A Date With Sooperman - Cyanide & Happiness Shorts

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Rainiel Magoncia
Rainiel Magoncia - 2 hours ago
The new season of the boys looks good.
Hunter 425
Hunter 425 - Day ago
Dumb idiot
How is she gonna feel when she figures out that sooperman died?
יונתן גנני
I mean he could've robbed a bank... He is Superman
cam angel
cam angel - 2 days ago
Tres Harris
Tres Harris - 2 days ago
What is VRV? Is purgatory in it?
king bassel
king bassel - 3 days ago
Jaxon Dean
Jaxon Dean - 4 days ago
Steamed ham
Michael Buehler
Michael Buehler - 4 days ago
Well that backfired.
Cycadeli - 4 days ago
Elmer J Fapp
Elmer J Fapp - 6 days ago
zack and Neil both on vrv for exsplosm? maybe I give you munee
Jeffrey Murray
Jeffrey Murray - 6 days ago
What if it was always that easy. You could just beat superman with a pocket mirror like medusa
Dark_ Star_29
Dark_ Star_29 - 6 days ago
This somehow reminds me of catwoman, bruce and batman in batman: hush
mynameislwazi - 6 days ago
When vrv ain't available in South Africa :(
Adriano Ponte
Adriano Ponte - 6 days ago
VRV destroyed this channel. Bye
Matthew Whisennand
Matthew Whisennand - 7 days ago
If your gonna shill your product on a premium subscription service, at least do it as well as Explosm. The plugs so far have been great.
ThunderDrummer - 7 days ago
Delightfully devilish Seymour.
Tuba Toprak
Tuba Toprak - 7 days ago
Diwangga Lianto
Diwangga Lianto - 7 days ago
His chin is laserproof, yet his eyes aren't
Tallzom - 7 days ago
i need that preview short
i need to hear all my boys
- Softii -
- Softii - - 7 days ago
Halloween version:
Oun Loong Siew
Oun Loong Siew - 8 days ago
Sooperman has dead already
Zorox 2012
Zorox 2012 - 8 days ago
اكووو وووووو عرب بطيارة 👍😍✌️😁✈️🛩️🛫🛬
SWAG GAMING - 8 days ago
Ezekiel will eventually find his dad
musixx - 9 days ago
Oh my god I thought the first voice actor was Rick from Rick & Morty. I’m deaddddd!!
Joshua Velez
Joshua Velez - 9 days ago
Can't you just simply wear fake glasses you know the laser eyes working on him doesn't make any sense and the laser eyes reflecting off of mirror doesn't make any sense
ApexPrimeSSJ Powe
ApexPrimeSSJ Powe - 10 days ago
1-800-pewpeweyes 💀💀💀
IssenKai - 10 days ago
1min actually funny short about superman 1 min shamefully boring advertisement about vrv that nobody cares
Shweta Singh
Shweta Singh - 10 days ago
FREAKING love the theme music!!
Jacqueline McAferty
Jacqueline McAferty - 11 days ago
Vrv isn't available in my region. I'd like to watch the cyanide and happiness show. Solution?
Géniusz Lóci
Géniusz Lóci - 6 days ago
Apparently they don't care about us anymore. Let them die.
Long Tall
Long Tall - 11 days ago
This is me unsubscribing.
Good luck with your whole paywall for content thing
Ace Hardy
Ace Hardy - 11 days ago
SANDRA McDONELL - 11 days ago
Pewdieeyes lazereye surgery
TriVos Ahren
TriVos Ahren - 11 days ago
netflix, prime, vrv... cool how entertainment becomes "exclusive content" like videogames. cool how the cyanide and happiness game on steam failed because it was to expensive on release and full of loot shit. can i now just buy a dvd or blueray disc with season 4 on it?
Bro Bomb
Bro Bomb - 11 days ago
knew that sounded like rick
Carlos Alfredo Calderon Martel
*Temis ahora se está cuestionando sobre toda esa serie supuesta del Perro Palito porque siempre que es seguro hay Seguridad Ellos dicen ya estaba hecho no fue nada difícil yo no hize nada no tengo Delito Y PORQUE EL PALITO NO DEBERÍA SALIR NUNCA SOLO MUY RARAS OCASIONES Y CADA VEZ QUE SALE SOLO DEBERÍA TRATAR SU TEMA DE SU GRAN INOCENCIA QUE NO HAY DELITO QUE TODO ERA SEGURO ERA PALITO*
*osea el Palito no debería existir no debería tener una serie*
Christina Hamilton
Christina Hamilton - 12 days ago
1:11 Steamed Hams!
Tomas Dexter
Tomas Dexter - 13 days ago
Im so sad that cyanide n happiness changed into piece af advertising shit :( I will miss it, but its time to remove that from my favourites
Kek Lord
Kek Lord - 13 days ago
what if he was named *s p o o p e r m a n*
SWordy GAmeSs
SWordy GAmeSs - 14 days ago
Upload on yotube
Ayman Oueld
Ayman Oueld - 14 days ago
Cuando Tony purgatony
Conner Heise
Conner Heise - 15 days ago
I guess sounded like a good idea
Muhammed P
Muhammed P - 16 days ago
So he didnt die when he shaved with his eyes?
Gacha Toskiro
Gacha Toskiro - 16 days ago
And I oop
Bundo - 16 days ago
Little did the butt blaster know one of those tumble butts WAS his father

a n d w h a t i f h e a c c i d e n t l y k i l l s h i m
Bhavesh Kabra
Bhavesh Kabra - 17 days ago
could use lens
itz_ya_boi_JR - 17 days ago
What happened to purgatony??
Julian Wanless
Julian Wanless - 18 days ago

You got some short in my ads
No u
No u - 18 days ago
Benson kinda sounds like denisdaily
Jaden Von Bat
Jaden Von Bat - 18 days ago
I was kind of expecting it to cut to a hospital before he blasted himself.
cant we get to 1k subs vithout vidio
Lock at me name and do it ore sad lary is going to live 77777777777777777777777767675663445533563654565465353564645645545535544655 qadralilion years
Baz Kannon
Baz Kannon - 19 days ago
Lois lane is the type of bitch that would have superman and Clark listed as fuckboi and cuckboi
Bobbydog66 - 19 days ago
0:20 ooooh, good cast.
TheGoldenSwitch 21
TheGoldenSwitch 21 - 19 days ago
What about *Supper* man???
Riley Cantrell
Riley Cantrell - 19 days ago
I had to pause this while I was talking to my toddler, and it had stopped on the tumblebutts clip. She said,"Ooh, look! The pumpkins are rolling!" I'm dead.
dw5212 - 19 days ago
I swear Lois Lane was ginger...
Narwhal Nathaniel Gaming
Narwhal Nathaniel Gaming - 19 days ago
1:04 Nice aroura boriallis refrence lol
My spelling is S**t
Scott Moeller
Scott Moeller - 19 days ago
PewPewEYES? Thats perfect.
Stre Led
Stre Led - 20 days ago
He could had simply wore contact lens.
Arthur Chong
Arthur Chong - 20 days ago
It's unsubscribe time
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