Jay Shafer's Stunning $5,000 Tiny House

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Living Big In A Tiny House
WOW WOW WOW WOW WOW WOW WOW. We made it to 1 million subscribers! I honestly can't believe it. Thank-you all so much for your support to this channel and our journey. It's been such a ride over these past years with lots of ups and downs. Building a tiny house, and starting this channel was absolutely one of the best things I've ever done with my life. Really though, it's you, the viewers who make all this possible, so thank-you for being a part of our journey and helping us to do what we love. My promise to you is that we will continue to seek out incredible small homes to show you, and always work hard to improve the quality of our videos for you.

Some of you have been with us right from the beginning of this journey and that's an amazing thing. It's great to recognise so many familiar names and comments in the discussion of the videos each week. There's such a strong sense of positive community here and I love that.

It seems quite fitting that our first video at 1 million subs is of Jay Shafer. Jay was my original inspiration for building a tiny house on wheels, so to get to visit and film a tour of his new design was really special for me. I hope you enjoy this tour, and again, thank-you all for your support of this channel!
David Turner
David Turner - Day ago
+Living Big In A Tiny House soon that will be up to 2 Million woohoo :-)
ZoneVisionCEO - Month ago
You are doing a great job!! good work and much more success to you !! you inspired me to also go this route. I never owned a home before ,or let alone know how to build one... but after watching the episode with the guy who has a stationary tiny house in the new subdivision. that house was beautiful and I wouldn't mind something like that ,or the one like the professional violinist .
johny ubankta
johny ubankta - 2 months ago
Make it 1 mil and one....haha congrats u deserve it u are true to ur mission and u come across as genuine with a real love for this great movement.....nice job!!!
Maria Purie Fabillar
Maria Purie Fabillar - 2 months ago
Prophetess Frye
Prophetess Frye - 2 months ago
Wow congratulations Bryce! I love watching your videos of tiny houses and seeing peoples journeys along the way, it's so exciting! I binge watch your videos alot, I just so love tiny house!
Moph - 7 hours ago
Probably the most inspiring tiny house vid I've seen
Alihaydar Gubatov
Alihaydar Gubatov - Day ago
Emanuela Manucci
Emanuela Manucci - Day ago
Bagno e cucina??????? Lol.....
Richard Bucker
Richard Bucker - 3 days ago
Very interesting... it would be great to see this style house in a village setting or even an estate configuration.
rose CA
rose CA - 3 days ago
How much heavier would it be with a bathroom cuz 2000 lbs is great!
Katie Roman
Katie Roman - 4 days ago
He should be getting more credit for this “movement “. Good for you for HIGHLIGHTING HIm🙏🏻🙏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
Laura Med
Laura Med - 5 days ago
This man makes my heart skip a beat. What an inspiring guy!!!
Eunice C. China
Eunice C. China - 7 days ago
This is incredible. Is there already a go fund me page for this guy? I had no idea he was a catalyst of the tiny house movement! This is perfect. I would literally pay him to come to me and help me build a house!
Destiny Olisemeke
Destiny Olisemeke - 8 days ago
'tiny houses' are going up to 140,000 so this is good
Monolith Fan
Monolith Fan - 8 days ago
Jay is the master for a reason.
Mahnoor Ahmed
Mahnoor Ahmed - 8 days ago
Jay's eyes😍
tere alkuino
tere alkuino - 9 days ago
this is the most inspiring video that i've seen so far about tiny houses, so loved this episode.
José Aparecido Conceição
For me, this episode brought strong values for the Tiny House Movement. It's inspiring to see how a homeless situation can be solved with a simple and cheap approach. It'll be wonderful if small tiny houses like that start being a solution for a crescent problem around the world.
Singingway - 9 days ago
You know he's got to have a storage shed somewhere for his tools. Art supplies....larger items.
Singingway - 9 days ago
I wanted to see the depth of the wall cabinets
Singingway - 9 days ago
one of those cabinet doors could be made to lower vertically into a bench for a visitor to sit while chatting.
this is the last cookie
doesn't he have a family?
Sean Williams
Sean Williams - 10 days ago
I’d love to have something so cosy like this but I feel like after a while I’d feel suffocated
Victor Lugosi
Victor Lugosi - 10 days ago
I could do this for 4K with a better bathroom...
Bawz Life
Bawz Life - 10 days ago
"Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication"
Alex - 10 days ago
come on no bathroom no kitchen and you impressed? don't lie to him really he can easily put a toilet and bath on the top second layer of the house
but he can maybe be alien and he doesn't need food so nvm
Rokosiano Sai
Rokosiano Sai - 10 days ago
Thank you Jay 'the tiny house godfather' Shafer 💕
Alex Freetime
Alex Freetime - 11 days ago
This is the real tiny house, I swear I can't stand when people say "oh, there's my tiny house, it costs 200000 dollars" I'm like, what the hell? That price defeats the purpose, makes no sense, he said he's got a ton of storage so he could easily put a water tank with a small sink, and a little stove (like a camping one) with a small vent on the roof, it wouldn't cost much, also a portable toilet could fit in one of the drawers on the bottom, as for the shower a solar one on the outside is easy to implement, so...
Ray Radiance
Ray Radiance - 14 days ago
Wish I could build a house like that, I would definitely make some extra income via airbnb
Beau - 14 days ago
Can anyone tell me the type of wood used inside the house?
Rah - 14 days ago
i can get a shed for 300 dollars
Fennec Besixdouze
Fennec Besixdouze - 14 days ago
Long-term chronic homelessness in California is, predominantly, not some sort of social blight/social failure, it's a lifestyle choice. If you've just been temporarily homeless or you have some navie conception of homeless as "less fortunate" and in need of only sympathy, you don't understand this. The social services in this country are extraordinary, and absolutely anyone can succeed and be taken care of, unless they absolutely persistently refuse: in which case we give them enough freedom to do so, and all the support to keep on living at the low standard they choose.
Oi ling Kwan
Oi ling Kwan - 16 days ago
Amazing Tiny House !
alif danial
alif danial - 17 days ago
future paul rudd be like
Kristofer Milhauser
Kristofer Milhauser - 17 days ago
Anyone notice Jay looks like a morph between Paul Rudd and Dr.strange?
Kristofer Milhauser
Kristofer Milhauser - 17 days ago
Hehe the Zen master.....thou.....doesnt he have a wife and kid??? They get don't fit in that home
Kristofer Milhauser
Kristofer Milhauser - 14 days ago
+Fennec Besixdouze so.if the Zen master is divorced hehe what the he'll chance do we have
Fennec Besixdouze
Fennec Besixdouze - 14 days ago
He's divorced now, I think?
De Ville
De Ville - 18 days ago
I love this. Governments take note, a community of these would provide so much to people in need, and would cost substantially less than slushie machines for people who don’t really NEED them, the same way people need warmth and shelter (NZr’s will get this).
Justin Victory
Justin Victory - 18 days ago
How many times does he say down to the essence
Zaynab Mallory
Zaynab Mallory - 18 days ago
This a room.. a shelter from the elements. Very cute shelter!
Samantha Gallardo
Samantha Gallardo - 19 days ago
This is what seb town is known for now
Wynrotar - 19 days ago
no place to shit or make food
its a bedroom not a house ass fuck
Treasure Jensen
Treasure Jensen - 21 day ago
Eco friendly affordable housing along with a great idea. Thank you.
Lily Ann McMillan
Lily Ann McMillan - 21 day ago
How great is this!
One can be off the street...... WITH DIGNITY !!
.... This design looks as though it's been carefully created to give the appearance of "enough".
(Enough room to sleep comfortably...,
Enough room to dine with more than one...,
Enough room for storage...,
And more than enough height room.
It looks very 'high-end'!
Beautifully constructed!
This artistic man has used his common sense to ensure that his tiny homes meet the basic needs of their owner! (Covered porch too. )
💕 This tiny home was truly built with love !! 💕
username - 21 day ago
5K macbook in a 5K house, hmmmm, swh
Kyle Outen
Kyle Outen - 22 days ago
Thought that thumbnail was a studio apartment for a few seconds
Adi Mehta
Adi Mehta - 24 days ago
Mr. Jay Shafer is a class act! an inspiration.
AlmightyFSM - 24 days ago
Yep... that's a shed
Stephanie Owens
Stephanie Owens - 25 days ago
I agree it does seem to be that tiny homes are almost more expensive than other alternatives. This was inspiring.
Age of Reason
Age of Reason - 26 days ago
1.8k Kardashian-viewers got triggered.
Norizan Zakaria
Norizan Zakaria - 26 days ago
i am from malaysia..
Norizan Zakaria
Norizan Zakaria - 26 days ago
you are so clever..your tiny house more like chalet ..
Alex Diaz
Alex Diaz - 28 days ago
honestly, there should be a community or some kind of organization that should help teach college students how to build tiny homes. it would reduce housing costs and help reduce the homeless population. Being that im a transfer student that is looking to leave home for the first time in my life, I eager to experience living on my own, but all the money that goes into housing is such a downside :/
Obi Chukwuka
Obi Chukwuka - 29 days ago
I want to be part of this team , Bryce awesome work , I applaud your enthusiasm, your channel is addictive to me considering it cost me more to watch your videos as I live in 3rd world , Nigeria. Please how can I join this extra ordinary team.
Alex B
Alex B - Month ago
Wow.. This is one of the most powerful episodes that I have seen. Thank you Bryce for this great episode.
marina alvarez
marina alvarez - Month ago
Hey Jay just to say Hi, I admire you and I also dream of my tiny shack on the beach, my dream is so close to becoming a reality and you are my inspiration
Intrakyt Dale
Intrakyt Dale - Month ago
wow, what a champ. thank you for sharing this
Patricia Taggart
Patricia Taggart - Month ago
Very well said! Your right everyone should have a roof over there head. And never have to go hungry ever! What good man 💋 🐾
The Last Methbender
The Last Methbender - Month ago
Nigga thats a shed
Jui Buch
Jui Buch - Month ago
Great Work by the Host in making such a beautiful video and a hat tip to Jay. God Bless. May everyone have a roof over their head
Diah Dorailla Mohd Zain
I just hope one day he will have at least a tiny kitchenette and shower n toilet...
oldest man
oldest man - Month ago
where is the kitchen
Thomas Bryant
Thomas Bryant - Month ago
In regards to affordable Tiny home living... can you imagine there being a state driven state/ government funded program that a majority percentage of homeless individuals could be chosen (perhaps lottery based) to live in a "Tiny Home community." or at least have Tiny Home leasing be made available. This would be amazing. As a tax payer, I WOULD "do my part" to have something like this. Remember, we are all made equal in the eyes of someone greater than us.
Thomas Bryant
Thomas Bryant - Month ago
I live in a normal foundation built home, but its relatively small in comparison to larger suburban homes. I'd love to use a lot of the tiny home techniques and strategies for storage and space savings and implement that into my home. Wonderful.
Stephanie Curtiss
Stephanie Curtiss - Month ago
May this Universe bless Jay Shafer.
Tyler's How To's
Tyler's How To's - Month ago
This is awesome! I would love an open-sourced design to build one myself.
L - Month ago
I have total respect for the tiny house movement and I am going to live in one when I'm older, I have taken ideas from many tiny houses in your videos and from other channels, like the one in Sydney in the Bush where the fire happened, one in alaska and this one 🤗 I have looked at things like SketchUp (which you recconmended) and will begin to design it when I have the time, I would like to be based in a location like the Sydney Bush one or near the sea, somewhere nice, if static or I could make it mobile
Brian Walker
Brian Walker - Month ago
People money
People money - Month ago
That's not a tiny house it's a bedroom. Nothing more nothing less.
Jackson Smith
Jackson Smith - Month ago
Pretty sure the fucked after this...
Luka Muren
Luka Muren - Month ago
So basically a wooden tent?
cj wins
cj wins - Month ago
So cool. Definitely an example that you don’t need so much stuff to live a good life. What a great lesson.
Lord Boneless
Lord Boneless - Month ago
Notice the book “Dog Man” in the window at the back left corner.
cassl14 - Month ago
As a person who lived in a car with my bf for a couple weeks (nothing major still had shelter) this would have seemed like heaven. Can't imagine life for people truly in the streets. Especially alone. Hell on earth.
sergertp - Month ago
Does Jay Shafer share the blueprint for the house design?
Seeing that macbook air (i think?) sitting inside the house was hilarious. It's worth like a 5th of the house
BOB THE BUILDER - 4 days ago
You do realize that you can get them refurbished or used for a lot less ,right?
This man must be good at minecraft
jim jimjim
jim jimjim - Month ago
Could just sleep up in the loft and use the extra space for a small shower cubicle/toilet or kitchen set-up.
demonocus metalocus
demonocus metalocus - Month ago
Its WOODebago
Rishin Devnath
Rishin Devnath - Month ago
Really respect the guy but I think it's really impractical to have all that storage if u don't have a toilet . I mean u can't really go on for days in there can you without a bathroom?
Pablo Horteg
Pablo Horteg - Month ago
Can we order 50,000 of these for all of the homeless people in Australia. Thx.
Maxx Kroes
Maxx Kroes - Month ago
AWESOME home, you can park in my garden anytime with this beautifull home, love it!
ast0nv8 - Month ago
Looks exactly like my previous college dorm. I think this house is really cool and universities should be building such houses for students who can't afford housing. I'm really impressed by the build..
kim cancino
kim cancino - Month ago
Bryce is very articulate and speaks emphatically with his guests. He has a lot of heart and is an excellent listener. This is why his questions are very relatable to us his viewers as if we are the ones asking the guests ourselves.
bibbyshibby - Month ago
Jay seems like a sweet and kind soul
Shana Debusschere
Shana Debusschere - Month ago
Tine house looks more like a big pimped bedroom 🤔🤣
Oozywolf - Month ago
Baelish has moved on to building homes for Tyrion
Jordan Irving- The Food Blogger's Kitchen
Ardan Starmoon
Ardan Starmoon - Month ago
5000? Thats a bit... much for such a small space. Eh. Looks nice I guess.
Tyler Wells
Tyler Wells - Month ago
800 dollars for the trailer insane
tru tru
tru tru - Month ago
So it is ok for the rich to live in small house's but in LA the government took away and destroyed tiny homes Elvis Summers built for the homeless?
Ronaldo M
Ronaldo M - Month ago
So how does he make money now lol
Leipzig Escobar
Leipzig Escobar - Month ago
Hell yes!!! Very inspiring. Do you offer designing services?
Dane Burton
Dane Burton - Month ago
Can you really call it a "tiny house" when half of the house functions that he uses (toilet, kitchen) are in another physical dwelling? It's basically just a small bedroom.
Yoyo Fabio
Yoyo Fabio - Month ago
Sorry, for me this would be a waste of time three more feet and you could have a toilet and the kitchen.
Theo Breakspear
Theo Breakspear - Month ago
It looks a nicer space than my university halls with a shared bathroom and shared kitchen, and built entirely for what I pay as half a years rent. Totally wonderful.
kayzerific Aesthetician
you got my subcribes can i have yours....helping people is not about the many its starts with us thanks see you to my videos :)
Shaz b.ali.
Shaz b.ali. - Month ago
Pretty boring
Avi P
Avi P - Month ago
Wow keeping it simple ❤👌🏼
I would hang that solar light with some clear fishing line instead of that think black cord.
lonelyjokers 4
lonelyjokers 4 - Month ago
if you wanted a toilet inside you could get a portable composting toilet that can fit in a cubby/cabinet/under a table (like the people who live in vans typically have), you could also have get rid of one of the closets and put a single burner and counter.
Becky Kent
Becky Kent - Month ago
Wow how tiny can you go??? I don't like these tiny homes but this takes the cake! And what about his food...does he go to a shared space somewhere every day to fix his meals? No shower, no kitchen, no TV and NO TOILET?? No thanks!
Kripa Sam
Kripa Sam - Month ago
As an architect, I wud say he is a natural architect.
Eslin Wanga
Eslin Wanga - Month ago
omg i love him. he has a very pure energy about him. like he is good. like he is kind. humble. nice. 😍 what a guy
Stephen Ferrell
Stephen Ferrell - Month ago
This is not a tiny house. It is a detached bedroom as he uses the kitchen, water, bathroom at the house next door.
Thea Yegerlehner
Thea Yegerlehner - Month ago
The older I get --the more I realize how little I really need! I would just love to live in one of these tiny homes. Gonna spend the next 2 years talking my husband into a tiny home. He retires in 2 years! LOL Would love to purchase a plot of land and put her right dab in the middle and enjoy our golden years with a lot less stuff and more LIVING! God bless you Jay!
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