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James Charles
James Charles - 10 months ago
hi angels i hope u enjoy this video
Lyssa LaVelle
Lyssa LaVelle - 13 hours ago
You don't have to be sister sorry
Iolas Lynn
Iolas Lynn - Month ago
Love you so much hope you had a fun time 💖💖💖
The Soul Sisters
The Soul Sisters - Month ago
James Charles you are supposed to say “hi sisters” and not “hi angels” love you
Kaylin Mootye
Kaylin Mootye - 2 months ago
Lili Hajjou
Lili Hajjou - 3 months ago
Love your makeup sis
zubiya Mulla
zubiya Mulla - 54 minutes ago
Wht is the name of high lighter u used...?
lylove ly
lylove ly - 4 hours ago
This is sad..........
Búshrá Sáłám
Búshrá Sáłám - 4 hours ago
He doesn’t look like you 😄
Sophia Lorraine
Sophia Lorraine - 10 hours ago
He looks gayer than you James
arianna heinemann
arianna heinemann - 11 hours ago
I couldn't take you serious with that contoure on your face
Autumn Peacock
Autumn Peacock - 12 hours ago
I’m gunna be fLaT
Alejandra GASPAR
Alejandra GASPAR - 16 hours ago
I love this video it was amazing and I am such a big fan of you James and I am amazed about how you make every makeup look amazing on you, you are literally one of my biggest idols and I cannot wait to be able to get myself ready just like you do. Bye sisters and James please respond to this comment
Yangtxo Boepa
Yangtxo Boepa - 17 hours ago
Any THE WALKING DEAD fans here.??
Yangtxo Boepa
Yangtxo Boepa - 17 hours ago
He look so serious 😒 ❤️
Melissa Manuel
Melissa Manuel - Day ago
I love you
Rheania Ambolodto
Rheania Ambolodto - Day ago
James Charles Make up collection
kawaiibtslover 101
kawaiibtslover 101 - Day ago
Im just asking, what pronouns you need me to use for you? They, them, she, or he?
Aubrey brown
Aubrey brown - 22 hours ago
gacha food Rocha
gacha food Rocha - Day ago
Yes sister am soooooooooo happy I love youuuuuuuuuu
Life with lee asmr
Life with lee asmr - Day ago
Omg every thing was bad😂😂
K S - Day ago
Sister Ian 🔥🔥🔥😘😘😘
Ian. Love u ❤❤❤❤
Aubree the cup cake master Roy
He did not get a blush
Toto Bajlo
Toto Bajlo - 2 days ago
It was so fun
Rommy Duran
Rommy Duran - 2 days ago
It doesn’t even look bad
Courtney Cummins
Courtney Cummins - 2 days ago
Ian is just 🤤😍
Evie Lumunon
Evie Lumunon - 2 days ago
James you always say "oh my god" and you cant play when you pray
cooper lonsdale
cooper lonsdale - 2 days ago
anyone else here after the ...subscriber incident
Aaliyah Medina
Aaliyah Medina - 2 days ago
Hey sister James your brother is so cute
Luh Sousa
Luh Sousa - 3 days ago
Ian is born
doctor: is a bo
james: SISTER
Taufoa-i Esau
Taufoa-i Esau - 3 days ago
Ian looks so fine
AZMS PH - 3 days ago
He calls lip gloss liquid lipstick.
Eh sure.
gabrielle sanchez
gabrielle sanchez - 3 days ago
Rhonda Smuk
Rhonda Smuk - 3 days ago
not your best look but hey Ian did mess up so good job James
Rhonda Smuk
Rhonda Smuk - 3 days ago
what do you do with makeup you do not like
Esmeralda Lopez
Esmeralda Lopez - 3 days ago
who else thinks that james brother is cuter❤
6Ab _
6Ab _ - 4 days ago
They have the same smile
Haneen Alialgerbany
Haneen Alialgerbany - 4 days ago
Not bad🤨
Critic _Z
Critic _Z - 4 days ago
To be honest I would just go onto his website and but it from there lol
Bella St. John
Bella St. John - 4 days ago
No one:
Sister James: sIsTeR shnOzZeL
animahkiss - 4 days ago
if Ian ever gets a gf, he would be perfect for her makeup XD
Glenda Webster
Glenda Webster - 4 days ago
2:21 Did anyone else just skip to the end to hear the announcement and go back to their original place???😂
Sparkly 4Real
Sparkly 4Real - 5 days ago
You need to make a James Charles makeup store and sort it by product.
Tofa Mryramry6
Tofa Mryramry6 - 5 days ago
I want to see the makeup on real!!!
Andres Selva
Andres Selva - 5 days ago
u look lovely sister
Raana Jaelyn
Raana Jaelyn - 5 days ago
Hit the like button if you've realized James always does these types of chanllenges WHEN HE HAS TO GO SOMEWHERE IMPORTANT!! 🤣😝
Ilysm James 🥰😍♥️💖💗💓💞💕
Flooblahblah !
Flooblahblah ! - 5 days ago
looks like BURNT BRENDA is back so ummm yeah
Edie H
Edie H - 5 days ago
Edie H
Edie H - 5 days ago
ill be the one to pint out that hes not wearing a seatbelt
Addisyn Cadwell
Addisyn Cadwell - 5 days ago
You look good
DiegoLorena - 5 days ago
So cute at the end!
James: thanks.. love you
Ian: love you too
Annie Walsh
Annie Walsh - 6 days ago
James I officially love ur brother
Emma's Pets
Emma's Pets - 6 days ago
I want James to do my makeup
Mysha - 6 days ago
Sister YEN
Antonio Valdez
Antonio Valdez - 6 days ago
Omg please wear another shirt you wear that shirt every day 😑🤢..GROSS
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