Alien: Covenant (2017) KILL COUNT

60 967
1 015
Dead Meat
Dead Meat - 2 months ago
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Mr.Swaggins - 8 days ago
It should be a chest buster because it would've taken a few million years not 90 years
Buil Dinit
Buil Dinit - 13 days ago
talk 2 much
TzL Monkie37
TzL Monkie37 - 21 day ago
I love your channel like 👇🏻 if you agree
Jack Morgan
Jack Morgan - Month ago
Dead Meat 0:27 they aren’t xenomorphs they’re protomorphs
Corey James Hill
Corey James Hill - Month ago
His can cells protomorph a xenomorph
Carter Scovill
Carter Scovill - 8 hours ago
love this video but completely disagree with your opinion that the aliens in this movie being different from the aliens in the other movies is a bad thing, I like that they're doing their own thing by not just making the new (old) aliens not only look different but have a entirely different life cycle as well. the movies are showing the progression of the aliens from something unrecognizable to the iconic alien we know and love, the directors doing something different isn't bad in this case it's creative and interesting.
Ferenc Palcsi
Ferenc Palcsi - 9 hours ago
I have a question. How David was seen with Brown hair when in the Prometheus film and when he's cutting his hair down we see his hair color was Blonde?
Arjun Unnikrishnan
Arjun Unnikrishnan - 13 hours ago
Undoubtedly. UNDOUBTEDLY. Not undoubtebly.
Hard FREEDOM - Day ago
Moral of the story

Never invite them to enter
Amio Sarker
Amio Sarker - Day ago
It's a protomorph !!!!!
Electrizer101 - Day ago
Neomorphs? You mean fetus aliens?
cyberdemon 10130
cyberdemon 10130 - Day ago
This is important Which john denver song
Josh Waldorf
Josh Waldorf - 2 days ago
So David was the real creator of the Xenomorph.
Brandon Osborne
Brandon Osborne - Day ago
Josh Waldorf tbgtgtfrdesesedrftggbhn
Fluffy Hotler
Fluffy Hotler - 2 days ago
I like the mini xeno (ಥ ͜ʖಥ)
And let me have my Protomprphs I like seeing diffrient versions of my beloved xeno's
Salty Stick
Salty Stick - 2 days ago
Everyone keeps giving Ridley Scott crap by saying that he made the first Alien movie.

Are y'all forgetting that he _directed_ it and not _wrote_ it?
That role goes to Dan O'Bannon.
HadeeHD - 2 days ago
6:24 His Husband?
Is his name Husband? Hopefully.
Lolli Boi
Lolli Boi - 2 days ago
Reeces Piece
Reeces Piece - 2 days ago
The Neomorph was awesome...
Nicholas L
Nicholas L - 2 days ago
The neomorphs probably come out depending on how the “spores” enter
I am a lit Bean
I am a lit Bean - 2 days ago
Nicholas L but one went in his ear and came out his back and the other one went in his nose
Caroline OMahoney
Caroline OMahoney - 2 days ago
13:05 that is a queen chest burster
Mathew Johns
Mathew Johns - 3 days ago
Wait is this halo
Razgriz6464 - 3 days ago
'I'm kicking my own ass"
Dr Falcon
Dr Falcon - 3 days ago
So, is there gonna be another one that explains the ship that the first xenomorph in the 1979 film, or is it just unknown
Sverrir Hvassauga
Sverrir Hvassauga - 3 days ago
So Lope and the other guy are married eh? I mean that's cool I guess... But did anyone else notice how grossly counterproductive it is to include a pair of gay guys on a COLONIZATION MISSION??? Forget adopting, you're on an alien planet, WHO LOOKED AT THAT AND THOUGHT,"Mmm yep, makes sense, the logic doesn't matter so long as we hit our diversity quota."
Seriously, I'm fine with gay representation in film, I just saw Rocketman and LOVED it. But this... This was not the place to do it because it just doesn't make any sense. At. All.
Shaggy Rogers
Shaggy Rogers - 4 days ago
when the xenomorph
popped out of the guy, James went crazy but however i saw a chest burster before it did its fast molting, i have a reason to believe that only the first xenomorphs (all the eggs in the room with the face huggers that leads to the first xenomorphs) can molt unbelievably fast into small xenomorphs
TSS_Thunder - 4 days ago
Why David...
Abiageal Hopper-Tracy
Abiageal Hopper-Tracy - 4 days ago
tube Minecrafter
tube Minecrafter - 5 days ago
16:10 mountain face
Samuel Rivas
Samuel Rivas - 5 days ago
Do the movie Dracula untold
WarfareLegend - 5 days ago
Ridley Scott himself addmitted that this was not meant to be a Xenomorph
Raphael Burger
Raphael Burger - 5 days ago
Wow, these neomorphs are so undecided, they always come out somehow
Call Me Astaire
Call Me Astaire - 6 days ago
"And 16 felony charges"
Ryan Poulin
Ryan Poulin - 6 days ago
Answer me please what is the next movie to this ill be watching my notifications lol
ツBIELJOAOツDALIKE - 6 days ago
This is PREDATOR? 5:53
Vlego Creations
Vlego Creations - 6 days ago
I wonder if he will ever run out of movis
Eli Shreves
Eli Shreves - 6 days ago
Eli Shreves
Eli Shreves - 6 days ago
At my old school we never infect humans thro there eras holes
Stefan Joeres
Stefan Joeres - 6 days ago
You didn't go for the "Fasskicking" pun to describe the Droid fight.
Adyan Ali Lishan
Adyan Ali Lishan - 6 days ago
Dude can you pls not say bad words
Rodney Hoffman
Rodney Hoffman - 7 days ago
150 kills in this franchise
MrCrispy - 7 days ago
Why is the little xenomorph out the chest actually super cute
Greenley Ramirez
Greenley Ramirez - 7 days ago
Why is there a face in the mountain at 16:10
Bmx Forever
Bmx Forever - 7 days ago
It is that tiny xenomorph fully grown it was an egg sack and a plant infected by black goop
Jennie Ma Cruz
Jennie Ma Cruz - 7 days ago
You should do Godzilla kill counts
Judo Chop Master
Judo Chop Master - 7 days ago
14:09 That face tho
American Fitty
American Fitty - 7 days ago
Hey Smollett was that a Magamorph?
American Fitty
American Fitty - 7 days ago
The best James Franco he has played in...#FirstKill
RK900 Conan
RK900 Conan - 7 days ago
"David the first human hating android"
Detroit Become Human: *Am I a joke to you?*
LilyCanadian - 6 days ago
i get its a joke but this movie came out in 2017 and D:BH was 2018
felicity humphries
felicity humphries - 7 days ago
Did you know that 2 plus 47 is 49 not 48
King Of Monster
King Of Monster - 7 days ago
You talk to much
Cooper Ochsenbein
Cooper Ochsenbein - 8 days ago
I have a theory on the proto/xenomorph and it’s that the xenomorph started more organic and biological but because it is the perfect organism it becomes more technological and advanced which is why the xenomorph physiology changes between alien and aliens and because it evolved so rapidly one of its fatal flaws is the face hugger embryo implanted, takes longer to be implanted and comes out less developed as the classic chestburster
Xavier Draws
Xavier Draws - 8 days ago
I like to think that those weird tiny Xenomorphs would evole into the classic chestburster
Shars art
Shars art - 8 days ago
Hey James i like Neomorphs. Fight me.
jack canox
jack canox - 8 days ago
This movie is trashgarbage
floweyball 2 nope
floweyball 2 nope - 8 days ago
kill count: tf2 meet the team
no srly
Danky Dirk
Danky Dirk - 9 days ago
Funny how the first count is 1 but the second is 47
Sami - 9 days ago
In 1 or 2 mins we allready have 48 kills
Audrey Octavio
Audrey Octavio - 10 days ago
It Portomorf
predators vs zenomorphes
predators vs zenomorphes - 10 days ago
zenomorphe and the predators are so amazing and I worship them like gods
predators vs zenomorphes
predators vs zenomorphes - 10 days ago
I counted over around 19 million or more in the turned bodies
Tuber - 10 days ago
Is this what Gordon Hayward does in his free time?
Empowered Wolf
Empowered Wolf - 10 days ago
That zeno baby is so cute
Chris Cowie
Chris Cowie - 11 days ago
Not to be against gays or anything, but wouldn’t it make 0 sense to send a gay couple to a planet you want to populate. Almost the entire rest of the crew have significant others they can reproduce with to help grow the population, it just dosent make sense story wise, and the ones who aren’t tied down are straight singles who can be with colonists
Spark The Flame TV
Spark The Flame TV - 11 days ago
Am I the only one thinking of halo
icup Boi
icup Boi - 11 days ago
Chris Luk
Chris Luk - 11 days ago
The way those xenomorphs come out of the body is like the way the monster in call of duty (I forgot which one) the one in zombies comes out
fOrTnItE pRo
fOrTnItE pRo - 11 days ago
So sad that Sigourney Weaver/ Ripley wasn’t in this movie 😭
LilyCanadian - 6 days ago
i mean duh since this is BEFORE the alien stuff thus meaning she wouldn't be there
chaz cooley
chaz cooley - 12 days ago
I imagine that the actor of the androids said "time to kick my own ass"
drakey poo
drakey poo - 12 days ago
Mars Attacks Kill count!
Prince Rathalos / Power Balance
Engineers makes Weyland
Weyland makes David
David makes Protomorph
Predators make Xenomorph
RYAN COCCHINI - 12 days ago
Bob Keegan
Bob Keegan - 12 days ago
LilyCanadian - 6 days ago
yes there is in the rocks
Rubdecrub - 12 days ago
Do one on the emoji movie
sp00kydemig0d - 12 days ago
David will forever be the hotty villy
Chadwick Boseman
Chadwick Boseman - 13 days ago
This dudes enthusiastic af smile while explaining this is the creepiest part of this😂
;-; - 13 days ago
So it can come out of the bum
Preston Noble
Preston Noble - 13 days ago
We need frank west!!!! (Deadrising) to save us all!!!
bill woods
bill woods - 13 days ago
That is my name
Ricky Marshall
Ricky Marshall - 13 days ago
The 47 colonists that died at the beginning most likely included the guy that got incinerated, so we have an extra kill.
Fenrir - 13 days ago
What happend to the second Neomorph?
Ali 04
Ali 04 - 5 days ago
It god killed
Feedtehhobo - 14 days ago
anyone notice the second "neomorph" running? looks like a bad SFM animation run.
rayraybaby136 - 14 days ago
I've wanted to watch this movie... but I was too scared so thank you. I've seen it now
Jason - 14 days ago
Considering all the genocidal shit David eventually got up to, Weyland should've deactivated him immediately if he was displaying such an obscene misanthro-God complex on first bootup.
Yolanda Colon
Yolanda Colon - 14 days ago
It looks like slenderman
YA Like JAZZ - 14 days ago
I have the game it’s called Alien isolation
Joshuah Mitchell
Joshuah Mitchell - 14 days ago
Dude you need to review a Netflix series it's called slasher
Angel Valencia
Angel Valencia - 14 days ago
There’s a face at 16:11 on the left
Tiago Silva
Tiago Silva - 14 days ago
from 1 to 48 EXCELENT :)
JKL - 14 days ago
4 ads in 6 minutes
Mr.CandySkull !
Mr.CandySkull ! - 14 days ago
I was almost 12 when i went to the cinema with my dad, brother and myself. We went to see this movie after my brother and i watched all of the movies. My dad had seen them aswell. I was a great fan of the movie so were my brother and dad. So we went the day it came out. But something came in the day and we went the day after. Altough i didn't understand the subject of the film i still enjoyed it as much as my dad and brother. Loved it.
theplayingpro - 15 days ago
We need a game that's multiplayer 2 teams 1 person starts as a face hugger and the other team has to try to avoid the other side/kill they spawn with a flashlight and they need to supplies the other team has to first get someone once they find someone they can jump on them and after 10 seconds they burst out of the host and they need to hide for 30 seconds (the host dies and joins the other team) then they become 1 a normal alien or a queen alien a normal one is fast and strong a queen is slow very strong and can spawn ai controlled aliens .for team 1 to win (the humans) they need to kill the queen alien with a bomb then kill all the other aliens three times then they win for team 2 the aliens need to kill all humans and have to destroy the ship they are on
If a human dies 3 times they join the other team
Linu Ananth
Linu Ananth - 15 days ago
Wait the guy that u said had a husband is gay
Colin Petti
Colin Petti - 15 days ago
I got a 1:30 minute unskipable ad on this video
AlexEpic Gaming ツ
AlexEpic Gaming ツ - 14 days ago
Thomas Lewis
Thomas Lewis - 15 days ago
They new James was gonna give a kill count that’s y they said we lost 47 colonist and they wanted new biggest kill count
Big world of Mark
Big world of Mark - 15 days ago
Not a xphnomorph
Big world of Mark
Big world of Mark - 15 days ago
It’s not a
Thehider 1234567
Thehider 1234567 - 15 days ago
God damnit!
I was going to see this with my dad for his birthday, but at the time, I was 15. It was rated 16! AH
Also, from that message I sent you a while ago about this, thanks, James.
phantomgamer690 - 15 days ago
where is master chief
Cj Marshall
Cj Marshall - 16 days ago
The xenomorph is actually called a protomorph.
Cj Marshall
Cj Marshall - 13 days ago
@notavalible 123 dude fuck you I'm an enthusiast of the Alien (and Predator) franchises
notavalible 123
notavalible 123 - 13 days ago
Thanks Mr internet
moon putters
moon putters - 16 days ago
grim reaper
grim reaper - 16 days ago
I hated this movie
Pearse McLarnon
Pearse McLarnon - 16 days ago
What happened to the devan?
Ali 04
Ali 04 - 5 days ago
I think it's dead but they never showed it again
Pearse McLarnon
Pearse McLarnon - 16 days ago
I mean decan
Jackinabox - 16 days ago
James: *shows dead body with blood and organs everywhere*
Also James: i can’t show this dead body cause she’s all nakey
Jpool - 14 days ago
- Zora -
- Zora - - 16 days ago
Uhh did anyone see a face on the mountian at 16:10?
Darth Vader 123
Darth Vader 123 - 16 days ago
The shower scene i saw jessie
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