Rita Ora - Anywhere (Official Video)

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Reinhart Mueller
Reinhart Mueller - 3 hours ago
Damn, this makes me want to get on a plane and fly somewhere, but not alone. :(
karlita marcos marcos
karlita marcos marcos - 21 hour ago
eres la mejor me encantan tus cansiones besos y abrasos😍😍😗. desde guatemala🇬🇹🇬🇹🇬🇹🇬🇹🇬🇹🇬🇹
soager009 69
soager009 69 - 21 hour ago
Omfg her voice is autotuned beyond recognition!
Айнаш Иманкулова
What a beautiful song, the clip is made with feelings, even I could feel the weather
Alex Quaresma
Alex Quaresma - 23 hours ago
Amo essa nega! 😍
Владимир Spaun
Владимир Spaun - 23 hours ago
Rita,you are the most beautiful and cheerful,stay like this always!
FA B - Day ago
We get it . Its 2019 !! Thank you , next !!
elena kovac
elena kovac - Day ago
Hilary Duff is that you :o 0:01-0:08
Pranav Pandya
Pranav Pandya - Day ago
Come to India
Thank you.
Hollie Dean
Hollie Dean - Day ago
Wow girl 😲😢
Gegard Mousasi
Gegard Mousasi - Day ago
Edwânia L. Pereira
A música é top, mas achei particularmente que o clip não teve muita coisa haver. Fora isso de boa.
2GB CREW - Day ago
Beautiful song❤ #yasirumar
Alissa perez
Alissa perez - Day ago
Omg she is so damn hot!! When she is in the restaurant dancing. How is no one watching her!!
Elisabetta Mafrolla
È stupida
Elisabetta Mafrolla
Una canzone di merda è una scenografia di merda
James Nicholls
James Nicholls - 2 days ago
Rita Ora is British-Kosovan. What's she banging on about LA for? American glamour cities aren't the centre of the universe.
Janster2000 - 2 days ago
When I feel bad This give me a Seven up :)
Meneim. Me 12
Meneim. Me 12 - 2 days ago
Is she a singer or miss world and history ? 💐💐
Kancelaria Radcy Prawnego
super muzyka
Giovanna Di Bella
Giovanna Di Bella - 3 days ago
Bravissima. " Rita" Bella canzone, anche la scenografia.. Bella❤️❤️❤️❤️😘😘😘
Giovanna Di Bella
Giovanna Di Bella - Day ago
+Queen Bella ciao Isabella. Non ti proccupare ne anche io lo so molto bene. Ah ah, comunque Sono Siciliana Citta Trapani... E tu do dove sei....
Queen Bella
Queen Bella - Day ago
Giovanna Di Bella spiacente! Non parlo italiano ma imparo l'italiano a scuola. stavo dicendo che il mio nome è isabella😁 scusa se il mio italiano è cattivo im utilizzando google traduttore 😂 im dall'Australia
Giovanna Di Bella
Giovanna Di Bella - Day ago
+Queen Bella. Salve non capisco Cosa vui dire.. Comunque ciao Di dove sei....
Queen Bella
Queen Bella - Day ago
Giovanna Di Bella è la Mia nome Sorry if my Italian is bad I speak English but I learn Italian at school 😁
AdryanDreamer - 3 days ago
Rita is pretty great, but let's be real, Alesso's production is the best thing here! It's not an EDM blast, but it's catchy and feels good
aspetosi - 3 days ago
Super song
Bravo Rita !
darrel gafur
darrel gafur - 4 days ago
Luce Luce
Luce Luce - 4 days ago
Io quacome una creatina.....
Beril Demir
Beril Demir - 4 days ago
Małgorzata Tomczak
Małgorzata Tomczak - 4 days ago
Kto polska
Anggun Sanwijaya
Anggun Sanwijaya - 4 days ago
Rita ora is my favorite singer!!!! Your song make me happy and enjoy for face life .
Sorry for my bad english
good or bad just enjoy the music brother!
Meneim. Me 12
Meneim. Me 12 - 4 days ago
Who put a crush on the best songs in history ???????????? !!!!!!!!!!!!
Henry - 4 days ago
Beautiful. 😍😘🎶🎶🎤🎤🎤🎧
Damian Cervantes
Damian Cervantes - 4 days ago
Quién viene de mi canal 🥰 porque les recuerda esta rola 🥰🥰🥰
Gerald Monster
Gerald Monster - 3 days ago
Yair Medina
Yair Medina - 4 days ago
My fave song from Rita ❤ Love her style in this video. Glamourous yet subtle on the makeup.
Jonathan Plains
Jonathan Plains - 4 days ago
2019 💕
Shefali Haque
Shefali Haque - 4 days ago
2019 anyone?
Rafael Souza
Rafael Souza - 4 days ago
Com o perdão da palavra mas gostosa e bonita pra caralho.
Laney Lydon
Laney Lydon - 4 days ago
Lovely song she reminds me of J.Lo
Meneim. Me 12
Meneim. Me 12 - 4 days ago
The best song in history , is an incredible thing from miss singing 🎑
Jajang Soleh
Jajang Soleh - 4 days ago
Rita orra.. You is so beautifull voice...o..m...g... I love u...happy alwys rita....
FILINTO CAPELA - 4 days ago
Over the hills and far away
A million miles from L.A.
Just anywhere away with you
I Know we´ve got to get away
Someplace where no one
Knows our name
Just take me anywhere
Anywhere way with you
Yankiubah R Akiubah
Yankiubah R Akiubah - 5 days ago
Woow I really love u Rita ur my favourite singer
Edona Llapi
Edona Llapi - 5 days ago
I love your clothes
lam 31
lam 31 - 5 days ago
Exol here😭❤
Tabscoob Real Estate
Tabscoob Real Estate - 5 days ago
Super sensual Rita!
Sebastian Beas
Sebastian Beas - 5 days ago
tu solo llévame,solo llévame,llévame a donde sea contigo!!!!!....
Bruno Banner
Bruno Banner - 5 days ago
Рита ты крутая, супер музыка, слушаю 2019
Meneim. Me 12
Meneim. Me 12 - 5 days ago
Rita Ora , is the most beautiful singer in the world 🎑
Fernán Gamer yt2 Good
Fernán Gamer yt2 Good - 5 days ago
Aracnófila - 5 days ago
¡¡¡Magnífica...!!! Abril, 2019.
Andressa Cunha
Andressa Cunha - 5 days ago
Kitkat Caliber
Kitkat Caliber - 5 days ago
Sounds like the song, “Only you”
AdryanDreamer - 3 days ago
You mean Only You sounds like this, lol Cheat Codes released that song way after this
Douglas Cardoso
Douglas Cardoso - 6 days ago
This clip and this song moves me a lot. It's fucking Brazil here.
Талгат Куликов
Ana María Sánchez
Ana María Sánchez - 6 days ago
Cada vez que escucho esta canción todo brilla y se vuelve alegría ! nostalgia de la buena.
well dressed wolf
well dressed wolf - 6 days ago
Man so many talented and amazing Albanian artists!🇦🇱
Big Bang Theory
Big Bang Theory - 3 days ago
She idn't albanian.She was born in Kosovo but she is british.And Pristina-Kosovo and Albania aren't the same
Andrea Rodríguez
Andrea Rodríguez - 6 days ago
Soy la única que piensa que suena como Lauren de Fifth Harmony?
Antony 97
Antony 97 - 6 days ago
I’m obsessed with this song!😍😍😍
Blanca Vázquez
Blanca Vázquez - 6 days ago
Just imagine a collab with BTS... it would be incredible!
Hejka tu Justynka
Hejka tu Justynka - 6 days ago
Słaba piosenka już tako Hemingway raper jest od niej leprzy!!
J L - 6 days ago
Tu mejor tema ⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡.
Владимир Дьячковский
She is Super Voice
Meneim. Me 12
Meneim. Me 12 - 6 days ago
Rita, make all your songs on the same cool level here ⁉️⁉️
balidodi 2000
balidodi 2000 - 7 days ago
Syed Ghouse
Syed Ghouse - 7 days ago
Take me anywhere #love the #voice and that #beautiful music 🎧 excellent output
Any where way if you 🥰😍
FTWGame0N - 7 days ago
Looks like an young Jey Lo
Rahel Manullang
Rahel Manullang - 7 days ago
Every morning I'm listen to this song
booba booba
booba booba - 7 days ago
Your favorite ?
Let's you love___Like
Go guys🔥🔥😂🔥🔥
booba booba
booba booba - 4 days ago
+Banhos e Simpatias .lol Really?
Banhos e Simpatias
Banhos e Simpatias - 4 days ago
booba booba “let you love me”
Bruh Oliver
Bruh Oliver - 7 days ago
betty marie
betty marie - 7 days ago
Que bons moments Passer sur cette musique ....
branssia koumba
branssia koumba - 7 days ago
I love this song
Razzle Dazzle
Razzle Dazzle - 8 days ago
I feel like this song should be in Mama Mia. Anyone else? Love this song!
Tii Time
Tii Time - 8 days ago
So many memories wit this song😊
Tii Time
Tii Time - 8 days ago
Krishna bhudiya 😘
Krishna Bhudiya
Krishna Bhudiya - 8 days ago
Tiya Kila yasss us two on da bus 🚌
დიმა იზორია
Buna Selmani
Buna Selmani - 9 days ago
Tomasz Walter
Tomasz Walter - 9 days ago
Emily Gómez
Emily Gómez - 9 days ago
Me. Encanta. Gracias. Por ti. Aprendí. El. ingles
Naliesy - 9 days ago
Do you guys think Rita ora is underrated? I mostly only see comments about the song and not much about the artist...
Maria Popek
Maria Popek - 9 days ago
Super Poland 2019😉
Jamark Gaming
Jamark Gaming - 9 days ago
that was a good song
Peter Griffin
Peter Griffin - 9 days ago
2:26 This happens me all the time
Lovely Barça
Lovely Barça - 10 days ago
☺☺Fake likes on comments.Lol.☺☺
ruth wulur
ruth wulur - 10 days ago
joao neto
joao neto - 10 days ago
Life Creator
Life Creator - 10 days ago
Love you Rita
lanesce 03041982
lanesce 03041982 - 10 days ago
If there would be a "Best video ever" contest, this should be the winner!!!!
Filip - 10 days ago
man i came here to see lil pump at 3:31
just me
just me - 10 days ago
The moment i heard this from that ‘Uncover Asia’ commercial i knew i had to search for it. Thank you forever to National Geographic for introducing me to this timeless masterpiece✨
Jyothi Behera
Jyothi Behera - 11 days ago
am I the only who can not find or see Rita's leg at 0:23 ?? like her legs disappeared.
Edi İsmailoff
Edi İsmailoff - 11 days ago
Still listening and dancing...APRİL 2019
Wookie Pinkmint
Wookie Pinkmint - 11 days ago
at first I thought it was Lady Gaga Bad Romance Remix ver.
Fernando Cortés
Fernando Cortés - 11 days ago
This song makes me feel like i miss someone i think i haven't met yet. Great tune
Fardina Jemin
Fardina Jemin - 11 days ago
This is my song❤️
Gacheri Mburugu
Gacheri Mburugu - 11 days ago
Now i know why a fancy club in dubai is named after you!!!
veronicelectronic - 11 days ago
Song of best memories over and over again. The vibe of positive good feelings everytime I listen to it
Lloyd Woodward
Lloyd Woodward - 11 days ago
Another soul selling victim!!!
Blaguta Aurel
Blaguta Aurel - 11 days ago
--Rita în Blue =Fantastic=Super Blue Voice!!!
Ejka Farkasová
Ejka Farkasová - 11 days ago
úžasná pesnička ♥
Dusan Josifovic
Dusan Josifovic - 12 days ago
Super Suki
Super Suki - 12 days ago
like it
naslisntxaij - 12 days ago
Норм песня
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