YOUNGEST Fortnite Streamers! (Mongraal, Sceptic, Slappie, Kids)

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GameGoat - 3 months ago
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Lizy Luyckx
Lizy Luyckx - 8 days ago
Enchanted Power
Enchanted Power - Month ago
Brother i am also a 13 year old youtuber
MSF Clan
MSF Clan - 2 months ago
You was up
ANDRE141008 - 8 hours ago
Kaden Parsons
Kaden Parsons - 8 hours ago
Highsky is 11 he was born in 2007
Jon Cheatwood
Jon Cheatwood - 8 hours ago
This is weird but true I was playing fortnite and I had a Victory Royal and I killed nobody
Fernan2 sin s
Fernan2 sin s - 11 hours ago
9:00 wasn't the kid
mariana Rivillas
mariana Rivillas - 12 hours ago
If he is 2 year old why does it says ghostninja
Cowsmash Playz
Cowsmash Playz - 14 hours ago
High sky only eleven
RBLX Agent_AbdulAB
RBLX Agent_AbdulAB - 19 hours ago
Cassandra Valencia
Cassandra Valencia - Day ago
I am 8 and play fortnite
Hawkpete25ps - Day ago
6:06 he has his monetor to close to his face
Xavier Flores
Xavier Flores - Day ago
I love gameGoat 🐐
Royal Ape
Royal Ape - 2 days ago
Every time wintrrz shoots his shotgun he opens his mouth
Fynx HyDrA
Fynx HyDrA - 2 days ago
Gamegoat has 23 years old young? You decide by liking you say yes if you Comment it's a no
Cho-z spriggan Bay
Cho-z spriggan Bay - 2 days ago
Are you sure you got their ages correct
Cho-z spriggan Bay
Cho-z spriggan Bay - 2 days ago
Why don’t they try to play on Xbox , that way it could make it more of a challenge
Kirby master36
Kirby master36 - 2 days ago
Highsky is 11 he lied abut his age
Evade TrapGod
Evade TrapGod - 2 days ago
gamegoat : oh shoot i missed FaZe Sway
Evade TrapGod
Evade TrapGod - 2 days ago
FaZe Sway: Boi i will clap all of them XD
xxary - 2 days ago
I subbed :)
Ra1d Blazee Yt
Ra1d Blazee Yt - 3 days ago
If you don’t know highsky faked his age to stream he is really 10
tegan goldy8
tegan goldy8 - 3 days ago
Awwww the 2 year old is so cute!! I want to be 2
Gabe Collins
Gabe Collins - 3 days ago
If you think this is real you are dumb
Triple Crown
Triple Crown - 3 days ago
I'm 9 years old and I stream
Jack Johnson
Jack Johnson - Day ago
You should be in the videoπŸ˜‚
Skepz OP
Skepz OP - 3 days ago
H1GHSK1 is 12 not 13
Omar Ahmed
Omar Ahmed - 4 days ago
I’m 10 and I play Fortnite
MEMECLOUT_69 - 5 days ago
When you realize a 2 yr old is better than you at fortnite
Isaiah Nagao
Isaiah Nagao - 5 days ago
He’s 11
Grapo - 5 days ago
I’m 11 years old girl gamer but i’m trash in fortnite -.-
Griffin Savage
Griffin Savage - 7 days ago
U sure sceptics real name is Griffin my real name is Griffin omg
Ali is the best
Ali is the best - 7 days ago
how about mythic
Xxxshargoul23 xxX
Xxxshargoul23 xxX - 7 days ago
Who else thinks monogram is sweaty and toxic
Cyzek 0
Cyzek 0 - 5 days ago
Who TF is that?!
Jancy Romero
Jancy Romero - 8 days ago
The reason their all from America is because in America you can do whatever you want
RBLXPanda - 8 days ago
He’s actually 11 FaZe tFue exposes him
EMD MYTH - 8 days ago
I'm a streamer I'm 10
awfully noob
awfully noob - 9 days ago
Highskys 11
Jackson Kincaid
Jackson Kincaid - 11 days ago
High sky isn’t 13 did you miss the whole banning situation
Steve Bartlett
Steve Bartlett - 11 days ago
Winterz looks like he’s 10 there’s no way he’s 15 same with highsky1 and everybody in video but not the baby
Joye Summers
Joye Summers - 12 days ago
Ur gay
Ashley Turner
Ashley Turner - 12 days ago
You didn't put the last video in
Shifa Sohani
Shifa Sohani - 13 days ago
High sky 12 sped
Thug _sausage
Thug _sausage - 13 days ago
High sky is 11
Deagen Holm
Deagen Holm - 13 days ago
I was here sins 50k
sujat hossen
sujat hossen - 13 days ago
Sooo why not me I am 10 years old and my name KILLERBRO I am pro a youtuber
ZeLo - 13 days ago
H1ghsky1 is 11 he lied about his age he want old enough to join FaZe
Wyatt Hixson
Wyatt Hixson - 14 days ago
My account is Wyatt hixson and I am not good at filming
Wyatt Hixson
Wyatt Hixson - 14 days ago
I started doing YouTube videos at 8 years old
Jesus Montero
Jesus Montero - 14 days ago
High sky is 12 not 11 well he did just turn 12
FaZe MelLo
FaZe MelLo - 14 days ago
Dang HighSky went full savage
Neymar jr. Fan
Neymar jr. Fan - 14 days ago
He forgot faze Jarvis he is 16
Neymar jr. Fan
Neymar jr. Fan - 14 days ago
Highsky Eleven
Trump gaming Teterboro
Trump gaming Teterboro - 14 days ago
Wypher FN
Wypher FN - 15 days ago
Who’s here after the news came out that highsky is 11?
Sheri Sucks
Sheri Sucks - 16 days ago
got milk
Ayden Garcia
Ayden Garcia - 16 days ago
High sky is actually 11
ZedPlayzGames_x d
ZedPlayzGames_x d - 17 days ago
SVB Super stars
SVB Super stars - 17 days ago
michael cunningham
michael cunningham - 18 days ago
what happened to valkraes clip ?
LightS OuT
LightS OuT - 18 days ago
I love how he put highsky first and he put he's 13 even tho he just got kicked from FaZe anyone here after he has been banned and he's 12 right now
Ruhaan Arora
Ruhaan Arora - 19 days ago
He faked his age for world cup
Ruhaan Arora
Ruhaan Arora - 19 days ago
HIGH sky is actually turning 12
FaZe NewERA - 19 days ago
Wrong he is 11 years old highsky btw
ChromatikZ - 19 days ago
H1ghSky = 11
Aalie Vander Plaats
Aalie Vander Plaats - 20 days ago
holy crud, I'm terrible at the game and a 2 year old beat me T_T I feel humiliated

but cute kid tho
y u q i
y u q i - 21 day ago
I didn’t even know wtf is a computer when I was like 6
useful 1G
useful 1G - 21 day ago
Wintrrz is so ugly
useful 1G
useful 1G - 21 day ago
H1ghSky1 is 11
NEW SEJANCHO fortnite y minicraft y ark pvp
The age to h1ghsky1 is 11 no 13
Winterzz with that nick mercs face cam
Stephanie Durant
Stephanie Durant - 22 days ago
What the heck dude
Mahir Ahmed
Mahir Ahmed - 23 days ago
You know there's other young fortnite streamers y u just looking t famous people for
Family Email
Family Email - 23 days ago
im only 10
Jim Henery
Jim Henery - 24 days ago
Good video πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
Jessica Wagner
Jessica Wagner - 24 days ago
Jessica Wagner
Jessica Wagner - 24 days ago
romell John's
romell John's - 24 days ago
What is that some YouTuber use it at the end of his vid what's the type beat at the beg
KpMatex__ - 24 days ago
Highsky 13 years old LOL, he is 10
LuciPrOGaMeR Fire333
LuciPrOGaMeR Fire333 - 24 days ago
Highsky is 11
Alan Turobiner
Alan Turobiner - 24 days ago
High sky is 11
Tuomas Suikki
Tuomas Suikki - 24 days ago
I think highsky is 11 or 12
Ezzy Ignacio
Ezzy Ignacio - 25 days ago
h1ghsky1 does not sound 13
Ezekiel Olagunju
Ezekiel Olagunju - 25 days ago
20 years later 32 you dick head
Ezekiel Olagunju
Ezekiel Olagunju - 25 days ago
12 now you dick head
Ezekiel Olagunju
Ezekiel Olagunju - 25 days ago
Highsky is 11 you dickhead
FakeGuysッ - 25 days ago
I thought Mongraal was 17
Thijs J
Thijs J - 25 days ago
I am no YT but I am 8 years and play Fortnite
Mark Vandijk
Mark Vandijk - 25 days ago
I am 10 years old and I am a god ate fortnite
School Days
School Days - 25 days ago
High sky was signed when he was 11 btw
jackson mcfarlane
jackson mcfarlane - 26 days ago
I am twelve and I sttem
Hayder Mnsi
Hayder Mnsi - 26 days ago
Tfue is older than slappie
Candy Aiken
Candy Aiken - 26 days ago
I want a skin🐾☹️🀠🐏🐏🐏🐏🐏🐏🐏
Creek Chub77
Creek Chub77 - 27 days ago
All of these kids have never been outside πŸ˜‚
ItzYoBoi _.
ItzYoBoi _. - 27 days ago
mongraal = like
Tfue=comment 1 sub from 10
2savage4u Gamers
2savage4u Gamers - 27 days ago
My friend is Pro fortnite player. His epic is ,,Z-mage" he plays from season 4. He is 12 years old. CHECK HIS STATS
2savage4u Gamers
2savage4u Gamers - 27 days ago
Highsky is 11
2savage4u Gamers
2savage4u Gamers - 27 days ago
If highsky is 13 then i am Tfue's moms cousin
Shrime - 27 days ago
H1ghsky1 is actually 11years
Brett Coker #823
Brett Coker #823 - 27 days ago
Of course he plays most clips of people from the uk
Gg - 28 days ago
4drstorm is 16 right now
Bayron Torres
Bayron Torres - 28 days ago
H1ghSky1 is 11 btw
Redlotus980 - 28 days ago
Highsky1 is not 13 he sounds like a 7 year old
Patty De La Trinidad
Patty De La Trinidad - 28 days ago
Highsky1 was born in the same day as me
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