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Gacha Magic
Gacha Magic - 11 hours ago
Flower: **gets offended by plant jokes**
Also flower: *time for me to LEAF!*

(Btw I forgot flower’s name lol)
Ki Ffar
Ki Ffar - 15 hours ago
Ramon Manalo
Ramon Manalo - Day ago
gumball: do you have any water Leslie: sure you gotta have water
Witthawin Waemama
Witthawin Waemama - Day ago
Level 99 adult jokes
Abdel Khatib
Abdel Khatib - Day ago
0:43 rebirth.
Hao Minh
Hao Minh - 2 days ago
Cat can’t get in weter
ღ Christine Alshanaa ღ
If all mammals got milked there would be other animals Than just cows on milk cartons
Görkem Kilci
Görkem Kilci - 2 days ago
1:24 🤣
Withered bonnie k
Withered bonnie k - 3 days ago
Gumball can shed?
tiffany bohm
tiffany bohm - 3 days ago
Wait cats get milked? I’m kidding lol
Zach Vlogs
Zach Vlogs - 4 days ago
0:57 I didn’t know banana joe had a mansion
The O.G Bunny
The O.G Bunny - 4 days ago
It's ok
Sweettoothsweetie X3
Sweettoothsweetie X3 - 4 days ago
Leslie is such a dill weed
Columbus41 Productions
Columbus41 Productions - 4 days ago
Plants don’t eat soil they eat sunlight
Joseph Barnes
Joseph Barnes - 5 days ago
0:51 Banana Joe's got the 100 Yard Stare.
Izma Choudhury
Izma Choudhury - 5 days ago
When gumball was eating the soil i think he ate the spoon with the soil
Paul Pare
Paul Pare - 6 days ago
1:33 bro but he's drinking the juice by his mouth.
Crystal MoonLight ChanYT
i know it's a cartoon but why not go into the bathroom and have a Freezing cold shower instead put ice in darwin's Tank XXDDD
NoobAmy1 - 6 days ago
why was he drinking the orange juice with his moth but he drank the water with his roots?
Westoni - 6 days ago
if you were aware that i knew that you knew that i was aware, why didnt you say anything?
i didnt follow any of that
Jake The Føx
Jake The Føx - 6 days ago
Banana Joe is scarred for life
Bub Vision
Bub Vision - 6 days ago
Banana joe has seen some serious shat
Little Miss Latte
Little Miss Latte - 7 days ago
Wait, so you’re saying the original title of this video was “Gumball Gets Milked” ?
wolf girl
wolf girl - 7 days ago
Banana Joe is scarred for life
Ridwan abdul holip
Ridwan abdul holip - 9 days ago
Sub indonesia pliss...
The Cartoonist
The Cartoonist - 9 days ago
Noon: Mr Sun, I don't feel so good..
Mizu Element
Mizu Element - 10 days ago
Banana joe has been traumatized
Chris P Bacon
Chris P Bacon - 11 days ago
4:38 he means the other kind of milk.... ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Pandamonium - 11 days ago
Merlin Grayson
Merlin Grayson - 11 days ago
2:27 I don't know why but the way Leslie eats is satisfying xD
Thais macedo
Thais macedo - 12 days ago
Leslie said TCHAU 0:41, he speaks portuguese ♥️
Panhia Yang
Panhia Yang - 13 days ago
2:04 Gumball was being a stalker😳
Cutest Kayla
Cutest Kayla - 13 days ago
Wait! Did Leslie Say To Drink By Putting The Drink To The Soil Even Though He/She Used Their Mouth Instead?
Arfol 2000
Arfol 2000 - 13 days ago I did not...
Ash Equestrian
Ash Equestrian - 14 days ago
Wait if plants drink water from the roots underground.. and Lesley has a mouth.. And she/he is not a normal plant... than how is he/she not dehydrated.. and if plants eat from their roots.. and Lesley eats soil.. than why isn’t he having food poisining
Rubyorca - 14 days ago
The old title tho!
(It was gumball gets milked)
xXAnimeStar CutiepieXx
xXAnimeStar CutiepieXx - 14 days ago
1:34 Lesley is drinking out of a juice box
0:17 Here Lesley says plants drink like that
Chace Graser
Chace Graser - 14 days ago
Gumbo sounds like the star for windows 10
Jonathan Hernandez
Jonathan Hernandez - 14 days ago
Another day, another innocent child getting traumatized.
LehonWhale - 14 days ago
No i did not!
Fnaf Jaysa Gaming
Fnaf Jaysa Gaming - 14 days ago
I thought plants drink in their pots then he’s drinking juice in lunch he’s not drinking from is pot?!?!
Star Cal
Star Cal - 14 days ago
0:43 new year new me
}-{ Kêm }-{
}-{ Kêm }-{ - 14 days ago
He was drinking orange juice... and he’s a plant..
Aisha Hasan
Aisha Hasan - 15 days ago
I got to 2 number 1 why is gumall red and 2 why is gumball in Darwin fishbowl
高嶋美代子 - 15 days ago
ImNoahtheawesome - 15 days ago
Wait, don´t plants eat fertilizer? Like, poop?
LünarCøokïeClõüd - 15 days ago
Plants drink like this
*Pours water into pot*
Next day
*drinks though mouth*
He lied to me
krissysimpson1 - 15 days ago
I don’t knowgumballs can you come off that was scary👻👿🤒🥴😴😯😶🤗😱😢😣😔🤩🤪😚😍😇😅😀
Aisha Hasan
Aisha Hasan - 15 days ago
But 🌹 flower start the fight
kim Montoya
kim Montoya - 15 days ago
shark 9000
shark 9000 - 15 days ago
The word noon just got thanos snapped
Alpha_GamerYT - 16 days ago
0:43 to 0:50 is a Hemlock Grove reference because its when Peter gets turned human by Roman.
Jill Reed
Jill Reed - 16 days ago
Thomas Flannagan
Thomas Flannagan - 16 days ago
That’s really funny bcs Leslie drinks from the mouth at 1:34
W.leo - 16 days ago
*P L A N T T I N G Z*
IceyAdventures - 17 days ago
0:51 me when i my girlfriend was secretly a boy
Mad Max 577
Mad Max 577 - 17 days ago
Banana Joe has seen some Traumatizing things from season one to now
sandie henry
sandie henry - 17 days ago
4:00 i think i hear weed
Casper - 18 days ago
Joe saw to much
AlyssaGamerWolf YT
AlyssaGamerWolf YT - 18 days ago
Well plants need air and when you skydive you get air
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