Alien: Covenant (2017) KILL COUNT

55 693
Dead Meat
Dead Meat - 28 days ago
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Corey James Hill
Corey James Hill - Hour ago
His can cells protomorph a xenomorph
Corey James Hill
Corey James Hill - Hour ago
Matt Simunovich
Matt Simunovich - Day ago
Frogman Tempest thank you. I’m glad we both have done the research and know it was a prototype. Even David said his work isn’t complete yet and it isn’t perfect yet.
Frogman Tempest
Frogman Tempest - Day ago
Dead Meat Actually that baby Zenomorphs was actually prototype don’t ask me how I know this I do a lot of research
It's a Mirechlerch
It's a Mirechlerch - 7 days ago
I’m surprised you missed the chance to say Ridley Shots
supreme brick
supreme brick - 2 hours ago
The baby xenomorph looks like an action figure
Ullie - 4 hours ago
Kinda lost track of your kill counts a few months back, but now I got A L OT of content to watch! Thanks James!
Jennifer Davis
Jennifer Davis - 9 hours ago
9:09-9:10 that's my reaction whenever I hear his name
Angel Wingz
Angel Wingz - 11 hours ago
17:03 Oh I can’t join....?!
Cat G.A
Cat G.A - 15 hours ago
I love his commentary on the aliens’ appearances.
Spacemrk - 17 hours ago
One of the best sci-fi horror films of the last few years
TheGamingBuffalo 1269
TheGamingBuffalo 1269 - 18 hours ago
That xenomorph is actually a protomorph because it’s more slim
Dhiren Shanker
Dhiren Shanker - 19 hours ago
Wow is that the new masturbating lol
Trilja666 - 20 hours ago
Yes David is the most effektive but It's Only because You are not doing Infinity War
Coran Phillips
Coran Phillips - 21 hour ago
You are super funny
GoSaints9421 - Day ago
Why do they keep giving us these complicated and boring prequels instead of trying to build on the universe that the first four films built? Give us another sequel. I will say covenant wasn’t terrible and I did enjoy the protomorphs.
Wiley Brentnell
Wiley Brentnell - Day ago
4:57 ahahaahahahahh
Boyish The Extrordinary
Man I wish this was s better movie. It had potential but instead of going back to that whole “alien in the space ship” situation. The effects need work and it needs more horror rather than needless xenomorph backstory
Light_arrow5 - Day ago
The fuck how did David win all you need to do is basically poke him in the throat and he’s dead HOW?!?!?
Kian Rodriguez
Kian Rodriguez - Day ago
2:07 anyone get the 132 hours reference? No? ok...
SuperMozzman - 2 days ago
The word Xenomorph annoys me. It was a generic term used in the second Movie to describe extra terrestrial life, yes it's a Xenomorph, so is E.T, Chewbacca and the Klingons.
TheDooo 22
TheDooo 22 - 2 days ago
It is a protomorph because is was the first xeno but it became the queen and only protos can do that
Jingelpup - 2 days ago
You could say, its a jaw dropping death.
Jack - 2 days ago
The Ser
The Ser - 2 days ago
Smollet faked a hate crime and got away scott free.
BIG CHUNGUS - 2 days ago
Roses are red
Horror movies give me chills
Im James A. Jenisse
Lets get to the kills
BIG CHUNGUS - 2 days ago
Why does this intro and backround music never get old
Jimbo - 3 days ago
God this movie sucks.
Luigi Mario
Luigi Mario - 3 days ago
is a protomorph
Luigi Mario
Luigi Mario - 3 days ago
is a protomorph
BigGamer565 Sup
BigGamer565 Sup - 3 days ago
I think golden chainsaw should go to the xenomorph that uses it tongue to kill that guy in the shower
Francisco - 3 days ago
If the point of bringing couples was to populate the colonized world then why would they bring a gay couple?...
Jamie Braswell
Jamie Braswell - 3 days ago
Well, Disney owns it now and I seriously doubt that they are going to let Didley Ridley continue his plot.
ArtOfWaveTv - 3 days ago
Maximum Overdrive please 😥
gamer - 4 days ago
That part with all the bodies looks like Helms Deep
Quincy Softhind
Quincy Softhind - 4 days ago
Calm down James by Protomorph they mean first Xenomorph. It’s still the same ole alien we all know and love till it kills us with a head bite
Mystical-YT - 4 days ago
Sorry dude but it isn’t a xenomorph it is canon that it’s called the protomorph. It’s because it’s a prototype xenomorph.
Revive Fortnite
Revive Fortnite - 4 days ago
Roughly 150 people died in the Alien series.
Zachary Suters
Zachary Suters - 4 days ago
This is how many times he said the last person
Brandy Steiner
Brandy Steiner - 4 days ago
Alicia Morse
Alicia Morse - 5 days ago
Captain Branson
Alicia Morse
Alicia Morse - 5 days ago
Alicia Morse
Alicia Morse - 5 days ago
Tom Hallett
Alicia Morse
Alicia Morse - 5 days ago
Maggie Faris
Alicia Morse
Alicia Morse - 5 days ago
Karine Oram
Alicia Morse
Alicia Morse - 5 days ago
Justin Ramos
Justin Ramos - 5 days ago
Did anyone else eat mad when he pronounced Origae 6 wrong
Dankinss - 5 days ago
Wasnt a sequel movie directed by Neill Blomkamp cancelled for this movie?
Jimbo - 3 days ago
jace watkins
jace watkins - 5 days ago
do 47 meters down please.
Saylos Relyks
Saylos Relyks - 5 days ago
As a lifelong Xenomorph fan, i hate the direction this series is going, Scott is basically denouncing his own lore he created in favor of making David, another stupid android the creator of the deadliest species in the universe, so glad 20th Century Fox said no more prequels after the third film cuz i don't see any possible way he could bridge the next film to Alien, The Engineer in Alien found the Xenomorph eggs and was bringing them back to LV-422 but due to getting chest bursted crash landed on the neighboring moon of LV-426, thanks for ruining an already great franchise Ridley with your weird hard on for delusional self important androids.
thatpineapple Is cool
thatpineapple Is cool - 5 days ago
James: most scariest and effective villain on the channel
Me: boi! What about billy and the saw series
poot poot
poot poot - 5 days ago
Isn't it funny that they are nearly one hundred years ahead of us and yet they still use an m4-a1 as a weapon
samplayz games
samplayz games - 6 days ago
That backburst got me good first time a saw it.
Zac Clifford
Zac Clifford - 6 days ago
Shaw wasn’t actually chestbursted she was killed by David so he could use her body to experiment on to create the xenomorph
In a blu-ray extra it looks as if David used shaws hand as a starter for the facehugger and wanted to use her womb to create a queen
Andrew McCall
Andrew McCall - 6 days ago
The people that David killed is just another species that the Engineers created.
Juinor Smith
Juinor Smith - 6 days ago
And you'll be left in the dust, unless I stuck by ya!
AQUA_ N1GHTM4R3 - 6 days ago
16:10 that mountain on the left looks like micMichael
AQUA_ N1GHTM4R3 - 6 days ago
Michael Myers
Samuel House
Samuel House - 6 days ago
BrBt3d - 6 days ago
Thanks for the Great Birthday present James
Jackie Pan
Jackie Pan - 6 days ago
Almost Heaven, West Virginia.
Comm ___
Comm ___ - 6 days ago
Rouge one: “we didn’t land on Scarif this time!” A Sta- Alien Story
ghost bird
ghost bird - 6 days ago
13:02 had me
Fira/Watera. Da TattleTail
Wait...there is a gay couple in this movie!? Cool!
Big Nig Energy
Big Nig Energy - 6 days ago
Im all for inclusion, i think having gay people in movies is awesome, buuuuut the entire point was that the couples were supposed to colonize a planet so having a gay couple is kind of a plothole here.
Maesterful - 7 days ago
This film made me appreciate Prometheus a whole lot more... And not in a good way
ERYNN - 7 days ago
7:18 when you're out of cat food and your cats hungry
Dauntless Nicholas
Dauntless Nicholas - 7 days ago
"Is this the future of masterbation?"
No james
Dominic Walter
Dominic Walter - 7 days ago
Roy Leyva
Roy Leyva - 7 days ago
Remember james this is a prequal these are not the fully developed xeno's yet ( I hope people dont yell at me for this comment)
LeonMarvel - 8 days ago
These videos make the movie seem better somehow LOL
LeonMarvel - 8 days ago
I keep hearing the planet named as 'orgy sex'
AlexLikesFire - 8 days ago
The things aren't Engeneers, it's a species created by them. The reason they came the the middle because they thought the Engeneers were comming to see them
Richard Sutton
Richard Sutton - 8 days ago
The xenomorph isn’t really a xenomorph and it clearly grows quicker than the OG one so I can forgive the lack of chestburster
Creed chubby Chubby pig 09
Mateothewolfy - 8 days ago
Shoopie Moomoo
Shoopie Moomoo - 8 days ago
Those aren't engineers there a species created by the engineers you noob. Do research before you make assumptions
The Rap Game
The Rap Game - 8 days ago
Do the nun
Babazooka boi
Babazooka boi - 8 days ago
I've always loved this film. Yes they should've worn space suits like they did in Prometheus, yes Oram shouldn't have been a dumb ass, but the overall film is packed with atmosphere and great writing, not to mention incredible music. Love the Smollett reference btw
BubblezRage - 8 days ago
You should have said a jaw dropping kill
yj lee
yj lee - 9 days ago
Jesus shut up and just count kills
Joshua Batch
Joshua Batch - 9 days ago
Here's my hot take. I loved this movie, yeah it doesn't hold next to Alien or Aliens but I like to think of it almost as a standalone movie. I love the exploration of any Alien/Xenomorph lore and I really enjoyed the acting in the movie. Not perfect, but to me, it's better than Alien 3 and Resurrection. Plus it's gory, gotta love a bit of gore.
Y To Retry
Y To Retry - 9 days ago
2:06 I freaking love that 127 hours reference!
DarrenWatson64 - 9 days ago
Sheesh, do these people not think to wear helmets before they set foot on an alien planet?! Even the humans in Prometheus aren’t that stupid...for a while.
Runaways - 9 days ago
So glad I didn’t waste my time watching this movie, had a tone of fun watching your video instead.
Mr Gamer the 2
Mr Gamer the 2 - 9 days ago
Wait my name is Walter
Something Brakkk
Something Brakkk - 9 days ago
I just realised...
Star Wars...
Star Wars prequels
Alien prequels
Both terrible
alfa01spotivo - 9 days ago
hobbit aswell.
oof kek
oof kek - 9 days ago
I got a Alienware ad
orenoishadoukuurass - 10 days ago
That David Bowie joke cringe worthy
King Bugs
King Bugs - 10 days ago
17:58 what happened to "In space, no one can hear you scream?". Just one more way this shit on the original.
MineFaust LP
MineFaust LP - 10 days ago
Youre gordon hayward
Michael J
Michael J - 10 days ago
The alien plot is so convoluted they should call it saw 3-6
Vladimir Diaz
Vladimir Diaz - 10 days ago
At 14:49 David kissed the girl he was attacking
SavageBeastXL - 10 days ago
To all you who wanted the engineers on the list, if I’m correct 429 humans (and engineers) die in the movie, I watched Carnage Count and they came to the conclusion there were 388 deaths in total, however he forgot the 45 other colonists and if I am following by this videos rules of not including Xenomorphs and Neomorphs, that gives us 429 deaths in total, and interestingly if this was the case then this would absolutely DEMOLISH The First Purge in its total amount of kills. and with a run time of 123 minutes that gives us a kill on average every 0.28 seconds making this the holder of the most kills and maybe even the shortest amount of time between kills ever (Holy Fucking Shit!) I honestly enjoyed Alien: Covenant but that’s my opinion
mr snake _memes
mr snake _memes - 11 days ago
Its just a gay chestburster but at least it's a xeno
mr snake _memes
mr snake _memes - 8 days ago
I guess but it is less biomechanical
Shoopie Moomoo
Shoopie Moomoo - 8 days ago
Actually it's a protomorph because if it were a xenomorph it would come out that way🙄
turtle master
turtle master - 11 days ago
my guess on how many engineers that die is prob 8 billion cause each engineer might can just create 1 person
EveryDay Life
EveryDay Life - 11 days ago
Aren't your meant to tell us the deaths -not the whole story!😡😠😤
Lusaber Grigorian
Lusaber Grigorian - 11 days ago
David did not create the xenomorphs. He was able to create a similar egg by replicating an already existing egg that was on the juggernaut. The Protomorph is not a Xenomorph.
Ghostwolf - 11 days ago
just gotta say to your dissapointement to the no chest burster, you have to remember that those xenomorphs came from a female xenoqueen laying them, theses were engenieerd by the android
Shoopie Moomoo
Shoopie Moomoo - 8 days ago
Thank you it did that because iys obviously not a xenomorph
HiddenRaider 7
HiddenRaider 7 - 11 days ago
It’s not a xeno..... it’s a protomorph
Aye Xany
Aye Xany - 11 days ago
Liked just because of the smollett joke

(Edited because of typo)
Tuan Hoang
Tuan Hoang - 11 days ago
How were there xenos in A V P If they were made hundreds of years later
Shoopie Moomoo
Shoopie Moomoo - 8 days ago
David's are protomorphs so they look different from the ones in the avp movies because those were made from the first deacon blood and not the black goop
Shoopie Moomoo
Shoopie Moomoo - 8 days ago
+Tuan Hoang David's are different because they are made with the black goop but the ones from the avp movies are made by the blood of the first deacon which was millions of years before Prometheus. The blood of the first deacon is what the engineers used to make humans predators and xenomorphs and they tried to replicate the blood with the black goop so that they could try to clone themselves because engineers list the ability to reproduce and they didn't want to go extinct
Tuan Hoang
Tuan Hoang - 8 days ago
But David said he was cross breeding species with the black stuff and the right combinations made the egg, face hugger, and xenos but the same thing is found in a v p requiem
Shoopie Moomoo
Shoopie Moomoo - 8 days ago
Because those were the original ones made by the engineers and the engineers made predators who killed off the xenomorphs and made them basically extinct after avp requiem but were brought back in Prometheus and covenant
Fidel Guevara
Fidel Guevara - 11 days ago
this movie is honestly amazing and i can't stand your stupid complaints about the film. so much more interesting than the original trilogy.
Fidel Guevara
Fidel Guevara - 11 days ago
your complains about it are so annoying
scar the predator
scar the predator - 11 days ago
Can you do godzilla please
scar the predator
scar the predator - 11 days ago
Can you do
BaconMasterT // BMT
BaconMasterT // BMT - 11 days ago
Whats the face at 16:10
Donnie Woods
Donnie Woods - 11 days ago
Yuni X2
Yuni X2 - 11 days ago
What were the 16 felony charges that James talked about.
Jax Veatch
Jax Veatch - 11 days ago
Droidy fights isn’t the same as a preddy fight and not enough gore
DJyownder 109
DJyownder 109 - 12 days ago
Dead meat: back in my day xenomorphs only came out of a chest
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