Cousin Sal Pranks Golden State Warriors Fans

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McSpeedSoft - Month ago
The guy at 2 minutes got the Spidey sense
অজানার ৩ মিনিট
From time to time 😂
Josie Tribe
Josie Tribe - 4 months ago
Jimmy kimmel sometimes you are a terrible terrible man
minemosrs rexx
minemosrs rexx - 4 months ago
Guess what
minemosrs rexx
minemosrs rexx - 4 months ago
Hey camel
Cristian Ponce
Cristian Ponce - 5 months ago
Thumbnail brought me here
The Real Stark
The Real Stark - 8 months ago
“5000 dollars”
Yh sure, it s priceless hahaha
9some - 8 months ago
this one was good
xlnt2new - 9 months ago
Ian Maguire
Ian Maguire - 10 months ago
"you got your rules"
Tara Diab
Tara Diab - 10 months ago
Sal is hilarious! He looks so average and trustworthy...then BAM 💥
Richard warren
Richard warren - 10 months ago
Kimmel disrespects women and girls, democrats are known too!!!
Carson Clark
Carson Clark - 11 months ago
Dey all bandwagons
KVrising YouTube
KVrising YouTube - 11 months ago
Lol can I have that trophy??? 😂😂😂
Jimmy Fitzpatrick
Jimmy Fitzpatrick - 11 months ago
The second I would have saw that trophy I would have known it was fake lol
Brian Cordova
Brian Cordova - 11 months ago
#JimmyKimmelLive who is she
Mahmoud El Arch
Mahmoud El Arch - 11 months ago
5,000 DOLLAS... 5,000 DOLLAS...
Omar Santiago
Omar Santiago - 11 months ago
Dang I want to 🍆🍑😋 1:56 so hard 👅💦💦💦💦
Ruben Arias
Ruben Arias - 11 months ago
Thumbnail made me do it.
Honest Truth
Honest Truth - 11 months ago
Seems like Jimmy Goldstein (guy at the end) is an old, lonely, bitter man. Wouldn't even say hi and couldn't hold the clipboard to sign if I somehow get rich some day I never want to act like him.
Burned roses
Burned roses - 11 months ago
tposing sheen
tposing sheen - 11 months ago
Wait, Fans?
Kim Cyril Ruelo
Kim Cyril Ruelo - 11 months ago
! Best Prank ! in NBA FINALS ! they are all shocks !
Hello - 11 months ago
They should have done this with the Stanley cup since there Is only one of it
Kilmaurs09 - 11 months ago
I'm really curious how they dont know what cousin sal looks like.......
ᴄᴏᴡʙᴏʏs ɴᴀᴛɪᴏɴ
Kevin Fager
Kevin Fager - 11 months ago
Looks like the majority of them caught it before it fell. Legit.
ed rage
ed rage - 11 months ago
I remember that guy 2:23 . he went to every Rockets game every game, he was sitting always next to the players. don't k:now if its part of the team or something XD
Hot News
Hot News - 11 months ago
ed rage That's James Goldstein American millionaire "NBA superfan", who attends over one hundred NBA games each season typically in courtside seats, including approximately 95 percent of home games for the Los Angeles Lakers and the Los Angeles Clippers.
Random Name
Random Name - 11 months ago
The way he cut that first guy off had me crying laughing
Eric Ma
Eric Ma - 11 months ago
You shouldn't be calling anyone fake fans when you don't even recognize who the last guy that got pranked was.
Niners 585
Niners 585 - 11 months ago
Kinda didn't get any reactions. Shoulda got good ones.
Deon Ceruti
Deon Ceruti - 11 months ago
That’s one lady wit the kid was fine asf
Bjmw Kids
Bjmw Kids - 11 months ago
Weak 👎🏼
American Paisa
American Paisa - 11 months ago
laurenashleyguti - 11 months ago
This was stupid. Usually Jimmy is clutch with funny but not at all funny here.
Thomas Cremens
Thomas Cremens - 11 months ago
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Pandas are cool
Pandas are cool - 11 months ago
This is awesome.
Eve Breedlove
Eve Breedlove - 11 months ago
Cavaliers lost because Lebron James didn’t accept the Chinese Chicken Salad that Gillermo offered him
Jim Bertido
Jim Bertido - 11 months ago
Warriors fans also known as former Laker fans.
iChick - 11 months ago
Was that Kim Kardashian?
estie hsueh
estie hsueh - 11 months ago
this is cruel
Andiee Martinez
Andiee Martinez - 11 months ago
You can make any trophy important
313drepeso313 - 11 months ago
TheBlazinfury - 11 months ago
everyone clicked on this video cause of the milf 1:57
Rob Vollat
Rob Vollat - 8 months ago
Y'all need to work on yourselves. Tons of ladies like that out here.
FAIL! GAMING! - 11 months ago
That jacket was lit!!!!
Mando M
Mando M - 11 months ago
How is it that no one in thh audience or show's staff know that's J. GOLDSTEIN at the end??? He is THE BIGGEST NBA fan on the planet. He has the most amazing home always having top celebrities and hall of famers from all sports visit and party all night. Love that guy!
Grievous - 7 months ago
I don't think anyone cared.
Jawad - 11 months ago
That old guy was pissed and Sal try to piss him off even more 😂 $5,000 DOLLARS!! WOW
lickjo - 11 months ago
The guy at the end seems despicable
Youtube43 - 11 months ago
Damn these warriors fans got good hands?!!
Yomama Bin Fartin
Yomama Bin Fartin - 11 months ago
The hot woman in the thumbnail is in this 4:14 long video for all of 3 seconds, yet they put her in the thumbnail. Click baiting fuckers
alexander medellin
alexander medellin - 11 months ago
All bandwagons bro 😂
Jr. Rodriguez Cali
Jr. Rodriguez Cali - 11 months ago
The last guys always at the Lakers games
.. by jack Nicholson....
Bandwagon fan..
Prince X2V
Prince X2V - 11 months ago
the last guy what's his name because I saw him during warriors vs rockets game
Agent CodyBanx
Agent CodyBanx - 11 months ago
i hate watching kimmel so much, but i saw that milf and i had to suffer thru him
FTB Label
FTB Label - 11 months ago
I see that guy with the gold jacket at the games all the time 💯🔥🔥🔥🔥
Hot News
Hot News - 11 months ago
Gibby Dizzle that's James Goldstein American millionaire "NBA superfan", who attends over one hundred NBA games each season typically in courtside seats, including approximately 95 percent of home games for the Los Angeles Lakers and the Los Angeles Clippers.
Eain Atisha
Eain Atisha - 11 months ago
1,2,3 say crocodile Dundee. 2:49
Jorge Gomez
Jorge Gomez - 11 months ago
1:57 i'm ready to be a stepfather 😍❤🍑👅
FLDESTROYER FTW - 4 months ago
Yh Jorge you preety much same age with the little girl. Go get her buddy
Grievous - 7 months ago
Yep, you saw that child and got excited huh
Robert Lewis II
Robert Lewis II - 11 months ago
That mother is raising her child to be a spoiled brat.
Robert Lewis II
Robert Lewis II - 11 months ago
MrCrdeman - 11 months ago
Damn the mom in 1:56 😍😍😍
Richey Buckets
Richey Buckets - 11 months ago
Jimmy Goldstein could just buy a real Larry O'Brien Trophy
Aidan McAvoy
Aidan McAvoy - 11 months ago
Gotta feel bad for these guys tho cause they thought they broke the trophy
Billy Goat Brady
Billy Goat Brady - 11 months ago
it doesnt even look like the larry obrian trophy
Ravi Pappu
Ravi Pappu - 11 months ago
He should have been will that be cash or check please?
naptownkid 317
naptownkid 317 - 11 months ago
This is amazing. !!!!!!!! 😂😂😂😂😂😂
elaytheguy - 11 months ago
Rigged almost like the nba
jason tan
jason tan - 11 months ago
d6u4 - 11 months ago
I appreciate the fact that they're using Just For Laughs Gag's music in the background.
Andy Medina
Andy Medina - 11 months ago
warrior fans lol
Ignatius - 11 months ago
2:20 lol, the guy's almost 80 and he's right swiping like mad.
gothatway09 - 11 months ago
1:56, she's a young MILF. Probably not even 30. I bet she's like 27, 28 or something.
Arman Madani
Arman Madani - 11 months ago
"Sal is the Michael Jordan of mischief-making" so he's the second best?
fern - 11 months ago
yeah kd is
Hunter Henryk
Hunter Henryk - 11 months ago
Good try, but you get the L, just like ...
HerVideos1969 - 11 months ago
Roronoa Zoro
Roronoa Zoro - 11 months ago
Nick Salazar lmao right, ain't no one better than mj
Nick Salazar
Nick Salazar - 11 months ago
No, The GOAT. Who are you referring to? Lol
mwsnap - 11 months ago
unpopular opinion: I hate cousin sal
Azteq - 11 months ago
2:15 lmaooo i feel so bad
LEBRONDAKING235 - 11 months ago
Ha. Ha. Ha. So funny 💀
Babila Dinga
Babila Dinga - 11 months ago
Is this a scam lol.
KD is not 6'9
KD is not 6'9 - 11 months ago
Sow Kaiser
Sow Kaiser - 11 months ago
3-1 in the thumbnail lol
number1fansince - 11 months ago
That was a good one
Amerikkkas Most Wanted
Amerikkkas Most Wanted - 11 months ago
I watched this live
StaticSpeed - 11 months ago
Warriors “fans” don’t even know the players names classic new warriors fans
CoolBlueSinatra - 11 months ago
Malfehzan - 11 months ago
Hah, they used music from the Just For Laughs prank team... :p
Jesus Hernandez
Jesus Hernandez - 11 months ago
The first guy looked like a real life Peter Griffin lol
EG 86
EG 86 - 11 months ago
or Michael Moore
2kgod - 11 months ago
That milf tho
chaolin xing
chaolin xing - 11 months ago
Donald Trump
Gal S
Gal S - 11 months ago
better than this finals
Cleopatra Anthony
Cleopatra Anthony - 11 months ago
Thumbnail looked like a kim Kardashian thumbnail.
Marcio Vinicius
Marcio Vinicius - 11 months ago
Legend says he still says
hahaha ha
hahaha ha - 11 months ago
See you in court. Basketball court LMAO
Dan M.
Dan M. - 11 months ago
That was really funny! Is this a scam or something?
Msn Rmz
Msn Rmz - 11 months ago
Cousin is fantastic
Chueh Dr.
Chueh Dr. - 11 months ago
A b
A b - 11 months ago
you hired bad actors.jimmy😂
Miguel Lopez
Miguel Lopez - 11 months ago
Last dude is always at the Laker games
onjoFilms - 11 months ago
You know 'the reveal' is always half the prank right? That's okay, you did sign for insurance right?
TheSmilodon85 - 11 months ago
Should of said will that be debit or send you a check lol
TheValueKing - 11 months ago
that mom tho
Anthony Rodriguez-Sanchez
Anthony Rodriguez-Sanchez - 10 months ago
TheValueKing ikr
Kai Monino
Kai Monino - 11 months ago
OhDash - 11 months ago
dfelixrx7 1:45
RoTary PoWer - RX7
RoTary PoWer - RX7 - 11 months ago
The mom at 1:51?
Miklo !!!!!!
Miklo !!!!!! - 11 months ago
TheValueKing Milf😍
Doyoan - 11 months ago
That was kinda funnh
GIBBSKIDS1 - 11 months ago
Signing a form easily makes people think it’s for real
Nick Sushkevich
Nick Sushkevich - 11 months ago
Jemes Goldstein is super nice guy!
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