Everything Wrong With Ralph Breaks the Internet

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-nOrTh- •w•
-nOrTh- •w• - 5 minutes ago
Wait, y’all know the trailer for this and shows the feeding the rabbit to much and the little girl screams, THAT WASNT EVEN IN THE FRICKEN MOVIE
Spartan X-317
Spartan X-317 - 13 minutes ago
I like how they didn't give us blatant advertisements The Emoji Movie did with the seeing google and youtube but using made up versions of those apps for scenes but ...all that goes right out the door the moment disney comes into play because they (Disney) own the rights to Disneys and everything Disney owns and I'm now throwing up Disney juice all over the place because I've consumed too much Disney in a 2 hour period. Also Spamley isn't in the credits...at all...I checked. Also I'm pretty sure Turbo's helmet from the first movie makes an appearance during Venelope's reflection song in the shopping cart. Also also...Movie thinks it's Deadpool and can break the 4th wall on us willy nilly and does so tremendously during the Disney Princesses scene.
Chris_xd281 - 56 minutes ago
It’s a children’s show not a reality show. Honestly bro really? Pathetic someone made a vid about what’s wrong with a child’s movie.😒
The Gaming Reptile
The Gaming Reptile - 3 hours ago
Who else when they watched this movie if something went on for a while they said something along the lines of "This goes on for way to long."?
RyGuy 65
RyGuy 65 - 3 hours ago
This movie contradicts the first one so much
Marcus Thorne
Marcus Thorne - 3 hours ago
Just watched the movie the other day can already tell there are going to be a lot of sins. Probably not triple digits but very close
Smiley Tree
Smiley Tree - 4 hours ago
Cinema Sins: "they don't have any balls for not showing an ad for porn!" Ding
Also Cinema Sins: *shows an ad for "sassy aunts near you" in same clip*
Now that's just straight up pulling sins out your ass :/
Cece T
Cece T - 4 hours ago
I'm so glad that someone hates that end credit scene
Dream Land Maiden
Dream Land Maiden - 6 hours ago
This was basically a father daughter thing. Let her grow up kinda thing. My niece is TRAUMATIZED by the bunny scene. You even say "the bunny gets the pancake" she cries.
My only wish was that the game updates and Vanellope gets a redesign to fit the code better and she looks like Shank and her crew. A way of showing she grew up
Aperez - 7 hours ago
When this video is a sin itself. *sarcasm*
Swagmaster 47625
Swagmaster 47625 - 7 hours ago
Okay, here are some problems.
1. Not adding 1000000 sins for each Fortnite cameo
2. Not adding a sin (or adding, I guess) for when Brave girl goes full Scottish
Ben Cart Wright
Ben Cart Wright - 8 hours ago
The movie was very strange and i know many can agree
miss information
miss information - 12 hours ago
My fav youtuber was in this movie.
Dominic Hunter
Dominic Hunter - 13 hours ago
Ralph is a baby this movie when he was kind of a badass in the first movie
JFigZ_25 - 14 hours ago
“How would Ralph have ANY clue about arranged marriages?” I mean...Felix, one of his good friends, got married...no clue, right?
Vegitoboy77 - 14 hours ago
Hey hey hey sonic splaining is the best
James Truitt
James Truitt - 14 hours ago
Is nobody gonna mention when he reveals the repaired necklace, it magically appears? It wasn't there a second ago!
Vanilla Theorist
Vanilla Theorist - 15 hours ago
I can't believe you didn't add the Rick Rolling in! It was the final scene in the credits.
Andy Gong
Andy Gong - 15 hours ago
The last bunny: I can’t eat the plate anymore...
Szczypior - 18 hours ago
This film was totally ruined for me because of the terrible polish translation trying to be all youth friendly and most of the times the actors didn't seem to know what were they talking about, because of the youth vocabulary, often used in wrong context.
All in all it was confusing for adult viewers and cringey for young viewers.
I can't look at this movie and say it is good. I just can't.
And also I don't think it was very creative, I mean most of the things about showing the internet in the movie were pretty obvious, idk what it was supposed to make me feel, like "Oh, yeah. They know what internet is about. Oh, very funny. Oh wow, they portrayed it so accurately, I can totally relate to that. haha."
The film was aimed at a younger audiences, but it was done very incompetently.
I don't understand why is there litterally no people talking bad about this movie.
Crippling Depression
Crippling Depression - 18 hours ago
Dyltrevs - 19 hours ago
1:21 The villains go to a meeting inside pacman's game.
Tyler Igus
Tyler Igus - 21 hour ago
Zixon - Day ago
Laila Archer
Laila Archer - Day ago
i- spamley said des moines wrong
Sammuel Parris
Sammuel Parris - Day ago
14:10 1980's video game character meets a pop up ad to break the internet with a virus XD
Sam Navarro
Sam Navarro - Day ago
You forgot the casual mood lighting sex joke in a kids movie
Milantique Studios
Milantique Studios - Day ago
the whole first movie was about being too lonely and the second is about letting your friends leave you. Except the friend literally is at her job 24/7 and can never visit you. She is basically dead.
Also the whole disney princess bit is about female empowerment when the most female empowered girl there is the one no one can understand and gets made fun of cuz shes from a different land when her accent isnt that thick in her movie so racist. Disney you breed PC culture, howd you let that slide? lol
UnicornAbilitiez - Day ago
MARVEL did much worse than showing people that SHWARMA exists, man. A bunny popping? Really? Have you seen Juggernaut tear Deadpool in half?
Boss Loki
Boss Loki - Day ago
Anyone epse feel like they dumbed down Ralph's character?
JakotsuTheOne - Day ago
Why do people go crazy for Gal Gadot, everything she says sounds like she had a lobotomy.
ruben canas
ruben canas - Day ago
1 trillion sins for trying to make us think going turbo is a good thing after spending the whole first movie telling us how evil going turbo is
Dakota D
Dakota D - Day ago
+1 sin for not sinning the rick roll at the end (or was it a ralph roll?)
Doctor Squid
Doctor Squid - Day ago
IRL ebay dosent Actualy require a valid method of payment
martin diaz
martin diaz - Day ago
I wish you'd sin Meridas cameo. I hate merida.
AnimeKing #1999
AnimeKing #1999 - Day ago
That ending deserves 3 sins
Anime Boy Trash
Anime Boy Trash - Day ago
No sin for the Rickroll? I’m disappointed
cristal stewart
cristal stewart - Day ago
It's like an animated,horrible version of Ready Player One
Lozabr Gaming
Lozabr Gaming - Day ago
Some sins i found that you missed
After sugar rush gets unplugged, the game central station guy said "I haven't seen this many gameless characters since space invaders went down" but we later see space invaders running next to tappers.
In the seen where all the people at the office are watching ralphs videos, ralph says in the burnt pie video that he cooked it for 6 hours, despite only have 8 hours left on the ebay bid when they first got to buzz tube.
Empire526907 - Day ago
I'm literally watching this movie on Netflix right now...
Lynnea Stuart
Lynnea Stuart - Day ago
6:52 Spamly says Des Moines wrong
The Visitor
The Visitor - Day ago
Maybe you should put some Q*bert characters into it!
Santiago Ramirez
Santiago Ramirez - Day ago
Wait these are rom hacks when someone is in another game and sonic could be classic or modern no modern arcade but there is classic
A 21 minute video? Wow this movie must be *trash*
Kenny - Day ago
I searched up “Blow and Go” and went to videos...... i am so sorry mom
darkwardragon - 2 days ago
I don't know why I watched this movie it was a waste of my time but that's Disney I guess
Boofbboof 03
Boofbboof 03 - 2 days ago
You forgot a sin
The rickroll at the end of the credits... in 2019
Sean Scott
Sean Scott - 2 days ago
Vepris Thorn
Vepris Thorn - 2 days ago
I disagree the mid credit bunny scene was the funniest part of the movie
xeno docilus
xeno docilus - 2 days ago
? Was that an M2 flamethrower
webduelist - 2 days ago
missed that in WR 1, Suger Rush is a twin system,
Im a Weeaboo
Im a Weeaboo - 2 days ago
I remember watching the first movie when I was like 7 like 7 years ago.
Seeing this movie in theaters was really nostalgic. Even though I’m not even a Disney nerd this was one of my favorite movies I’ve seen in theaters.
josepf stalin
josepf stalin - 2 days ago
who else google blow and go
Eazy E
Eazy E - 2 days ago
If I was Ralph I would just kill myself from depression
Endsterskillz Gaming
Endsterskillz Gaming - 2 days ago
He didnt add a sin with the Ralph rolled
bensaret - 2 days ago
I was expecting 100 sins for the Rick-Roll at the end...
Dania Norbert
Dania Norbert - 2 days ago
The fact that they went through all this shit to get one stupid wheel, and in the end it was all for nothing, because she leaves the game
Cheyenne Arnett
Cheyenne Arnett - 2 days ago
Whats wrong with this whole movie:
Ralph, a man who seems to be like, 40, is desprateto be friends with Venellope, and 8 year old girl. This is what bugged me to whole movie
Landon Eli
Landon Eli - 2 days ago
is it odd that the second the virus came on the screen the video got blurry...2019 sins for it
SarasTears - 2 days ago
I wanna sin that candy rush doesnt make more than 200 a year. You would need 800 plays at .25¢ (and thats saying that a racing game isnt at least .50¢ most places) so even with just counting normal work days (260) (which a arcade def would be open more) you’d only just over 3 plays a day, right? (Please tell me if my math is off)
Francisco Toro
Francisco Toro - 2 days ago
I'm not sure if you should add sins or remove sins as an accomplishment for making Ralph and even more unlikable horrible irritating character I could barely watch the movie. but the girl I'm seeing one of the watch it so you know the girl wants to watch you watch.
Té Burkholder
Té Burkholder - 2 days ago
OMG as soon as Comcast popped up I lost my connection. Wonderful.
Leanna Miranda
Leanna Miranda - 2 days ago
Hey Eaglet
Hey Eaglet - 2 days ago
Extra sin please for the pretty unsettling squirming by the ralphs
Bob Sacamano
Bob Sacamano - 3 days ago
What's it like to be this jaded? Are you able to enjoy anything? Like, what's up with eggs? Sunny side up? More like, dead potential birds amirite? Not so sunny to me. Nowjustsayitreallyfastcauseimahack.
Isabel Fornos
Isabel Fornos - 3 days ago
Did anybody realize? in Ralph breaks the internet reponzal hair is long but in the end of the movie her hair is brown and cut shorter 🤦‍♀️😂
Ali Rhodes
Ali Rhodes - 3 days ago
Of course Sonic would know what the internet is.

He's seen all of his fan fiction
Saul Hydeman
Saul Hydeman - 3 days ago
You left out the [Ralph] rick rolled end-credit scene where they foreshadow frozen 2.
MoCooper247 - 3 days ago
That virus is still out there scaning for insecurities.
MoCooper247 - 3 days ago
1:24 i thought that legit eas the correct term til you pointed it out as a cliche
Abigail Colibaba
Abigail Colibaba - 3 days ago
Got nothing to say about the Ralph roll at the end of all the credits
MD Jester
MD Jester - 3 days ago
What about how the movie introduced the idea of seeing Felix and Calhoun parenting the Sugar Rush racers. Then the next time we see them, snot noise kids pull a 180 personality change and we dont see it!
Junior Jr.
Junior Jr. - 3 days ago
Add 1 x 999999999999999 sins for not having Mario in the movie and instead we have Sonic...
Kaitensatsuma - 3 days ago
10 Sins for this movie having Sonic explain the Internet even though he wouldn't know about it, and also because it is *_Sonic explaining the Internet_* . You'd think considering his fanbase he'd be warning everyone.
Javier Paz
Javier Paz - 3 days ago
Where's the sin for that🤔🤔?????????
Javier Paz
Javier Paz - 3 days ago
Felix is drunk
the weirdo in the corner
i have concerns about your college-life sexual activity.
Amy Rodman
Amy Rodman - 3 days ago
The bunny popping scared me and I screamed.
Darksyde4227 - 3 days ago
No mention of the "Wreck Roll" at the end?
Super Mario Plush 220
Super Mario Plush 220 - 3 days ago
7:27 smash bros intro
Simerr Aghedo
Simerr Aghedo - 3 days ago
The cherry was a reference
Phantom Dovakiin
Phantom Dovakiin - 3 days ago
the whole movie is a whole sin its self
Hunlover123601 - 3 days ago
do everything great about it now ❤️ request alllll the way from the netherlands
Wilhelm Dafoe
Wilhelm Dafoe - Day ago
That's not something they do here
Super Mario Plush 220
Super Mario Plush 220 - 3 days ago
14:32 one of the only good parts of the movie.
Usefullyplayzroblox - 3 days ago
+10K Ralph Thinks Its W I F I Its WI-FI But I Would Say Theres Online Games And Offline Games Came Out
Super Mario Plush 220
Super Mario Plush 220 - 3 days ago
9:58 the main reason why I hate this movie
j p
j p - 3 days ago
Yeah . Twitter is only racism and trolling and stupidity. I wonder who you’re blaming for all that
Trash Queen
Trash Queen - 4 days ago
Vanellope: We're going to the internet!
Ralph: Oh there's a website called "Rule 34" maybe its important
Vanellope: Lets go in!
*10 mins later*
Ralph: *In terror* I'LL NEVER UNSEE THAT
Vanellope: *Tramatized*
Me: That is why you should be careful on what you find on the Internet
Wild Outdoor Living
Wild Outdoor Living - 4 days ago
I found this movie very entertaining. It makes fun of everything the internet has become! That said, Ralph's insecurities and subsequent actions are way over the top and quite frankly out of character.
Melody Jayne
Melody Jayne - 4 days ago
I really hate this movie
It’s cringy and the ending is stupid
Tekno Boi
Tekno Boi - 4 days ago
Prepare2 .Qualify
Prepare2 .Qualify - 4 days ago
Or instead of paying 200 dollars for a new steering wheel he could just fix the old one, it's not the hard, maybe some splicing.
The Last Knight
The Last Knight - 4 days ago
Nice Star Wars reference there, man.
The Last Knight
The Last Knight - 4 days ago
I was watching this movie about 30 mins ago and l legit sinned this exact sentence, so * ding *!
Michael Martell
Michael Martell - 4 days ago
#Rip bunny
Debra Miller
Debra Miller - 4 days ago
ALSO, can we talk about how Vanelope was allowed to leave her game, but in the first movie it was clearly stated glitches were not allowed to leave the game? I know at the end she is un-glitched, but then she decides to stay a glitch because of the benefits. Can someone explain ? I don't understand.
Lilkxdude4101 - 3 days ago
Its weird. She's legit but her code is still tampered with. But its not enough to be a problem. Think of it as an unpatched, unpolished DLC.
Colossal Noob01
Colossal Noob01 - 4 days ago
Wait, no son for the end credit scene where Ralph sings never gonna give you up? Well tuck it. I'm sinning cinema sins for not sinning this sinable moment. +5 Sins for cinema sins.
Colossal Noob01
Colossal Noob01 - 4 days ago
I hate auto correct.
Bruce Lectro
Bruce Lectro - 4 days ago
The worst part part of this movie is that’s it’s SOOO predictable. While I watched it, it felt like I already had watched it before.
Ava Keniley-Browning
Ava Keniley-Browning - 4 days ago
Just now noticed that Spamley pronounced Des Moines incorrectly. It's pronounced, " De Moin"
Luna Wayne
Luna Wayne - 4 days ago
19:03 isn’t that technically what doki doki literature club did? So it actually (technically) can be done
Lilkxdude4101 - 3 days ago
No. Not actually.
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