Sugarland - Babe ft. Taylor Swift

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Tyler Anderson
Tyler Anderson - Hour ago
Who's after watch 'Christmas Tree Farm'?❤️
Update Luar Negeri
Update Luar Negeri - Hour ago
y'all this is how clark kent breaking up with louis lane
Patricia Hoequist-Breeze
Can we just take a appreciate the fashion. 💚💚💚
Chester Gardner
Chester Gardner - 2 days ago
Any first timers? Or just me.
Becki - 2 days ago
I was hoping somebody else would notice that is the same house as Miranda Lambert's "Mama's Broken Heart" video. Now I need to know who that house belongs to!
Marie nickname is mal Dehnart
Not a fan of both people it doesn't make any sense
Stuart Maughan
Stuart Maughan - 3 days ago
i think in this mv taylor doesn’t know that her lover is married
Wulan Sari
Wulan Sari - 4 days ago
Who is the hot daddy 😍
Paresh Patil
Paresh Patil - 4 days ago
Taaaaaaaylor swwwwwwwift😍😍😍😍😍👌🥰🥰
sando.mp4 - 5 days ago
why did i just realise this video has brandon routh in it omg
the magical potato
the magical potato - 6 days ago
When you water your pool while laughing manically with a glass of alcohol in your hand, you know your husband is cheating on you with a red-haired girl. Beware, ladies, beware.
lexy ramdhan
lexy ramdhan - 8 days ago
I know I'm late but it felt sooo good hearing Taylor doing country style😭 it reminded me of her old songs.
Brandy Loutherback
Brandy Loutherback - 8 days ago
Taylor Swift is giving me huge Ann Margret Sex Kitten vibes, and I love it!
dominik turek
dominik turek - 8 days ago
I just realised... TAYLOR WAS THE LOVER
Jasmine Dicla
Jasmine Dicla - 8 days ago
Why didn't she sang this for herself on the Red album?
amy cruz
amy cruz - 11 days ago
Someone broke my heart, we werent in relationship but i thought we had something special, now hes in love wiht another girl, so i came here to listen to this wonderful masterpiece instead of cry alone at myself, so i know it isnt nobory business but i feel so much better listen to this cause its the last time i call him my bae.
Ya Mo
Ya Mo - 11 days ago
4:10 can we appreciate the guy who stopped and stared
gillyfluffball - 11 days ago
This song has a whole no meaning after listening to stay
Marissa Claire
Marissa Claire - 12 days ago
Just realized this is the same home used in "Mama's Broken Heart", that's a fun connection!
Elina K
Elina K - 13 days ago
Noahide - 13 days ago
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skidofo - 14 days ago
whats the Atom doing in a country music video lol?
Lani Gumahin
Lani Gumahin - 14 days ago
now it looks like stay with me cencept
Noahide - 14 days ago
You know, when it comes to Nightmare, and seeing Halsey flash her knickers so brazenly, it starts to get to the point where she is using sex to sell the song, and not the quality of the song itself. Lessens in status as a credible music act because of it.
Noahide - 15 days ago
Dear Sugarland - Karaite Adamide-Noahide Faith -
Kanika Garal
Kanika Garal - 15 days ago
This is some mad Men stuff
Brooke Summerville
Brooke Summerville - 17 days ago
Is that Kristian Bush at the end walking the dog?
JimBearOne - 18 days ago
Did anyone else notice the husband was Ex-Superman Brandon Routh? And Kristian Bush as the bearded guy with glasses in several background scenes?
GradeFtt 123
GradeFtt 123 - 19 days ago
that’s the actor that played Ray Palmer in arrow/legends of tomorrow. I think???
Ati Imsong
Ati Imsong - 19 days ago
Why why why why this song is not a hit😡😡😡
Buddha Eyes
Buddha Eyes - 19 days ago
I would have heard this song 100 times just to hear taylor's part.
Les Cash
Les Cash - 20 days ago
What a powerful
Song your beautfulMY Lady . Papa
Mary Cielo Adriano
Mary Cielo Adriano - 20 days ago
Taylor is such a good actress
Rosemary Mark
Rosemary Mark - 21 day ago
We ain't getting through this 💔
Matthew Travis
Matthew Travis - 21 day ago
Why is no one talking about Brandon Routh's hat game?
Charise Bejarano
Charise Bejarano - 19 days ago
amazin hat game
Daniel Mauricio
Daniel Mauricio - 22 days ago
I don’t want to see pop ups when the video isn’t even done 😕😦
Doudou Ella
Doudou Ella - 22 days ago
I love music videos with such a great storyline like this ❤️❤️❤️
Joe Dirt
Joe Dirt - 23 days ago
2:39-2:42 everyone's look
Charise Bejarano
Charise Bejarano - 19 days ago
5150jtjt - 23 days ago
The BEST ar 4:06 ;0)))).
Noahide - 23 days ago
You have nice tits Taylor Swift. Fine figure as well. My comedy videos can be found at
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