Jay Shafer's Stunning $5,000 Tiny House

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Living Big In A Tiny House
Living Big In A Tiny House - 3 месяца назад
WOW WOW WOW WOW WOW WOW WOW. We made it to 1 million subscribers! I honestly can't believe it. Thank-you all so much for your support to this channel and our journey. It's been such a ride over these past years with lots of ups and downs. Building a tiny house, and starting this channel was absolutely one of the best things I've ever done with my life. Really though, it's you, the viewers who make all this possible, so thank-you for being a part of our journey and helping us to do what we love. My promise to you is that we will continue to seek out incredible small homes to show you, and always work hard to improve the quality of our videos for you.

Some of you have been with us right from the beginning of this journey and that's an amazing thing. It's great to recognise so many familiar names and comments in the discussion of the videos each week. There's such a strong sense of positive community here and I love that.

It seems quite fitting that our first video at 1 million subs is of Jay Shafer. Jay was my original inspiration for building a tiny house on wheels, so to get to visit and film a tour of his new design was really special for me. I hope you enjoy this tour, and again, thank-you all for your support of this channel!
snowdog001 - 2 дня назад
what a beautiful note on which to hit the million mark. so thought provoking, such emotional content & executed with such humility & sensitivity, this was really something. well done!
Simon Vance
Simon Vance - 4 дня назад
Congratulations, 1 million subscribed is fricken' amazing dude..
Stratubery - 5 дней назад
Schaeffer is spelled "Schaeffer," not "Shafer." You can be "Shavers," but not Shafer. It's "Schaeffer," derived from the Middle High German "Schaffaere," meaning, appropriately enough, the manager or steward of the head of the household. You can have one "f" if you want, but the "c" and _two_ "e's" are fundamental. Going from Schaeffer to Shafer is taking the tiny thing a bridge too far.
Michele Olson
Michele Olson - 15 дней назад
Congratulations Bryce, I've been a big fan of you, and the rest of the tiny home pioneers, for years! Jay did start it all; how cosmic that he be the one to put you over a million! I think the ppl complaining this isn't a home bc it doesn't have a kitchen or toilet are missing the point completely. Just like mega- home builders are expanding homes to include unnecessary amenities such as sport courts and car washes; the THOW community is shining a spotlight on what is truly the basics of home; a quality shelter to protect us from the elements. Jay's tiny home nails this concept. We can share bath and kitchen facilities when necessary, both expensive to build and fit in a TH, with other communal TH dwellers, or use public facilities. Solving homelessness should absolutely include building TH communities, on wheels or not. Building ones that utilize communal kitchens and restrooms will decrease costs and allow more quality shelter homes to be built. For temporary, emergency housing, I envision TH bunk houses, parking overnights in empty city parking lots, guarded by Vets, to give shelter to those in immediate danger due to exposure. There aren't enough homeless shelters, and the TH thinking community can help. If only bureaucracy could see it that way? This is so much better than tents, cardboard boxes, or nothing at all.
Heaven Sent
Heaven Sent - 19 дней назад
Living Big In A Tiny House Bryce, Would you be able to add the following information to your videos? In particular when in the United States? 1. Property costs, property taxes, if any. 2. Utility costs per month by utility per summer and winter seasons. 3. How would you have a Tiny Home on the water as far as zoning, etc. 4. Please interview more Tiny Homes for seniors. I have seen one with the touch-push cabinets, heating floor, no ladder, etc. that was designed by the elderly mother's daughter. 5. Will you please address purchasing property, zoning laws, etc. for people who don't have family and friends that have property to park on. For example, can you park and live in a Tiny Home in an RV park or community? Thank you for all of your great videos featuring creative and beautiful Tiny Homes!
Hunter Ludwig
Hunter Ludwig - 13 часов назад
This isn’t a house, it’s a bedroom.
ShaoYing Low
ShaoYing Low - 21 час назад
Looks very clean and love the wood. Nice! 😊
Rosie Pena
Rosie Pena - День назад
this simple design can solve the homeless and housing crisis in California. I am going to send this video to the mayor of my city and see if we can start some tiny home communities for the homeless and low income folks. He is a very progressive mayor so I wouldn't be surprised if he goes for it!
orver1 - День назад
I wish some of these tiny house owners were less self-congratulatory about what they’ve done. Too many are convinced that they’ve achieved something profoundly heroic. Get over yourself. You’ve built a house.
Dusty Gage
Dusty Gage - 2 дня назад
I don't like this one all I heard is it's a matchstick death trap. Way better ways😢
Yanna’s World
Yanna’s World - 2 дня назад
That is not a house...it is a bedroom😂🤙
south star
south star - 3 дня назад
Could only have started in california.
kenneth wright
kenneth wright - 3 дня назад
Regardless of the reason(s) for anyone being homeless in dis world, if "YOU" have a place to live of your own or living with someone, then "YOU" better count "YOUR" blessings!!! Homelessness is a rapidly growing epidemic. A great number of employed people are truly (1) paycheck away from having no place to live. Again I say - COUNT YOUR BLESSINGS IF YOU'RE NOT THERE (yet) AND PRAY THAT YOU NEVER BECOME HOMELESS (especially in harsh cold or hot weather. God bless all the un-housed people in dis world.
kenneth wright
kenneth wright - 3 дня назад
God bless Jay! 5:55 - 6:08!
John Wayne
John Wayne - 3 дня назад
I PEE 10 times a night !!
Evil Weenie
Evil Weenie - 3 дня назад
Where do you take a shit?
Simon Vance
Simon Vance - 4 дня назад
I like it, but honestly I'd build it a bit bigger. Would still be a small affordable house. I think I prefer small houses not too tiny!
Life, Health and Wellness
Life, Health and Wellness - 4 дня назад
Amazing house design, But a more amazing life story. Thank you for sharing this!
Chris Longski
Chris Longski - 4 дня назад
Only 20 years ago qualifies Jay Shafer as utterly nothing with respect to small houses. Ever hear of the 60s in CA and OR ?
Mila Rogonjic
Mila Rogonjic - 4 дня назад
BookCade NB
BookCade NB - 4 дня назад
For how "Tiny" this HOME is, it packs all the basics you NEED to be comfortable in a Temperate Climate. Yes I said Home. For my fellow Mericans who have never been Homeless like I too have been, or lived in a Van/Car like I too have, this is spectacular. I would certainly change a few things if I built it for myself like finding some way to add even a small non-electric Composting Toilet and a tiny Sink with a Hand Pump fed from a 3 gal container below (to Hobo Shower with) but that's where Van living comes into practice.
I've lived comfortably with a 4'2" ceiling in Vans that after insulating the walls ended up with a footprint of roughly 55" x 84". Being able to fully stand in Jay's example and stretch out fully on the Bed is comfort like you wouldn't believe if you haven't lived the way many in the World do. Think about what you NEED to exist in Life and then apply that need to a Dwelling and you may be surprised just how much you DON'T need. Plus at ~$5000 and your Auto to tow it, you could easily be debt free. If you can become a Land Stuart somewhere (easier than you think) you could park/live in this for a small amount of sweat equity with almost zero bills.
Stratubery - 5 дней назад
Schaeffer is spelled "Schaeffer," not "Shafer." You can be "Shavers," but not Shafer. It's "Schaeffer," derived from the Middle High German "Schaffaere," meaning, appropriately enough, the manager or steward of the head of the household. You can have one "f" if you want, but the "c" and _two_ "e's" are fundamental. Going from Schaeffer to Shafer is taking the tiny thing a bridge too far.
I ver y like this men. A beatiful eyes
Club1920s-Roleplay - 5 дней назад
Not sure if you're allowed to tow these things? Whats the rules on towing something like this?
Bryce Friedrich
Bryce Friedrich - 5 дней назад
Home - the place where one lives permanently, especially as a member of a family or household.
House - a building for human habitation, especially one that is lived in by a family or small group of people.
Lived-in - (of a room or building) showing comforting signs of wear and habitation.
Habitation - the state or process of living in a particular place.
Living - the pursuit of a lifestyle of the specified type.
Funny, none of the definitions of a home or house state the need of a kitchen, bathroom, yard, or anything else people have mentioned as to reason why they consider this home not to be what it is.
We, as a society, have become so materialistic that simplicity has become unacceptable. Home is where the heart is.
Stephen Anderson
Stephen Anderson - 6 дней назад
That guy sounds like the lead protagonist in Ozarks
Stella Mortis
Stella Mortis - 6 дней назад
Bryce is so passionate and enthusiastic about every tiny home, this channel is so positive and joyful...I think I'm developing a crush lol
No Name
No Name - 6 дней назад
It's not a house it's a fucking box for homeless
Harley Douglas
Harley Douglas - 7 дней назад
you put a pillow on it you better believe its a beeed
A.S.I.A - 7 дней назад
What a wonderful person! My favorite episode thus far! 🥰
Alyssa Reach
Alyssa Reach - 7 дней назад
Love this affordable tiny home.
Cindy Drescher
Cindy Drescher - 7 дней назад
This is a great idea for the homeless out there. People deserve to have a warm home, not living in a cardboard box on the street. They could build community bathrooms and kitchens units for people to share too.
Michael Davis
Michael Davis - 8 дней назад
That guy sounds pretty entitled. Really, because of the laws of the country he was homeless?! Get a job and rent a place and you won’t be homeless. He sounds like he expected that other people should pay his way, and since people wouldn’t he had to resort to building a tiny house. That’s ridiculous
Susie Hoppert
Susie Hoppert - 8 дней назад
I have to agree it is a bedroom and not a house . I think there's a thing is going to simple
Consuelo Vispo
Consuelo Vispo - 8 дней назад
Wow, just fabulous. Something I would go for in the future. Simple but brilliant and so cozy.
Sav3dbyGrace - 8 дней назад
Oh my gosh!!! This would be so perfect for me!!! I am looking for something that would weigh under 5,000lbs fully loaded and that I can tow and drop where I need it then keep going as I need. LOVE!!!
Drew - 8 дней назад
The hurdle to tiny house movement is getting a space to park the house. Almost no one I’ve seen has made a tiny home that is built aerodynamic to be more travel friendly.
John Matthew
John Matthew - 9 дней назад
Where’s the pisser?!!!
jjohnn1950 - 8 дней назад
You mean where's the shitter?
james dahlke
james dahlke - 9 дней назад
Very cool design. I wanted to do projects like this to add onto my property for family and friends to stay in when they visit. I have been homeless and now that I have a home I do not like sharing space.
Deborah - 9 дней назад
Just a tent
for what I seen in documentary this looks like a jail. this is too mall.
KoG GoK - 9 дней назад
tiny houses have only become unaffordable to the hipster buying designer tiny houses. they will always be cheap for people that build them.
Jay Bird
Jay Bird - 10 дней назад
5000 dollar bedroom lol
DJMinor5000 - 10 дней назад
As Jay denotes in the video, he has a shared kitchen and bathroom area to use. As long as he has a nice inviting space to enjoy and sleep in, that is all he needs to maintain his private life. His tiny house has a very Zen-like quality to it that makes it very comfortable and inviting. Great space!
Martha Reis
Martha Reis - 10 дней назад
A shame to see such negative comments. What might help is hone in on the fact that he uses this in conjunction with a common bathroom and kitchen (which we are not shown). In other words, this needs to be understood as part of a cooperative arrangement with others. I think that idea really could have potential.
Rach Kate
Rach Kate - 11 дней назад
I'm not a fan of his tiny bedroom as opposed to it being a tiny house, but I very much subscribe to his overall ideology and values.
Glad he's happy.
J Westfall Davis
J Westfall Davis - 11 дней назад
The homeless craves shelter as the hungry one tries to replenish that void, while the lonely linger in the past. I wish you well.
aiRCoft - 11 дней назад
That dude talks like it's other peoples' faults that people are homeless, lol...
If you're not a child, it's no one else's responsibility to take care of you... I agree people shouldn't be homeless, I think it's a poor decision... Also, you don't _need_ to live in California, one of the most expensive places to live in the country, you're welcome to move to a much cheaper place.
aiRCoft - 6 дней назад
+Stella Mortis And I'd argue that the United States is the best place to live in the world, largely due to those reasons, lol... We have people flooding here illegally, literally risking their lives for a chance at sweet, sweet freedom, where you are responsible for yourself and only yourself. If you don't like the idea of only being responsible for yourself, while still being able to freely help others AS YOU CHOOSE, then you don't have to come here. Some people gag on the air here, it's just too liberating for them... And don't get me started on the shitty subsidized healthcare (paid for by taxpayers) compared to healthcare that you can purchase yourself; seriously, look at Canada, even, how's that working? It increased everyone's taxes by an astronomical amount, and the service you get is shitty. Normal things like check-ups can take over a year to receive, and if you're in need of a surgery or anything more major, you're better of coming here (the States) like many people do to get good service... It all comes down to the fact that nothing in this world is free, not for me, not for you; If you want something, you cannot force someone else to get it for you, that's extremely unethical to even suggest (socialism/communism/slavery)... Oh, and I should add that just because people like myself are against the government having the power to take peoples' money and redistribute it as they see fit doesn't mean that we're selfish, like many people believe. In fact, many of us choose to be very generous, verifiably more so in than socialized countries, because it's not about helping or not helping people, it's about weather or not it's ethical to steal things from certain people and give them to others without their consent. It turns out when people are free to do what they want with their money, many of them like helping others out, but when the government steps in and takes half of your income, many people feel as that's enough, and I think rightfully so....
Stella Mortis
Stella Mortis - 6 дней назад
+aiRCoft civilised societies look after and protect their vulnerable members. Yes, practically every first World nation other than the USA provides subsidised healthcare.
aiRCoft - 6 дней назад
+Stella Mortis How are other people responsible for other people's disabilities, though? I could require surgery that I cannot afford, are other people responsible to pay for it? Also, is it just this country or do people all around the world have medical conditions?
Stella Mortis
Stella Mortis - 6 дней назад
In a country where having a medical condition can send you bankrupt... sure thing kiddo. 🙄
Phillip Brownie
Phillip Brownie - 11 дней назад
This is the way we should be going. There is definitly a need for affordable space saving accomodation for people who want low cost accomodation. Perhaps a group of these in urban car park with appropriate trees to provide low cost accomodation for students or people who cant afford a house. Add Solar panels and inverters?
Francesca Rubera
Francesca Rubera - 11 дней назад
so now answear to homelessnes is lock people into sheds...very pretty sheds but is not a house!!!
Ned Wood
Ned Wood - 12 дней назад
I don't know where homeless people go to the toilet but I am concerned about the trees surrounding this dwelling. I agree that one does not need tables and chairs or kitchens but a toilet and water is essential for health reasons. In the future we will be able to make small spaces like this with amenities that recycle. The main thing against tiny houses, of all kinds, is the fact that local councils will not allow these buildings on private property, let alone on common ground. Everybody could have a house if they had a place to park them far away from the people who live in big houses because these are the people who think you are stinking up the neighbourhood. They forget that it can be any untidy people who stink up a neighbourhood including people who live in mansions. I would love to get into this movement because I have some ideas of my own to share with you but authorities will always give you a hard time when it comes to anything being different and out of the ordinary. I once wanted to build a dome home on my private land (fireproof, floodproof, white ant proof and practically indestructible) but the council wouldn't approve it because it did not conform to their idea of what they wanted built in their residential areas. Good luck.
Perry Leeds
Perry Leeds - 12 дней назад
May be my favorite tiny house, the designer is awe inspiring.. Bravo
lol nah
lol nah - 12 дней назад
Laptop $1500 whole house $5000.
Talk about efficiency
pixelbloom - 12 дней назад
That house is as big as my room and it looks so good and cozy, i love it
Driven home
Driven home - 12 дней назад
A shed with a bed. Not remotely a house.
Chango Chilemba
Chango Chilemba - 13 дней назад
Good to see this guy is okay and doing well, he's a good guy. Felt bad hearing about his homeless time...
Sunshine Day
Sunshine Day - 13 дней назад
I remember watching videos of Jay in his original tiny home on Oprah then others on YouTube showing his wife and young boys in a approx 450 Sq ft home. So I suppose he and his wife are no longer together? Kinda sad. :'(
Stone Cold Steve Autism
Stone Cold Steve Autism - 13 дней назад
The soy is strong with these two.
SpellChcek - 13 дней назад
lmao, thats the nicest shack ive ever seen... its not a home
Juliette Dauterive
Juliette Dauterive - 13 дней назад
Mr. Jay Schaffer, What an awesome attitude and beautiful creativity. Blessings.
setphaser - 14 дней назад
a village of these with communal kitchen and bathroom could be a really lovely solution for homeless people.
sdfghj asdfghjk
sdfghj asdfghjk - 14 дней назад
I love this channel. Such inspiring videos. Thank you, Bryce Langston and crew. I especially appreciate this one however, as someone who has also survived homelessness. I am working on my own contributions, to help end that problem. Thank you, Jay Shafer.
Petra Robinson
Petra Robinson - 14 дней назад
As beautiful as it is, but at the end of the day, it is a box with no water and no kitchen, no toilet, no shower. So it might only cost $5000 but the amount of money you spend on eating in restaurants for example. Or you just have to live of salads and sandwiches? Where do you clean yourself? I would not consider this a tiny home, but a tiny room, maybe for guests.
Chris - 14 дней назад
Let's push this idiotic trend to its conclusion: House Coffins. You just lie down and shut yourself in. A very authentic off-the-grid experience. Try it. Fuck the banks.
Tunda Wannamaker
Tunda Wannamaker - 14 дней назад
what a beautiful and humble story. I love how he has what is important to him and being homeless he can see it from a different perspective that is valuable to many. Boiling everything down to the essence and need of the individual.
yellow duds
yellow duds - 14 дней назад
it may not have a bathroom, sink, or kitchen, but it's a shelter, i mean, it's way better than sleeping in the rain, or the cold.
nj - 15 дней назад
Instead of all the government programs to help low income and homeless people, if they just take all the funding from housing programs and turn it into buying land, creating shared commodities, and $5k tiny houses, it would save them BILLIONS. I know it’s different for people with families, but it’d only cost a bit more than $5k for a house. If the government was more creative and came up with future-proof ideas and actually cared, homelessness could’ve been solved with good, civic ideas like these.
Wonderful Life
Wonderful Life - 15 дней назад
To all the ex-homeless people: can you share your experience living in a tiny house like this one for one, two, three, four, five years? Also, where did you have your tiny house set up? Licensing/permitting issues? Utilities? Share with the rest of us.
C. VMLMT - 15 дней назад
This is very special and such a brilliant treat to explore ~ 🙏🏽‼️. The candle/gas 🔥 fire place/heat source really tickled me. Awesom😊💐
Kim Nedland
Kim Nedland - 15 дней назад
Well I think it's awsome! I see people complaining about bathroom and kitchen. But I think this is a great tiny home, you can grab a bucket for bathroom, and a small hot plate or microwave and call it a kitchen. Long as you got a safe place and can keep warm and something that is yours, that's all you need. This would be great if they had a little village of these, maybe a shared kitchen and bath all can use and take care of. Everyone should get to have a home. Price is awsome. Tho when broke its still a dream, for anyone. Ahh nice thought tho. 😊
True Story
True Story - 15 дней назад
I thought he was going to say that he wears nappies for toilet
Butimar Seabird
Butimar Seabird - 16 дней назад
Gay Shafer for Sure
Some Tea
Some Tea - 16 дней назад
Shine on you crazy diamonds.
gaamatsu4dewin - 16 дней назад
Um, there's no toilet.
Ikeena Hardman
Ikeena Hardman - 16 дней назад
So amazingly inspiring. I wish I could do this and run my Chef biz....but I need a big kitchen to feed folks. Got me pondering.... Thanks Jay!
Don Pfeiffer
Don Pfeiffer - 16 дней назад
It's a beautiful cabin but it drives me nuts when these guys go thru all the damn effort of building a nice cabin and then dont apply the siding and corner boards properly which will have a huge impact on keeping air infiltration and water intrusion out. And it will actually make their job installing it much easier. But nice job overall
FlickerFlame - 17 дней назад
What a special human. He is definitely my favourite. This is definitely my favourite. Having that aesthetic element makes your brain feel calm, joyful and at [pace, and things being simple - oh just the best.
Ethereal X
Ethereal X - 17 дней назад
He has a Macbook but not a bathroom?
Steel Stunners
Steel Stunners - 17 дней назад
Beautiful design, but yeah it is more of a bedroom. Imagine having to pee at 3am
Ideal Faith
Ideal Faith - 18 дней назад
Why build a house without kitchen and toilet? Who would want to work in a office where there is no kitchen or toilet let alone your own home. I love tiny apartment I wish I can get help to build on the little land my father left for me.
Charlotte Skiftun
Charlotte Skiftun - 18 дней назад
Original tiny house.....Shawnee wikwam(teepee)
Charlotte Skiftun
Charlotte Skiftun - 18 дней назад
Tiny house...just trailers.....nothing new
Ideal Faith
Ideal Faith - 18 дней назад
How can i build this five thousand yiny uouse because i am up tor it.
Lois - 18 дней назад
What he's doing is nice, but without plumbing, this is more of a shed or a detached garage than a house.
jubi j
jubi j - 18 дней назад
will these tiny houses withstand heavy rain and wind?
Alan Brown
Alan Brown - 19 дней назад
I'm calling bullshit on 2000 pounds. I live in a tiny house that's 8x30 with central heat and air. 3 way refrigerator. Great hot water for a shower. 2 bedroom! I gave 1500$ for it. It's called a camper! And it pull able with a half ton truck. And it's very cheap on utilities. And I'm not bothering anyone living off there land. I own mine. God bless America!
nick pelentsov
nick pelentsov - 19 дней назад
i have an awesome design,that in 2yrs, or less, i can make it, i love picking peoples brains, this one is special with the bed as the lounge area, and the cabinets, ergonomic, with such small area, hope you dont mnid me adapting into my design, and the ultralight framing, WELL DONE,THANK YOU...
Chrstine Dixon
Chrstine Dixon - 20 дней назад
I'd want facilities in main space with loft up
InfiniteExpression - 20 дней назад
I love the intentions you have to create a basic fulfillment of needs in compassionate response to the housing market mess. It is so important to be proactive in our daily lives, to take back our power and empower others however we can.
seewhaticcurious1 - 20 дней назад
But it's NOT a house, it's a bedroom. . .
Silver Tora
Silver Tora - 21 день назад
this is what is needed for the tin shack towns that sprang up all over South Africa - Might I suggest that we try get this done with a little help from others?
Valerie Griner
Valerie Griner - 21 день назад
Maybe all of you who gave the video a thumbs down will get to experience hunger and homelessness one day. THEN....you'll be more humble and kind and not taking "selfies" all the time! What kind of jerk would give this a thumbs down?
iseeflowers - 21 день назад
It would be nice in the backyard of a house.
cigdem eroglu
cigdem eroglu - 21 день назад
where tf does this dude shit
Stephen Gloor
Stephen Gloor - 22 дня назад
Everybody seems to have an opinion but they seem not to be listening.
Julian Stiefel
Julian Stiefel - 22 дня назад
There are bigger flats without a kitchen.
There are other tiny houses without bathroom under same roof.
Just because those things are not inside this box, it still is a home!
georgewu5 - 22 дня назад
I don't like this used car salesman Bryce Langston saying that Jay Safer had built the very first tinny house......I bought a book written by several tinny houses Walker years before Jay Safer built his. George Wu, ARCHITECT,.A.I.A. NCARB 2019-1-26
georgewu5 - 22 дня назад
I bought a tiny house book by a young architect Walker more than 20 years ago. To make such a claim that he invented the tiny house was like Jay Safer had invented the tiny house. George Wu, ARCHITECT, A.I.A., NCARB 2019-1-26
Malinda Owens
Malinda Owens - 22 дня назад
I believe the porch would make a great outdoor shower, you could have a shower curtain that could fold down and store water in one of the lower storage area as you come into the house. If you had a repurpose water filtration you could have something to contain the used shower water. Clean, reuse!
Jill Eisenberg
Jill Eisenberg - 22 дня назад
make that tiny community on WATER....ASAP. I want one
Felicia - 23 дня назад
but where's the kitchen? where's the shower? does a room with only bedding and storage still count as a house?
Upto My Lane
Upto My Lane - 23 дня назад
Actual tour starts at 6:18 ... why?
The Anchella
The Anchella - 23 дня назад
I like that he uses "salvaged" and not "reclaimed" - "reclaimed" is the equivalent to "rescued" instead of "adopted" with animals [u get from a shelter)
nichole simbulan
nichole simbulan - 23 дня назад
Watching right now from Philippines...i Love you Bryce... I wish i can have that kind of house
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