YOUNGEST Fortnite Streamers! (Mongraal, Sceptic, Slappie, Kids)

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Fuck no fuck u
DJ Manning4203
DJ Manning4203 - 4 days ago
I want a shoutout I did everything
ZachtheWack1212 - 4 days ago
At the end, it skips and glitched or something. I just wanted to let you know cuz I don't know if it's my phone, or if it's the ending program that went nuts.
Michael Proud
Michael Proud - 5 days ago
You guys are so fake so stop😱
Blue Ice Gaming
Blue Ice Gaming - 44 minutes ago
what where does skips bro
Anthony Lopez
Anthony Lopez - 51 minute ago
Why can’t everybody be from the USA
Jordi 0829
Jordi 0829 - Hour ago
High sky is 11
Pleb Pugs
Pleb Pugs - Hour ago
gamegoat: *2 kids who were 9* alright thanks for watching guys. me: wtf
mason faga
mason faga - 2 hours ago
Why you lai the dad got the kill laier
RyanDatBoi - 2 hours ago
Have you realized that high sky is in faze now
Jose Nino
Jose Nino - 2 hours ago
Why winttrz look like a fish?
Lucas Demuth
Lucas Demuth - 3 hours ago
You said winters was 15 it says age 13
S Harkleroad
S Harkleroad - 3 hours ago
I'm 13 in a streamer and my most kills are 10 on ps4
TOXIC BEATZ - 3 hours ago
High sky is not 13 he would not be a skweker
Aiiden - 3 hours ago
Why does winterz look like he's 8
Scourge312 - 3 hours ago
H1ghsky is 11
The Legendary
The Legendary - 3 hours ago
Those kids adicts
Riley Thomas
Riley Thomas - 3 hours ago
What the heck happened at the end VALKERY
SW Monster
SW Monster - 3 hours ago
yeah um why did it start skipping parts like "They were ages 9. Hope you enjoyed the video." 9:11 and forward
Vanessa Antelo
Vanessa Antelo - 4 hours ago
Dude The Two Year Old Is Fake
Lil’ Bianca
Lil’ Bianca - 4 hours ago
I’m 9 and I’m a fortnite gamer XD
Kakashi - 4 hours ago
High sky is older than me and sounds like he's 2 XD
1000 Subs with No video
1000 Subs with No video - 5 hours ago
I’m Ten and I stream
lucky xo
lucky xo - 5 hours ago
My lil bro is 6 and can play fortnite
Marek Spirydowicz
Marek Spirydowicz - 5 hours ago
Look how pale faced that kid was literally maddness
mariah the fortnite god
mariah the fortnite god - 6 hours ago
You know highsky is 11 not 13
Ss fortnite playz
Ss fortnite playz - 6 hours ago
BaxssErLegende - 6 hours ago
Highsky is 11
Quinlix Brothers
Quinlix Brothers - 6 hours ago
Franz arimbuyutan
Franz arimbuyutan - 7 hours ago
If highsky is 13 then why he sounds like a 5 or 8 year old kid
Adam Cruise
Adam Cruise - 7 hours ago
Highsky is 11 cuz hes a sqeaker
Ali Mushtaq
Ali Mushtaq - 7 hours ago
Highsky is 11
Jace Tiberio
Jace Tiberio - 7 hours ago
I meant to say I am seven and I do YouTube why am I not on this list
Jace Tiberio
Jace Tiberio - 7 hours ago
I am seven and IU YouTube why am I not on this list my YouTube channel is Jace Tiberio
Rodrigo Huaccha
Rodrigo Huaccha - 7 hours ago
No lo c rick parec falso
Lego Builder 465
Lego Builder 465 - 7 hours ago
Did u have a different channel awhile ago
Lunertuner 9
Lunertuner 9 - 8 hours ago
Highsky is actually 11
Lunertuner 9
Lunertuner 9 - 8 hours ago
Someone accidentally said from FaZe
L TabsYT
L TabsYT - 8 hours ago
Explain why there’s a 2 year old playing fortnite
ItsMDuck - 8 hours ago
stamatisPlays - 8 hours ago
I h8 you for 2 pump clip
Harry Ogden
Harry Ogden - 8 hours ago
Wheres con1234567890
Harry Ogden
Harry Ogden - 8 hours ago
Nice editing
barry blackett
barry blackett - 8 hours ago
im pretty good at fortnite and im 7
Leo Wheeler
Leo Wheeler - 8 hours ago
Im 8 years old and yea I can do all of that!
Cameron Owens
Cameron Owens - 9 hours ago
H1ghSky1 is not 13 he is 10
ell - 9 hours ago
Thats so bad
Never Died
Never Died - 9 hours ago
What about Kaylen form MindOfRez
El Peke
El Peke - 9 hours ago
H1ghSk1: age 11*****
Hunter Harty
Hunter Harty - 10 hours ago
I love how the thumb nail says he has infinite mini amo and
Thicc Thanos
Thicc Thanos - 10 hours ago
Tf was that at the end
James Gurung
James Gurung - 11 hours ago
Wintrrz look like a 6 year old not gonna lie
Tyreethebeast Peel
Tyreethebeast Peel - 11 hours ago
H1 is not 13 he’s 9
•SavPro• KmM
•SavPro• KmM - 12 hours ago
I hate when people say "OH UR A KID U CANT GAME" it doesnt prove anything.age doesnt matter its the please stop saying that.Poor,rich,age it doesnt matter,skill does..
Zultron 08
Zultron 08 - 13 hours ago
You said wintrrz is 15
It said that he was 13
Me is penguin
Me is penguin - 14 hours ago
No one can play a game at 2 years old
mrbest - 14 hours ago
Your really bad at making videos. WHERE WAS THE LAST ONE
Hybrid - 14 hours ago
I'm the youngest fortnite streamer I'm ten years old I will be 11 in I may 1st
Mr Jally
Mr Jally - 15 hours ago
This is fake half of this fake
Moss iz a Beast
Moss iz a Beast - 16 hours ago
The thumb nail is fake it’s save the world
makscammer - 16 hours ago
When a 2 year old is better than you
Aimee Raves
Aimee Raves - 16 hours ago
That’s crazy
Hyunbg Ttgyyyh
Hyunbg Ttgyyyh - 16 hours ago
Game goat is 28 or 29
Hamzah Ahmed
Hamzah Ahmed - 16 hours ago
The 2 year old is better than me
Dr Derpachu
Dr Derpachu - 17 hours ago
Sceptic is trash
Savage Rossco
Savage Rossco - 19 hours ago
Why is TOB MR CRISPY not in it
Avocado frog Boi
Avocado frog Boi - 20 hours ago
I am the youngest to play Fortnite. I am 8. Level 10 . Name :JakoTheCoolest. Pls add me
The Elite Gamer Cole
The Elite Gamer Cole - 20 hours ago
What make Wintrrz good is double pump just my opinion
alikubaisi9 - 21 hour ago
i think your 24 25 26 or 27
Carson Lawrence
Carson Lawrence - 21 hour ago
all this video proves is that the children currently are more corrupted and addicted to games.
Alexis Mariner
Alexis Mariner - 22 hours ago
I’m a fortnite streamer :3 and I’m 12
Elmo Broke
Elmo Broke - 23 hours ago
hey where is the 2 year old you put in the thumbnail?
Χρήστος Στρατακης
9:02 dad wons the game not the kid
DauntingHighLands - Day ago
6:16 the moment when your mom walks in and sees it all
Mag Crain
Mag Crain - Day ago
If your talking to me went I was 7 or 6
Mag Crain
Mag Crain - Day ago
I love fortnight and 20 wins on solo
Reaper 9491
Reaper 9491 - Day ago
Just for you to know highsky isn’t 13 he faked his age he’s around 10 years old
Alexis Reynoso
Alexis Reynoso - Day ago
Little one at the end is soooooo cuteee
brian maglalang
brian maglalang - Day ago
I was born on the same day as highsky
Chase Vincent
Chase Vincent - Day ago
Slappy is 15 and Hasn’t hit puberty😂 smh
Joannie Figueroa
Joannie Figueroa - Day ago
The reason highly is different then the others you mean Ewok xD
Braxton Reynolds
Braxton Reynolds - Day ago
what about cwagg he is 2 years old
Raheemah Muhammad
Raheemah Muhammad - Day ago
Wintrrz forhead is big
blank plaze
blank plaze - Day ago
my cousin is 10 and he is Very good at game lol
Keaton Heil
Keaton Heil - Day ago
If anybody's reading this plz check out my main is XCB setro
Sadie Adler
Sadie Adler - Day ago
HighSky1 is like an 8 year old
FlamingFalcon 64
FlamingFalcon 64 - Day ago
Highsky is 13? I thought he was like 7 or 6... AND WINTRZZZ IS MY AGE? I thought he was 6 or 7 ALSO!!!
Evil Moustache Man
Evil Moustache Man - Day ago
Its the parents/siblings playing :/
AAnkzy - Day ago
slappie blew up when people made rage compilations
Chaos - Day ago
exotic chaotics son will grow up to be the next ninja
👇 like if u agree
vivian warrick
vivian warrick - Day ago
do a gamer name i am a boy
vivian warrick
vivian warrick - Day ago
Craig - Day ago
Humans failed as a species
ProAman9 - Day ago
Wintrrz and Sceptic are so annoying
Tyler Langton
Tyler Langton - Day ago
I’m a TTV I’m 7 my YouTube Channel is TylerLangton
Xx Youngstormy xX
Xx Youngstormy xX - Day ago
He’s not 2 stop clickbait he sounds like 10
Is it just me or does slappy still kinda sound like a squeaker
Dartyy Gob
Dartyy Gob - Day ago
Chris credible
FluM3 - Day ago
I just lost so many brain cells.
Erickbroking - Day ago
I have 0 wins

Like fore wins
Tommy Marquis
Tommy Marquis - Day ago
6:26 when double pump was alive like if loved double pump
Gamerkidzelda - Day ago
wassup that was a cool vid
Christine Cao
Christine Cao - Day ago
Sʜᴀᴅ Tʜᴇ Wʜɪᴛᴇ Wᴀʟᴋᴇʀ
A 2 years old play fortnite? That brian damage for sure at this age
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