂😂
tusegaming - 7 hours ago
Yaaay Im from Denmark
Samurai Levi
Samurai Levi - 7 hours ago
Rip I’m Scandinavian and we are known to be sweet people. These guys must have been a bad batch.
DestinyyW Lo
DestinyyW Lo - 10 hours ago
This girl is so weak bro
Tommi Boi
Tommi Boi - 11 hours ago
I live in Denmark Ùwú
Taylor Torres
Taylor Torres - 12 hours ago
WHY DID YOU PAY HIM?? YOURE CRAZY. This whole story is so stupid... you should have quit, you shouldnt have paid him, you should have stood up for yourself.
Taylor Torres
Taylor Torres - 12 hours ago
You're dumb lol ... why didnt you just quit and ask your bf to help you...
Taylor Torres
Taylor Torres - 12 hours ago
Why didnt you just say why the fuck would you steal crayons
My Colourful Planet
My Colourful Planet - 13 hours ago
She should've just been like "fine I stole your cheap crayola 24 packs crayons" 😂😂
Idk Whattonamemychannel
Idk Whattonamemychannel - 15 hours ago
You should sue them honestly
Noxinate Oof
Noxinate Oof - 16 hours ago
I hate it here ugh its DiSGusTaNgGgGgGGGGggG
Weve caught u stealing we're kicking you out
No DoNt
Megan Thompson
Megan Thompson - 21 hour ago
This story was the same like my dad and my step mom treated me like this too
Ayden Gunn
Ayden Gunn - Day ago
There joke would be: wanna hear a joke... Your life ha got eeeee
Rb Smith
Rb Smith - Day ago
Forget Au Pair! That guy was frivolous and do you think that police would hear about stealing kid’s worthless crayons? Ridiculous. Neither is United States.
Abdirahman Mahomed
Abdirahman Mahomed - Day ago
Its called being a mom
Too lazy Too dumb
Too lazy Too dumb - Day ago
*Read more*
This looks like Disney princess art no lie
F those parents
Giulia Carasi
Giulia Carasi - Day ago
This is how many times I can slap that family
ScottisCat - Day ago
L Juhlen
L Juhlen - Day ago
I am from Sweden and we don’t have visas
Emilia Söderberg
Emilia Söderberg - Day ago
I can’t Belive this happend in sweden 😂😂
t t
t t - Day ago
Crazy Cookie
Crazy Cookie - Day ago
Okay but...why would she even steal crayons she is basically an adult 😂😂
Big Cheese
Big Cheese - 2 days ago
Yo she met her boyfriend though a video game is this sssniperwolf!?!
A’s World
A’s World - 2 days ago
I hope u have a netter life 💗
EDA GJATA - 2 days ago
Why in the BLOODY HELL would a adult woman who spends her entire day inside steal a box of crayons?????😨
Stephanie Hoyland
Stephanie Hoyland - 2 days ago
The accused her of stealing crayons? They did not want a nanny or maid they wanted a slave they should be arrested for abuse and in slavery.
Potato Godess
Potato Godess - 2 days ago
Is the guy she’s crazy about Pewdiepie?
Janni Hro
Janni Hro - 2 days ago
This story reminds me a lot of mey time being an au pair. There were a lot of similarities.... I was physically and mentally abused even sexual, I was either locked in or had to leave the door open for total control... I wasn't provided with any food or money and had to work overtime, my only freedom was the time in university but most of the time I was way too tired to concentrate or perform well in class. I frequently collapsed and passed out, I developed a severe eating disorder which I'm still suffering from... I was so afraid of being kicked out that I tried to do everything they wanted. That I kept my mouth shut for the whole time. I was so scared. I gave everything I could while I was dangerously underweight, wasn't able think clearly anymore , hardly even existed and still I wasn't good enough...
Gymnastics girls
Gymnastics girls - 2 days ago
Why would a like 20 year old try to steal a little box of crayons??
kammy scott
kammy scott - 3 days ago
why the hell didn't she move in with her bf earlier?
Michael Seng
Michael Seng - 3 days ago
"I could take you to the police BTW we have proof your stealing"
Me:that is not proof also don't look at her phone the proof is you asking your daughter if she stole it😐😐😐😐😐😐
T P - 3 days ago
1:47 to good to be true hmmmmm
T P - 3 days ago
What a coincidence
T P - 3 days ago
Molly - 3 days ago
Bruh I would’ve knock sum sense into them if they accused me of “stealing crayons”🙄
NONE - 3 days ago
Is it just me or does the girl look like Anna?
Pineapple Bear
Pineapple Bear - 3 days ago
Who even is this person Irl?
Caroline Trageser
Caroline Trageser - 3 days ago
Why would she want to steal crayons anyways
Liiilac Msp
Liiilac Msp - 3 days ago
If you're in that situation just leave because they don't deserve you if they treat you like this
Anoceon Man
Anoceon Man - 3 days ago
Some blonds are and will always be assholes
Willow Wilt
Willow Wilt - 3 days ago
Wait you guys are getting paid?
Rana Hendy
Rana Hendy - 3 days ago
She had to move from Florida to Sweden all by herself leaving everything behind and to work in someone's house just to be with her online boyfriend .. and why again he couldn't just be the one who moves to Florida ?
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