What is Apple doing for 2019 and 2020 iPhones?

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Viewtiful Jay
Viewtiful Jay - Day ago
I still have a 6s Plus lol
Kent Nguyen
Kent Nguyen - 4 days ago
Tim cook prioritize profits over design.
Genci Tela
Genci Tela - 7 days ago
I think your completely wrong on the sizes and u failed where I got the source from
Peizxcv - 7 days ago
Chinese are the only innovator in the smartphone space
Gurmail Brar
Gurmail Brar - 9 days ago
s means security, sensitivity and speed
iPhone 7 series already have touch id (security)
and 3d Touch (sensitivity)
also its lot faster (speed)
so technically iPhone 7 is kinda iPhone 7s
iPhone 8 is 8 not 7s
Chris Slusher
Chris Slusher - 9 days ago
Drew’s Boyfriend wishes he was 0.2 mm longer.
Xilfe - 10 days ago
With only 1 hand the iPhone 8 is the maximam option. iPhone X is just too wide for longer than 15minutes.
A 1
A 1 - 13 days ago
Omg I think I just got dumber listening to this idiot. Thanks for wasting my time
Mike King
Mike King - 16 days ago
Apple was also under pressure to produce an iPhone for the ten year ( X ) anniversary of the iPhone.
Gilbert Boye
Gilbert Boye - 16 days ago
I don’t bother buying a new iPhone until the new designs otherwise it’s a waste of moneyI am waiting for the Notch to disappear and to have 5g I want a bigger battery like 2 to 3 days I’m hoping in the next three years, Got the Xs max for now and I know they will look the same for awhile so not much to get excited about For the next few Years I’m guessing. But still fun to see the tiny little changes they Make to get as much money out of there customers as they can.
Hajduk - 17 days ago
Been on a iphone 6 for years. Broke the screen and been using the old 5s for a few months like a peasant.
This upgrade will be epic to me.
Anish Awasthi
Anish Awasthi - 17 days ago
You keep on repeating the same thing over and over again. This video could be much shorter
TheLongIslander - 17 days ago
Apple kinda needed to launch the iPhone X in 2017, because 2017 was the 10th anniversary of the iPhone X, hence the 'X'.
Hashir Haroon
Hashir Haroon - 17 days ago
I love apple devices but they have a unaffordable price range .
BigSmokeVEVO - 18 days ago
Fuck apple if they dont use USB-C in the new iPhones
C.C. ORR - 21 day ago
Every iPhone past the 5s is boring
Krells 10
Krells 10 - 21 day ago
iPhones?? Those are things from the past, nobody buys them anymore, any other 2019 phones leaves them in the dust. iPhones are like floppy discs nowadays.
Erick G
Erick G - 21 day ago
Apple wanted a substantially upgraded 'X' phone to celebrate its 10th year. Simple explanation. On its 20th year, iPhone 'XX' will be implantable in human brains, yet another substantial upgrade.
Sid Pablo
Sid Pablo - 22 days ago
He needs some pop filter before saying p’s and b’s.
Sid Pablo
Sid Pablo - 22 days ago
I will predict that the new iphone will be called iphone C
claudio villavicencio
claudio villavicencio - 22 days ago
Why not a iPhone 9????
Lorenzo Tambosi Rocha
Lorenzo Tambosi Rocha - 22 days ago
the only reason apple had to play catch up with the competition is becuse the 7 was just a bad upgrade... a downgrade, almost, losing the headphone jack and keeping the desing pretty much the same, and speed wasn't very much improved either
Cruzito Carl
Cruzito Carl - 23 days ago
4.7 inches is the perfect size, don't let any women tell you otherwise
maldita peppas
maldita peppas - 23 days ago
Damn you contradict yourself in every sentence buddy 🤣☠
Sully Mems
Sully Mems - 23 days ago
"...to satisfy bendgate complaints."
Nah. It was never an issue of complaints. It was an issue of phones actually bending. Lol
Aryan Pandey
Aryan Pandey - 24 days ago
It should be 5.5inch
tek magar
tek magar - 24 days ago
If they release the 5.4” iPhone I’ll upgrade from my iPhone XS for sure.
lante07 - 25 days ago
I'm not touching another iPhone until they do a MAJOR redesign of the OS. 1-7 screens of apps is trash.
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I’m loving iOS 13 it refreshes my 8 plus until 2020😊
Anwesh Kar
Anwesh Kar - 26 days ago
Since when did 1mm = 1 inch...🤦🏻‍♂️
Tony Xgames
Tony Xgames - 26 days ago
No need to yearly upgrade if your phone works fine I'll be rocking my XR until it doesn't get supported
Harshaan Singh
Harshaan Singh - 26 days ago
It could be a 5 min video. You are repeating same thing again and again.. Annoying. Keep it simple and crisp😠
Jan Prazak
Jan Prazak - 26 days ago
Still feeling like the small xs is not small enough quite looking forward to smaller one. Huge plus its gonna be high end one.
Prince Duties
Prince Duties - 26 days ago
You talk too much. Get to the point.
Jaxscr 29
Jaxscr 29 - 26 days ago
The iPhone line up is getting boring. The design will soon become outdated unless they make a major change.
Piotr Motyka
Piotr Motyka - 26 days ago
Mate, please stop making those silly quotation mark with your hands!
Chin Opai
Chin Opai - 26 days ago
So that means the 12 will be an S year phone now?
steve Batman
steve Batman - 26 days ago
No iPhone 11 upgrade for me ta. Couldn’t justify the unjustified greedy prices Apple charge. X for me until I decide to jump to OP or Google. Another profit warning looms for Mr Cook.
kevin mashru
kevin mashru - 26 days ago
iPhones are just iPhone now. An average consumer won’t notice a difference in performance camera or anything at all in 7,8,10,10s or bet even 2019 iPhones.
riley busse
riley busse - 27 days ago
2024 will be the iPhone 13 that's insane if that's what it's called if they do the S upgrades every year it probably would have been the iPhone 13s in 2024 but since didn't do the iPhone 7S in 2017 and they did the iPhone 8 that means the iPhone 13 will be released in 2024 which I'm pretty sure will definitely have a new design with all screen with the camera sensors under the display Pusher by then I'll finally upgrade because it will be worth it
Mauricio Aiden Espinoza
Mauricio Aiden Espinoza - 27 days ago
I like tailosiive tech but you ramble a lot about the same things. You repeated the same stuff like 3-4 times
Bad Luca
Bad Luca - 27 days ago
Why would anyone jump in this year. Just wait 5G
Tommy Texter
Tommy Texter - 27 days ago
it is all excuses...
sleepless1978 - 27 days ago
Cornelius Smith
Cornelius Smith - 27 days ago
The iPhone XS Max for me at least will be my phone till it breaks. I might just replace the battery when it gets bad.
Tuan Anh Pham
Tuan Anh Pham - 27 days ago
I’m still on the 6 plus and waiting for the 2019
Night CydeR
Night CydeR - 27 days ago
I will be rocking my Xr for at least 4 more years.
Steve Steele
Steve Steele - 28 days ago
The iPhone is fine. It’s just not as exciting as iPad Pros and Mac Pros. There’s only a few things left to do to perfect the smartphone. Get Face ID under the screen, use USB-C or seal the phone, move to micro LED, make the glass unbreakable, give us that big square camera array (which I LOVE), and finish it up by going back to the iPhone 5 design. That’s it. Make that and just keep making it, but faster with better optics. The smartphone era is almost over. Tablets, even with their much smaller market share, and watches are leading the next 5 years of cutting edge tech. I think desktop Macs are back in a big way too. Looking forward to what Apple does with the high end Mac lineup.
Brofist Soldier
Brofist Soldier - 28 days ago
PewDiePie chair. *well done*
Just For Fun
Just For Fun - 28 days ago
wow that was shit lol
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