GOT7 JB "Sunrise" M/V

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Def Soul
Def Soul - 16 hours ago
His voice OMG he's another level
Def Soul
Def Soul - 16 hours ago
His voice is so freaking angelic , love this man , TALENT = LIM JAEBEOM
Meeraa - 2 days ago
love this song
Vicky W _W
Vicky W _W - 4 days ago
suhoe byul
suhoe byul - 5 days ago
Arkadaşlar yakın arkadaşım ev eşyalarını elden çıkarıyor isteyen varsa arasın 028231511**
Cherry sherry nk
Cherry sherry nk - 7 days ago
Nitika Raj
Nitika Raj - 9 days ago
i love this song. a lot
ok g0rl
ok g0rl - 9 days ago
JB was in his bag here, fuck us up vocalist king!
LPSLightspear - 10 days ago
It’s almost been a year, I can’t believe this...
Yam Yam
Yam Yam - 10 days ago
Lan Nhi
Lan Nhi - 11 days ago
Love you
히타 - 12 days ago
응 표절~
яανєиѕ иιgнтмαяє
HOW IS THIS ONLY AT 2.5mill dafuq🙄😤😤
яανєиѕ иιgнтмαяє
Star one SKZ BTS and TXT 😞😞😞 whyyyy
Star one SKZ BTS and TXT
яανєиѕ иιgнтмαяє yugyeom’s is only at 1.8 million ;-;
btsarmyforeverjk Bts
btsarmyforeverjk Bts - 12 days ago
This is redicoulous why is he so underrated
btsarmyforeverjk Bts
btsarmyforeverjk Bts - 6 days ago
@Star one SKZ BTS and TXT what the fuck that guy is just like jungkook GOLDEN MAKNAE WE ARE SLEEPING ON HIM
Star one SKZ BTS and TXT
btsarmyforeverjk Bts he’s actually not amongst the members, Yugyeom is because his mv only has 1.8 million
katariina _
katariina _ - 13 days ago
i dont stan got7 for so long and im just getting deeper in all their songs and WOAH, those 7 solo songs hit differently. 😳
black widow
black widow - 13 days ago
Here after his mixtape. Love you JB. You deserve the best.
smile mm
smile mm - 15 days ago
WonBunny - 15 days ago
His vocals is everything ♥(ノ´∀` )
Renz Reginald Macay
Renz Reginald Macay - 16 days ago
Sakuntip suksin
Sakuntip suksin - 17 days ago
Miss you
Izv Isv
Izv Isv - 17 days ago
maria kim woo
maria kim woo - 18 days ago
Amo esta cancion :3
mgraven44 - 21 day ago
I would do absolutely anything for this vocalist, visual, dance, G O D.
Gyeomie Kkk
Gyeomie Kkk - 22 days ago
2019 this is such a master piece why does it only have 2.5 m views
got456 _fed
got456 _fed - 6 days ago
@Star one SKZ BTS and TXT why are you writing it here with sooooo. Even others have more too. Let us hype the masterpiece without feeling guilty about others views..I wish everyone would be equally listened. But you know it's impossible. And people loved sunrise too. It was not out of pity..☝️
Star one SKZ BTS and TXT
Gyeomie Kkk but Yugyeom only has 1.8 million soooo :(
chocolaty chips
chocolaty chips - 23 days ago
i need a longer version
arseo - 23 days ago
You can find it in spotify
KP - 27 days ago
I Will Always Support You Jaebum.
Sehun Min
Sehun Min - 27 days ago
I love my Capricorn bae!!
Connie Garcia
Connie Garcia - 27 days ago
I’m actually crying, THE VOCALS ARE SO GOOD!!! 😭🤧😍
Candys Osabu
Candys Osabu - 28 days ago
This songs are nice
shengzhe su
shengzhe su - 28 days ago
i love JB
Sara Smith
Sara Smith - 29 days ago
معايا زميل يلعنن شككلك
Sara Smith
Sara Smith - 29 days ago
ماخابف منك ادق عليك وعلى امك
てままり - Month ago
what? Sarah!
what? Sarah! - Month ago
Lol when I first became interested in Got7 because originally I was just a full out Army,and when I first saw JB,I thought he was a rapper because he just gave that impression to me.but after listening to him sing,I’m like Damn...He singing is on point,his singing is AMAZING and is wish I could have found out about Got7 earlier
Esther - Month ago
I always come back to this song 💚
Sara Smith
Sara Smith - 29 days ago
La_Cinesua ewe
La_Cinesua ewe - Month ago
io sono rimasta ancora qui.
Gabrielle Wilson
Gabrielle Wilson - Month ago
Omg his voice
Lee zus
Lee zus - Month ago
Que pedo con jaebum andaba drogado o que pex😂😂💞
WookiesrPpl LOL
WookiesrPpl LOL - Month ago
JYP is so lucky to find him.
WookiesrPpl LOL
WookiesrPpl LOL - 5 days ago
@got456 _fed hmm true
got456 _fed
got456 _fed - 6 days ago
@WookiesrPpl LOLOut of the other jerky bosses yes maybe. But how he thinks he exactly Knows what Ahgases wants..He makes them change their music and attitude, especially Jb with title tracks. Yes they need to protect their image but the division Got7 is in is the most strict, controlling one..Got7 doesn't have it good and nice in Jype..
WookiesrPpl LOL
WookiesrPpl LOL - 6 days ago
@got456 _fed JYP feed him the best.
got456 _fed
got456 _fed - 6 days ago
But Jb is unlucky to have Jyp as his boss!!
spicy - Month ago
i found the instrumental n they ended up using it on JB’s saint laurent photoshoot video
Skylion - Month ago
JB seriously has one of the best vocals in the industry. And I mean entire music industry, not just kpop.
christiana - Month ago
looks way too similar with d&e's mv. the fact that the title is also the same but ok
got456 _fed
got456 _fed - 6 days ago
I am sorry. We will warn all the other artists to never to go to the forest. Never use the same titles( oo its the first time someone had the same title omg 🙃) . Everyone will do sooooo different things and nothing will be the same. NEVER. Only this video will have similarities..Sorry sorry 🙏🙏 Seriously! Get over it! It's a complete different song and everyone is allow to use the forest. The triangle is connected to Got7's album line and with the other members solo songs! Get over it.
Mónica Itzel Camacho Estrada
WOW que canción! Éxito JB
aman saini
aman saini - Month ago
Jb is so charming♥♥♥♥♥♥♥
GACHA TV - Month ago
I LOVE YOU !!!!!!!!❤❤❤
Sky Quill
Sky Quill - Month ago
This made me feel some type of way and I don't want it to be over
Anthonevel XX
Anthonevel XX - Month ago
I love you 🥰
mundo da yasmim Paiva
mundo da yasmim Paiva - Month ago
Aulia dan Fajar
Aulia dan Fajar - Month ago
I'm still Here my Sunshine 💕
winata's - Month ago
As a freakin normal straight man for sure. I can really salute him fully in kpop world as the most handsome one. His charisma just insane and that only from the look not even talking about his damn talent. What a creature!!!
Pikpik Wee
Pikpik Wee - Month ago
winata's thank you!!!
momomamaoo - Month ago
jaebum another level ..❤❤❤
miniegang - Month ago
I just really asking myself if the beat is made by someone else bc baekhyuns song is almost the same beat. and if is plagiarism that would be so sad bc its just obvious that this song is already in the ground in comparison of baekhyun, just bc the fame. anyways, love for the both but sunrise stay snapping
Alif Laila
Alif Laila - Month ago
They both used same sample of a western production team.
momomamaoo - Month ago
it's not plagiarism .. they use same sample ..
miniegang - Month ago
don't get me wrong tho, i am not sending hate no anyone. im just asking
Jackson jae
Jackson jae - Month ago
Wendy Nuñez
Wendy Nuñez - Month ago
Sexy song
Lauren Christians
Lauren Christians - Month ago
who is here after un village??? (both songs are bops btw)
Czeherazade Mercadejas
I'm still and stacked in here. This is masterpiece.
Lady Bug
Lady Bug - Month ago
Who is here because of “Ice Queen”..?
Tresa Kattathara
Tresa Kattathara - 13 days ago
@Lady Bug thank u for this information.
Lady Bug
Lady Bug - 13 days ago
Tresa Kattathara yes~
Tresa Kattathara
Tresa Kattathara - 13 days ago
@Lady Bug This is Baekhyun's song?
Lady Bug
Lady Bug - 14 days ago
Tresa Kattathara this Baekhyun’s (member of EXO) song
Tresa Kattathara
Tresa Kattathara - 14 days ago
Ice Queen has this song in it? Isn't ice queen a movie?
김유겸. - Month ago
Deniz Hanbeyoğlu
Deniz Hanbeyoğlu - Month ago
Jaebum, your music inspires me. I love everything about your voice & your style! I listened to almost all of your solo works and I love the way you express your emotions through music. Your voice matches so well with the vibe of your songs and your expressions always show genuine emotion. Not to mention you write amazing lyrics that never fail to make me cry. You're talented in multiple areas. Singing, dancing, songwriting, like... everything? Also you're naturally handsome, you look so pretty when you smile with all of your teeth, your laugh is like music. And the way you say "I'm not cute, I'm sexy."? Oh boy, you're both. You're so cute when you show us your childish side and also so sexy when you're performing. We love both sides of you. Also Your personality is like a child's; sensitive, understanding, joyful, but you're also mature, you help the other members when they need you and you know your responsibilities. I'm just so glad that my favorite group and my favorite boys have a leader like you. You're an amazing, hardworking artist and someone anyone can look up to. Me, for example. I'll always look up to you. I have a poster of you in my room and when I feel like giving up, I look up to you to get back to working. You inspire me so, so much and I owe so much to you. So, thank you Jaebum. I love you♡
By Babe
By Babe - Month ago
Romantic song ❤️
Grin Margaux
Grin Margaux - Month ago
kim taekooka
kim taekooka - Month ago
esa voz papii 7u7 me tiene loca ahre:v
pero hablando enserio su voz es hermosa:)
Smart Kyly
Smart Kyly - Month ago
0:56 this is when the song gets the best of me😰😍😍😥
Eduarda Silveira
Eduarda Silveira - Month ago
this is honestly my favorite got7 track! king jaebeom T.T
Salustrania Ramos
Salustrania Ramos - Month ago
HAYA haya
HAYA haya - Month ago
Ahgase forever
Ahgase forever - Month ago
Best leader .... got7..... ❤❤❤❤💋
Ahgase forever 😍😍😍
Diamond Ring
Diamond Ring - Month ago
this is the type of songs Got7 should produce more. They are good in R&B and Pop. This could be a big hit if they produce more songs like this.
I really like Sunrise and Mark's OMW. I listened to it when I just want to chill at night starring at the sky @jypentertainment
Jo - Month ago
pisit dathong
pisit dathong - Month ago
So short but still good
adsaEXO - Month ago
박진영. - Month ago
I love this song so much......
pisit dathong
pisit dathong - Month ago
💕 2019 💕
nouha Bou
nouha Bou - Month ago
Anyone after beakhyun teaser because it looks the same of our jb?
pisit dathong
pisit dathong - Month ago
Shut da fu ip App
kakak tua
kakak tua - Month ago
@KRISH yes JB owns this song but not the sample pack
KRISH - Month ago
Amira B but JB composed this! How come no one owns this?
Amira B
Amira B - Month ago
he used the same sample jb used no one of them owns the sample
tashauna thomas
tashauna thomas - Month ago
I still come back to this masterpiece
My.Musictr Only music
My.Musictr Only music - Month ago
Joonae93 - Month ago
Can someone tell me what sample he uses in this song?
kakak tua
kakak tua - Month ago
You can read this
Got7 is my home
Got7 is my home - Month ago
The original is best , nobody can make music like you even if they tried to imitate it they will fail , you know why ? Cause they don’t put their emotions , their souls in it like you do 💚💚💚
kakak tua
kakak tua - Month ago
who is imitating who? isn't this song not original, I think you know that JB also bought the sample pack, I hope you don't think this song failed
Khushnaaz P
Khushnaaz P - Month ago
Anyone here after Baekhyun's citylights teaser?
Millie Boy
Millie Boy - Month ago
Khushnaaz P they bought a same sample.
Karen Ahgase
Karen Ahgase - Month ago
Jamás voy a dejar de admirar la obra de arte que es esta canción 💚✨
K-pop Junk
K-pop Junk - Month ago
Came back from Baek’s “City Lights” Concept Teaser and I can say it does sound similar
Santoso Widodo
Santoso Widodo - Month ago
Because they produser same
K-pop Junk
K-pop Junk - Month ago
Jb Aegyo Please why? Lol just because I know doesn’t mean I would delete this xD. My statement wasn’t to hurt or bash anyone. It was simply to *comment* my thoughts so I’m sorry if you took it the wrong way
Millie Boy
Millie Boy - Month ago
K-pop Junk they bought from @dopeboyzmuzic.
Jb Aegyo Please
Jb Aegyo Please - Month ago
@K-pop Junk now u know and pls delete this
K-pop Junk
K-pop Junk - Month ago
Jhosy Ow wow really I didn’t know
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