GOT7 JB "Sunrise" M/V

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Suphatcha Phumphung
Suphatcha Phumphung - 35 минут назад
Bhr Smitz
Bhr Smitz - 11 часов назад
JYP please stop copy "Sunrise" Of suju d&e mv :/
Moltila Moltila
Moltila Moltila - 12 часов назад
Love song 😚
Sull Yulli
Sull Yulli - 16 часов назад
Jo - День назад
i'm here for JUS2 New member JB
the noob
the noob - День назад
i would look FAT in those clothes lmao
Jaebums forehead
Jaebums forehead - День назад
Snsd x BTS
Snsd x BTS - День назад
JB voice is sooo smooth. Jb don't need to have abs or shirtless to be sexy. R&B is the best concep for his sexiest voice in kpop idol, I wan't to marry his voice 😍😍😍😍😍
Mandy Army
Mandy Army - 2 дня назад
poxa Jaebum, 0 defeitos
Louiston A.
Louiston A. - 3 дня назад
Such a beautiful voice, I'm in love.
halil kodd
halil kodd - 4 дня назад
3 Mio!!!!
Luckim Kim
Luckim Kim - 4 дня назад
wayu oppa
wayu oppa - 5 дней назад
Manshah Hussain
Manshah Hussain - 5 дней назад
My Morning starts with his voice.. Sunrise ❤
난 오늘도학원을 간다
난 오늘도학원을 간다 - 5 дней назад
MV가 SUPER JUNIOR D&E 의 Sunrise 랑 비슷하다....;;^^
halil kodd
halil kodd - 4 дня назад
hOW LONG WILL YOU GO AFTER IT. We explained everthing. Similarities are always there but has nothing to do with the song ans its vibe !!! sTOP IT
พรพัฒตรา คําเชิด
Nisarat Kumkaew
Nisarat Kumkaew - 6 дней назад
love 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
김땡 - 6 дней назад
I know 널 만나면 난 항상
I know 내 마음은 더 깊어지는 걸
내게 많은 걸 보여준 너
내게 깊은 사랑 알려준 너
난 너와 함께면 이 깊은 우주도
너의 마음처럼 느낄 수 있어
I won’t let you go
너의 품에 날 데려가 줘
I won’t let you go
널 위해서라면 모든 걸
피어오르는 sunrise
내 머리 위에 sunshine
넌 나를 위한 천사
내 손을 잡고 떠나
너와 함께면
It’s alright, it’s alright
뭐든지 내겐
It’s alright, it’s alright
넌 나를 위한 천사
내 손을 잡고 떠나
널 안을 때면
난 편안해져
우주를 안은듯해
다 꿈만 같아
내 곁에 네가 숨 쉰다는 게
너의 숨결에 날 취하게 해줘
너만의 향기로 나를 감싸줘
세상이 무너져도 널 안을래 난
너만이 날 숨 쉬게 하니까 oh oh oh
I won’t let you go
너의 품에 날 데려가 줘
I won’t let you go
널 위해서라면 모든 걸
피어오르는 sunrise
내 머리 위에 sunshine
넌 나를 위한 천사
내 손을 잡고 떠나
너와 함께면
It’s alright, it’s alright
뭐든지 내겐
It’s alright, it’s alright
넌 나를 위한 천사
내 손을 잡고 떠나
I won’t let you go
네 마음을 내게
I won’t let you go
난 빠져들래
피어오르는 sunrise
내 머리 위에 sunshine
넌 나를 위한 천사
내 손을 잡고 떠나
너와 함께면
It’s alright, it’s alright
뭐든지 내겐
It’s alright, it’s alright
넌 나를 위한 천사
내 손을 잡고 떠나
Love BBeom
Love BBeom - 6 дней назад
I miss him and I'm back here T.T
Malorie R
Malorie R - 7 дней назад
whyy so short!!??
Mei Chi
Mei Chi - 7 дней назад
you can search the full song here on youtube. The MV was just short since this is only a sidetrack and their main track for this album is Lullaby.
kayyahgase - 7 дней назад
kayyahgase - 7 дней назад
Megan Gracias
Megan Gracias - 7 дней назад
Our leader deserves 10M views at the least.
Come on Ahgase✊💚
halil kodd
halil kodd - 6 дней назад
so true..
BTS ButtersMYbagels
BTS ButtersMYbagels - 8 дней назад
LETS MAKE THEM HAPPY STR34M all solo songs and girls girls
BTS ButtersMYbagels
BTS ButtersMYbagels - 8 дней назад
BTS ButtersMYbagels
BTS ButtersMYbagels - 8 дней назад
Aghase unite 💚💚💕💕💚💚
BTS ButtersMYbagels
BTS ButtersMYbagels - 8 дней назад
Lets make it to 4 million by march
Ana - 9 дней назад
Essa obra de arte merece muito mais views
Jaebum's love
Jaebum's love - 10 дней назад
Blessed ears.. 😍😍😍
Sun Beritto
Sun Beritto - 10 дней назад
I was happy when I saw the song title sunrise and my name is Sun!
Ana - 11 дней назад
eu continuo voltando aqui porque esse hino merece ser exaltado
Nyla K
Nyla K - 13 дней назад
I was bias wrecked for a whole minute and 40 seconds
Huong Giang
Huong Giang - 13 дней назад
Sunrise of Super Junior????
Trâm Nguyễn
Trâm Nguyễn - 13 дней назад
More views pls!! This is so good!!
6101300 Rungnapa CHALAO
6101300 Rungnapa CHALAO - 13 дней назад
Johannamarie Reyes
Johannamarie Reyes - 14 дней назад
This song is amazing ❤️❤️❤️💚💚💚💚💚
fby - 15 дней назад
Kawaii Ale
Kawaii Ale - 15 дней назад
I like me
fatima portugal
fatima portugal - 15 дней назад
Me encanto😍👍
vishakha pawar
vishakha pawar - 15 дней назад
Watch other solo of other members Also they have less views...
halil kodd
halil kodd - 13 дней назад
of course. Jb doesn't have many either. mark. bam jack did surpass 3 Mio already. So others remain!!! Let's do them
Freya Barnes
Freya Barnes - 15 дней назад
It seems to me that there is 45 degrees outside
halil kodd
halil kodd - 16 дней назад
3 Mio before cb
Shyla Williams
Shyla Williams - 17 дней назад
JB BABY BOYYYY THE TALENT!!!! I Feel so attacked right now it's a shame. I'm literally losing my shit over 2 words. 😭😭😭
Mia-Cat love
Mia-Cat love - 17 дней назад
Weon que onda con los subtítulos en español xd
Weon that waves with the subtitles in Spanish xd
Mia-Cat love
Mia-Cat love - 17 дней назад
Por qué tan cor tito :( Están guapo JB que quisiera escucharlo mil veces
Why so short :( It's so handsome JB that I would like to listen a thousand times
자히다배 - 17 дней назад
Atiyana White
Atiyana White - 18 дней назад
OMG I LOVE THIS SONGGGGGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!! i feel kpop needs more songs like thisssssssss... i was in a kpop store but i heard this song and was finding where this dope song is but OMGGGGGGGGGGG IT WAS FROM ONE OF MY FAVORITE GROUPS LEADERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR......... i personally like these kind of songs
Hilal Koc
Hilal Koc - 19 дней назад
Stream guys🙏🙏🙏
กิรณา จันทิมา
กิรณา จันทิมา - 19 дней назад
Joshua - 20 дней назад
Imma be honest vaporwave/retrowave would be an awesome concept for the next album.
Sarah Mai
Sarah Mai - 20 дней назад
They should have insert the one that bam imitated
Filha de MinSung
Filha de MinSung - 21 день назад
Shyrailym Mauzhan
Shyrailym Mauzhan - 21 день назад
Nataly Benitez
Nataly Benitez - 22 дня назад
I came back to feel blessed.
Dnee _Ahgase
Dnee _Ahgase - 22 дня назад
Erika Selvianti
Erika Selvianti - 22 дня назад
JB in his real 'soul' 💓
Jenny cm taehyung ft suga
Jenny cm taehyung ft suga - 23 дня назад
Admito que no dejó de escuchar está canción o pedazo de Canción , Que la encontré y no dejó de escucharla los amo , te amo JB☆♡
Eileen Sauvao
Eileen Sauvao - 23 дня назад
I didn't want it to end.💖
Yoyou Kk
Yoyou Kk - 24 дня назад
Lele Bailey
Lele Bailey - 24 дня назад
If I was a fairy and saw JB in this forest I would hide so he doesn't see
Brownie IGOT7
Brownie IGOT7 - 24 дня назад
I'm dying 💚💚💚💚💚💚💚
katy got7
katy got7 - 25 дней назад
katy got7
katy got7 - 25 дней назад
Sofia Francesetti.T
Sofia Francesetti.T - 25 дней назад
Jodie Render
Jodie Render - 25 дней назад
Wow the best snog in written I always love it the best summer snog ever and is very warm and I will be your sunshine and sunrise ☀️
Tannahca Wardlow
Tannahca Wardlow - 26 дней назад
Hater: let me go
JB: I won't let you go
I have no idea way I made this
halil kodd
halil kodd - 22 дня назад
Arta - 26 дней назад
my love💖
Ho Hoou
Ho Hoou - 26 дней назад
It's my favorite of the album ❤❤ JB you're amazing !
Love you so much king 👑
Ho Hoou
Ho Hoou - 26 дней назад
KING 🎶👏👏👏
91skid _Soul
91skid _Soul - 27 дней назад
Alexy MinSuga
Alexy MinSuga - 27 дней назад
His high notes is killing ❤ He really deserves more popularity and love !
soodé t
soodé t - 28 дней назад
i hope this song is for youngjae, leader:)
ysa - 28 дней назад
MOMO'STYLE - 28 дней назад
Still bopin to this BOP, it soo good 🤣🤣🤣
Lia Giba
Lia Giba - 28 дней назад
me singing along: *jb you're my sunrise~~*
triya's topic
triya's topic - 28 дней назад
Wow this is such a rip off of Super Junior D&E's music video for their song Sunrise... smh
halil kodd
halil kodd - 22 дня назад
and you still can't move on after 5 months..It has similarities with the MV type but that's it..And thank you for the view and analizing every details of our leader's SONG!!!
Promise - 29 дней назад
FC LISA BLACKPlNK - 29 дней назад
FC LISA BLACKPlNK - 29 дней назад
Myeong Uwu
Myeong Uwu - Месяц назад
aqui podemos ver como gfriend copio a got7
Zana Suzane
Zana Suzane - Месяц назад
I keep coming back to this mv cuz this is to good jaebum voice make me peaceful
nalin nalin
nalin nalin - Месяц назад
Kookie's Cookie
Kookie's Cookie - Месяц назад
JB stands for Jaebummie Beautiful
Han_ Fy
Han_ Fy - Месяц назад
Ay Jaebumie, te amo :'v ♥
suggi trash
suggi trash - Месяц назад
this is beautiful I’m *crying an ocean of tears* JB is my *literal mood aesthetic* 😪👏😭💕
SaltHope TGC
SaltHope TGC - Месяц назад
I’m still streaming all the songs since the day they came out 😂
LANA BANANA AHS - Месяц назад
Wtf con los subs en español
Belen Martinez
Belen Martinez - Месяц назад
Cuando vi los triangulos lo primero q imagine es la palabra "iluminati"
Ivy Geverola
Ivy Geverola - Месяц назад
Just keep coming back to this.
JenOfArC - Месяц назад
Loved those triangles :)
Little Missy
Little Missy - Месяц назад
Comeback here again for #5yearswithGOT7 , leadernim I💚U
Farida Rachmawati
Farida Rachmawati - Месяц назад
Happy 5th anniversary GOT7
Ahgase Cambodia
Ahgase Cambodia - Месяц назад
his voice ma boy
sky love
sky love - Месяц назад
WHAAAT?! - Месяц назад
Okay this looks just same as dne sunrise
halil kodd
halil kodd - 22 дня назад
The pasrts of MV so what..Do you think everthing out there is orginal!!! The tringles are symbols from got7's 2017 album..Its their thing. Sorry it fitted with the D and E Mv. Nothing musically is similar. So get over it!! And thnak you for the view. We needed it for appreciating the hard work our leader put in the song!!
Enlightened Sista
Enlightened Sista - Месяц назад
*WHO IN DA FCK GAVE THIS A THUMBS DOWN!!!!* Are you kidding me? This man just got us all pregnant in this mf and you giving thumbs down. Yo, JB is so damn talented. This R&B beat, his beautiful voice, fine asf..we are not worthy!!!!!
Silvia Febryca
Silvia Febryca - Месяц назад
I love it💙
Julia Yang
Julia Yang - Месяц назад
More views and likes please
f exo-l
f exo-l - Месяц назад
løvîn Äùsêty's TЯАSНЭU
løvîn Äùsêty's TЯАSНЭU - Месяц назад
This is magical the song, the video and Jaebum. 🖤
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