The Changing Face of The Addams Family | The Big Picture

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Escapist - Month ago
Watch today's Big Picture episode early on Martin Scorsese Versus the Marvel Cinematic Universe:
Paradox Acres
Paradox Acres - Month ago
@Jason Blalock Awesome *:)*
Jason Blalock
Jason Blalock - Month ago
@Paradox Acres Nope, he roasts Coppola for that.
Paradox Acres
Paradox Acres - Month ago
I wonder if Moviebob made this _before_ Coppola made his "despicable" comment..? lol
Prince Marth
Prince Marth - 28 days ago
How come they never did Addams Family meets The Munsters? That sounds like something that should be a thing but they haven't done it.
emms - Month ago
So..maybe it's me,but am I the only one kind of reading a distinct sort of vibe that bob kind of wants to say Addams Family is bad because his take is that it's rich baby boomer wish fulfillment?
crackedjabber - Month ago
Gomez and Morticia, I can't think of a better demonstration of a healthy couple in media.
Armando E. Torre Puerto
Bob can do a great job at explaining what things are about when he actually tries.
JackgarPrime - Month ago
Gomez and Morticia were probably the best tv parents ever, honestly.
fishpop - Month ago
So THAT'S why they look weird in the new movie!
They're going off of the OG comic designs!
Kurt Christel
Kurt Christel - Month ago
thumbs up for society
Archi Teuthis
Archi Teuthis - Month ago
Sssssoooo.... is it good?
Godwinsson77 - Month ago
So the Addams family was based on a bunch of one panel wordless gags. Essentially, their existence alone was the joke. So how does a punch-line based set of misfits without real characterisation, origin or motivation stay fresh, when even to their creator, they were disposable figures? They are the cinematic equivalent of those middle finger car window decals that come in assorted colours some people like to display. Discuss.
Chuck Henebry
Chuck Henebry - Month ago
Great bit of cultural history, as ever, MovieBob. But I think you underestimate the extent to which the original TV show might have intentionally offered a humorous critique of suburban conformity. The 1950s were filled with intellectuals decrying conformity: William Whyte’s Organization Man, Sloan Wilson's Man in the Grey Flannel Suit, etc. We like to think that people in the 50s loved suburbia, but I think the truth's more complex, a love-hate felt both by men (think of Don Draper in Mad Men's first season) and by women (think of Betty Friedan). And a ton of 50s and early 60s TV shows made it their business to plumb that set of mixed emotions.
Name Witheld
Name Witheld - Month ago
...No mention of the Addams Family Musical, Mr. Chipman? I know musical theater is a little outside of your wheelhouse, but to leave out a piece where the Addams Family are confronted by the idea that they may have to coexist with the normals and that not doing so may alienate members of their family (through Wednesday dating an average Joe, no less!) seems like it would make for a great counterpoint to the newer movie coming out. Not a knock, merely a suggestion that your limiting of media might have not told the full story here.
Name Witheld
Name Witheld - Month ago
@Anthony Robles Debuted on Broadway in April 2010 until closing New Year's Eve 2011 with Nathan Lane as Gomez Addams and was nominated for two Tonies. That's a very respectable pedigree for any musical.
Anthony Robles
Anthony Robles - Month ago
Here's my thing, if it was something that made its way to Broadway, then you would be right about this being an oversight. However, if it hasn't, then its no more culturally significant then the Adult Wednesday series that was once on RUvideos.
Anthony Robles
Anthony Robles - Month ago
What Addams Family musical? When was this on Broadway? Or is this like the Evil Dead musical, where it was so far Off-Broadway that it virtually impossible to find proof of its existence.
Occam's Beatin' Stick.
There's another angle to the joke the Addams family tells that's a little more "blink and you miss it"... The Addams family is the HEALTHIEST family on screen. The family despite their morbidity, their fascination with death and violence, and their ghoulish hobbies, really think about the Addams as a family unit. The parents are supportive of their children, welcoming and loving to their extended family, the brother and sister are inseparable even if they play dangerous games, Morticia and Gomez are ENTHRALLED with each other and would do anything for each other. For them, dying in each other's arms and enjoying every moment till then is their actual goal and reason to be! Contrast that to the suburbanites around them who are all usually scheming, shallow, petty, sometimes outright bitter, and often mean spirited toward them and each other but looking normal. The trick here being the Addams are monsters in appearance and what they do but not intent, those that they interact with are monsters on the inside.
badendersgame - Month ago
so did Pugsle ever actually do anything? i only remember him tagging along with what ever Wednesday was doing some times and providing filler scenes. he seemed to have no agency of his own, just Wednesdays sidekick
G Stone
G Stone - Month ago
Bob qustion!
Did Actually think the New Addams Family movie was a good movie or not ?
Emma Goldman
Emma Goldman - Month ago
Congrats on the 300th episode
phantom1592 - Month ago
To me, the Addams Family peaked with the original tv series. John Astin WAS Gomez. Every other interpretation … is a pale copy. Raul Julia was good... but honestly the show was a bit TOO dark. I love the vague 'oddness' of the classics as opposed to the downright evil if even comical version that they keep pushing since the 90's. Also, I really don't like the original Charles Addams designs. Hate that they keep going back to them :P
Daniel Heidenreich
Daniel Heidenreich - Month ago
The fuck- we LIVE in a society?!
DerStreifenralf - Month ago
Thanks for including a link to the music in the credits (you probably did before, but I just now saw it)
Hope you can do it for Game Overthinker too!
lin _
lin _ - Month ago
i have seen every single episode of the big picture
and this is one of my favorites
A Humble Hero
A Humble Hero - Month ago
Damn. Didn’t know I wanted this video. Thanks as always for making me think, Bahb.
J. C.
J. C. - Month ago
The people making this cartoon are the same assholes that sued Adult Wednesday Addams into non-existence. Screw them. They clearly have no idea what the public wants.
ForNoGoodReason - Month ago
I mean you make it seem obvious when you say it like that. Good watch.
Pokerface - Month ago
A question I like asking people: Is the Addams Family evil? It's interesting to hear their responses.
Madman - Month ago
Hogwarts being characterized as an "All-American family": umm ok.
bificommander - Month ago
Ehm, no. He said the Adam's family was seen as preferable to the All American family, and that it was seen as an escapist fantasy like Hogwartz.
Phoenix Godwin
Phoenix Godwin - Month ago
Great video, but lol Bob: this violence isn't new it just usually has only gone one way up until people now seem noticeably frustrated- sometimes violently so- about that because they can see more of it's pervasiveness now more than ever.
paul warren
paul warren - Month ago
pretty good analysis.
GrahamChapman - Month ago
Huh... You know, I had never considered the elitistic, neo-liberal, so-rich-we-can-literally-get-away-with-murder escapism the baby boomer people behind the Addams Family movies (r.i.p. Raul Julia) were appealing to before... That was a bit of an eye-opener... This certainly made me critically consider the perspectives and positions of the producers behiond the movie a bit more... I think it's about time I watch the Addams movies again, this time through my Socialistic glasses of classist wokeism.
Yousexythang - Month ago
I've only seen the musical
Grey Area
Grey Area - Month ago
Why are you copying Yatzhee's fast paced style?
Neptune Productions
Neptune Productions - Month ago
Never even knew what the Adams Family was. This educated me, kinda.
Iron Husky
Iron Husky - Month ago
How come the Addams get a new movie or what not once a decade or so but it seems the Munsters never get no love at all
printthelegends - Month ago
A new Munsters pilot, "Mockingbird Lane," was made less than a decade ago. It wasn't picked up, but it ran as a TV movie. Portia de Rossi was Lily and Eddie Izzard was Grampa. It wasn't very good, and it's not getting picked up freed showrunner Bryan Fuller to focus on "Hannibal."
vazak11 - Month ago
Really interesting stuff, thanks!
vazak11 - Month ago
Also woke and hell but kinda violent about it is honestly goals.
Paul Martin
Paul Martin - Month ago
The 90’s movie are hugely underrated. Really clever films.
tsimahei - Month ago
Nosence, the Adam's Family was the average American family. I was raised near a place called the Demons Road across the river from the Demons Land (Native American names), and close to Satan's Hell. What's not to love about people you can understand? Yeah, I did have an interesting childhood :)
Scotty - Month ago
The Addams' are essentially a living meme of counterculture. That fucking *snap snap* is so iconic that it's an easy placeholder for the images your audience personally holds as "their" Addams family. I LOVE that we have this "counter culture personified" thing in the Addams family, in no small part because I love everything gothic and counter-culture, but mostly because it's genuinely reassuring that society will always find a way to parody itself in the image of the oddest family ever.
That1GuyWhosNumber1 - Month ago
This is one of the best big pictures in awhile.
Ryuk Is god
Ryuk Is god - Month ago
You didn’t mention the greatest adaptation: “Adult Wednesday Addams” that also ran for two seasons on YouTube
SuicidalPooh - Month ago
raul julia was so incredible sad we lost him
The Jovian
The Jovian - Month ago
I've never seen the Addams family. We only have Addams family values at my house. Is it fine to watch it without having seen the first movie already?
TheKiss - 27 days ago
Yeah, definitely. The plot doesn't really matter in Addams Family stuff
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