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James Charles
James Charles - Year ago
hi angels i hope u enjoy this video
CRINGE TOAST - 3 days ago
Are you a Christian?
Arreanna star
Arreanna star - 25 days ago
James Charles hi you can do my makeup
Kelsey Ortiz-Mecalco
Kelsey Ortiz-Mecalco - 3 months ago
Kelsey Ortiz-Mecalco
Kelsey Ortiz-Mecalco - 3 months ago
Kelsey Ortiz-Mecalco
Kelsey Ortiz-Mecalco - 3 months ago
Mini Kiwi
Mini Kiwi - 3 hours ago
Ian: I need bronzer

Also Ian: forgets bronzer
April Masias
April Masias - 9 hours ago
“They don’t have two-faced there! What brand is that?”
April Masias
April Masias - 9 hours ago
Ian being confident is a mood
Maria Gomez
Maria Gomez - 10 hours ago
Ian has such a serious brother and a deep vpice
Chandra Moore
Chandra Moore - 12 hours ago
that sound so shook
Pari Panda
Pari Panda - 15 hours ago
Alyssa Elena
Alyssa Elena - 17 hours ago

Midnight flower
Midnight flower - 23 hours ago
u look beautiful ok
Blue Butterfly
Blue Butterfly - Day ago
Welp. If James thinks that is bad...
Me: *Looks in the mirror*
Blue Butterfly
Blue Butterfly - Day ago
Why does James always do his videos before his important events? 😂
manuel moran
manuel moran - Day ago
Omg this was posted on my b-day
Emma Kinsman
Emma Kinsman - Day ago
Has he ever said sister subscribe
Krispy and Krunchy BORITO
omg, just realized this got released on my tenth bday
cutecat wishes19
cutecat wishes19 - 2 days ago
OMG I have that primer no way yassssss
Isabella MacKinney
Isabella MacKinney - 2 days ago
you are so pretty james and you are my romodel you teached me how to do my dance compation makeup and i am only 9.
Yasmin’s World
Yasmin’s World - 3 days ago
my brother would’ve been like “lol tan shade, nah let’s get snowy white😂” 😔
Naomi Patton
Naomi Patton - 3 days ago
The event he’s going to was the start of the srama
Aqsa Begum
Aqsa Begum - 3 days ago
OMG my sister laughed her head of when she saw you reacting to what your bro bought
Nakii Adams
Nakii Adams - 3 days ago
You are so cute and pretty
orange bear
orange bear - 3 days ago
His entire face, dead inside
Ghofran Da
Ghofran Da - 3 days ago
Doctor: its a b..
James: siiisssteerr
قتاة تحفيظ للأطفال
Oh no please don't stop doing makeup again you are sooooo good it's good
Olivia - 4 days ago
He looked forced to do this
Olivia - 4 days ago
James: 100 words per second
Ian: 10 words per minute
Olivia - 4 days ago
I think he was forced to do this
Olivia - 4 days ago
I think he was forced to do this
Criss you
Criss you - 4 days ago
The brother could get it, I-🥵
Riy Riy love
Riy Riy love - 5 days ago
Omg James stop complaining you look fine
ayse yucel
ayse yucel - 5 days ago
IM CRYINNGG 9:46 this is hilarious 😂
Gulianna Melendez
Gulianna Melendez - 5 days ago
Ian is cute
Simone and Jag Budhai
Simone and Jag Budhai - 5 days ago
Ian: James I tried my best man

Literally I yelled sister when he said that
Nutella نوتيلا
Nutella نوتيلا - 5 days ago
مخنث خامج
Gracie Mayfield
Gracie Mayfield - 5 days ago
James u look so gooood on camera so when a person takes a picture it will look good😬😬😬😏😋😛😝😜🤪
Ryan Brown
Ryan Brown - 6 days ago
BSEF (best sisters ever forever)
Mi She
Mi She - 6 days ago
9:05 makes me laugh so hard
Nino Cincadze
Nino Cincadze - 6 days ago
James your brother is so cute ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😍🤩😍🥰😍🤩🤩🤩🥰😊😊☺️☺️☺️
Raisha Rafeeque
Raisha Rafeeque - 6 days ago
James looks happier with his family. It’s a fact. 😍
Sienna Westcott
Sienna Westcott - 6 days ago
Who’s watching in 2019 and at least it looks better then mine
Katherine pierce
Katherine pierce - 6 days ago
*best foundation shade james ever had*
Mariana Yii
Mariana Yii - 8 days ago
Why Ian sounds like 70 and James sounds like 17
Anna Marks
Anna Marks - 8 days ago
Love Ian! Share him anytime! 💋
Vestina Barbie
Vestina Barbie - 8 days ago
OMFG that foundation shade is EVERYTHING
Haru&Mari Official_Gacha
Im 17 and girl.. But i literally know nothing about makeup..
Cousins of Worthiness
Cousins of Worthiness - 9 days ago
You look good like always
Sophia Gil
Sophia Gil - 9 days ago
James no matter what u look like we will still like u the way u are
duck smuck
duck smuck - 10 days ago
Is it weird that James still looks stunning despite the weird choices of makeup like he's still AMAZING like I'm here lookin like a potato w/ proper make up and he's here slaying w/ make up he doesn't like
Arielle joy Arandia
Arielle joy Arandia - 10 days ago
Your brother looks girl
SassyDaLeopard WAO
SassyDaLeopard WAO - 11 days ago
Doesn't James have brown eyes? Tf
Emma Axtman
Emma Axtman - 12 days ago
When your brother matches your foundation better than you..
Niloufar Sabet
Niloufar Sabet - 12 days ago
3:38 He literly/litterly wanna makes fire with his hands
Gatcha_Potato_ Fox
Gatcha_Potato_ Fox - 13 days ago
James u rock every makeup look so u do u bo
Jolie Kostandy
Jolie Kostandy - 13 days ago
Mark Christian Lopez
Mark Christian Lopez - 14 days ago
“Use code James for 10% off, they have Morphe on Ulta, yes - they have morphe in Ulta. IAAAANN!”
WickedRose - 14 days ago
Good job Sister James! You got 16 Million views!
Ellie Mark
Ellie Mark - 14 days ago
You can pull off any look will makeup
jannat Arora
jannat Arora - 14 days ago
Hello sister james
Ima Girlygirl
Ima Girlygirl - 15 days ago
It turned into brothers not sisters
Ella Norman
Ella Norman - 15 days ago
Honestly, no matter how bad the look is, James somehow pulls it off.
Daniella Hunt
Daniella Hunt - 16 days ago
Has to rush for the car but then does a 4 min outro😂🤦🏼‍♀️
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