Julius Malema speak straight to President's SONA, Why President doesn't talk about Africa.

trezeguet - 5 months ago
corrupt fat cats who's permanently sleeping on duty and only wake up when its pay day or time for stealing .lol
Mbukiseni Lucas
Mbukiseni Lucas - 5 months ago
South africa wake up mr malema is my furture president viva fighters ward 2 upper maphephetheni
Mustafa al-Basha
Mustafa al-Basha - 5 months ago
Who else here feels anointed with blackness by Julius Malema? You're the best Juju
Albert van Wyk
Albert van Wyk - 5 months ago
Ag fok tog... Kan jy nie opkyk en n toespraak lewer nie? Dink net aan hoe belaglik sal Obama gelyk het as hy sy toesprake afgelees het soos die? Ag nee wat jong...
humblesent - 5 months ago
Weather they like it or not, sooner or later motherland across the continent will be taken back from the intruders, from Europeans and the god forsaken East Indians.
Long live brother Malema, we're here for you, no going back on the struggle.
Shailen Munongwa
Shailen Munongwa - 5 months ago
My African President I love him
Smart Money
Smart Money - 5 months ago
South Africans citizens has disappointed us the entire Africans we for not voting for malema we demand apology from them
Smart Money
Smart Money - 5 months ago
South Africans citizens has disappointed us the entire Africans for voting for malema wr demand apology from them
Pastor / Prophet Limen k Kenneth
Male a can criticize but is this a value of a leader ???? Africans most stop from looking the kind of people no body would look for to rule them .. Malema is a waste of talent an example of a young man grew up without proper system and fall into the victim hood , hatred mentality
premium signs
premium signs - 5 months ago
hope of Africa
Heeze Worthy
Heeze Worthy - 5 months ago
That man Malema needs to be President
Beryl Ackermann
Beryl Ackermann - 5 months ago
Does that also include EFF who should be held accountable as well for its actions, who also benefited from VBS. When pointing a finger there are 3 fingers pointing back. Madeba saw in Ramaphosa, what the EFF and many in ANC cannot see. Insults from EFF are "dust blowing in the wind". Ramaphosa took over a badly corrupt leaders of ANC like Ace Magashula, Zuma and others and Ramaphosa is the more trustworthy of the corrupt leaders that exist today. They must investigate the things the others in ANC and EFF instead of focusing on Ramaphosa only. They are all TAINTED with the same "evil agenda". Both ANC and EFF are all the same coin.
EFF - Melema has done nothing for SA and its citizens since he came into power except open his mouth. EFF was also part of ANC and left because they did not give him the power he needed. With EFF in power SA will be another Zimbabwe and Mozambique etc.
reuben vhengani
reuben vhengani - 5 months ago
The problems of SA are just too much... When will god give us prosperity tho.
LAW ISTRUTH - 5 months ago
Ramaphosa dosing off?😔 stop dreaming - wake up! Well said CIC
Sboniso Sabelo
Sboniso Sabelo - 5 months ago
Mr Malena is naturally intelligent more than anyone in that parliament he is always straight to the point without any fear or favour
Muhizi Ernest
Muhizi Ernest - 5 months ago
Brother ur good in speaking, Hope in action is the same.
Dj KG Mhlanga
Dj KG Mhlanga - 5 months ago
Viva African leader
M.D CA - 5 months ago
Spot on!
Abdul K Khan
Abdul K Khan - 5 months ago
Mr.Malema you are a very good man .God loves you Mr.Malema. Thank you for helping the people of Africa and the people of South Africa.
Marie Meyer
Marie Meyer - 5 months ago
Why is Oprah Winfrey going to SA to stop the progress of black people? Do not let her billions of dollars stop people from voting for Malema. The colonizers always use black people against black people. This man is another Moses! Viva Malema!
Murunga Lilechi
Murunga Lilechi - 5 months ago
From Nairobi Kenya, we are ready to work with you in any way to ensure that you lead Africa to the promised land. You are not just a South African leader but an entire continent.
Amouzesh Fur
Amouzesh Fur - 5 months ago
Love Maleema from USA
Amouzesh Fur
Amouzesh Fur - 5 months ago
Malema is the future
Jean Kasongo
Jean Kasongo - 5 months ago
DRC need a opposition leader like you. Salute from Drcongo.
Hubo Le Afrika
Hubo Le Afrika - 5 months ago
🤣🤣🤣 when CIC said stop dreaming wake up
Wilma Swanepoel
Wilma Swanepoel - 5 months ago
Respect your own decision
Claude Dadis
Claude Dadis - 5 months ago
Big Up and long live Malena!!
taino xaragua
taino xaragua - 5 months ago
Black people need to understand that black is first, we are black before religion, we are black before tribes, we are black before disagreement and we were black before the Europeans invaded and divide us. now we need to stop serving the Europeans masters to recognize that black is first.
hellhigh 180
hellhigh 180 - 5 months ago
Linda Beritis Ndlovu
Linda Beritis Ndlovu - 5 months ago
# Son of the 100% African soil. Viva my African President. You talk sense.May God bless you.
Pa Mbango
Pa Mbango - 5 months ago
If u hate the truth then u hate the Champion Malema!!
Agyeng Kwaku Antwi
Agyeng Kwaku Antwi - 5 months ago
I like this man, is time to wake some mentally slaved leaders up from their sleep.
Baphelile Kubheka
Baphelile Kubheka - 5 months ago
I voted EFF for this....
Lana S.
Lana S. - 5 months ago
Malema’s populist. His policies will ruin the country, but will help him to stay in power no matter what. He idolized Zimbabwe and Venezuela. Food stamps and slavery is your fate, if he is to become a president.
dudu makua
dudu makua - 5 months ago
Malema is purely inspirational.
njn Dox
njn Dox - 5 months ago
Please Mr maremma Kenya have no terrorist is Somalis who are spoiling Kenya! Kenya itself is peaceful! S. A. Is more dangerous than Kenya because you are killing each other for nothing!
VUSUMUZI MCHUNU - 5 months ago
Power malema
Gavin Willacy
Gavin Willacy - 5 months ago
So proud to hear many of my own sentiments being reflected through this brilliant mind. I will follow his footsteps closely. If not for myself, then for my children's children's. Carry On Fam. From the U.S.A.
Jefton ?
Jefton ? - 5 months ago
Greater of the greatest African liberty
Thabang Matsepe
Thabang Matsepe - 5 months ago
Speak my leader, I am proud to call u my President 👌👌👌👌👌👌
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